Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1090 – Golden Immortal Elder

Chapter 1090 – Golden Immortal Elder

Golden Immortal Elder

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Yuan Hong’s facial expression changed instantly. He had never thought that his son would collude with Huang Family.

“Dad, you don’t have to be overly surprised. By following Yan Dongliu, you will never get an opportunity. Though you are willing to remain as a mediocre expert for the rest of your life, your son is reluctant to. My biggest regret is not being able to kill Jiang Chen today. If you and I combine our strengths, it won’t be a problem for us to eliminate Yan Dongliu and the rest. At that time, the whole Prefecture will be ours.”

Said Yuan Chengjun, revealing his ambitious desire.

“That means you deliberately lose to that Huang Haofei today?”

Yuan Hong suddenly realized what happened. He knew his son’s strength very well, which was why he felt strange that his son lost to Huang Haofei earlier. Now, it seemed that everything was planned out by his son just to create an opportunity to kill Jiang Chen.

“That’s correct. I won’t lose to Huang Haofei. I have gained plenty of benefits during my tough-training. I lost that fight just to let Jiang Chen fight the third match. That man pose a great threat to us and has to be eliminated as soon as possible. However, I failed to imagine that he has reached such a powerful extent, he could even kill Huang Haoran with just his half-step Earth Immortal cultivation base. And he has the ability to fly. Therefore, only Heaven Immortal experts can eliminate him now. We can never allow him to continue growing. Dad, don’t hesitate anymore.”

Yuan Chengjun came closer to his dad and said in a grim tone.

“No, brother Yan and I are sworn brothers. I can’t commit such an act of betrayal behind his back.”

Yuan Hong hesitated and shook his head.

“Dad, you are being deluded. Have you not seen that both Yan Dongliu and his daughter have already placed all of their thoughts on Jiang Chen? When will they s.h.i.+ft their focus back to us? Today’s feast is a very good example, I have already established a vengeful conflict between Jiang Chen and me. That man is ruthless. You can see it from his methods. If he gets the 20 percent of the ore mine, his cultivation base might advance once more in a very short period of time. Once he gains enough power, there won’t be any room for us in the Prefecture anymore. We will end up like Huang Xiong and Huang Haoran.”

Yuan Chengjun was tensed. Although he had been conspiring with Huang Family, he needed his father’s nod to proceed. One should know that Yuan Hong was the person that Huang Family wanted to cooperate with, not Yuan Chengjun because he didn’t have the qualification.

Yuan Hong stayed silent for a moment, pondering over his son’s words. When one’s thought had been provoked and drawn out, it would burst and pour out like a tidal wave. Take Yuan Hong for example, he had never thought of doing anything that would betray Yan Dongliu like cooperating with Huang Family, but after hearing what his son said, this thought took root in his mind automatically. He started to imagine the day when he would have his own forces. It was something that all men desired to become.

As such, he suddenly realized the rationality of his son’s words. Jiang Chen’s appearance in the Prefecture had affected their position. Their current authority and status weren’t the same as before. Besides, his son and Jiang Chen had formed a very obvious feud. Judging from Jiang Chen’s killing of Huang Xiong and Huang Haoran, he could conclude that Jiang Chen wasn’t a person to be trifled with. He could also describe this young man as a ruthless person. If this young man could grow to a powerful extent, the consequences would be unimaginable.

In the future, even if Yan Dongliu didn’t create trouble for them, Jiang Chen would never let them go. Therefore, it would be better to strike first by joining hands with the Huang Family, instead of waiting for Jiang Chen to find them. If they did that, they would get a share of the ore mine, eliminate the Prefecture and Jiang Chen and became one of the overlords in Yan City.

“Don’t hesitate anymore, dad.”

Yuan Chengjun saw the changes in his dad’s expression and urged immediately.

“How’s your discussion with Huang Family?” Asked Yuan Hong.

Yuan Chengjun’s eyes sparkled after hearing this. This was the question that he had been waiting for. As long as Yuan Hong agreed to it, his plan would be executed smoothly.

“I have secretly been to Huang Family this afternoon and talked with Huang Ying about the agreement. As long as we cooperate with them to eliminate the Prefecture and Jiang Chen, they will divide the Immortal Meta Stones with us equally. At that time, we will take control of the Prefecture and eliminate Yi Yuan a.s.sociation together with the Huang Family, then, half of Yan City will become ours.” Said Yuan Chengjun.

“What are you going to do?” Asked Yuan Hong with a frown.

“It’s very simple. Tomorrow, when Yan Dongliu sent Qingcheng to the mine to supervise the operations, you can request going along with Yan Qingcheng and personally guard the mine. I suppose Yan Dongliu will never refuse it. At that time, I will collaborate with the Huang Family to seize the control of the ore mine and the entire Yan City, forcing Yan Dongliu into submission.”

Yuan Chengjun showed a malicious smile. Thinking about Yan Qingcheng, he couldn’t help but reveal a hint of lasciviousness. In his mind, this girl would become his in no time.

