Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1060 – Yan City

Chapter 1060 – Yan City

Yan City

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The ascendants were regarded as a group of special existence in the Immortal World. Even though there were a lot of them, they were still considered a very tiny group, like a grain of corn in the wide sea of the super huge Immortal World, but every one of them were respected by the locals.

“Why are you all looking at me like that? Is there a problem with ascendants?” asked Jiang Chen curiously.

“It seems like Brother Jiang doesn’t know that ascendants have a very significant status in the Immortal World. For a young ascendant like you, you should be able to get a good position in a major power or prefecture. You can also gain lots of cultivation resources from them,” said Han Changling.

“Why’s that?” asked Jiang Chen, confused.

“We all know that the cultivation resources in the Mortal World are scarce, so anyone who ascends to our world possesses great perseverance and talent. Individuals like you will be respected wherever you go. The fact that you ascended to our world at such a young age proves that you are a first-cla.s.s genius in the Mortal World. If you follow us to Yan City and announce your ident.i.ty, the majors power in the city will immediately recruit you,” replied Han Changling.

“I see.”

Jiang Chen suddenly realized that the path in the Immortal World wasn’t as difficult as he thought. It seemed like the ascendants were a whole lot better than many of the locals, however, he could never let anyone other than this group know about his true ident.i.ty.

“Chief and brothers, you must all promise Jiang Chen one thing. Never tell anyone that I’m an ascendant. From now on, none of you should never mention it. I don’t want anyone besides the few of you to know who I am.”

Jiang Chen’s tone changed all of a sudden. If he hadn’t been attacked by the light ray, he would probably make good use of his ident.i.ty. But now, he could say nothing about it to the public, as someone in this world was trying to put him to death. Also, because he had yet to refine the Soul Imprint in his body, the one who wanted to kill him would be able to identify him easily at the moment. So, the privileges he might get from his ident.i.ty would also bring harm to him.

“Brother Jiang, may I ask why? It’d be a waste if you won’t make good use of it.” Han Cong looked at Jiang Chen in a dubious way.

“That’s right, Brother Jiang, this is a good deal.” The others added.

“This is a personal secret. I hope that you guys can keep it a secret.”

Jiang Chen’s tone became indisputable.

“Very well, Brother Jiang. We will never reveal your ident.i.ty to others. You’ve saved my life from that Poisonous Nether Toad—a great kindness to which not only me but all my brothers in Han Village owe to you. It’s only right that we do you a favor in return.” Han Changling patted his chest and said.

He knew better than anyone how dangerous it was to encounter the Poisonous Nether Toad. If it wasn’t for Jiang Chen saving his life, it wasn’t hard to imagine what would happen in Han Village. If he really died, he was afraid that his village would be attacked by the surrounding villages.

“Chief, to be frank, I don’t know anything about your world. I’d be glad if you could continue guiding me,” requested Jiang Chen.

As his recovery was almost complete, he could talk and heal at the same time.

“Brother Jiang, let me tell you something about our world. I once saw a rough map of the Immortal World. The size of our world was too huge for one to imagine. I’m afraid that I will never have the chance to go around the entire Immortal World in my lifetime.” Han Cong sighed.

“Ah Cong, don’t try to reach for something that is beyond your grasp. Don’t talk about the whole world. You’re already good if you can build a good reputation here in One-Line-Sky.” Han Second mocked.

“Don’t be ridiculously. Quickly tell Brother Jiang more about our world. But Brother Jiang, we are basically just telling you what we saw on the map,” said Han Changling.

“Brother Jiang, the boundless Immortal World is divided into nine great immortal domains, namely: the Exquisite Immortal Domain, Mi Luo Immortal Domain, Fengchi Immortal Domain, Yellow Spring Immortal Domain, Ethereal Immortal Domain, Everlasting Immortal Domain, Radiance Immortal Domain, Measureless Immortal Domain and Fulfillment Immortal Domain. Each and every one of these domains runs independently. The domain we are in right now is the Ethereal Domain. It is a very huge place, we don’t even know how huge it is.”

Han Cong explained about the Nine Great Immortal Domains that he saw from the map. To him, and the rest of them who lived in the deep mountains, it was extremely difficult to travel. So, for them, traveling from one domain to another was only a wishful thinking.

“The Immortal World sure is huge. Saint Origin World isn’t comparable to it at all. By the way, what about the One-Line-Sky that you all mentioned?” Jiang Chen continued asking.

