Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1081 – A Heavy Price

Chapter 1081 – A Heavy Price

A Heavy Price

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Huang Xiong was in terror and drenched with sweat. The shadow of death had enshrouded him, leaving him no more courage to bargain with Jiang Chen. When he looked at Jiang Chen’s ruthless and indifferent eyes, he felt that he had been absolutely dominated.

“Release them.”

Huang Xiong said to those black-clothed men who had been guarding all the villagers. He failed to realize that this action was giving away the last bargaining chip that he had. But he could not be blamed either because he was just too afraid of death. He cherished his life too much. Plus, Jiang Chen’s dominance had made his head spin.

But of course, the largest mistake was that he didn’t understand Jiang Chen well. He naively thought that given his ident.i.ty, Jiang Chen wouldn’t kill him as long as he released the villagers. He was the sixth master of Huang Family after all; no one in Yan City would have the guts to kill him.

In Jiang Chen’s life, there had been countless events of slaugthering. To him, killing was just as common as eating rice. He wouldn’t even blink when he killed, especially when he killed his despised enemies. What Huang Xiong did disgusted him so much. Jiang Chen would never forgive those who threatened to hurt the people he knew if he didn’t comply. The moment Han Cong ran to his courtyard and told him what happened to Han Village, he had already sentenced Huang Xiong to death in his heart. Even if Huang Xiong agreed to release all the villagers, he and all of his men still needed to die today.

In fact, Huang Xiong still had the power to bargain before he ordered the release of the villagers, because his people were still in control of all the villagers life. Despite the large number of villagers, most of them were very weak. If those experts guarding them decided to attack those villagers, Jiang Chen wouldn’t be able to ensure that no one would be injured.

*Hua La…*

The moment they were freed, all the villagers came to Jiang Chen’s side under the lead of Han Changling. Han Cong joined the group.

“Chief, are you all alright?”

Han Cong finally had a look of joy.

“We’re fine.”

Han Changling shook his head and looked at Jiang Chen with eyes filled with worries. He wasn’t worried about Jiang Chen’s cultivation base as he had witnessed Jiang Chen’s terrifying power. Now that even Huang Xiong was no match for him, no one else would be Jiang Chen’s opponent.

The thing he was worried about was whether Jiang Chen would kill Huang Xiong. If he really killed him, it would be a declaration of war against the entire Huang Family. Throughout Yan City, there was virtually no one who would dare to kill the Sixth Master of Huang Family. He was sure that their lives wouldn’t have any peace once Jiang Chen killed this man.

Even though Jiang Chen was very strong, there was still a large gap between him and Huang Family. One should know that there were Heaven Immortal experts in Huang Family.

“Jiang Chen, I’ve already released all the villagers. You can let me go now. As long as you release me, I a.s.sure you that Huang Family won’t trouble you.” Huang Xiong said. His tone was nearly pleading.

“Huang Xiong, you should now that there are some mistakes that you shouldn’t commit. Once you made it, you’ll have to pay a heavy price for it. You can do whatever you want to me, but you chose another way that really disgusted me. From the moment I step into Han Village, your fate has already been decided. You and all of your people’s fate have already been decided.”

Jiang Chen’s face was expressionless. His eyes and his killing intent turned colder and colder, so cold that the others could feel it.

“You… you break your promise! I’ve already released them...”

Huang Xiong was terrified.

“I have never said that I’ll let you go.”

Jiang Chen’s word made Huang Xiong’s heart sink towards the bottom of a valley. It was true that Jiang Chen had never mentioned about letting him go. In other words, Jiang Chen had never intended to let him go since the very beginning.

“Go to h.e.l.l!”

With Jiang Chen’s dragon claw, Huang Xiong’s neck was ripped off of his body. Blood gushed out of the opening, but Huang Xiong’s eyes were still wide open, like he couldn’t accept that everything was real. He had always been the dignified Sixth Master of Huang Family. He had never thought that he would die one day or be killed by someone.

Unfortunately, he had offended the wrong person—Jiang Chen, which costed him his life. His corpse plopped to the ground. From now on, there would no longer be a Sixth Master of the Huang Family in Yan City.


The scene caused many of them to suck in a breath of cold air. Having not seen such ruthlessness, everyone looked at Jiang Chen frightfully, as if they were seeing a ghost or a bloodthirsty demon that came from h.e.l.l.

“Jiang Chen, how dare you kill our Sixth Master! Do you have any idea what’s his position in Huang Family?”

The last late Earth Immortal elder berated loudly. He was trying to use his voice to hide his fear, but it was pointless.

