Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1062 – The Maw of a Lion

Chapter 1062 – The Maw of a Lion

The Maw of a Lion

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Some were shocked and many were in fear, especially the Han villagers. No matter how powerful Jiang Chen was, this was the Prefecture of the city where countless Earth Immortals and some Heaven Immortals lived. So, making trouble here was equivalent to digging one’s own grave.

Now that he had beaten the guard, it was impossible to let this matter go. Han Village would certainly have a hard time after offending the Prefecture.

*Hua La!*

Just after Jiang Chen kicked the mid Human Immortal away, the rest of the bodyguards and guards besieged him. Each of their faces were filled with anger and disbelief as they looked at Jiang Chen. In their eyes, Jiang Chen was just some super audacious grunt who dared to attack their people in front of the Prefecture. It was the first time that such an incident happened in Yan City.

“Brother Jiang.”

Han Changling panicked. He never thought that this young ascendant would be so rash. He knew that Huang Liu wasn’t a person to be trifled with, but now that Jiang Chen had attacked their man, they surely wouldn’t let this matter slip.

“Chief, stand on the side. I will seek justice for all of you today. Your carriage of herbs isn’t just worth a hundred low grade Immortal Meta Stones.”

Jiang Chen’s face was cold. He gestured Han Changling to stop saying anymore words, he already had an idea how to solve this matter.

“What an arrogant young man! I guess you have eaten the gallbladder of a bear and leopard for you to be so audacious! What’s your name?”

Huang Liu raged and glowered at Jiang Chen.

“Jiang Chen.”

Jiang Chen announced his name, then he continued in a composed tone, “Ask your superior to come out.”

“Haha! Good, good! I have finally met an unruly man. I have no idea what gave this much courage bu what you did today will cost you your life. Kill him!”

Huang Liu laughed sarcastically, then ordered while gritting his teeth.

*Hong Long…*

As soon as Huang Liu’s words trailed off, all of the guards’ powerful Qi erupted. In addition to the mid Human Immortal guards, there were also late Human Immortal guards. Although they weren’t the higher ups in Prefecture, it was their first time seeing someone as audacious as Jiang Chen. They must let this man know the unbearable consequences of hitting the people of the Prefecture.

*Bang…* *Bang…* *Bang…*

A shocking scene appeared once more. It happened right after the guards lunged forward at Jiang Chen. Each and every one of them was thrown away by a powerful force as they let out an agonizing cry before they landed on the ground 30 meters away. None of them were able to get up, including those late Human Immortal guards.

When the onlookers looked back at Jiang Chen, he was still standing on the same spot, as if he was not the one who sent those guards away. He had gotten rid of all the elite guards in such an easy way.


This time, it wasn’t just the Han villagers. Even Huang Liu couldn’t help but exclaim, changing his view on Jiang Chen entirely. He tried to examine Jiang Chen again but found nothing extraordinary.

“So powerful. He’s just an ascendant who recently arrived in our world. How could he be this powerful? Not even those late Human Immortal experts were his match. He is really powerful.”

Han Changling felt the need to reexamine Jiang Chen once more. Any ascendant who arrived in their world would generally be early Human Immortal, and no matter how powerful an early Human Immortal could be, he or she wouldn’t be a match with a late Human Immortal expert. So, they were totally shocked by Jiang Chen’s power.

“Chief, it seems like we have underestimated him,” said Han Second in a low voice.

“Jiang Chen, though you are very strong, you won’t be able to leave this city today, I’m going to kill you myself.”

Huang Liu charged, unleas.h.i.+ng all of the Qi of a half-step Earth Immortal. Judging from his Qi, it was a lot more powerful than Han Changling. He had already reached the peak of the half-step Earth Immortal, and was only a step away from the true and scary early Earth Immortal realm.

But it was a pity that his opponent was Jiang Chen, he had no advantages at all. He would surely end up lying on the ground, just like the other guards.


Right at the same moment when Huang Liu moved, Jiang Chen acted. His speed was more than a hundred times faster than Huang Liu. Huang had lost his chance to react the moment he attacked because that was when Jiang Chen’s palm landed on his face.

“If you move again, I will kill you.”

Jiang Chen’s tone turned incomparably cold, so cold that it penetrated Huang Liu’s bone.

The side of his face was now trickling with cold sweat. When he saw Jiang Chen’s eyes, he was sure that those pair of cold eyes had the intention to kill. He had no doubt that Jiang Chen would immediately kill him the moment he moved. He had lost all the sense of security despite being in the Prefecture.

What terrified him the most was that he felt a coldness that came from his innermost soul despite him being a half-step Earth Immortal while being controlled by this young opponent. He was totally powerless to counter attack.

