Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1058 – Seeing the Poisonous Toad Again

Chapter 1058 – Seeing the Poisonous Toad Again

Seeing the Poisonous Toad Again

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“Hehe! It’s rare to have someone as righteous as Ah Cong.”

The chief chuckled and looked at Han Cong in a more indulging way. It was a blessing for the village to have such a righteous young man.

Jiang Chen, who was still lying on the carriage, revealed a hint of a smile on the corner of his mouth. He thought that these people should be villagers of some small village and found him in a remote land far away from their village. These people were unpretentious and modest, which was totally different from what he imagined. In addition, the youth’s kindness had warmed his heart since his arrival in the Immortal World. However, someone like this youth would most likely be deceived by other people.

In the following two days, this group of villagers kept walking without stopping while Jiang Chen put all of his concentration in recovering. What he heard the most along the journey was the discussion about the exchanging of herbs for Immortal Meta Stones.

Despite his lack of knowledge and experience about the Immortal World, he was still able to grasp the idea that Immortal Meta Stone was somewhat similar to the Saint Rank Restoration Pill in Saint Origin World and was essential in cultivation, however, the former was incomparably precious and difficult to obtain. In order to get those stones, these remote villagers needed to travel all the way to Yan City just to exchange for it, using their herbs and any valuable materials used in the furnace.

I still don’t have any Immortal Meta Stone right now. I will need to get some of those stones after I’m fully healed.

The Immortal Meta Stones’ function was the same as Saint Rank Restoration Pill. From the advancement scripture he saw in his recent advancements, it stated that every breakthrough would require 50,000 dragon marks, which also meant that the energy consumption would be incomparably tremendous.

The ma.s.sive amount of True Meta Stones he got in Void Triangular Domain had already been consumed before he broke through to the late Human Immortal realm. So currently, he was left with nothing and had to start collecting things again.

In other words, he needed to start all over again in this new world.

Within these two days, he was still acting like a mute. His recovery had reached the mid-Human Immortal, but due to him having suffered serious injuries all over his body, he would still be unable to fight before he fully recovered. Though he could move his muscles now, he still kept lying down like a crippled person. During these past two days, except for Han Cong coming to ask him about his condition, no one else cared about him. Perhaps Jiang Chen was just a nuisance in their eyes. None of them was willing to take care of a nuisance, let alone talking to a mute nuisance.

However, these things didn’t concern Jiang Chen at all because he would be able to completely recover in another two days’ time. Additionally, he was going to reward all of these people who brought him along with them.

Suddenly, he felt a sense of danger at the bottom of his heart while the others were still laughing and joking around, totally clueless of what would happen. He had already lived one life before and had an incomparably sharp perceptive technique. As such, he could instinctively be alerted when there was danger.

“Stop.” Jiang Chen suddenly sat up and said in a deep voice, startling them.

Han Cong and the rest were looking at Jiang Chen with their astonished eyes. For two days, they all thought that he was really a mute.

“You…aren’t you a mute?” Han Cong widened his eyes.

“Brat, who are you? Why are you pretending to be a mute?”

Someone asked coldly, immediately turning hostile, which was a rational move after learning that the seriously injured mute suddenly sat up and spoke. And his vigorous eyes made them doubt that he was acting as a spy.

“I’m Jiang Chen. No doubt, I was seriously injured before and has been treating my injuries within these past two days. I am very grateful for your help, but hear me out, danger is just ahead of us. We have to be ready for it.” Jiang Chen cupped his fists and said.

Speaking of danger, it made the chief, who was a half-step Earth Immortal, frown. He then looked around but sensed no dangerous Qi in the distance.

“Brat, are you lying to us? If there’s any danger, wouldn’t Chief sense it first? Say who are you really!” Another villager was becoming even more hostile.


However, as soon as his words faded, a deep noise was heard all of a sudden. The land began to tremble and the Qi of danger was aroused in everyone’s heart. They were a group of tough villagers that had been through life and death ordeals, so they instantly sensed what was wrong.

They were now certain that danger was just around them.

The way they looked at Jiang Chen changed slightly, their hostility decreased a little and was replaced by respect. They now realized that this young man wasn’t as simple as they thought because not even their chief, a half-step Earth Immortal, sensed the danger before him.

“It could be a demon beast, be careful everyone!”

The chief fluctuated his Qi, releasing the Qi of a half-step Earth Immortal.


A harsh croak was heard and the revolting smell that brought by the chilly wind made them feel like puking.


