Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1084 – Competition

Chapter 1084 – Competition


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“Yan Dongliu, we arrived here first. To put it bluntly, it’s my Huang Family who discovered this mine. Do you see why I’m eligible to own it now?” Huang Ying said with an arrogant face.

He was crystal clear how valuable this ore mine was. If he could gain full control over the mine, he would make sure that he wouldn’t give the Prefecture a dime of the wealth. If Huang Family could enjoy so much fortune, the overall strength of their forces would surely grow rapidly and it would only be a matter of time before they exceed the position of the Prefecture. Then, they would get rid of this obstacle and become the only ruler in Yan City.

“This is ridiculous. I would say that it was our Prefecture who arrived here first. If you insist on taking full possession of this ore mine, you should try and see whether you can do it.”

Yan Dongliu darted a cold glance at Huang Ying. He had never once dreaded his sworn enemy, Huang Ying. Plus, the cold poison in his body had already been completely removed and he had obtained great benefits from the Ardent Yang Pill, pus.h.i.+ng his cultivation base to the peak of early Heaven Immortal realm, leaving him only a step away from mid Heaven Immortal realm. If a fight broke out between them, Huang Ying might not be a match for him.

“Yan Dongliu, don’t say that I didn’t give you any considerations. I’ll give 20 percent of the ore mine to you. This will be the biggest that I can give,” said Huang Ying.

“Haha! 20 percent? This must be a joke. I think it would be nice if you are the one getting the 20 percent.”

Yan Dongliu couldn’t help laughing after hearing Huang Ying’s amusing words. He had to admit that Huang Ying did have a big appet.i.te. Everyone knew that this ore mine had emerged by itself and the four of them reached here at the same time. It was a joke if Huang Ying claimed that he should get 80 percent of the ore mine.

“Anyone would like to lay their hands on such a great ore mine. This is an unimaginable fortune to Yan City.”

At this time, a voice was heard from behind. Yan Dongliu, Huang Ying and the other two turned to the source of the sound. A man who looked forty-plus-year-old was flying towards them. He had a well-bred disposition and wore a scholar robe, which made him look like a real scholar. The smile on his face could arouse the affection of anyone before him.

“Nie Yiyuan, could it be that Yi Yuan a.s.sociation has come here to interfere as well?”

Huang Yin’s expression turned grim because the incomer wasn’t a stranger, he was the other overlord of Yan City and the chairman of Yi Yuan a.s.sociation, Nie Yiyuan.

“Nie Yiyuan, you have your business to take care off and always stayed out of the compet.i.tion between the two of us. Could it be that you also want a share of this ore mine?”

Yan Dongliu didn’t sound friendly at all. Two major powers were already about to engage in a fight because of this huge fortune, and neither one was yielding to another. It was imaginable what would happen if another major power was added into the picture.

“Hehe! My a.s.sociation has always made a good fortune from business and had never interfered with the fights between you two, but there is so much wealth here. Naturally, Yi Yuan a.s.sociation must get a portion of it. I do have a proposition. Are you two interested to hear it?” Nie Yiyuan chuckled and said.

Although he was dressed like a scholar, there was a hint of cunningness in his smile.

“What do you propose?” asked Huang Ying.

“I can see that both of you want to monopolize the mine and is unwilling to give a portion of it to the other. Why not the two of you have some kind of a compet.i.tion and I will be the judge for that compet.i.tion. Whoever wins will get 80 percent share of the mine whereas the one who loses will get nothing. The remaining 20 percent will be given to my Yi Yuan a.s.sociation.” Nie Yiyuan said.

From this proposition, it wasn’t difficult to see that Nie Yiyuan was a cunning and crafty person.

One should know that Yi Yuan a.s.sociation had never interfered in the fights between the Prefecture and Huang Family. If it wasn’t because of the preciousness of this ore mine, he certainly wouldn’t make his way to this place.

This proposition didn’t have any disadvantages to Yi Yuan a.s.sociation at all, instead, it allowed them earn 20 percent share of the ore mine for no reason. Furthermore, this idea gave the two major powers the solution. Nie Yiyuan knew that both Yan Dongliu and Huang Ying would never let go of the ore mine and would certainly end up entangled in endless conflicts. Therefore, he figured out that they should have a formal compet.i.tion to decide who would get the 80 percent and who would get nothing.

The conflicts between the Prefecture and Huang Family had already been going on for a long time and there had been numerous fights and battles between them. So, despite knowing that Nie Yiyuan had a hidden agenda in such proposition, neither of them could say no to it to avoid the ridicule of the other party. This was the pride that they couldn’t afford to lose.

More importantly, if they won the 80 percent share of the mine, they would rather let Yi Yuan a.s.sociation get the 20 percent than letting their sworn enemy get it.

“Nie Yiyuan, what kind of compet.i.tion are you talking about?” asked Yan Dongliu.

