Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1082 – Huang Ying

Chapter 1082 – Huang Ying

Huang Ying

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“Jiang Chen was able to sense it. Jiang Chen knew that Big Miss has been following us all the way from the Prefecture,” said Jiang Chen with a smile.

He understood why Yan Qingcheng had followed them all the way her. For her, she needed to consider the safety of the Prefecture. However, he felt slightly unpleasant by this sense of distrust.

After hearing that, Yan Qingcheng couldn’t help but tremble inside her heart. She could feel a sense of guilt in her heart because Jiang Chen had changed from calling her Miss to Big Miss, which sounded a bit more distance.

“Big Brother Jiang, Yuan Chengjun came to me and told me about you going outside of the Prefecture and meeting Huang Xiong late at night. He claimed that you are a spy sent by Huang Family. Coincidentally, you left the Prefecture hastily early in the morning, which made Qingcheng even more suspicious. That was why Qingcheng followed Big Brother Jiang. Qingcheng never thought that things would turn out to be like this. Qingcheng felt ashamed and is sorry.”

Yan Qingcheng bowed to Jiang Chen solemnly and told him what she knew. Anyone could sense her sincerity.

Seeing what happened, Jiang Chen nodded secretly. If this was just an act of Yan Qingcheng and she just tried to make up lies to prevaricate, Jiang Chen would lost interest in her and would leave the Prefecture for good.

But Yan Qingcheng wasn’t telling a lie. She told the truth, which swept away all the anger that he had. Plus, he had known that Yuan Chengjun had been talking bad things about him behind his back.

As a matter of fact, Huang Xiong did wait for him outside the Prefecture. Yuan Chengjun must have seen them meeting each other and told Yan Qingcheng about it, causing her to suspect him. However, logically speaking, there shouldn’t be such a coincidental thing in the world, which made Jiang Chen suspect that all of these was secretly planned by Yuan Chengjun.

As for Yan Qingcheng, he was no longer angry at her. The fact that she didn’t storm into his courtyard after learning about the meeting between him and Huang Xiong indicated that she trusted him. If he was to put in her position, he would probably have the same doubts. Therefore, he couldn’t put the blame on her. Now that every doubt of hers had been cleared, all these incidents would no longer affect his relations.h.i.+p with her and the Prefecture

“Yuan Chengjun is a narrow-minded person. Miss Qingcheng should be more careful while dealing with him.”

Jiang Chen reminded but didn’t tell her about Yuan Chengjun storming into his room to warn him.

“Big Brother Yuan indeed isn’t an open-minded person. But I grew up with him. I know that he’s not a bad person. Plus, my father and Uncle Yuan are both sworn brothers. Big Brother Yuan will never do anything that will harm the Prefecture,” said Yan Qingcheng.

“I see.” Jiang Chen replied with a smile and didn’t continue explaining further because there were some things that weren’t necessary to explain in detail.

“Big Brother Jiang’s means has truly shocked Qingcheng. I have always thought that Big Brother Jiang is just a master in alchemy. I didn’t imagine that Big Brother Jiang also has such a scary combat power and could even kill a late Earth Immortal despite being only a late Human Immortal. Big Brother Jiang is truly a rare genius. I’m afraid that even those super geniuses in Ethereal Immortal Domain wouldn’t be able to do this. If I didn’t see this with my own eyes, I would never believe it. Sister is really impressed by Big Brother Jiang.” Yan Qingcheng said sincerely.

Geniuses had always been proud of themselves, including Yan Qingcheng. It wasn’t easy for her to admit that she was impressed by someone, particularly a genius as young as Jiang Chen.

“Brother Jiang is truly a real genius. However, I don’t think Huang Family will let Huang Xiong’s death go in vain. I have no idea what we should do next,” said Han Changling worriedly.

“In my opinion, we should burn their bodies so that no one from that family will know about this,” said Han Second.

“No, it’s not necessary at all. Because Huang Xiong has brought many experts to Han Village, we can’t hide this incident from them. They should already know about this incident. It’s only a matter of time before they find out what had happened. None of you can stay here any longer,” said Jiang Chen.

He then turned to Yan Qingcheng, saying, “Miss Qingcheng, do you think it’s a difficult task to arrange accommodations for all the villagers of Han Village?”

“Rest a.s.sured Big Brother Jiang, sister will ensure the safety of all the villagers. All of them will follow me back to Yan City and settle down in the Prefecture,” said Yan Qingcheng.

At this time, only the Prefecture could protect the villagers.

After hearing that, all villagers let out a sigh of relief. With the protection of the Prefecture, they wouldn’t have to worry about their safety. Also, it would bring great benefits to the village if they could establish a good rapport with the Prefecture.

All of these happened because of Jiang Chen. If it wasn’t for Jiang Chen, Han Village wouldn’t have such luck. The high and mighty Prefecture would never give such a special treatment to a small village like theirs.

“En, I’m relieved to hear Sister Qingcheng say this.”

