Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1085 – Going to a Battle

Chapter 1085 – Going to a Battle

Going to a Battle

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“City Lord will never come if it wasn’t something important. Tell Jiang Chen whatever you want to tell Jiang Chen.”

Jiang Chen smiled. He knew very well that Yan Dongliu would never come and find him unless there was something very important that needed his favor.

“Alchemist Jiang is truly a forthright man. In that case, I will go straight to the point. The thing is this…”

Yan Dongliu wasn’t a man who liked to beat around the bush. Immediately, he told Jiang Chen everything regarding the ore mine outside Yan City. The most important part was naturally the battle between the Prefecture and Huang Family.

“City Lord was thinking of letting me become one of the representatives of the Prefecture, right?”

Jiang Chen was smart enough to guess the City Lord’s intention. He was exhilarated by the emergence of the ore mine. As he had just arrived in this world, he had enormous needs for Immortal Meta Stones.

There was a saying that says ‘we know ourselves better than anyone’. A long time ago, he had witnessed the scariness of his dragon transformation skill and he knew that the further it advanced, the greater the amount of energy it needed to consume. Therefore, there wouldn’t be a limit as to how much Immortal Meta Stones he needed.

“That’s right. There will be a best-of-three-match. There are three geniuses of Huang Family who are known as the three Huang’s males. They are very powerful, especially the one named Huang Haofei. All three of them had reached the late Earth Immortal realm. In our Prefecture, we only have Yuan Chengjun besides Qingcheng. There isn’t a third genius in our Prefecture. Although Alchemist Jiang is merely a young late Human Immortal expert, Alchemist Jiang has an amazing talent that even the late Earth Immortal Huang Xiong died under Alchemist Jiang’s hand. There is no one else that we can send except for Alchemist Jiang,” said Yan Dongliu.


Jiang Chen frowned and looked slightly awkward, but felt incomparably delighted in his heart because this was an opportunity that knocked on his door. He definitely wouldn’t miss it.

“Alchemist Jiang doesn’t have to be too worried. Chengjun and Qingchen will be sent to the first and second match. As long as two of them win these two matches, Alchemist Jiang will never have to fight the third match. I promise that I will provide Alchemist Jiang some rewards if Alchemist Jiang agrees to take part in this battle.”

Yan Dongliu thought that Jiang Chen’s awkward expression was because of fear. He found that common because no matter how powerful Jiang Chen was, he was merely a late Human Immortal, he wasn’t even a half-step Earth Immortal yet.

Although he could kill Huang Xiong, he must have known that Huang Xiong wasn’t comparable to a genius like Huang Haofei. If it wasn’t because of his fear, he wouldn’t have hidden himself in the Prefecture, allowing Huang Haoran to curse outside the Prefecture for two days straight.

“Since City Lord has said so, I will surely not refuse it. But there are some things that I have to say first. If Yuan Chengjun and Miss Qingcheng are able to win the first two matches, I naturally don’t have to fight the third match and won’t demand any rewards, but if any of them lose one match and I win the third match, I would want 20 percent of the ore mine,” said Jiang Chen.


After hearing what Jiang Chen said, Yan Dongliu almost exclaimed. Jiang Chen must have an enormous appet.i.te for wanting such a large share of the mine.

“City Lord can take time to consider it. If it’s possible, I will accept the offer,” said Jiang Chen with a smile. At this point, he wouldn’t need to be courteous anymore.

Yan Dongliu pondered over it for a moment and said, “Alright. As long as Alchemist Jiang is could help the Prefecture to claim the ore mine, I will give you 20 percent of it.”

Yan Dongliu was an astute person. When he recovered his senses, he found that Jiang Chen’s condition wasn’t excessive because this would only happen when Jiang Chen fought the last match. If either Qingcheng or Yuan Chengjun lost one match, they must win the third match. Otherwise, the entire mine would belong to Huang Family and the Prefecture would get nothing.

If Jiang Chen could ensure the victory of the third match, they would still get 60 percent after giving Jiang Chen the 20 percent, which was a whole lot better than getting nothing. More importantly, he didn’t hold much hope for Jiang Chen as Jiang Chen’s cultivation base was just too weak. And if Jiang Chen could really defeat Huang Haoran, he would be the rarest genius of the geniuses, which would make it worthwhile for the Prefecture to share a portion of its fortune and build a good rapport with this man. Because of the infinite achievements that Jiang Chen would have in the future, there were only benefits in befriending him.

“When will the fight be held?” asked Jiang Chen.

“Tomorrow, just above the mine,” replied Yan Dongliu.

“En, no problem.” Jiang Chen said and smiled.

In any kind of situation, Jiang Chen’s smile always had confidence that it made Yan Dongliu wonder where he got those confidence from. This kind of confidence would indirectly affect the others around him every time, making the others feel hopeful.

When Yan Dongliu left, Jiang Chen continued refining the soul imprint. He knew his own strength very well. Even though the three Huang’s males was stronger than Huang Xiong, he wasn’t scared. Putting aside whether he could advance to the half-step Earth Immortal tomorrow, his trump card was enough to defeat any one of them even without him advancing.

