Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1057 – Han Cong

Chapter 1057 – Han Cong

Han Cong

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Jiang Chen had no idea where he was right now, he didn’t even have the strength to get up and his divine sense could only cover a hundred mile radius. What he knew was this place was full of rubble, like a wasteland that no one would want to go.

Now, there were two things which he wanted to do most. First was to heal his injuries and restore his strength. Immortal World wasn’t a place like Saint Origin World. In this world, he was just an insignificant being with his present cultivation base. And also, with his current injuries, his life could be threatened by anyone he meet.

Second, it was to remove the Soul Imprint as soon as possible, though it wasn’t an easy thing to do. He guessed that the one who attacked him must be some sort of an overlord figure in this world, and the imprint carried the attacker’s consciousness and divine sense. But it was only a matter of time before his omnipotent dragon transformation skill refine it completely.

Furthermore, he estimated that after the refinement, he would obtain great benefits—probably advancing to another level.

Of course, the urgent task right now was to heal his injuries before refining anything.

If it had been someone else, it wouldn’t have been possible for the person to recover in half a year’s time even with the help of elixirs. Jiang Chen, however, could shorten the time by many folds.

The dragon transformation skill and wood essence weren’t any kind of mediocre skill and element. They consisted of the most powerful healing ability in the Heaven and Earth, greater than any precious elixirs. So, it wouldn’t be a problem for him to recover within a shorter period of time.

With my current condition, I’m afraid it will take seven days for me to fully recover. Luckily I’m located in this deserted land.

After that, he circulated the dragon transformation skill and channeled the wood essence to his limbs and other parts of his body, this immediately gave him a pleasant and comfortable feeling like receiving rainwater again after suffering a long period of drought.

Three days pa.s.sed like a twinkle of an eye. He was still in a critical situation but he was a lot better now than three days before, at least now he could move, albeit not too much. Even though he now had restored his cultivation base, he still needed to recover and any attempt to battle would be very damaging

As his wounded physique slowly recovered, the broken Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da was also being repaired gradually—up to five levels of the paG.o.da had been rebuilt.

Now his body no longer looked like a crippled man but he was still lying down on the ground, immobile. He took a deep breath of Immortal Qi and couldn’t help sighing emotionally. “This place is densely filled with Immortal Qi, it is just like the Heaven and Earth Yuan Qi in Saint Origin World. Cultivating in such an environment will allow even the most ordinary cultivator to advance to Human Immortal realm. It explains why Human Immortal and Earth Immortal are at the bottom of the pyramid.”

He continued, “It’s a pity that I have lost contact with Big Yellow, no idea where he is currently. He knows a lot about the Immortal World and he would be able to help me clear my doubts if he is here. At any rate, I need to achieve full recovery first before attempting to find out more about this world.”

“Let’s go. Hurry up! We can’t afford any delay!”

At this moment, a rough voice was heard along with lumbering footsteps. Jiang Chen tensed and swept across the area with his divine sense. He found a group of seven or eight people in plain clothes rus.h.i.+ng their journey.

The leader was an middle-aged man of around 40 years of age. He looked incomparably buff, had a beard and the strongest cultivation base – half-step Earth Immortal. The other few were relatively younger. The youngest among them seemed even younger than 20 years old. They were not as strong as the leader. Most of them were merely mid-Human Immortal experts and two of them were late Human Immoral expert.

The thing moving in the middle of the group was a carriage covered with a yellow cloth. The fact that so many of them were staying so close to the carriage indicated that something was very precious in it.

“Chief, how many Immortal Meta Stones do you think we can exchange with this much of herbs?” asked one of the youth who seemed like fifteen or sixteen-year-old premature kid, but he wasn’t a weak cultivator. He’s a peak mid-Human Immortal. In a small area like this, he had to be the talented genius.

In the Immortal World, any ordinary person could reach the Human Immortal realm at the age of ten. Any advancement higher than that would be extremely hard to achieve. Besides, advancement and cultivation required large amount of resources. In some remote areas where resources were scarce, it was considered a very good achievement to reach the peak of mid Human Immortal realm at the age of fifteen or sixteen.

“I estimate that these herbs can be exchanged for a hundred pieces of Immortal Meta Stones. Ah Cong, I have brought you out this time to gain experience of the world. Don’t embarra.s.s me when we arrive Yan City.”

The leader said in an indulging tone and smiled.

