Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1080 – One Move to Subdue the Enemy

Chapter 1080 – One Move to Subdue the Enemy

One Move to Subdue the Enemy

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Who would have thought that Jiang Chen could really kill a late Earth Immortal expert? Plus, it was a kill with repressiveness. No one would actually believe that a late Human Immortal would be able to do this, yet the corpse that laid on the ground told them otherwise.

Jiang Chen shook his Heavenly Saint Sword and looked over at Huang Xiong with an indifferent expression. “Like I’ve said, all of you should fight me together.”

That flat tone revealed a merciless killing intent. No one knew that something so powerful was hidden inside Jiang Chen’s body. Currently, his confidence had reached an overwhelming extent.

After the advancement of the dragon transformation skill, its power became even more terrifying than before, which made Jiang Chen a terrifying cultivator. To Jiang Chen, any late Earth Immortal expert like Huang Xiong wasn’t worth anything in his eyes anymore, unless he was facing a late Earth Immortal genius like Yan Qingcheng.

“Jiang Chen, you truly are the scariest genius that I’ve ever seen. But don’t get overly confidence about it. There are still two late Earth Immortal experts here and your Forbidden Art won’t last long. With our combined strength, you will die for sure.” Huang Xiong said coldly.

He concluded that Jiang Chen was using a Forbidden Art that wouldn’t last for long. Once the skill wore off, Jiang Chen would be finished. After witnessing Jiang Chen’s combat strrength, even Huang Xiong was not confident in taking him down. However, having two late Earth Immortals, it wouldn’t be a problem stalling Jiang Chen until his Forbidden Art wore off. By that time, Jiang Chen would become very fragile and easy to kill.

“You have loads of c.r.a.p. Come and fight me.”

Jiang Chen shook his head upon realizing what Huang Xiong was planning to do. But, Huang Xiong would only be disappointed with the result. Even if there were plenty of late Earth Immortal experts here, they would all fall due to fatigue if they decided to fight in a war of attrition against Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen’s direct challenge had provoked Huang Xiong that he unleashed his powerful Qi. Before coming here, Huang Xiong had never thought that Jiang Chen would be such a difficult enemy. That was why he didn’t bring any half-step Heaven Immortal with him. At this point, he had no choice but to confront this brat personally or else, he would lose his face as the Sixth Master.

He and the other late Earth Immortal experts exchanged glances and nodded. Then, they walked towards Jiang Chen, blocking his left and right side. If this incident was spread, it would certainly cause the public to laugh out loud.

But no onlookers seemed to be laughing because they weren’t idiots. They knew that Jiang Chen wasn’t just an ordinary late Human Immortal expert.

To Huang Xiong, he couldn’t care much about his reputation anymore. It wouldn’t matter as long as he could eliminate Jiang Chen. Today, he was able to see the real threat Jiang Chen posed. The threat that didn’t just come from his scary alchemy technique but also his monstrous combat strength. Moreover, this young talent was currently used by the Prefecture. Therefore, it would only be a matter of time before this young man would bring disaster to Huang Family if they didn’t root him out as soon as possible. Not only Huang Xiong knew about these consequences, but also the onlookers.

The people of Han Village felt tensed once more, one late Earth Immortal expert wasn’t the same as two. Besides, the previous late Earth Immortal elder had just reached this realm recently. So comparing him to Huang Xiong, a peak late Earth Immortal, the difference was significant.

“Keep it up, Big Brother Jiang.”

Han Cong clenched his fists at the back of Jiang Chen and cheered. He didn’t have too much confidence in Jiang Chen before, but now, he had chosen to believe in Jiang Chen unconditionally.

Yan Qingcheng was ready to fight. As long as Jiang Chen failed to resist the two opponents, she would rush out immediately, but she had an intuition that her help wasn’t needed at all. Jiang Chen alone could handle them all.

“Do you dare to fight my Immortal Weapon?”

Huang Xiong stood opposite of Jiang Chen and said in a cold tone. There was a single unique skill of Huang Family named Overturning Heavenly Palm. Its attack was incomparably powerful. Once it was struck out, its power could overturn seas and mountains, giving the target no chance of defending it at all.

Upon hearing what he said, Jiang Chen couldn’t help but smile. To answer Huang Xiong’s question, Jiang Chen chose to act instead of talking. The Heavenly Saint Sword in his hand vanished. He had never feared a fight using combat skills because there were no other skills in the Heavens and Earth that was more powerful than the True Dragon Combat Skills.


Huang Xiong didn’t dare to be slow. All the Immortal Qi in his body spread out like tidal waves. Both of his palms were sent out constantly, creating so many palm prints that it blurred everyone’s sight!

“Overturning Heavenly Palm!” Huang Xiong roared.

Countless of palm prints that blotted out the sky and enshrouded the entire battlefield were launched at Jiang Chen. The Qi it emitted was extremely terrifying.