Early in the next morning.

The higher ups of the Prefecture had gathered outside the large gate of the compound. There were a dozen of them and they were incomparably strong. Besides Yan Qingcheng and Yuan Chengjun who were late Earth Immortal experts, the others were half-step Heaven Immortal experts. Today’s compet.i.tion against Huang Family was no doubt a big event. This event wasn’t only about the Immortal Meta Stones, but also about the geniuses. Any side who lost this compet.i.tion was bound to receive a serious blow in their morale.

Jiang Chen, who was dressed in a white robe, leisurely walked out of the Prefecture.

“Humph! How could we let a late Human Immortal take part in such a big event? This will make our Prefecture a laughing stock. It’s embarra.s.sing to be in a team with him.” Displeased by Jiang Chen’s presence, Yuan Chengjun said sarcastically.

“Why does Big Brother Yuan keep on picking on Big Brother Jiang? Although Big Brother Jiang is only a late Human Immortal, he personally took down Huang Xiong. Are you implying that this kind of strength isn’t enough to fight for the Prefecture?” Yan Qingcheng retorted, dissatisfied.

“Chengjun, Qingchen’s right. Besides, we don’t have any other geniuses in the Prefecture. The main player of this compet.i.tion will be the two of you. As long as you can win the first two fights, Alchemist Jiang won’t have to fight the third match.” Yuan Hong said.

Yan Dongliu shook his head but remained silent. He had known that Yuan Chengjun was attracted to his daughter long ago, however, his daughter was more interested in Jiang Chen. Therefore, it was common that Yuan Chengjun would have preconceived views on Jiang Chen. Nevertheless, he would never interfere in the relations.h.i.+p of the youngsters.

Under the lead of Yan Dongliu, a group of experts flew towards the ore mine swiftly. Regarding the matter of allowing Jiang Chen to take part in the fight, no one present had an opinion about it because they knew the situation of the Prefecture. It would be impossible for them to find a third candidate besides Jiang Chen. Furthermore, having witnessed his marvelous technique, they knew Jiang Chen was a very powerful alchemist. Despite being half-step Heaven Immortal experts, they wouldn’t offend a powerful alchemist for no reason. On the other hand, it would benefit them more if they befriended Jiang Chen.

Huang Family and Yi Yuan a.s.sociation were already on the scene when they arrived. This would be regarded as a grand meeting of the three major powers. All of the major powers had basically brought all of their higher ups along, which was unprecedented in the history.

The three Huang males had a confident face. They were the three candidates of Huang Family.

Upon the Prefecture’s arrival, the two major powers turned towards them. Their gazes naturally fell upon the young geniuses of the Prefecture. They all knew that Yan Qingcheng and Yuan Chengjun would represent the Prefecture, so the real center of attention was Jiang Chen.

None of them needed an introduction about Jiang Chen. Almost all of them knew this newly-arrived alchemist very well after his name rose to fame a few days ago.

“This man is Jiang Chen?”

Huang Haoran’s gaze fell onto Jiang Chen like a blade without concealing his killing intent. Having failed to see Jiang Chen in person despite clamoring outside the Prefecture for two days straight, it was impossible for him not to feel annoyed right now.

“Dad, sure enough, Yan Dongliu has let Jiang Chen partic.i.p.ate in the fight. We will take this chance to avenge Sixth Uncle’s death. We will kill him no matter what, to root out the seed of disaster.” Huang Haofei said in an incomparably cold tone.

“Let me deal with him. Brother Fei, Brother Ming, you two will fight first. I promise that I will take this Jiang Chen’s life if we fought,” said Huang Haoran confidently.

“Alright. Among three of us, Brother Fei is the strongest, but is hardest to get along with. The Prefecture would not have thought that Haoran will take the last match. This time, not only will we eliminate Jiang Chen, we will also get 80 percent of the ore mine. It’s time for our Huang Family to establish prestige.”

“Brother Yan, the representatives for Huang Family this time will be Huang Haofei, Huang Haoming and Huang Haoran. I wonder if your Prefecture has chosen the candidates to fight.” Nie Yiyuan said with a smile.

“Of course. Yuan Chengjun, Yan Qingcheng, Jiang Chen. The three of them will represent the Prefecture in this fight,” said Yan Dongliu.

“Haha! Sure enough, the Prefecture is short of geniuses. It must be a very tough choice to let a late Human Immortal fight.”

Huang Ying laughed delightfully, not missing the chance to mock Yan Dongliu.

“The patriarch of Huang Family is truly a hero. I’m impressed that you can still smile so happily even after your blood brother’s death,” said Jiang Chen indifferently. Nevertheless, it sent an enormous blow to Huang Ying’s sensitive spot. His smile hardened into a murderous look, glaring at Jiang Chen.

“Brat, you should’ve continued to be the cowardly tortoise. Today’s certainly going to be the day you die. You will only face one outcome after killing the people of Huang Family. I’ll let you taste it in a while.” Huang Ying said while grinding his teeth.

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