“Brother Jiang, we are in One-Line-Sky. It is the most remote part of the Ethereal Immortal Domain, with a few dozen billions of miles and rolling mountains that you can only see a line outlined by the tops of the mountains in front of the sky in every direction. This is why they named it One-Line-Sky. In this region, there are hundreds and thousands of sects and clans. Our Han Village is merely a remote village in this region, it is not worth mentioning at all. For so long that I have lived, Yan City is the biggest place I have ever been to. In One-Line-Sky, Yan City is just a small city and there are innumerable of them. I don’t think that I will have a chance to venture into other places, but it is not the same for Ah Cong. He is a gifted and talented young man. If he is accepted by some cultivation sect in One-Line-Sky, it will be regarded as the greatest honor of Han Village,” said Han Changling with a smile.

Jiang Chen gaped as he listened to Han Changling’s introduction. Now it seemed like the scale of the Immortal World was beyond his imagination. A mere One-Line-Sky was already a few dozen billions of miles in size. It was almost as large as Saint Origin World. If cultivators like Human Immortals and Earth Immortals who couldn’t fly travelled, he was afraid that they couldn’t even walk out of One-Line-Sky in their lifetime, let alone getting to the center of Ethereal Immortal Domain.

Plus, no one knew how many regions like One-Line-Sky there were across the whole Ethereal Immortal Domain, one of the Nine Great Immortal Domains. It was terrifying.

But it had ignited Jiang Chen’s spirit. If he couldn’t leave anything in such a gigantically large place, all of his efforts in coming here would be in vain.

In the subsequent moments, the others started to add in what they knew, telling him mostly about the general situation of the Immortal World. But whatever they said were just from the records; not their personal experience. Since there’s no one among them who had left One-Line-Sky before, they were already considered pretty good to know this much of stuff.

However, they were clear about the things in Yan City. One of the things they normally did was hunting, which was also their living. It was common knowledge that Immortal Meta Stones were vitally important to Human Immortal cultivators. So, even low grade Immortal Meta Stones were regarded as an incomparably precious item. There were also many other villages which treated Yan City as a place to exchange Immortal Meta Stones. They would bring herbs, raw materials used to craft Immortal Weapons, and different levels of demon souls for exchange.

In this generation, Yan City wasn’t regarded as a small city anymore. In addition to the Prefecture of the city, there were also other powers. Those villages who came in frequently would have their own traders. For instance, Han Village would always trade with the Prefecture. When trading, the Prefecture would have an appraiser weighing the value of the items they brought.

Two days later, they finally arrived in Yan City after crossing mountains and rivers. In fact, it wasn’t very far from the place where Jiang Chen was saved. If it were in Saint Origin World, he could travel to the city instantly. It was a pity that the Laws of this world was extraordinarily horrifying. Its spatial structures were unusually strong, causing Human Immortals to solely depend on their legs to travel.

Looking at the city from a distance, it looked magnificent. The few hundreds of miles large city had walls built with rocks. Judging from the scale of this city, it was like most of the common cities in Saint Origin World, relatively similar to Red City, however, there was an invisible trail of n.o.ble aura emitted from the city, which was incomparable to any of the cities back in Saint Origin World.

“Haha! Yan City sure is a big place. I’m going to have a good time here this time.”

Han Cong was incomparably delighted. He sprinted towards the entrance of the city.

Seeing this, a hint of a smile appeared at the corner of Jiang Chen’s mouth. Han Cong was an inexperienced youth who came to Yan City for the first time, he also had a kind heart, which would make him vulnerable to deception.

“We have arrived in Yan City. Brother Jiang, why not take a stroll in the city since you aren’t sure of where to go yet?” said Han Changling.


Jiang Chen nodded. Currently, he had already recovered his peak strength—late Human Immortal realm—and walking was not a problem anymore. With his present strength, he could easily kill any half-step Earth Immortals and early Earth Immortals. He could even fight a mid-Earth Immortal expert. And all of these could be done without using his dragon form.

His next step was to find ways to refine the Soul Imprint. The man trying to get rid of him man would certainly spare no efforts in finding him. This was why he warned the Han villagers not to reveal his ident.i.ty as an ascendant. He wouldn’t need to doubt what these overlords would do after they found out about him.

Although the Immortal Mark could conceal the Qi of the Soul Imprint, the imprint still existed inside his body. He wouldn’t be able to sleep well if he couldn’t get rid of it as quickly as possible.

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