Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1083 – Competing for the Ore Mine

Chapter 1083 – Competing for the Ore Mine

Competing for the Ore Mine

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“No way. That alchemist was nothing more than a Human Immortal expert. There’s no way that he could possibly kill Sixth Brother.”

Third Master reacted very emotionally. If Huang Xiong was killed by some powerful expert of the Prefecture, he might still be able to accept it, but he would never believe it if Huang Xiong died in the hands of a late Human Immortal expert. All of them knew very well of Huang Xiong’s power. They knew that even if a hundred late Human Immortal experts combined their strength together, they were still no match for Huang Xiong.

“This is as the news said. That Jiang Chen has become the main topic in the Prefecture. All of them said that he is a rare genius. He not only has a terrifying alchemy skill, he also has a horrifying combat strength for killing a late Earth Immortal expert while being only a late Human Immortal. Some said that Jiang Chen used some kind of Forbidden Art in the fight that increased his combat strength by tenfold and killed Sixth Master,” said the guard.

“What? A Forbidden Art that can increase one’s combat power by tenfold? How could there be such a terrifying art in the Heavens and Earth?” Someone exclaimed.

They all knew how difficult it was to raise one’s combat strength. A Forbidden Art that could increase one’s strength by two or threefold was already horrifying and rare. Therefore, it was the first time that they ever heard that a Forbidden Art that could enhance one’s strength by tenfold.

“Father, what happened?”

At this time, a voice echoed across the meeting hall. Later, three figures strode into the hall. The three of them seemed twenty plus years old. Each of them looked handsome, tall and stately. Their cultivation base were shockingly high. They had all reached the late Earth Immortal realm and weren’t any weaker than Yan Qingcheng and Yuan Chengjun.

“You are back, Fei Er.”

Seeing these three youths, Huang Ying’s face revealed a rare smile.

They were Huang Haofei, Huang Haoran and Huang Haoming. They were the three geniuses of Huang Family. The leader was Huang Haofei, the biological son of Huang Ying. The three of them had left Yan City for a tough-training. They had never expect to see such a big incident when they returned.

Looking at Huang Xiong’s body, anger was stirred inside of them.

“Who in Yan City had such audacity to kill Sixth Uncle? This is outrageous!”

Huang Haofei cracked his knuckles, releasing his powerful Qi. No one in Huang Family dared to disrespect this Big Young Master.

Subsequently, Jiang Chen’s name flowed into their ears when the guard told them everything again from the start. The three of them showed an expression of shock. They were considered rare geniuses in Yan City, but killing a late Earth Immortal expert with only a late Human Immortal realm strength? None of them would dare to believe it.

“I don’t believe that such a man exists in the Heavens and Earth. However, if such a man really exists, we have to get rid of him as soon as possible. Otherwise, he’ll bring disasters to our family,” said Huang Haofei.

“This man is currently hiding in the Prefecture. We have no chance of getting rid of him,” said Fourth Master.

“I’ll go there and find him now. I will directly challenge him. As long as he dares to fight, I’ll make sure that he’s eliminated and avenge Sixth Uncle.”

Huang Haoran’s Qi shook; then he walked towards the exit of the meeting hall.

Sure enough, Huang Haoran did what he said. He ran to the front of the Prefecture in a threatening manner and clamored to challenge Jiang Chen. Unfortunately, Jiang Chen turned a deaf ear to this. After an hour of clamoring outside, he still saw no signs of Jiang Chen.

“Haha! So, this so-called rare genius is just a coward!”

Huang Haoran laughed loudly before he left, but he didn’t intend to leave the matter as it was. He would come back tomorrow until Jiang Chen accepted his challenge.

Too bad, Jiang Chen didn’t regard his blaring as important at all. Apart from concocting some pills for the Prefecture, he was focusing on refining the soul imprint in his body. It wouldn’t be long before he fully refined it. During the refinement, his cultivation base improved. By the time he fully refined it, his cultivation base would break through to the half-step Earth Immortal, making him an even more terrifying cultivator.

On the second day, Huang Haoran continued his routine, clamoring with curses this time, but instead of drawing Jiang Chen out, it drew Yan Qingcheng out.

“Huang Haoran, don’t you think it’s enough for you to stop cursing outside the Prefecture for so long?” said Yan Qingcheng angrily.

“Yan Qingcheng, this matter is not related to you. Quickly ask that Jiang Chen out to fight me. Tell him not to be a coward. I would like to see how strong he really is. I firmly believe that he doesn’t have the strength to kill my Sixth Uncle,” said Huang Haoran relentlessly.

“Sister Qingcheng, Jiang Chen has been hiding inside the Prefecture for so long. Wouldn’t this make our Prefecture a laughing stock to others? This is going to make our Prefecture seem more inferior compared to Huang Family.”

Yuan Chengjun said with a smile, trying to mock that Jiang Chen was a coward for not daring to accept the challenge and humiliating the Prefecture.