In the next moment, a huge figure leaped down from the first summit, blocking the path in front of them. It was a giant poisonous toad with a body covered with green pustules, a pair of glossy green eyes, like the eyes of the Netherworld. Anyone who looked at it directly would s.h.i.+ver in fear and feel their soul freezing.

Its eyes were locked onto them. The poisonous Qi that was drifting around its body was a lethal poison of Heaven and Earth.

“Poisonous Nether Toad!” yelled the chief.

Having seen many extraordinary things, he was able to identify the beast by a glance. Not only his tone changed, but also the expression of all the other villagers. They now looked like they were in despair.

“What the h.e.l.l? It is a late Human Immortal Poisonous Nether Toad! Why are we so unlucky? We are all finished now.”

“Human Immortal demon beasts are normally weak and Chief alone can handle any kind of them, but this poisonous beast has fatal poison all over its body. Even Chief can’t kill this toad without dying from the lethal poison.”

“What shall we do now? The Poisonous Nether Toad is a very ferocious beast and it won’t stop hunting us down until we die.”


Everyone felt desperate, even the expression of the chief darkened so much.

“Listen, I’ll stop this poisonous monster and you will all retreat immediately. You all must remember to protect Ah Cong no matter what.”

The chief gritted his teeth. At this critical juncture, he had to give up himself to save the others.

“Chief, let’s fight this poisonous toad together.”

Someone’s eyes had already turned red, obviously not afraid of death.

“You b.a.s.t.a.r.d! With your cultivation base, you can’t even get near to the toad. How can you fight it? Listen to me, retreat now!” said the Chief in a solemn tone.

“Don’t panic everyone. This Poisonous Nether Toad isn’t as scary as you think. Follow my instructions and none of you will die.” Jiang Chen said all of a sudden.

The Poisonous Nether Toad and Nether Python had the same property – top grade poison of Heaven and Earth, but it wasn’t lethal to Jiang Chen at all, his body contained such poison.

“Brother Jiang, don’t boast in front of us. This beast is known as the king of all poisons. It is our tragedy that we have encountered one of these today.”

The chief looked over at Jiang Chen with a bitter smile.

“Stop talking nonsense. You won’t die if you listen to me, otherwise none of you will live. I have once devoured the demon soul of Nether Python, which makes me immune to any kind of poison. So this Poisonous Nether Toad is harmless to me. But because I’m still recovering, I’m unable to confront it. Chief, this toad has a weak spot right below its jaw. Given your cultivation base, you’ll be able to kill it with one hit and while you are lunging forward, ignore the poison because I can a.s.sure you that you will be safe and sound, even if you have touched the poison,” said Jiang Chen.

He had an innate majestic Qi that made people admire him unconsciously.

“Is this some kind of a joke? Aren’t you asking Chief to die? And who will believe that you have eaten the demon soul of Nether Python?”

“That’s right, Chief, don’t listen to him.”


The villagers were unwilling to believe Jiang Chen, feeling that he was just bragging and kidding with Chief’s life.

“I will only say this once, it will be too late if you don’t act now.”

Jiang Chen finished his words and closed his eyes, and stopped paying attention to the chief. He believed that the chief was a wise man and would know what to do.

“Alright, I will follow your instructions for just this time.”

The chief gritted his teeth and focused on the bottom jaw of the toad.

“Chief.” Some villager was trying to stop him.

“It’s enough. I’ll die anyway. I might as well follow his way.”

The chief yelled. A sword materialized in his hand. Although there was an Immortal Qi swirling around the sword, it was merely a half Immortal Weapon. For a village like Han Village, it was virtually impossible to obtain a low rank Immortal Weapon, let alone a true Immortal Weapon.


The toad lunged, opening its maw and spitting out a flow of green air that produced ‘Chi-Chi’ sound in the air. It was imaginable how corrosive the poison was.


The Chief leaped six meters high all of a sudden from the ground and dodged the poisonous spit. If the toad was without the lethal poison, the chief could probably defeat it with ease, he was after all a formidable half-step Earth Human Immortal expert.

Seeing him avoid the attack, the toad became angry. Its st.u.r.dy body pounced down on him. Then, all the pustules on its skin burst, shooting out arrows of green liquid like rain. Those were the fatal poison that could kill any living creature.

“Dammit! I will defeat you!”

Such scene sent numbness down his back, but there was no turning back, or else his people would die. All he could do now was to do what Jiang Chen instructed earlier on. His eyes was focused on the lower jaw of the poisonous beast.

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