“You’ll end up in the same way,” said Jiang Chen. Then, he thrust at the elder frenziedly, and casted the Earth Prison at the same time.

The elder was defenseless. He let out a miserable wail when one of his arms was cut off by Jiang Chen. He wasn’t as powerless as now, but after seeing Huang Xiong being killed by Jiang Chen, he couldn’t muster the courage to face this beast. He knew that he didn’t stand a chance against him.


Jiang Chen’s palm landed on the elder’s chest where his heart was, crus.h.i.+ng all of his viscera, and causing him to die instantaneously.

The remaining experts of Huang Family were completely freaked out. They had never seen this kind of event before. Now, they were filled with despair and dread, fear that came from their innermost soul.

“Big Brother Jiang, are you going to kill them all?”

Han Cong mustered his bravery and came closer to Jiang Chen. He now felt like Jiang Chen was a stranger to him. He had never imagined that a youth like Jiang Chen would have such a scary side, like the incarnation of devil.

However, this couldn’t be blamed on Han Cong as he was just too young. Murder was just too strange to him, let alone killing several people.

“Don’t talk, Ah Cong.”

Han Changling hastily pulled Han Cong over, afraid that this boy would offend Jiang Chen’s dignity. In their eyes, Jiang Chen was no longer the Jiang Chen that they saved at that time. After killing the late Earth Immortal expert, Jiang Chen had already become a high and mighty expert. Apart from the grat.i.tude that they had for Jiang Chen, they also had plenty of respect and fear for him.

Jiang Chen didn’t answer Han Cong’s question. He swiftly drew out his Heavenly Saint sword and lunged at the Huang Family’s camp.

“Argh…” “Argh…” “Argh…”

Agonizing wails were heard, so much so that it raised people’s goose b.u.mps. In his dragon form, the Earth Immortal experts were killed as easily as slaughtering sheep. None of them had the power to resist. In just a few blinks, all of them died miserably under his sword. Han Village was now flowing with blood. The air was mingled with the stench of blood. All of the experts from Huang Family were dead.

Every one of the villagers’ faces turned pale. Their bodies were s.h.i.+vering because Jiang Chen’s violence shook their soul. However, they were very clear that it was Jiang Chen who saved them. If it wasn’t for Jiang Chen, they would’ve all died here. Therefore, they felt even more grateful rather than dreadful.

From behind, Yan Qingcheng’s expression had changed drastically. This was her first time seeing Jiang Chen killing people. It shocked her completely. She had never seen such a b.l.o.o.d.y scene. Jiang Chen on the other hand looked just as normal, like nothing had happened; it seemed he had already grown accustomed to such a scene.

Jiang Chen returned to his human form, approached Han Cong and said solemnly, “Han Cong, you must remember that this is a world where the law of the jungle decides everything. You can never have the slightest bit of mercy for your enemy because that’s being ruthless to your friends and families. If I didn’t kill all of them today, not only me, but all of the villagers will also end up dead. That would be a horrifying scene that you’ll never hope to see. You can hardly see such an incident in Yan City and One-Line-Sky because they are too small. One day, when you leave this region, you will find the real cruelty outside, the world where human devours human.”

What Jiang Chen said made Han Cong palpitate because it was too strange to him, but he knew that whatever Jiang Chen had said was for his own good.

“Yes, Big Brother Jiang.”

Han Cong nodded, trying his best not to look at the corpses.

“Brother Jiang, I act on behalf of Han Village to thank you for this.”

Han Changling cupped fists at Jiang Chen.

“You don’t have to thank me, Chief. This matter started all because of me,” replied Jiang Chen.

“But Brother Jiang, after killing so many experts of Huang Family and the Sixth Master, who is the brother of the patriarch of that family, they will certainly not let him die in vain.” Han Changling said worriedly.

The revenge of Huang Family would absolutely be terrifying. By that time, not only Jiang Chen would be in danger, every one of the villagers would also fall into the same circ.u.mstance.

“Don’t worry about it.”

Jiang Chen waved his hand, and then turned to where Yan Qingcheng was hiding. “Big Miss has been hiding there for so long. It’s time for you to come out now.”

After hearing this, everyone turned towards that direction. Sure enough, they saw a beautiful woman stepping out of the darkness. It seemed like Jiang Chen had already noticed Yan Qingcheng hiding there since the very beginning.

“You know that I am hiding there all along?”

Yan Qingcheng approached Jiang Chen and said with a smile. She thought that she was a pro in concealing herself, but was already discovered by Jiang Chen actually. The only explanation for that was Jiang Chen’s senses were just too keen. She also had to admit that this man was too scary and she had no idea how many more trump cards he had.

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