Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1061 – Minding Other People’s Business

Chapter 1061 – Minding Other People’s Business

Minding Other People’s Business

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The Soul Imprint was extremely difficult to refine but that didn’t concern Jiang Chen. With the Immortal Mark in his body, he was certain that the killer wouldn’t detect him. Besides, his dragon transformation skill had gotten unimaginably stronger. It might be able to refine anything, including Soul Imprints in the Heavens and Earth. So, he had been circulating the dragon transformation skill to try and refine it from time to time, believing that it would be completely absorbed in no time.

It was midday. The city was bustling with activities. There were also some who got here with their carriage, dressed up almost the same way as the Han villagers; they had also come here to exchange for Immortal Meta Stones. In this age, the existence of villages like Han Village was beyond counting.

Ordinary people were required to pay a certain amount in order to enter Yan City. According to the regulations set by the Prefecture, everyone who entered the city must pay a low grade Immortal Meta Stone. As for those cultivators who came from remote villages, a low grade Immortal Meta Stone was simply too expensive. So, no one would come here for fun because a low grade Immortal Meta Stone was enough to fuel one’s cultivation.

But due to Han Changling having good rapport with the guards, they were exempted from paying those expensive low grade Immortal Meta Stones.

“Chief, you are amazing! Even the guards gave you a friendly smile.” Han Cong looked over at Han Changling in admiration.

“That’s of course, I have lost count of how many herbs our village has given to the Prefecture. This is where I earn the reputation from.”

Han Changling stroked his beard and said proudly.

Inside Yan City was even busier than it looked outside. The streets were s.p.a.cious. Although it was the first city Jiang Chen ever came to since his arrival in the Immortal World, he wasn’t interested in the city at all. His experience and knowledge was beyond what he was seeing here. Thus, he didn’t feel the need to observe around like a foreigner.

It wasn’t the first time the group had come to this city, so they didn’t look as excited as Han Cong who looked so exhilarated and full of energy. He moved closer to almost all the things that caught his attention

“Ah Cong, don’t wander around. We will head to the Prefecture first. After we’re done with the exchange, I will personally bring you around the city to have some fun,” said Han Changling.

“Alright, Chief.” Han Cong nodded.

The Prefecture was located at the central part of Yan City. With Han Changling, who was very familiar with the place, leading the way, they arrived at the gates of the Prefecture very quickly. Buildings and pavilions were erected behind the walls of the Prefecture. The huge gates looked majestic and there was a huge empty square right outside the gate. People normally wouldn’t even dare to approach the gates or hang around in this area aimlessly because it meant disrespecting the Prefecture—the n.o.blest place in Yan City.

“What a majestic place.” Han Cong’s eyes glittered, this was his first time coming here.

“Ah Cong, don’t talk nonsense.” Han Second warned.

In this place, they had to be careful with their actions and gestures to avoid offending the Prefecture and ending their only source of precious Immortal Meta Stones.

Han Cong seemed shocked, retreated to join the back of the group and shut his mouth. Han Changling strode towards the gates and cupped his fists at the guards. “Brothers, we are from Han Village, we have brought some herbs from our village.”

“En, wait here, I’ll inform the steward.”

One of the guards said in an incomparably cold tone, turned and walked into the Prefecture. It was an honor to serve as guards of the Prefecture, which was why they all looked so arrogant and cold.

After a while, a group of people walked out from the inside. The leader among them wore brocade clothes. He seemed about Han Changling’s age with a fatter head and bigger ears, but had the face of a rich man. He also had the same cultivation base as Han Changling—half-step Earth Immortal.

Behind him were four or five bodyguards. None of them was weak as even the weakest among them was mid Human Immortal.

“You are Han Changling?”

The leader looked at Han Changling with eyes full of contempt.

“That’s right. These are the herbs sent by us personally from our village – Han Village. They are first-rate herbs. However, I wonder why Steward Wu hasn’t come out yet.”

Han Changlong cupped his fists quickly, fearing that he’ll show any signs of disrespect.

“I’m Huang Liu, the cousin of Steward Wu, you can call me Steward Huang. From now on, I will be handling all the trivial matters like this one.”

Huang Liu said, shaking his head, that the meat on his fat face started to shake as well. Adding his innate sense of superiority and proud-looking face, he was a typical sc.u.mbag. It gave Jiang Chen the urge to leave a shoe print on his face.

“So you are the cousin of Steward Wu, my apologies for the disrespect. Quickly get the herbs here, guys!” said Han Changling.

The group then swiftly pulled the carriage over and pulled the yellow cloth off, revealing numerous amount of first-rate herbs on the carriage.