“It’s very simple. You’ll get two geniuses as representatives in the compet.i.tion. You have to find the genius that has the potential to become the idol of all young geniuses. If the two of you fought each other, I suppose I don’t have to talk much about your strengths, you two can go on for three days and nights and would still be in a draw. That will be pointless. But if we let the geniuses fight, it will be more meaningful.” Nie Yiyuan said with a smile.

The most important thing to a businessmen was opportunities and a shrewd mind. He antic.i.p.ated that Yan Dongliu and Huang Ying would never decline his offer. As long as both major powers decided to compete, he would surely have the 20 percent in his hand.

“So be it. I heard that Prefecture’s Big Miss is talented and beautiful, but I wonder whether she would dare to have a match with my son.”

Huang Ying looked over at Yan Dongliu with a sneer. He was extremely confident in his son, Huang Haofei, who had already reached the peak of Earth Immortal realm at a very young age. Furthermore, his son had improved tremendously after the tough-training, and was only a step away from half-step Heaven Immortal realm.

“Humph! My daughter will be afraid of your son?” Yan Dongliu harrumphed.

“Two overlords. There isn’t any point in fighting a single match. In my opinion, let’s have a best-of-three-match. Send your greatest genius to fight. Isn’t this a better solution?” suggested Nie Yiyuan.

As one of the major powers in Yan City, he was keen enough to know how powerful the geniuses of the Prefecture and Huang Family were.

“Alright then, let’s have a best-of-three-match.”

Huang Ying agreed almost immediately without having a moment of hesitation. He suddenly felt that Nie Yiyuan was pleasing to his eyes. Such a battle would certainly benefit their family very much.

In Yan City, everyone knew the three Huang males: Huang Haofei, Huang Haoran and Huang Haoming, the three geniuses of Huang Family. On the contrary, the Prefecture only had Yan Qingcheng and Yuan Chengjun and the newcomer, Jiang Chen who recently rose to fame.

Thinking about Jiang Chen, it made Huang Ying couldn’t help but remember the tragic death of Huang Xiong and the others. These past two days, Huang Haoran had been clamoring outside the Prefecture, but Jiang Chen had been shrinking his head like a tortoise and didn’t dare accept the challenge. This might indicate that Jiang Chen was no match for Huang Haoran. In other words, if Jiang Chen could be drawn out to the battlefield, they would certainly make sure to take their revenge on that young man.

“So how? Does Brother Yan have the courage to compete? However, I remember that you don’t have three geniuses in your Prefecture. It’s such a pity,” said Huang Ying in a strange way.

“Humph! Best of three match? So be it! Our Prefecture will never fear your family no matter what happen.”

Yan Dongliu let out a cold humph. Being a man who cherished his reputation, he couldn’t afford to lose to his opponent in terms of spirit.

“Good. Then we have a deal. The time will be set tomorrow at this mine. If you lose, 80 percent share of the ore mine will belong to my Huang Family and Yi Yuan a.s.sociation will have the remaining share.”

Huang Ying gave out two laughs, then left with Huang Second, followed by Nie Yiyuan who seemed pleased that he had secured his 20 percent regardless of who the winner or loser was.

“Brother Yan, why did you agree to such battle? Our Prefecture only has two young geniuses, but Huang Family has three. All three of them are powerful geniuses. This battle isn’t going to be in our favor.”

Yuan Hong said, knitting his eyebrows, feeling that Yan Dongliu shouldn’t have accepted the offer.

“If I didn’t agree to it, didn’t that mean that I was lowering my head before Huang Ying? There’s no big deal about the best-of-three-match. Didn’t Jiang Chen kill a late Earth Immortal expert? Even Huang Xiong was killed by him. He must have means to deal with those geniuses,” said Yan Dongliu.

The only one he could think of right now was Jiang Chen.

“However, Huang Haofei and the other two cannot be compared to Huang Xiong. That Huang Haoran had been clamoring outside the Prefecture for two days straight, but Jiang Chen didn’t even dare to step out of the Prefecture and confront him. This is a typical move when a person was afraid. I don’t think we can place our hopes on Jiang Chen,” said Yuan Hong.

In fact, it was not only him who was disappointed by Jiang Chen’s response within these past two days, the others also felt the same way.

“Then pray that Qingcheng and Chengjun will win the two battles.” Yan Dongliu said flatly, and flew away.

In the Prefecture, in the courtyard where Jiang Chen resided, he was still in seclusion, refining the soul imprint in his body. He would need at most one more day to fully refine it. By that time, he would have no problem advancing to the half-step Earth Immortal realm.

Yan Dongliu came to Jiang Chen’s courtyard in person to find him, causing him to quickly recover from his meditative state.

“City Lord, is there anything that Jiang Chen can help you with?”

“That day I haven’t thanked Alchemist Jiang for curing my injuries. Alchemist Jiang not only has great concoction technique, but also incredible combat strength. It is truly unbelievable to hear that Alchemist Jiang was able to kill the late Earth Immortal Huang Xiong with a mere cultivation base of late Human Immortal realm.”

Yan Dongliu complimented Jiang Chen the moment he saw him, and these words came right from the bottom of his heart.

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