Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1088 – What’s the Big Deal about Flying?

Chapter 1088 – What’s the Big Deal about Flying?

What’s the Big Deal about Flying?

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No one would ever think that Jiang Chen would bring such a big surprise to the Prefecture. More importantly, none of them had seen such a heaven defying person. They were clueless why a genius such as him would emerge in a small place like Yan City. A genius like him should only exist in those major powers in One-Line-Sky where he would receive greater resources and be nurtured.

“This showed why Alchemist Jiang was confident even before the fight. It was unprecedented to have a genius like him. There will be no limit to his future. Befriending him would only bring boundless benefits to the Prefecture.”

Said Yan Dongliu, admiring Jiang Chen’s talent. Even though Jiang Chen had the ability to kill Huang Xiong, he had never seen it with his own eyes, but after witnessing Jiang Chen’s strength today, he could only describe it as shocking.

Then, he couldn’t help but dart a few glances at Yan Qingcheng. It seemed like her daughter did have a sharp eyesight.

“Dammit! Why is this guy so powerful? Even if he has advanced to half-step Earth Immortal…but this is just too much.”

Yuan Chengjun gritted his teeth. He wanted to get rid of Jiang Chen from the very start, but he had never thought that his target would be so strong.

Oppose to the excitement in the Prefecture’s side, every Huang Family’s expert’s face darkened. They initially thought that Huang Haoran could take down Jiang Chen with just one strike. Now, it seemed like they had completely underestimated Jiang Chen. They had no idea where this monstrous genius who could jump a few levels came from.

“His Forbidden Art is indeed very powerful. It can increase his combat strength by so much.”

Huang Haofei’s face was full of disbelief.

It seems like Haoran is the right person for this battle. This man’s combat strength is too powerful. I’m afraid that neither of the trio can fight this man. Fortunately, Haoran has the scariest trump card of all. Once this card is used, Jiang Chen won’t be able to resist it.

Huang Ying spoke in his mind. This was a scene that he had never imagined, however, he knew Huang Haoran’s true trump card. Jiang Chen’s power wasn’t a concern anymore, the final winner would be Huang Haoran and the ore mine would be theirs.

All the experts of Yi Yuan a.s.sociation began to pay attention to Jiang Chen. It was hard for a great alchemist with terrifying combat strength not to draw attention to himself.

In the field, Jiang Chen was standing as composed as before, looking at Huang Haoran with interest. He had already completely refined the soul imprint in his body last night, pus.h.i.+ng his level to the half-step Earth Immortal realm. With his current strength, he could easily kill any intermediate Earth Immortal and also late Earth Immortal with a full-fledged attack. With his dragon transformation, he could even fight a half-step Heaven Immortal expert. No matter how powerful Huang Haoran was, his combat strength would only be equivalent to a half-step Heaven Immortal. So naturally, Jiang Chen wouldn’t put him in his eyes.

Huang Haoran readjusted his Qi and perished all his underestimations of Jiang Chen.

“Jiang Chen, you have truly surprised me by knocking me off with just a half-step Earth Immortal cultivation base. However, that strike was just a probing attack. What happens next will be your end.” Said Huang Haoran with a face full of killing intent.


Jiang Chen didn’t bother to reason with him. He struck out a golden dragon with roars that shook the entire valley. It moved like a golden dragon sword, appearing in front of his opponent in a blink.

Huang Haoran’s facial expression instantly changed. He could feel a great force of destruction from the golden dragon. Immediately, he launched the signature technique of Huang Family – Overturning Heavenly Palm.

Countless of golden palm seals emerged, blotting out the sky and lunging at the golden dragon.


Too bad, such an attack was simply too vulnerable in front of the Golden Dragon Seal. All the palm seals were swiftly destroyed. The entire process was like tearing away a withered stump. Huang Haoran was shoved back once more. This time, he looked much worse.

“Can’t even withstand a blow.”

Jiang Chen shook his head and thrust once more at maximum speed. He appeared before Huang Haoran in a blink, lunging his scary dragon claw at Huang haoran. He launched a killing strike to avoid wasting any more time. He knew that the scores between him and the Huang Family would never end. They were destined to become the enemy to each other. Therefore, he didn’t even contemplate before he struck.

Huang Haoran wasn’t any slower to react. Just when Jiang Chen’s attack was about to reach him, he flew skywards, hovering in the sky, leaving Jiang Chen grabbing air.

“Oh? This is interesting.”

Jiang Chen kept his attack and couldn’t help but reveal a hint of a mocking smile. It seemed like this was the true trump card of Huang Haoran. No one would think that an expert below Heaven Immortal realm could fly. Thus, such a trump card was definitely not an ordinary one.

A pair of blue sparkling and fluttering wings on his back made him look very divine.

“What? How did he fly?”

“Any expert below Heaven Immortal realm could never borrow the spatial current to fly. Huang Haoran has acquired some kind of flying ability. He has tremendous luck to have that pair of sparkling wings. Such an ability is extremely rare and precious.”

“It seems like this is his real trump card. This isn’t good. Even though Jiang Chen has incredible combat power and can suppress Huang Haoran, he can’t fly which makes it impossible for him to attack Huang Haoran, whereas Huang Haoran would have no problem attacking him from above. He’s going to be invincible. At this rate, Jiang Chen’s going to be defeated for sure.”


Everyone called out in alarm. A flying Earth Immortal expert had the advantage beyond all Earth Immortals. By hovering in the sky, he would be considered invincible. So how could this battle continue? Even if Jiang Chen had a greater ability, he wouldn’t be able to defeat Huang Haoran.

“So what if you have a terrifying combat stregnth? The end result would still be the same.”

Huang Ying had a sneering face and did not lower his voice this time. In many people’s point of view, there was an unfair advantage for the one who could fly versus the one who didn’t. Jiang Chen wouldn’t stand a chance against Huang Haoran.

All the ignited hope in the Prefecture’s side was extinguished once more. Although they had already antic.i.p.ated Huang Haoran to have plenty of trump cards, they didn’t expect that flying would be one. In this case, Jiang Chen could never win.

“Jiang Chen, aren’t you a very strong genius? Now, you can’t even attack me. What qualifications do you have to fightme?”

Huang Haoran was looking down on his opponent, like he was disdaining all living beings on earth. To an Earth Immortal expert, the ability to fly was too wonderful. He certainly enjoyed the feeling of being in the air.

“What’s so great about flying?”

Jiang Chen sneered. A pair of Flaming Wings sprouted out on his back, launching him up to the sky like a rocket, and appeared near Huang Haoran in a blink. Initially, he wanted to use his dragon wings instead of the Flaming Wings.

However, that would expose his dragon form and he didn’t want that to happen. Besides, the Flaming Wings could work better.

“How is this possible?”

The proud Huang Haoran changed his facial expression drastically. The sparkling wings behind his back swayed, almost causing him to fall to the ground. This was supposed to be his advantage, but it was now taken away by a half-step Earth Immortal. How could he possibly accept this?

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