Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1067 – The Head Alchemist

Chapter 1067 – The Head Alchemist

The Head Alchemist

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Yan City didn’t look as calm as it looked. Apart from the Prefecture, there were also two overlords which were strong enough to compete for the resources of the city. The news of the City Lord being injured badly by the cold poison remained a secret. If this news was disclosed to the public, no one could a.s.sure that those two major powers wouldn’t do anything unfavorable to the Prefecture. As fire couldn’t be wrapped by paper, the news about the City Lord would be leaked sooner or later. As such, the top priority right now was to remove the poison off of the City Lord’s body.

Within these few days, Yan Qingcheng had been worrying over this matter. When she saw Jiang Chen’s extraordinary means of concoction, she felt compelled to spit out the truth.


At this moment, a loud bang was heard at the door of the courtyard. Judging by the sound of it, it was probably kicked by someone. Someone who would dare to kick the Prefecture’s doors must be either an idiot or with status not lower than Jiang Chen’s.

There were five of them, looking full of momentum. They all looked to have reached the age of fifty and they were incomparably strong. Four of them had reached the late Earth Immortal realm while the leader, who was the strongest, was a half-step Heaven Immortal.

The faces of all these intruders were br.i.m.m.i.n.g with haughtiness which no ordinary people could possess. That was a kind of n.o.bility that stemmed from the bottom of one’s bone.

However, these people obviously didn’t notice that Yan Qingcheng was here because they all looked stunned and their arrogant aura was extinguished. In the Prefecture, Yan Qingcheng had absolute status. Even the half-step Heaven Immortal expert wouldn’t dare disrespect her. Normally, most of the things were handled by her instead of the City Lord. In other words, she was the reason why the Prefecture still stood strong in Yan City.

“Uncle Dong, why are you all here?”

Yan Qingcheng sounded a little dissatisfied but kicking the door wasn’t the main reason she was dissatisfied. She was mainly discontented with how they interrupted the conversation when she was just about to say the details of the cold poison.

However, the newcomers weren’t ordinary experts, so she still needed to pay them some respect.

“I didn’t expect Big Miss to be here. I heard that a young alchemist has just arrived in our Prefecture. I heard that he has a great concoction technique and despite him being a mere late Human Immortal realm, Big Miss has accepted him as a foreign elder. So, I have come to visit him,” said one of the newcomer.

His eyes were br.i.m.m.i.n.g with disdain after confirming Jiang Chen’s cultivation base. In his perspective, no matter how great this young man was, he was merely a late Human Immortal. He had been studying alchemy for almost a lifetime and the reason he got to where he was now was all because of the efforts he had contributed to the Prefecture. So, it wasn’t very pleasant for him to hear that some n.o.body had been given the foreign elder t.i.tle on the first day of his arrival.

Jiang Chen, on the other hand, had already discerned the elder’s emotions, the same emotions were running in the heads of the other four experts

“Let me introduce him to you all, he is Young Master Jiang Chen.”

After finis.h.i.+ng her introduction, she looked over at Jiang Chen and smiled. “Young Master Jiang, this is Elder Dong Linfu, the leading alchemist in Yan City, and also the head alchemist of our Prefecture. His is a half-step Heaven Immortal and only one step away to become a true Heaven Immortal. As for the other experts, they are all highly respected alchemists and also my father’s friends. Their contributions have helped our Prefecture sustain the leading role in the city.”

“I feel honored to see these seniors.”

Jiang Chen cupped his fists at Dong Linfu and the others to greet them. In fact, he didn’t need Yan Qingcheng’s introduction to know their ident.i.ty. He was able to tell that all of them were alchemist with just a glance.

“I’ve imagined that the one picked by Big Miss would be someone very extraordinary. Now it seems it isn’t the case.”

“That’s right, Big Miss. Have you taken this man too seriously? How could he earn the t.i.tle of foreign elder at such a young age? Plus, he’s just a late Human Immortal. Should we place our dignity on this kid even though he has only gotten this t.i.tle just because of his concoction technique.”

“Big Miss isn’t an alchemist, naturally she doesn’t have a good understanding of alchemy. The path of alchemy is also like cultivation path. The concoction ability will be greatly affected by one’s cultivation base. With him being a late Human Immortal, the most he can be is the lowest rank of alchemist despite how powerful or gifted he is.”


These seniors had made their way here just to question Jiang Chen’s ability. The fact that Jiang Chen could get a status and t.i.tle in the Prefecture dissatisfied them. They even felt that Yan Qingcheng had taken a fancy to this Adonis, but they understood that she would never simply fall for some male cultivator, especially a grunt that was only a late Human Immortal.