Jiang Chen’s Qi was full of power and suppression, it was like a huge mountain, pressing against him so hard that he couldn’t breathe properly.

“Y-y-you dare to kill me? This is the Prefecture. You should know what the consequences are if you kill me here!”

Huang Liu’s tone was shaky, but he sounded confident again when he mentioned the ‘Prefecture’.

“You should be glad that this is the Prefecture. Or else, you’d be long dead. You better not challenge my dignity, because if I want you dead now, you will be dead in a second,” said Jiang Chen coldly.

“Listen, bring the superior here who can negotiate with me.”

Then, with a kick on his belly, Huang Liu flew into the Prefecture along with a wail of pain.

“Jiang Chen, you bold son of a b*tch! Wait for me!”

Huang Liu threatened then went crawling away.

“It’s finished. We are all finished.”

Han Changling was dumbfounded. He hadn’t imagined that Jiang Chen would be so powerful that not even a half-step Earth Immortal was his opponent. Although he didn’t know how strong Jiang Chen really was, he was certain that the Prefecture was a place that shouldn’t be provoked no matter how powerful Jiang Chen was.

Jiang Chen was wearing a white robe. He stood right outside the gate of the Prefecture. The corner of his mouth curled slightly upwards, showing a trace of faint smirk and extraordinary confidence.

It wasn’t long before another group of people rushed out from the inside of the Prefecture. Every one of them had powerful Qi. The first in the group was a man who looked about fifty-year-old, with a st.u.r.dy body instead of a plump one. He also had an extraordinary demeanor. A hint of ruthlessness was exuded from his eyes that told everyone that he wasn’t a person to be trifled with. What was even scarier was his cultivation base—early Earth Immortal realm, a true Earth Immortal expert.

Though the gap between a half-step Earth Immortal and early Earth Immortal might sound just a step away, the actual difference was day and night. Anyone who was a half-step Earth Immortal was merely approaching the Earth Immortal realm, they weren’t really Earth Immortal experts yet.

Next to him was Huang Liu, whose one hand was covering the part of his stomach that was kicked by Jiang Chen, and his other finger was pointing at Jiang Chen. “Cousin, this is the man. He is Jiang Chen, the frenzied b.a.s.t.a.r.d. We were all beaten by him.”

The st.u.r.dy man was no doubt the Steward Wu mentioned by Han Changling. whether it was in Saint Origin World or in the Immortal World, both regarded strength as the lord. Because Steward Wu’s cultivation base was higher than Huang Liu, his position in the Prefecture would naturally be higher.

When Steward Wu saw the guards who were still wailing in pain on the ground, his face was flushed with anger. His eyes then s.h.i.+fted to Jiang Chen like a blade. “What a frenziedly audacious young man! How dare you come here and beat my people? Who has given you such audacity?”

“Please calm down, Steward Wu, Brother Jiang had no choice but to step in.”

Han Changling hurriedly went forward to greet Steward Wu with a deep salute. Steward Wu and him went back a long way. Steward Wu was the one who accepted his carriage of herbs every time they came before this.

“Han Changling, how dare you and your people come here and cause trouble? I think you all are burning the only bridge to obtain your precious stones,” said Steward Wu in disdain.

“Please calm down, Steward Wu, last time, you rewarded us with 100 Immortal Meta Stones whenever we deliver the herbs, but this time, Steward Huang has deducted our reward by half, giving us only fifty Immortal Meta Stones. And this prompted Brother Jiang to attack your people.” Han Changling explained hastily.

“Humph! Put aside the matter of Immortal Meta Stones, we are talking about this Jiang Chen hurting my men now.”

Steward Wu let out a cold humph and s.h.i.+fted his attention to Jiang Chen. “Brat, you’ve made an unforgivable mistake today. I want you to kowtow before my cousin and apologize now, and I might be merciful enough to give you a complete corpse when you die.”

“Haha! With just your strength? This is ridiculous. Huang Liu, I’ve asked you to find someone who was capable enough to talk to me, but instead, you found this old man. I don’t mind telling you this, this carriage of herbs is worth at least 100,000 low grade Immortal Meta Stones. If you don’t have that amount, you better not come out and shame yourself.”

Jiang Chen let out a loud laugh. There were many enemies who threatened Jiang Chen to kowtow, but all of them faced a miserable end.


As soon as this number got out of Jiang Chen’s mouth, Steward Wu and Huang Liu’s eyes went wide. They even turned to take a second look at those herbs on the carriage. All of the villagers were stunned. Because it wasn’t their first time coming here, they naturally knew the value their herbs were worth. Jumping from a hundred low grade Immortal Metal Stones to a hundred thousand was outrageous. They had no idea what Jiang Chen was really thinking.

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