Yuan Hong was lost in contemplation, but his eyes revealed a trace of ruthlessness.


Jiang Chen went back to his courtyard because the banquet didn’t suit him well. The laughter in the party reminded him of his brothers and friends back in Saint Origin World where Big Yellow, Han Yan, Tyrant, Yan Chenyu and Wu Ningzhu had gotten together. That was where he felt true happiness. But today, Big Yellow was still nowhere to be found. He suddenly felt a sense of loneliness being in this strange world.

“Ah Yan, Tyrant, I hope you two will break through to the Immortal realm soon. Then, come and find me in the Immortal World. We will pave the way to our greatness just like before.”

A smile surfaced on his mouth. The scenes of fighting alongside with his brothers made him fall into a trance. He liked this feeling very much because it gave him warmth.

In a person’s life, there must be something that was worth reminiscing, otherwise life wouldn’t be perfect.

Presently, all the soul imprint in his body had been fully refined. He didn’t need to worry that Nan Bei Chao would track him down or kept using the Immortal Mark to conceal the foreign imprint in his body anymore. Furthermore, this soul imprint had given him loads of benefits. It pushed his cultivation base to half-step Earth Immortal, allowing the dragon marks in his body to reach 250 000.

Also, his foundation was very much solidified now. If he ever encountered any powerful demonic beast now, his dragon transformation skill could immediately absorb its demon soul. He would advance to early Earth Immortal realm, in no time.

“Who is it? Show yourself.”

Jiang Chen frowned and clamored at his left direction. Although the person was good at hiding, he could never deceive Jiang Chen’s senses.

After being shouted by Jiang Chen, the stealthy shadow moved. Subsequently, an old man in black robe emerged from the scene.

“You have very keen senses, young man. Although this old man isn’t a stealthy type, not even ordinary Divine Immortal experts can sense my presence. It’s a miracle that you, a mere half-step Earth Immortal was able to do so.”

The elder said in a husky voice, but there was a hint of surprise within his tone.

He was standing not far away, gazing at Jiang Chen from head to toe and nodded continuously, seemingly satisfied with what he’s seeing.

While the elder was studying Jiang Chen, Jiang Chen too was studying this old man that came-out-of-nowhere. Although Jiang Chen seemed composed on the surface, he was going wild inside because this old man was too scary. He tried to use his divine sense and soul power to a.n.a.lyze this old man’s cultivation, but found himself entering an infinite s.p.a.ce like the ocean.

Jiang Chen had no idea what the old man’s cultivation was, but he was sure that this old man was the scariest one that he had ever met. A Heaven Immortal expert like Yan Dongliu was nothing more than an ant in front of this old man. In other words, if this old man wanted to end his life, he would die for sure. He wouldn’t have the chance to live even if he used all of the skills that he has.

However, he didn’t sense any trace of maliciousness from this stranger. He was very confident in his senses. This stranger’s emergence wasn’t a threat to him.

What surprised him more was why would such a peerless expert appear in a small place like Yan City? Furthermore, this old man said that not even Divine Immortal experts could sense his presence. One should know that Divine Immortal realm was one level higher than the Heaven Immortal realm. To put it bluntly, this old man must be a Golden Immortal expert which was considered as first-cla.s.s existence in One-Line-Sky.

“Who are you? What is it that you want from me?”

Asked Jiang Chen composedly. He was certain that he had never seen this old man before, let alone knowing who this old man was.

“You are still able to remain so calm despite how weak you are. You are the first one to do this. Not bad, not bad.”

The elder nodded and praised.

“You didn’t come here just to praise me, right?”

Said Jiang Chen, still remaining vigilant and suspicious of this stranger’s intention. After the incident of the soul imprint attack, he had to take precaution against every stranger.

“Of course not. I have been observing you for a long time. I have seen it clearly when you killed that brat during daytime. I can say that you are the scariest genius that I have ever seen. As such, you are the genius that I have been looking for.” Said the elder with a smile.

“I think that you should just be forthright with whatever you want to tell me.” Said Jiang Chen.

“Nice, you are refres.h.i.+ng! I’m Ouyang He.”

The elder announced his name proudly. In One-Line-Sky, his name was the golden characters. Anyone who heard these three characters would lie prostrate on the ground and kowtow before him.

“Ouyang He, I don’t know who that is.”

Jiang Chen shook his head.

“f.u.c.k me!”

Ouyang He stumbled under his feet and almost flopped to the ground. It was fortunate that Jiang Chen’s response didn’t make him spurt blood. How could there someone in One-Line-Sky who had never heard of Ouyang He before? Where were the heavenly principles?”

Unfortunately, Jiang Chen wasn’t a man of One-Line-Sky. As an ascendant, he was already considered not bad for knowing so much about Yan City. Since he hadn’t really stepped into One-Line-Sky before, he naturally wouldn’t know who Ouyang He was.

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