“Gentlemen, you all naturally don’t know how brilliant Young Master Jiang’s techniques are without witnessing it by yourself. I believe that once you see his ability, you will stop picking on him. I dare say that Young Master Jiang’s technique is the first I have ever seen and it was magical.” Yan Qingcheng said.

What she said was the truth, although she had exaggerated it a little. Being a shrewd woman who knew how to make good use of an opportunity, she already predicted that Jiang Chen would be scrutinized by the other senior alchemists. Right now, she had to take advantage of this antagonism.

“Oh? First time seeing in your life? Does Big Miss mean that this brat’s technique is even greater than mine?”

Dong Lingfu’s expression turned ugly after being compared to a late Human Immortal brat. If these words didn’t come out of Yan Qingcheng, he would’ve burst into anger.

“Qingcheng didn’t mean it that way, but Young Master Jiang’s technique can indeed be described as astounding.” Yan Qingcheng continued.

“Alright. Since Big Miss favors him so much, I will have to have a round of battle with him. If this man’s technique is really above mine, I will have him replace me as the head alchemist.” Dong Linfu said.

In his heart, a newcomer like Jiang Chen was absolutely not incomparable to him. It was an insult for him to compete with such an insignificant figure like this young man, but Yan Qingcheng had provoked his dignity. So, he had no choice but to compete with Jiang Chen.

“Uncle Dong, this isn’t really right. We are all here to render service to the Prefecture where we belong. We shouldn’t disturb the peace among ourselves,” said Yan Qingcheng.

“It’s because we have dedicated ourselves to the Prefecture that makes it necessary to determine who’s superior. Moreover, there are quite a lot of alchemists in the Prefecture and the head alchemist plays an important role. Also, I would like to see whether he is eligible to work for the Prefecture.”

Dong Linfu had decided that he must have a compet.i.tion with Jiang Chen so that he could humiliate this young brat as much as his wanted.

“Since Elder Dong insist, I will play along with you.”

A slight smile was plastered on Jiang Chen’s face. He knew in his heart that he had to accept this challenge if he wanted to establish a reputation in the Prefecture. Besides, he would never back down from a direct confrontation like this.

“Very well. Since you both want to have a compet.i.tion, I will fulfill your wishes. I think you all know that my father has been inflicted by cold poison and his condition isn’t improving. I have already prepared the herbs for concocting the Ardent Yang Pill. I will use this as a compet.i.tion for you guys, and with my father as the judge. What do you two think?” Yan Qingcheng said grimly.

Those herbs that were initially prepared for Dong Linfu to concoct the Ardent Yang Pill was a perfect opportunity for them to compete. If any one of them concocted a high grade Ardent Yang Pill, her father’s cold poison would be cured.

“Alright. The compet.i.tion will take place tomorrow. Jiang Chen, you should know the difficulty of concocting this pill. If you think you can’t do it, you better admit defeat now so that Big Miss’ time won’t be wasted on preparing the herbs. You should also know that every herb used in this pill is incomparably precious.”

Dong Linfu looked at Jiang Chen with a sneer.

Seeing what happened, Jiang Chen, with his face full of confidence, replied with a faint smile, “The process of concocting the Ardent Yang Pill is indeed c.u.mbersome because it needs 49 different herbs that have the purest Yang to be melted and extract the strong Yang essence from it at the right time, and use it to get rid of the cold poison in City Lord’s body. Fortunately, I happen to have the same concoction experience.”

Jiang Chen’s words stunned them. The way they looked at him changed a little. Ardent Yang Pill was a high grade pill that ordinary alchemists would not try concocting. Although they didn’t know whether Jiang Chen could concoct an Ardent Yang Pill, they were amazed by how fluent he blurted out the details of the process.

“Humph! In that case, we’ll meet again tomorrow.”

Dong Linfu let out a cold humph and left with his companions. Although Jiang Chen was able to describe the method of concoction of the Ardent Yang Pill, it was only enough to make him recognize his existence. From the start until now, he had never put Jiang Chen in his eyes.

“Does Young Master Jiang have any certainty in concocting this?”

Yan Qingcheng looked over at Jiang Chen and said in a serious tone. She wouldn’t dare joke about her father’s life.

“Rest a.s.sured, Big Miss. I will certainly concoct the Ardent Yang Pill for City Lord and get rid of the cold poison inside his body.” Jiang Chen said confidently.

In fact, it was too simple for him to remove the cold poison, but in order to compete with Dong Linfu, he had to use the Ardent Yang Pill to treat the City Lord’s injuries. This pill would help him to establish a place in Yan City.

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