Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1066 – The Superior Foreign Elder

Chapter 1066 – The Superior Foreign Elder

The Superior Foreign Elder

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Han Changling naturally wouldn’t dare accept it despite knowing that the offer could further enhance the overall strength of his village or even allow his village to dominate the other weaker villages, this fortune was too much for him to accept.

“There’s no need to be too polite to me Chief. Those pills are concocted out of the herbs you provided. Naturally, these low grade Immortal Meta Stones belongs to you.”

After Jiang Chen finished speaking, he placed the pouch on Han Changling’s hands without giving him any chance to decline any further. Jiang Chen was a swift and decisive person, a person who separated kindness and scores. When it came to his friends and benefactors, he would never be calculative. Besides, Han Village needed his help right now. If he didn’t provide any help to them now, they might forever remain a remote village like many others. Even the genius Han Cong would find it extremely hard to escape this impoverish trap.

Producing a genius like Han Cong, Han Village was already considered not bad. But, despite how talented a genius was, proper cultivation resources was a crucial element in cultivation. Without sufficient cultivation resources, the talent would never turn into a powerful expert.

“Many thanks, Brother Jiang.”

Han Changling saluted Jiang Chen deeply. He now felt that the storage pouch weighed a million kilograms, so heavy that he had trouble breathing. Although he had just known Jiang Chen for a few days, he had already gained a certain understanding of him. He now knew that Jiang Chen would never take back the things he had given out.

“Oh my! 100,000 low grade Immortal Meta Stones. Our village never had so many stones. I never thought Brother Jiang would be so generous.”

“Ah Cong… you really have done a great job this time. If it wasn’t for your kindness, our village would have missed this fortune.”

“Brother Jiang sure is a forthright man. He who has changed the fate our village, he is now regarded as the greatest benefactor of Han village.”


Overwhelmed by excitement, all the villagers were at a loss for words. Han Cong, on the other hand, was giggling delightfully. When he decided to save Jiang Chen, he didn’t think about receiving any rewards, it was just out of his good intention. Now, it seemed like his good deed had brought a huge turn to their village.

“Young Master Jiang, Qingcheng wants to invite you to become our honored guest. I hope Young Master can accept it.” Being a person who did not like to prevaricate, Yan Qingcheng asked straightforwardly.

A young and capable alchemist like Jiang Chen was what the Prefecture needed the most. That was why she needed Jiang Chen to stay.

A foreign elder had the same rank as an ordinary elder, but wasn’t subjected to the jurisdiction and constraints of the Prefecture. It was like Jiang Chen was being regarded as the guest of the Prefecture. However, one should be a late Earth Immortal to qualify for this position; it was absurd for a late Human Immortal to demand for such a privilege. So, they were afraid that only Jiang Chen had such honor to be a foreign elder.

Nevertheless, no one disapproved Yan Qingcheng’s decision at all. After witnessing Jiang Chen’s concoction method, they were very clear that Jiang Chen’s value was even greater than all their late Earth Immortal guests in the past.

“I will accept your invitation but I’ve one condition,” answered Jiang Chen.

“Please say, Young Master Jiang. As long as the Prefecture is able to do it, Qingcheng will promise it,” replied Yan Qingcheng with a smile.

Jiang Chen turned to Han Cong and said, “Ah Cong, come over here.”


Han Cong was astonished and lost his senses for a second. This was the first time that he came to a big place like Yan City. And after seeing so many experts and witnessing so many things that happened just a while ago, how would he dare stand near the Big Miss of the Prefecture?

“Stop your ‘eh’ and get over there quickly!”

Han Second kicked Han Cong’s b.u.t.t. Everyone, including Han Changling, looked excited. They weren’t fools. They knew that something good would happen when Jiang Chen called Han Cong to his side at this particular moment. As Han Cong was the only hope of Han village, if he was given the chance to cultivate in this city, they would really prostrate themselves to the G.o.ds.

Han Cong came to Jiang Chen’s side, seeming a little nervous.

“Miss Qingcheng, my condition is to allow this young brother to cultivate in the Prefecture,” said Jiang Chen.

Han Cong’s eyes went wide after hearing what Jiang Chen had just said. His eyes were full of excitement. To cultivate in the Prefecture of Yan City? It was something that he wouldn’t even dare to dream of. One should know that this was the best environment for cultivation across the entire city. If he could really cultivate here, his future would certainly be bright, many times brighter compared to staying in Han village.