Jiang Chen smiled. The one who killed the Huang family’s experts was him and their main target was also him, while the Han villagers were merely an extra piece on the chessboard. So, as long as the villagers were protected by the Prefecture, their safety was ensured. He believed that Huang Family wouldn’t go and offend the Prefecture just because of a tiny village.

Without delaying much, every villager had already packed up their belongings. Then, they followed the lead of Jiang Cheng and Yan Qingcheng back to Yan City. Although there were over a hundred of them, they were still able to travel very fast under the blessing of the energy of the two experts and reached Yan City in just half a day’s time.

It was hard to stay stealthy with over a hundred people entering the city at the same time. Soon, the news about Han Village was spread across the city, including Jiang Chen killing Huang Xiong. The news had shocked even the City Lord.

In the room, Yan Dongliu and Yan Qingcheng seated next to each other, while Yuan Chengjun was standing at one side.

“Qingcheng, you said Jiang Chen killed Huang Xiong?”

Yan Dongliu couldn’t hide his astonishment. Even after knowing what had happened in Han Village, he still couldn’t believe it. Like any other people, he regarded Jiang Chen as a very powerful alchemist who commonly focused in concoction and thus causing their combat power to stay stagnant. Jiang Chen, on the other hand, was an abnormal kind. Not only was he great in alchemy, he also had astonis.h.i.+ng and unbelievable combat strength.

“Not possible. I can’t believe that he killed Huang Xiong. That Huang Xiong is a peak late Earth Immortal! Even for me, it is a very difficult thing to kill him in battle.” Yuan Chengjun said loudly.

His emotions seemed somewhat agitated. He had been looking down on Jiang Chen since the very beginning. Being a late Earth Immortal, he had a unique advantage over a Human Immortal expert. But now, he felt that his advantage was gone all of a sudden. How could he ever accept that?

“That’s right father. Daughter was hiding in the dark and saw everything clearly. Everyone from Huang Family that came to that village died in Jiang Chen’s hands,” said Yan Qingcheng with certainty.

“It is unthinkable to have such a strange man in the Heavens and Earth. I’m afraid that such a shocking talent is rare even in the Ethereal Immortal Domain. This man’s future is limitless. He is an opportunity we can’t afford to miss.” Yan Dongliu said with a nod, attaching great importance to Jiang Chen. If he ignored such a rare genius, he would certainly be called a fool.

“Humph! What can he be in the future? He’s just a puny Human Immortal.” Yuan Chengjun harrumphed coldly.

“Why does Big Brother Yuan have to go against Jiang Chen? You kept saying that Jiang Chen was a spy of Huang Family. Today, Jiang Chen killed Huang Xiong. It only showed his sincerity towards the Prefecture. I hope that Big Brother Yuan will stop picking on Jiang Chen. Both of you are members of the Prefecture. Both of you should work together as a team.”

Yan Qingcheng frowned at Yuan Chengjun. She wasn’t happy that Yuan Cheng kept on picking on Jiang Chen all the time.

“En, Qingcheng’s right. Chengjun, you should get along well with Jiang Chen. I think this person isn’t like any ordinary man. You should be able to learn a lot from him,” said Yan Dongliu.

Both the father and daughter had undoubtedly hurt Yuan Chengjun’s pride, causing him to hate Jiang Chen even more. Because of Jiang Chen’s existence, Yan Qingcheng had changed her views on him completely. He could clearly feel the changes on her after Jiang Chen’s arrival.

That d.a.m.ned Jiang Chen, I will get rid of you sooner or later!

Yuan Chengjun gnashed his teeth in his heart.

“Chengjun, practice well.” Yuan Hong said plainly to his son.

“Yes, Uncle Yan and dad,” answered Yuan Chengjun.

The next day, in Huang Family.

In the s.p.a.cious meeting hall of Huang Family, a dozen dead bodies laid. At the center was Huang Xiong’s corpse, the famous Sixth Master in Yan City. He was now lying there quietly after his neck was cruelly snapped by someone. His death was in agony because he had never closed his eyes even until now. He couldn’t die in peace.

Many people had gathered in the meeting hall, but every one of them was so silent like cicadas in cold weather. Some didn’t even dare to exhale. Standing in front of Huang Xiong’s body were five experts – two Heaven Immortal experts and three half-step Heaven Immortal experts. All of them were the true experts of Huang Family.

The patriarch of Huang Family, Huang Ying, had a face of fury. His chest was moving up and down, like a volcano that was about to explode at any moment. The other four were the blood brothers of Huang Xiong.

“Who did this?” Huang Ying said coldly, so cold that it could freeze an elephant to death.

“Sixth Master’s body was found in Han Village, but all the villagers have already left before we arrived. I heard that they entered the Prefecture. The news from the Prefecture said that the man who killed Sixth Master and the others was an alchemist named Jiang Chen.” A guard of Huang Family said while s.h.i.+vering slightly due to the silence.

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