Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1068 – Yan Dongliu

Chapter 1068 – Yan Dongliu

Yan Dongliu

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The next day.

Currently, a large number of people gathered at meeting hall of the Prefecture, because today was a very important day. Yesterday, a young alchemist joined the Prefecture; today he would be competing with the former head alchemist Dong Linfu for the t.i.tle of head alchemist.

In order to be accepted in this place, the expert must have these two requirements. First was cultivation base. The lowest cultivation base among them was late Earth Immortal realm and the highest cultivation base was half-step Heaven Immortal realm. Second was loyalty. Everyone present here had absolute loyalty to the City Lord. None of them here would try and reveal the secret about the cold poison in the City Lord’s body.

The two sides of the meeting hall was flanked with two columns of seats. No doubt, the first seat of the column was for alchemist Dong Linfu, he was the most qualified expert either in the aspect of cultivation or alchemy.

The City Lord, Big Miss and Jiang Chen hadn’t arrived yet, but the hall was already filled with noises of discussion. It was a worthy topic to discuss about the young man who was a mere late Human Immortal but had accepted the challenge of the great alchemist Dong Linfu.

“What’s that Jiang Chen thinking? Is he not aware of his own limits? He’s just a puny Human Immortal. I wonder where he got the guts to accept the challenge of Alchemist Dong.”

“That’s right. Big Miss has always been a wise decision maker, but why is she so unreasonable this time? She should know that the Prefecture is a great major power in Yan City. It isn’t a place where everyone can come and be a foreign elder. Also, he is an unprecedented Human Immortal foreign elder.”

“Don’t underestimate that Jiang Chen, I’ve witnessed how he concocted those pills outside the Prefecture. I can say that his technique is shocking. For so long that I have lived, I’ve never seen such a terrifying technique of concoction.”

“It’s true that this Jiang Chen is a rare genius. His combat strength alone is astonis.h.i.+ng. Despite his late Human Immortal cultivation base, not even early Earth Immortal was a match for him. I have to admit that none of us could jump two levels like him, but anyway, there is an extremely large gap in power between him and Alchemist Dong. So it wasn’t a sensible choice to compete against the great Alchemist Dong.”

“Humph! I would like to meet this young man and see if he’s so good.”


Everyone was filled with curiosity about Jiang Chen, but at the same time, dissatisfied about how preferential Big Miss had treated him. But for those who were with Big Miss outside the Prefecture and witnessed Jiang Chen’s concoction method, they felt that Jiang Chen deserved that t.i.tle. That shocking scene had left an unforgettable impression in their heads.

At this moment, two silhouettes walked in from the outside. They were male and female. At first glance, it gave the impression of a couple, but as they got nearer, everyone could recognize that the male was Jiang Chen and the female was Yan Qingcheng. The fact that Yan Qingcheng was walking side by side with Jiang Chen showed how important she regarded this newcomer.

For a moment, everyone’s eyes fell upon Jiang Chen like sharp blades. The atmosphere of the hall turned tense. As many of them were seeing Jiang Chen for the first time, they were putting all of their attention to scrutinize this young man, which had created an invisible pressure on Jiang Chen.

However, Jiang Chen still looked calm and relaxed, as if he felt nothing at all. His gesture and demeanor was confident and composed. It impressed and surprised them that a young man like him have such a disposition. Some had even changed their view on him even if this was the first time that they saw him.

“Elders, this is Jiang Chen. Today, he will compete with Uncle Dong. The two of them will have to concoct the Ardent Yang Pill for my father. I believe this even is worth witnessing,” said Yan Qingcheng with a smile.

“Since Big Sister admires this young man so much, we would like to see if he is really competent enough to compete with Alchemist Dong.” Someone spoke.

“We just have to be patient and watch. My father has already left seclusion. He and Uncle Yuan will be here soon,” said Yan Qingcheng.

Almost as soon as her voice faded, two strong wind blew into the meeting hall and turned into two silhouettes. The two middle-aged men traveled so fast, it was impressive.

Everyone, including Dong Linfu, stood up from their seats and immediately greeted these two newcomers without a moment of delay.

One of them was wearing a pale yellow robe, looking tall and thin, with a resolute and handsome face, and a pair of vigorous eyes. His gesture radiated an aura of n.o.bility and there were traces of air movement around him. That was a clear indication of a Heaven Immortal expert.

In the Immortal World, reaching Heaven Immortal realm was the goal of many cultivators. Once an expert had reached this stage, the expert would be able to control the airflow around him and travel in the air.

This resolute-looking man wasn’t a stranger. He was one of the overlords of Yan City, the Lord of the Prefecture, Yan Dongliu—an early Heaven Immortal expert.

The other man was similarly strong. He was named Yuan Hong. He was the sworn brother of Yan Dongliu and held an important position in the Prefecture.

They were the two Heaven Immortal experts in the Prefecture.

“City Lord, Elder Yuan.”

Everyone greeted them respectfully.

“En, take your seat.”

Yan Dongliu waved his hand for them to sit down. Then, he and Hong Yuan turned to face Jiang Chen.

“Young Master, this is my father and this is Elder Hong Yuan. They are both Heaven Immortal experts, the strongest experts in our Prefecture.” Yan Qingcheng introduced.

“Jiang Chen greets City Lord and Elder Yuan.”

Quickly, Jiang Chen cupped his fists at the two seniors.

Seeing Jiang Chen’s demeanor, they were slightly shocked. One should know that if a late Human Immortal were to see them, the person would be s.h.i.+vering and quiver while speaking. To them, it was rare to find a young man as composed as him.

“Jiang Chen, I heard that you are very skillful in alchemy and is able to concoct the complex Ardent Yang Pill with your late Human Immortal cultivation.” Yan Dongliu said in a doubtful tone.

As a matter of fact, if this young man wasn’t highly recommended by his daughter, he wouldn’t waste a second on him.

“If I’m not mistaken, the poison in City Lord’s body has already penetrated deep into the bone marrow. If it isn’t removed as soon as possible, not even a hundred Ardent Yang Pill will be able to solve City Lord’s problem.”

Instead of answering the question, he turned to a new topic.

When Yan Dongliu heard this, he was shocked and he immediately changed the way he looked at Jiang Chen. Regarding the cold poison in his body, he had already tried his hardest to suppress it and not even an expert as powerful as him could detect it, but Jiang Chen was able to see it in just a glance. With such keen eyesight, there was no way that he wouldn’t be shocked.

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