“Big Brother Jiang has his own plans.”

Yan Qingcheng glared at Yuan Chengjun and then turned to Huang Haoran. “Huang Haoran, don’t be too arrogant. Others may be afraid of you, but I’m not. Big Brother Jiang is too busy to humor you. If you want a fight, I can be your opponent.”

Yan Qingcheng’s fluctuated her Qi. She strode a few steps forward and unleashed all of her Qi, seemingly ready to fight at any second.

“Good. I would also like to see what means Big Miss has.”

Similarly, Huang Haoran released his Qi, not even having the slightest bit of fear for her.

*Hong Long…*

It was common for both geniuses to be hostile to each other in an encounter. Both of them launched their attacks at the same time without saying anything more. They started to fight on the s.p.a.cious square outside the Prefecture. Many pa.s.sersby were attracted to watch the show, especially those who had been observing the clamoring and cursing of Huang Haoran earlier.

Naturally, more and more people were attracted to watch the intense fight. To the people of Yan City, it wasn’t easy for them to watch the clash between two great geniuses of Huang Family and the Prefecture. It was going to be an exciting show.

However, Jiang Chen’s absence had disappointed them, they were all very eager to see the late Human Immortal who could kill the late Earth Immortal Sixth Master. Putting aside whether Jiang Chen had such strength, his audacity to kill Huang Xiong had already impressed them all.

“Where on earth did that Jiang Chen came from? I have never heard of such a person before.”

“Haven’t you heard about it yet? He is a genius who was saved by the Han villagers half-way through their journey to Yan City. This man doesn’t only have great skills in alchemy but also incredible combat strength. Even Huang Xiong died in his hands. There is no doubt about this news.”

“I heard that Jiang Chen was only a late Human Immortal expert, but he was able to kill a late Earth Immortal expert despite his low cultivation base. It was truly unbelievable. Too bad, that Jiang Chen has now become a tortoise, shrinking his head and hiding in the Prefecture all the time. Otherwise, we will be able to witness his strength.”

“I don’t think he would dare show up. Huang Haoran is one of the three great geniuses of Huang Family. Not only is his cultivation base high and gifted with talent, his combat strength is also incomparable to any ordinary late Earth Immortal expert. Therefore, Jiang Chen’s fear is justified.”


Many people were discussing about Jiang Chen. His name had already spread across every street and alley in Yan City within a very short period of time. Adding the two days of shouting and clamoring of Huang Haoran outside the Prefecture, it would be hard for any of them not to know who Jiang Chen was. But because Jiang Chen didn’t show himself in this fight, he remained a mystery to them.

Nevertheless, it was still very fruitful to be able to watch the two great geniuses of Yan City fight against each other.

Yan Qingcheng and Huang Haoran fought intensely for half an hour, but it was hard for them to determine the winner. However, many of them knew that the both of them hadn’t used their trump cards yet because they both didn’t want to reveal them.

“Yan Qingcheng, go back and tell Jiang Chen that his life will become Huang Family’s sooner or later. I, Huang Haoran, will come again tomorrow. If he still chose not to appear, then just let him be a tortoise, shrinking his head all the time.”

Huang Haoran said his final words and left.

In the afternoon, the storm between Jiang Chen and Huang Family hadn’t subsided yet. A thousand miles of mountain ranges outside Yan City shook all of a sudden. Such shaking naturally aroused the attention of all the major powers in Yan City. The Prefecture and Huang Family were the first to send their experts over to check out what had happened.

Outside the mountain range were Yan Dongliu and Yuan Hong, Huang Ying, Huang Second. Four Heaven Immortals had arrived almost at the same time. The situation in front excited them. This area was supposed to be an abandoned wasteland. There were rarely people appearing here, but now, an ore mine emerged after the tremor.

That was right, it was an ore mine which had been hidden beneath the ground.

In the Immortal World, what did the mine represent? It represented infinite wealth. With Yan Dongliu and Huang Ying’s eyesight, they could naturally see the great fortune in this mine. Although the grade of the mine wasn’t very high, most of the stones were low grade Immortal Meta Stones while the deeper part of the mine contained middle grade Immortal Meta Stones.

Middle grade Immortal Meta Stones were incomparably precious items. One middle grade Immortal Meta Stone had a value of 10,000 low grade Immortal Meta Stones. No one could keep their calm while facing such a huge mountain of treasure.

“Never thought that there is still an ore mine like this near Yan City. This ore mine is enough to supply large amounts of low grade Immortal Meta Stones and some middle grade Immortal Meta Stones. If Huang Family could monopolize this ore mine, the strength of our forces will surely improve drastically.”

Huang Second’s eyes shot out two beams of light, as if all of these wealth had already become theirs.

“Huang Family isn’t the only one who discovered the ore mine. Are you thinking of monopolizing the entire mine directly in front of us?” said Yan Dongliu coldly.

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