“No problem. He must be very talented to be recommended by Young Master Jiang. With him staying in our Prefecture, I’m sure he will become one of the Prefecture’s pillars in the future.”

It was out of her expectation that his condition was only this, thus she agreed without even a moment of consideration. Also, her impression of Jiang Chen improved once more due to his seemingly humble request.

“Ah Cong, why haven’t you thanked Big Miss yet?”

Han Changling added hastily, glaring from behind.

“Thank you Big Miss.”

Han Cong hurriedly expressed his thanks. He, too, was feeling incomparably delighted. He had never expected that he would get pa.s.s this obstacle so quickly. To him, it was already a success to have a chance to cultivate in Yan City.

“Steward Wu, treat the Han villagers well and apologize for your mistakes. From now on, all people from Han village will be treated as our guests and are allowed to come and leave Yan City at any time.” Yan Qingcheng ordered.

After hearing this, the Han villagers were at a loss for words once again. They felt that these good things were coming to them so unexpectedly, just like a dream. It was totally impossible for them to become the guests of the Prefecture. They knew that they had found a great backer and from today onwards, no other villages would dare to offend them anymore.

“Yes, Big Miss.”

Steward Wu didn’t dare to be neglectful. He was fortunate that she didn’t hold them responsible for creating such a huge trouble, offending a high grade alchemist would certainly cost them a lot.

With his pale face, Huang Liu walked shakily towards Steward Wu whilst being glared at. He knew pretty well that he was the cause of all these events.

Steward Wu dragged Huang Liu near Jiang Chen and said, “Young Master Jiang, we apologize for failing to recognize Mount Tai with our eyes. We hope that young master can forgive us.”

Anyone would know that discretion was the better part of valor. So, it wasn’t a disgrace to lower one’s head to someone greater. They knew very well that the gap between them and Jiang Chen was too wide. In order to continue surviving in the Prefecture, they must make sure that the grudges between them and Jiang Chen was resolved.

Jiang Chen ignored Steward Wu and turned to Huang Liu. “Don’t go too far next time ya! The lives of these villagers aren’t easy.”

“Y-yes. W-w-will definitely remember young master’s teaching next time.”

Huang Liu bowed to Jiang Chen several times. He knew that the reason for him being a steward in the Prefecture was all because of his cousin and not for his talents or skills. So now, he wouldn’t even dare show the slightest bit of disrespect to Jiang Chen.

After a while, the group entered the Prefecture. Under the arrangement of Yan Qingcheng, an exquisite courtyard was given to Jiang Chen as his place to live. Across the entire Yan City, Jiang Chen was the first late Human Immortal expert who got to live in such a building.

Steward Wu and Huang Liu brought the Han villagers to another place. This time, they had to treat them well. If it was before, they wouldn’t even look at them, but now everything had changed. Given the villagers’ relations.h.i.+p with Jiang Chen, they wouldn’t dare be negligent to them.

In the courtyard was Yan Qingcheng and Jiang Chen.

“I wonder if Young Master is satisfied with this place,” asked Yan Qingcheng.

“En, your very thoughtful Big Miss.”

Jiang Chen was a man who could differentiate good and evil. Though she was doing her best to treat him well, it was mainly because of his extraordinary alchemy skill. Nevertheless, he was very satisfied with her hospitality and manners.

“Every time our Prefecture accepts a new foreign elder who is also an alchemist, my father would always come to welcome the person. But my father is in seclusion for the time being, treating the injuries he suffered from the cold poison after a recent battle with a beast. I hope Young Master won’t mind this,” said Yan Qingcheng.

“I may have ways to deal with the cold poison,” said Jiang Chen.

It was very humble of him to say that he might have ways to treat it, because he was literally immune to poison. Not even the lethal poison of the Poisonous Nether Frog could hurt him, let alone a simple cold poison. He could also refine the Yin energy in the poison using his water essence. In the Heavens and Earth, there was nothing colder than his Pure Water.

“Is that so?”

Yan Qingcheng’s eyes lit up by Jiang Chen words. As a matter of fact, the injuries caused by the cold poison was so serious. Otherwise, the City Lord, a Heaven Immortal expert, wouldn’t have to stay in seclusion for so long. It would be great if Jiang Chen could solve this problem.

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