“Trembling Lands and Mountains.”

Simultaneously, the other late Earth Immortal elder sent out another powerful attack. Though his voice wasn’t as loud as Huang Xiong, his attack was also frightening. The strong Qi waves emanated from it caused cracks on the ground, and a rumble was heard from below, as if a terrible earthquake was about to occur.

This was a terrifying and lethal attack of a late Earth Immortal expert. If Jiang Chen were replaced by an ordinary late Human Immortal expert, that person would have been crushed to pieces.

“Golden Dragon Seal.”

Jiang Chen didn’t show them any quarters, striking out his most powerful attack—Golden Dragon Seal. Despite his opponents being not as powerful as him, he couldn’t neglect their attacks. Three lifelike golden dragons roared out from him, one rushed to the elder while the other two charged at Huang Xiong.

*Hong Long…*

Terrifying waves collided with one another. Smoke was rolling in the sky. The residual waves that spread out from the violent collision s.h.i.+vered everyone’s heart. The strongest cultivator in Han Village was a half-step Earth Immortal, but he had never seen such a fierce battle before. Each and every one of the villagers looked incomparably pale. Some of the weaker cultivators could already feel the shock of the impact despite their distance. Some even spurted out blood due to the force.

The combatants staggered backwards at the same time. It seemed like it would be hard to differentiate the winner of this battle.

Such a result shook Huang Xiong’s heart very much. He could only tie with Jiang Chen even after he combined his strength with another late Earth Immortal expert. This had given him the impulse to spurt out blood.

“Sixth Master, this brat is very strong.”

The elder’s expression changed drastically.

“Don’t panic. He’s just solely relying on the Forbidden Art. We’ll just need continue to wear him out. I would like to see how long his Forbidden Art would last,” said Huang Xiong cruelly.

His eyes were staring at Jiang Chen like a venomous snake, sending out bloodthirsty light and dense killing intent.


Jiang Chen harrumphed coldly. Suddenly he thought of the Earth Prison skill, a skill that he hadn’t used for a long time because this skill must be carried out on the ground. It used the energy of the earth to bind the opponents.

Back when he was still in Saint Origin World, almost every opponent he fought would create a battlefield in the void, which made this skill useless. Thus, he had put it at the back of his mind until today.

This skill would be perfect to deal with Huang Xiong. After all, Huang Xiong was very difficult to kill because he’s innately strong, unless some powerful skill was used on him.

Although the Earth Prison was restricted by certain conditions, it didn’t mean it wasn’t a powerful skill. If this technique was used to sneak-attack an opponent, it would be a terrifying move. As long as the difference between the opponent and the caster wasn’t too wide, the opponent wouldn’t be able to escape from it.

Plus, Earth Immortal experts couldn’t fly, so they were bound by the force of the earth.

“Earth Prison!” Jiang Chen bellowed.

As his voice faded, Huang Xiong, who looked very composed just now changed his expression instantly, he felt a powerful force rus.h.i.+ng from beneath the earth towards his body.


The powerful force turned into an invisible prison. Being unprepared before this sudden attack, Huang Xiong couldn’t help but stagger. He would have fallen flat on the ground if he hadn’t reacted fast enough.

Nevertheless, this was enough for Jiang Chen.

The moment Huang Xiong was caught inside the Earth Prison, Jiang Chen lunged swiftly and appeared before Huang Xiong like a ghost. His sharp dragon claw clenched Huang Xiong’s neck, blood was starting to flow out from his grip.


Huang Xiong sucked in a breath of cold air. A very dangerous Qi was stirred from his heart. That was the Qi of death. His face turned white as paper. His body was s.h.i.+vering in fear. He had lost all of his previous demeanor.

“Sixth Master!”

The late Earth Immortal elder at one side yelled. He still had no idea what had happened just now. He had no idea why Huang Xiong, a peak late Earth Immortal, had fallen into Jiang Chen’s hands so suddenly?

“Didn’t you want to fight me with combat skills?” Jiang Chen said with a smile. But such a brilliant smile sent chills down Huang Xiong’s spine.

“Don’t, don’t kill me, Jiang Chen. It won’t do you any good if you kill me.” Huang Xiong pleaded.

Having lost the ability to defend, he knew clearly that if Jiang Chen wanted to kill him now, he would die instantly without any resistance. But he didn’t want to die. In fact, no one wanted to die, especially those people who had very a bright life ahead of them and regarded life as the most important thing.

“Order them to release all the people of Han Village now.” Jiang Chen said in an una.s.sailable tone.

“Jiang Chen, I can release them, but you have to promise not to kill me,” said Huang Xiong.

Now that the villagers were still in their hands, he thought that he had the right to negotiate with Jiang Chen.

“You don’t have the right to talk to me about terms. I’ll kill you right away if you don’t release them. And I can also a.s.sure you that no villagers will be harmed by your people,” said Jiang Chen with squinted eyes.

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