Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1087 – half-step Earth Immortal

Chapter 1087 – half-step Earth Immortal

half-step Earth Immortal

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“Dammit! What has this Huang Haofei gotten during his tough-training? His attack was terrifying. We have lost a match. It seems like we are in a critical situation.”

“That’s right. Huang Haoran and Huang Haoming won’t be easy to deal with. Even if Big Miss won the second match, Jiang Chen will still need to fight the third match. Ai!”

“If we lose the compet.i.tion today, Huang Family will get the majority of the share of the ore mine and their overall strength will soon supersede the position of the Prefecture, which will be very bad for us.”


For a moment, the hearts of the top echelons of the Prefecture sank. The first defeat had severely dampened their morale, causing all of them to lose hope for the upcoming battles. They probably had some confidence in Yan Qingcheng, but as for Jiang Chen, they had none.

“I’m sorry, brother Yan.” Said Yuan Hong shaking his head.

“Victory and defeat are very common in battles. Brother Yuan shouldn’t put the blame on yourself. Besides, we haven’t lost yet.”

Yan Dongliu said with a smile, but it seemed like it was forced.

“Don’t worry City Lord. Miss Qingcheng will surely win the second match. Perhaps the opponent will surrender right away.” Said Jiang Chen with a smile.

“Why did Big Brother Jiang said so?”

Yan Qingcheng looked over at Jiang Chen with a slight surprise. The others also felt the same way. One should know that these were important battles. These battles would decide who would monopolize the ore mine. As long as Huang Family weren’t idiots, neither of them would yield for no reason.

“Very simple. It’s because I have killed Huang Xiong and the others. Today is the best time for them to seek revenge on me. If they win the second match, I won’t be required to fight the third match and they will lose the chance of killing me.” Said Jiang Chen.

After hearing what Jiang Chen said, all the seniors nodded in agreement, but they still didn’t believe that Huang Family would surrender the second match. What baffled them was that Jiang Chen had been so composed since the very beginning. There wasn’t a single sign of nervousness on his face. They wondered where this young man got his confidence from.

“Well, let me announce. In the first battle, Huang Family won. Without delaying any further, we’ll begin the second match.” Nie Yiyuan announced loudly.

Huang Family would send Huang Haoming for the second match and reserved Huang Haoran for the last match. Huang Ying and Huang Haoming exchanged a glance and nodded with a slight smile. Then, he raced towards the battlefield.

Yan Qingcheng took a deep breath and went into the battlefield. This battle was a critical, she wouldn’t dare neglect it.

Unexpectedly, before Yan Qingcheng could prepare for the battle, Huang Haoran blurted. “I surrender.”

After finis.h.i.+ng his words, he went back to his original position in Huang Family’s camp without looking back.

Yan Qingchen was dumbfounded, then turned to look at Jiang Chen in awe. Everyone in the camp of the Prefecture also zeroed in on him. However, this incident wasn’t too surprising for the others, Jiang Chen had killed Huang Xiong. They had no doubt that Huang Family would do anything to eliminate him. Since Huang Family had already won the first match, they just need another victory to win the ore mine.

In many people’s point of view, Jiang Chen was far from competent enough and was definitely no match for Huang Haoran. Therefore, it was reasonable for the Huang Family to make such decision, with this, they could take revenge on Jiang Chen as well as monopolize the ore mountain.

“I didn’t think that Huang Family will surrender this match. It had truly caught many people off guard. Now that both the Prefecture and Huang Family had one victory each, this third match will be the most important match. The third match, Jiang Chen of the Prefecture will fight against Huang Haoran of Huang Family.”

Nie Yiyuan announced loudly.

Huang Haoran strode into the battlefield, exposing his murderous intent.

Everyone in the Prefecture’s side was tensed, including Yan Dongliu. None of them had placed their hopes on Jiang Chen from the very beginning, but now, all of their hopes had fallen onto Jiang Chen’s shoulders whether they liked it or not. If Jiang Chen failed, the Prefecture would lose everything.

“Big Brother Jiang, are you sure?”

Yan Qingcheng stared at Jiang Chen with her beautiful eyes.

Jiang Chen smiled but didn’t say anything, then turned to Yan Dongliu.

“City Lord, don’t forget about our agreement earlier.” Said Jiang Chen.

“Don’t worry Alchemist Jiang. As long as you win this match, I will give you 20 percent of the mine ore.”

Yan Dongliu said. He had never agreed with something so quickly. As far as their present situation was concerned, he wouldn’t hesitate even if Jiang Chen demanded half of the mine ore. Although 20 percent of the mine was an enormous fortune, no one felt that Jiang Chen was opening the maw of a lion because many of them had already lost hope on obtaining the ore mine.

Later, Jiang Chen walked composedly towards the battlefield, standing across Huang Haoran.

“Jiang Chen, we meet at last.” Said Huang Haoran coldly.

“Too bad, this is your misfortune.” Said Jiang Chen plainly.

“Haha! Jiang Chen, I have never thought that you are so arrogant. You killed my Sixth Uncle. Today, I won’t give you the chance to surrender . I’ll make sure that you’ll die unburied here.”

Huang Haoran laughed loudly. He was incomparably confident in his own strength, totally not putting Jiang Chen in his eyes. In his point of view, Jiang Chen was already a dead man the moment he decided to stand in front of him.

“Cut the nonsense. Didn’t you want to fight me? Go ahead and do it.”

Jiang Chen put his arms behind his back and said disdainfully. Such disdainful eyes had undoubtedly stung Huang Haoran’s pride. He was one of the first-cla.s.s geniuses in Yan City. How could he bear such a scornful treatment from a late Human Immortal?

“Haoran, don’t waste anymore time talking with him. Kill him now.”

Huang Haofei prompted from behind.


Huang Haoran harrumphed coldly. A strong wave of Qi burst out from his body, turning into a hurricane that rolled like countless of blades, rus.h.i.+ng towards Jiang Chen.

The people of the Prefecture got nervous. Huang Haoran’s combat strength didn’t seem to be any weaker than Huang Haofei. Jiang Chen was merely a late Human Immortal, how could he fight such a fierce attack?

However, Jiang Chen’s expression remained indifferent while facing Huang Haoran’s powerful attack. Just when his opponent’s attack was about to hit him, he unleashed all of his Qi. At the same time, his body began to transform, turning into a half-dragon, half-human. Facing a genius like Huang Haoran, he needed to transform in order to fight him.

Similarly, a gust of Qi waves erupted out of his body and crashed against Huang Haoran’s Qi.

*Hong Long……*

Two angry gusts of Qi waves set off like a hurricane. Under the strong impact, Huang Haoran’s attack was instantly shattered. The powerful force of the backlash pushed Huang Haoran a few steps back. His facial expression turned incomparably unpleasant.


Everyone on the scene exclaimed, none of them would dare to believe that this was happening, however, it exhilarated everyone in the Prefecture’s side. No one had thought that Jiang Chen would be this powerful.

“Haha! This is great. I have never thought that Alchemist Jiang has already advanced to the half-step Earth Immortal. No wonder he’s so powerful. He was able to kill Huang Xiong when he was just a late Human Immortal. Now that he has advanced to such a level, Huang Haoran would certainly be no match for him.”

“The scariest thing is his transformation technique. It seems like this was the Forbidden Art that Big Miss was talking about. But I hadn’t imagined that this technique wouldn’t have a side effect on him even after he used it to fight Huang Xiong.”

“He was able to shove a genius like Huang Haoran back despite him only having a half-step Earth Immortal cultivation base. Jiang Chen’s truly a monstrous genius.”


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