“Steward Huang, what do you think about these herbs?” Han Changling asked with a smile.

“En, it’s not bad.”

Huang Liu nodded, and then ordered one man behind, “Give them the Immortal Meta Stones and bring the herbs inside.”

“Yes, Steward.”

The bodyguard threw a crude storage pouch that landed right on Han Changling’s hands.

“Many thanks, Steward Huang.”

Han Changling cupped his fists, and then opened to check the storage pouch like usual, but his facial expression changed the instant he looked inside.

“Steward Huang, this isn’t right.” Han Changling said with a frown.

“What’s not right?” Steward Huang asked impatiently.

“With the similar quality and amount of herbs, we always get a hundred low grade Immortal Meta Stones, but why do we only have fifty this time?” said Han Changling.

“This is how much your things are worth. Begone.”

Huang Liu waved, gesturing Han Changling to leave.

“Steward Huang, it wasn’t easy for us to make a visit in this city. Last time, Steward Wu gave us one hundred stones, but now, we only got half of it. I won’t be able to provide a reasonable explanation for this, these herbs are the collective efforts of all the villagers.”

Han Changling was angry in his heart but didn’t dare express it on his face.

“Your personal matter is none of my business. Now that these things are handled by me, I have decided to give you fifty for this exchange.” Huang Liu replied with a cold smile.

“Steward Huang, I doubt that anyone would ever come to trade with the Prefecture after what you have done. And I think you must have taken our fifty stones to treat your guests?”

Han Cong was the first to lose his patience, given his young and vigorous energy.

“Brat, who are you? You are just a lowly folk. How dare you speak to our Steward in such a manner? Do you want me to chop off one of your legs?”

A bodyguard retorted viciously.

Han Cong wanted to spit out more words but was stopped by two other villagers. Every one of them knew that this was the Prefecture and causing a trouble here wouldn’t bring them any good. Clearly, this new Steward deducted their reward on purpose, but there was nothing they could do besides suppressing their anger and grievances, after all, they couldn’t afford to offend the Prefecture.

“He’s a lowly person? What about you? A Pekinese?”

Suddenly, a flat voice sounded from someone, stunning everyone, including the Han villagers. Every one of them s.h.i.+fted their attention to Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen was a man who would never forget people’s kindness. So how could he watch the Han villagers being bullied by someone else and do nothing about it? He knew that the villagers had worked so hard just to collect these herbs. This big-headed guy must be a real jerk to intentionally cut half of their rewards that was so scarce and important in cultivation.

“Brat, what did you say?”

The bodyguard glared at him, having the impulse to shred Jiang Chen into millions of pieces right away.

“Don’t talk nonsense Brother Jiang. We should leave.”

Han Changling was startled. He quickly pulled Jiang Chen away from the confrontation. Everyone knew that this was the Prefecture; the last thing they would do was to offend them, unless they want to destroy their only source of Immortal Meta Stones.

“Chief, there are some animals who don’t know when to stop. If you turn a blind eye this time, you will certainly face the same thing next time you come. Although Han Village isn’t a strong force, it has its own dignity,” said Jiang Chen.

There were some things in this world which he could ignore, but there were some which he must interfere. Besides, the matter right now was no longer insignificant. They didn’t dare act because of fear, but he, Jiang Chen, feared no one, even in this world.

“Brat, who’s the animal that you are referring to.”

Huang Liu, who just turned and left, returned to the gate with an angry face. To him, it seemed like someone was starting a rebellion here. He had never been insulted in Yan City before.

“Can’t you understand what I’m trying to say? You must have a severe brain problem.” Jiang Chen blurted out straightforwardly.

Facing a disgusting person, he would surely not be polite.

“Courting death!”

A mid Human Immortal guard strode near to Jiang Chen and raised his palm, intending to slap him.


A clear sound of a slap was heard. To everyone’s surprise, the one was slapped wasn’t Jiang Chen, but instead, it’s the guard who attempted to slap. Despite their distance, Han Changling didn’t even see when did Jiang Chen struck. The guard was sent to the ground with just a slap.

“People like you dares to attack me? Get lost!”

With a kick, the guard was sent 10 meters away from the scene, causing him to wail in pain; half of his face swelled up like a swine.

“Big brother Jiang is awesome!”

Han Cong’s eyes lit up immediately. Not just him, but also the other Han villagers were in disbelief. This was the first time that they witnessed Jiang Chen’s power which was entirely different compared to his ability to absorb lethal poison from the Poisonous Nether Toad as that was just some kind of unique technique. Seeing his ability to send a mid Human Immortal flying with just a casual strike literally impressed every one of them.

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