Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1059 – The Ascendant

Chapter 1059 – The Ascendant

The Ascendant

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At this moment, every one of them felt extremely nervous, particularly Han Cong whose face had grown pale. He was still a youth who had little experience about the real world, after all. Only Jiang Chen was composed. Almost every time when he encountered a problem, his face would be full of confidence.

Despite the danger of the scene, as long as the chief did as Jiang Chen said, he would be able to kill that poisonous toad easily. If the fatal poison was taken out of the equation, it would be easy for the half-step Earth Immortal chief to finish the toad using all of his might.

Ignore the poison and hit its weak spot.

The chief heard Jiang Chen’s voice in his mind. While facing a rain of poisonous arrows, it was impossible for one to feel unafraid about it, but the chief had no other ways besides gritting his teeth and do what Jiang Chen told him to do. For some reason, he felt an inexplicable confidence in that mysterious young man on the carriage.

“Successive Rainstorm!” The chief bellowed.

The sword in his hand shook. Countless sword light radiated out from the sword, forming a huge sword web that were launched like a rainstorm, colliding with all the oncoming poisonous arrows.


There was poisonous liquid everywhere, making it almost impossible to deflect them all even with the dense Successive Rainstorm. Countless of poisonous fluid had landed on the chief’s body and instantly permeated through his skin.


The chief sucked in a deep breath. The poison of the Poisonous Nether Toad was claimed to be extremely toxic. He could feel that the poison was eroding his body rapidly. Fortunately, he was still able to prevent the poison from attacking his vital organs with his half-step Earth Immortal Qi, but it was fundamentally impossible to get these poison out of his body. To put it bluntly, if Jiang Chen wasn’t telling the truth, he would be dead for sure.

But he couldn’t care that much anymore. While withstanding the corrosive poison in his body, he had to attack. He then made his most powerful attack; his speed was doubled and his sword moved like a venomous snake, reaching below the jaw of the Poisonous Nether Toad in a blink.


The Poisonous Nether Toad felt great danger. It hadn’t thought that this man would be so fierce and fearless. The advantage it had was the lethal poison that would make anyone who saw it move far away. Even in the battle, the opponents would try their best not to get close to it. Below its jaw was the weak spot protected by lots of poisonous fluid. Though it was its vital spot, it had never been its concern.

Unexpectedly today, it had encountered a person who didn’t fear death and its poison. What was more frightening than that was this person had accurately found the weak spot under its jaw.

It started to realize the danger, but it was too late. It was impossible to dodge the sword attack of the chief in this split second, as the toad wasn’t as strong as the chief.

*Pu Chi!*

It happened as what Jiang Chen predicted. The tip of the sword penetrated through the jawline of the poisonous beast. Innumerable blood poured out from the hole and onto the chief’s face.



The chief and the Poisonous Nether Toad wailed at the same time. The toad’s lower jaw was fragile. Once broken, all of its origin was destroyed. In other words, this sword had taken the life of the poisonous beast.

The chief, on the other hand, was suffering from severe poisoning. If he wasn’t saved by an expert now, he would die in minutes.


Han Cong roared while the others’ eyes turned bloodshot. The chief had always been a high and respected figure in their hearts. He represented the hope of Han Village and the strongest expert in their village. If he died, it would deal a huge blow to the village.

“Come over here quickly!” Jiang Chen yelled in alarm.

The chief wouldn’t dare ignore him given his critical state. While enduring the excruciating pain of the lethal poison, he raced towards Jiang Chen using his fastest speed. Now, the rest of them were looking at the both of them worriedly, but was also full of antic.i.p.ation. It seemed as if Jiang Chen wasn’t bragging and had ways to treat their chief.


Jiang Chen placed his palms behind the chief’s back and started circulating the dragon transformation skill. Then, all the poison in the chief’s body flowed into Jiang Chen’s body through his palms, as if they were being summoned. In just a few blinks, all the poison had been sucked away by Jiang Chen.

The chief’s face was full of shock to see such an unimaginable scene. Without experiencing this personally, he wouldn’t believe that there was such a strange thing in the Heavens and Earth. One should know that the poison belonged to the Poisonous Nether Toad. How could anyone suck away all the lethal poison so easily? He could also feel that Jiang Chen didn’t just extract the poison out with some kind of skill but absorbed the poison directly.

“Don’t move, you have been injured by the poison. I will help you heal them,” said Jiang Chen and channeled the wood essence into the chief’s body.