“That’s of course. I, Han Cong, am the number one genius of Han Village. How can I afford to create an embarra.s.sing scene? My goal is to leave Han Village to further my cultivation in Yan City,” said Han Cong proudly.

“Haha! Don’t get all over yourself. Yan City is a big place guarded by Heaven Immortals. You have to pay more attention to your impulsive behavior or else you will regret it after offending some serious expert in there.”

Someone laughed while the others snickered.

“Huh?! Chief, looks like someone is lying over there.”

The youth Han Cong yelped all of a sudden seeing a man on the ground at a near distance. The others turned towards the direction and saw the same thing.

“Let’s go over and look.”

The chief was striding towards Jiang Chen but Han Cong was the first to reach Jiang Chen with his speed.

Jiang Chen frowned slightly. The last thing he wanted right now was to be disturbed during at this critical stage of his recovery. Plus, he was clueless about the background of these people and whether they were a threat to him.

“He seemed to have suffered bad injuries,” said Han Cong.

“Forget it son, we still have our journey ahead of us.” Someone said.

“No way, I’ll ask him about it. We can’t let him die if we can save him.”

Han Cong was a warm-hearted person. He lowered his head and asked, “What’s your name and why are you here?”

Jiang Chen’s face was expressionless as his pair of eyes swept across these people. He totally ignored Han Cong’s questions. All he wanted was these people to leave him alone as quickly as possible.

“Hey! He is asking you a question! Are you deaf?!” Someone chided impatiently.

But Jiang Chen still remained silent.

“It seems he is either a mute or a fool. Let’s go, we’ll leave him here to his own business. We can’t afford to delay anymore. There are still three or four more days before we arrive in Yan City. Supervisor Huang will blame us if we are late.” Someone said.

“That’s right. We don’t even know this man. We don’t have to care about him.”

The rest of them clearly weren’t interested in Jiang Chen. What they were interested in were the Immortal Meta Stones, so reaching Yan City was their only objective.

Jiang Chen’s heart was filled with satisfaction after hearing their remarks.

“No Chief, we can’t let a person die just like that. Although this is a deserted land, there will be some demon beasts emerging in this area. If we leave him here, most probably he will be eaten by them or killed by some bad guys. Besides, we have found him first. You all should know that saving one from death is better than building a seven-story paG.o.da for G.o.d. If you all refuse to help him, I will.”

Han Cong was a young vigorous man with a compa.s.sionate heart. He wouldn’t want to leave someone to die on his own if he could save him, otherwise it would become a trauma in his memory.

After listening to the youth, Jiang Chen felt a warmth in his heart. He glanced at the youth and saw a head of dense black hair, a pair of bright eyes and good-looking face. Despite both of them not knowing each other, this youth insisted in saving him. Clearly, this was an act of kindness with no other hidden motives.

In addition, Jiang Chen wasn’t familiar with this place. Although he hadn’t encountered any dangerous events for the past several days, that didn’t guarantee that he wouldn’t in the following days. With his current condition, he would be defenseless if a demon beast found him here.

As such, it was a good thing if he could stay with this group of people. They could act as his protection while he was recovering. More importantly, these people could provide answers to his baffling doubts about the Immortal World.

“Haha! I never thought that Ah Cong has such a compa.s.sionate heart. In that case, Chief, let’s take this man with us. We’ll save him from the maw of the demon beasts.” Someone laughed.

“Alright, Ah Cong, it’s good that you have a compa.s.sionate heart. We will bring this man along with us.” Chief nodded.

“Thank you, Chief.”

Han Cong became jubilant, he immediately picked up Jiang Chen and laid him on the carriage which was s.p.a.cious enough for Jiang Chen’s body and other things.

Through the yellow cloth, he could smell the fragrance of herbs. Given his experience, he could tell what kind of medicinal materials were these relying solely on his nose. Despite having seen most of these materials before in Saint Origin World, these herbs had greater medicinal effects and grades as they were grown and nourished by the Immortal Qi in the Immortal World.

The most common herb among them was the Immortal Gra.s.s, which was many times more precious than the same grade of herb in Saint Origin World.

“Ai! We are slow enough in your journey. Now with this nuisance on the carriage, we will have to protect him and the carriage if anything happens.” Someone said discontentedly.

“Second Uncle, why don’t you have a little compa.s.sion in your heart? Saving people is as easy as raising your arm. If anything really happens along the way, I will protect him.” Han Cong patted his chest and said.

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