Then, his body trembled and the shock on his face intensified. The wisp of wood essence gave him a comfortable and vigorous feeling that could bring even a dead wood to life. In just one minute, he could feel that all of his wounds had healed. Not just that, he had gotten some benefits due to the effect of the wood essence. His cultivation even improved a little, leaving him only a step away from the true Earth Immortal realm.

“It’s done.”

Jiang Chen removed his hands from the chief’s back. The poison that he absorbed was harmless to him and became his nourishment.

The chief stood up, looking high-spirited, far away from death or injured. Whereas the Poisonous Nether Toad ahead was already long dead. No Qi could be sensed from it, but the lethal poison was still in its huge body, making no one unable to go near it.

“Chief, are you alright?”

The villagers surrounded him and studied him thoroughly. They heard it when their chief screamed in agony and had seen the poison rained down on him. They had a hard time believing that their chief was as good as new after a short treatment from Jiang Chen.

“Haha! I’m fine, very fine indeed!”

The Chief laughed happily. He turned to look at Jiang Chen with a dignified eye expression, cupped his fists and deeply saluted. “Never thought that Brother Jiang Chen is a man who keeps one’s own counsel. You are really very capable and also an extraordinary expert. Even the Poisonous Nether Toad could easily be handled by you. If Brother Jiang Chen wasn’t here today, I’m afraid we would be in real danger.”

“There’s no need to be overly-courteous, Chief. You all have saved me and I naturally can’t watch you all die.”

Jiang Chen smiled. Knowing that this group of villagers were kind-hearted people, he wouldn’t allow the Poisonous Nether Toad to kill them.

“Brother Jiang Chen is omnipotent, instantly finding the weak spot of the rarely seen Poisonous Nether Toad with just a glance.”

“Not only that, Brother Jiang is immune to the toad’s poison. For a miraculous human being like him, I wouldn’t believe it even if I was threatened to death.”

“Brother Jiang, I, Han Second, apologize for the offensive words that I have spoken. I hope that Brother Jiang will forgive me for being so outspoken. If it wasn’t for you today, Han Village would have been hit hard by casualties.”


After the battle, the villagers completely changed how they viewed Jiang Chen. Those who had spoken disparagingly about Jiang Chen promptly apologized to him. Of all the experiences they had gained from the outside world, they were able to discern the peculiarities about this young man who radiated such composure that it did not match his age, and could remain calm in the face of extreme danger. They had no doubt that such a man was no ordinary person.

“See, like I said, it was right to save lives. Good people with good deeds will be blessed and rewarded.”

Han Cong had a joyful look on his face. “Big brother Jiang, I can see that you are only a few years older than me. So from now on, I will call you big brother. I didn’t think that you are so powerful.”


Then, all of them burst into laughter that filled the area. It had pulled Jiang Chen closer to the rest of them. They no longer regarded him as an outsider, but a friend.

They continued on their journey. As for the corpse of the Poisonous Nether Toad, they just leave it there. No one except those Poison Cultivators would ever get close to it. Although Jiang Chen was able to refine its demon soul, he wasn’t interested in refining the demon soul of a late Human Immortal beast.

“Brother Jiang Chen, I’m Han Changling, the chief of Han Village. May I know where did Brother Jiang Chen came from? And why did Brother Jiang Chen came to this remote place named One-Line-Sky?” said Han Changling.

“One-Line-Sky? To be frank, I don’t know what this place is and where I was. I hope Chief can tell me more about that,” replied Jiang Chen.

“Are you sure, big brother Jiang? You don’t even know One-Line-Sky? You aren’t an ascendant, are you?”

Han Cong looked over at Jiang Chen in surprise. The rest of them did the same. How could Jiang Chen not know where One-Line-Sky was?

“Ah Cong is right about that. I’m indeed an ascendant. I have just ascended from the Mortal World and had suffered some injuries even before I arrived here. So, I’m a blockhead when it comes to anything about the Immortal World.” Jiang Chen spoke truthfully.

He could tell from Ah Cong’s tone that ascendants weren’t strange in the Immortal World. So there was no need for him to hide it. These people wouldn’t hurt or harm him.

“I thought so.”

Han Changling nodded. The way they looked at Jiang Chen was filled with a hint of respect. They were born and raised in the Immortal World, so they knew about the ascendants. In their point of view, every one of them who succeeded in ascending to their world was respectable people, with strong willpower and extraordinary abilities.

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