Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1056 – The Terrifying Law of the World

Chapter 1056 – The Terrifying Law of the World

The Terrifying Law of the World

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Jiang Chen was currently in an extremely bad situation. That previous ray of light was enough to blow him to powder. Apparently, the attacker was trying to leave a brand in his innermost soul instead of killing him straightaway.

Even though he was still alive, he had suffered severe injuries and the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da had been broken. It would take a certain amount of time for it to be fully rebuilt. With the backlash and the unprecedented injuries he had suffered, it wasn’t an exaggeration to describe his current condition as life-threatening.

Using only the healing force of wood essence, his recovery was a lot slower. He also wasn’t able to circulate the dragon transformation skill as both of his Qi and blood had been damaged. He initially thought that it would be a smooth-sailing process to ascend to the Immortal World. However, even before he reached the Immortal World, he was already attacked and was badly injured. With such a fragile condition, he was afraid that anyone in the Immortal World would be able to crush him to death.

“My injuries wasn’t the scary part. That person who secretly attack me terrified me the most. I must seal the imprint that has been left inside my soul with the Immortal Mark, otherwise, I will be killed at any time.”

Jiang Chen’s shrewdness allowed him to understand the seriousness of the situation didn’t lay on his injuries but on the Soul Imprint that was branded in his innermost soul. Clearly, there was someone in the Immortal World that didn’t want him to live. So, if he failed to conceal the mark left by the attacker, his fate would fall into someone else’s hands the moment he arrived in the Immortal World.

In this critical moment, the only practical thing to do was to use the Immortal Mark in his body. Even if he wasn’t sure where the Immortal Mark come from, he was positive that it should be able to conceal the Qi of the Soul Imprint, like how it concealed the Qi of the Human Immortals in Saint Origin World.

The instant the Soul Imprint was concealed by the Immortal Mark, in an enclosed miniature spatial zone somewhere in the center of the Immortal World, a good-looking blonde man changed his expression dramatically.

“d.a.m.n! The Soul Imprint has disappeared. I’ve no idea what means that man used to block my Soul Imprint. Humph! Even though you can get away with this, you can’t get away from me as long as you reach the Immortal World. It’s only a matter of time before I find you. I would like to see the man who had killed my incarnations looks like.”

Said the blond man coldly. Unimaginable pressure was emanated from all over his body. It even trembled the air around. His cultivation had already reached an unfathomable stage. Due to the Law of Immortal World being different from Saint Origin World, only experts who were Immortal King or above had the ability to manipulate the Laws of the Immortal World.

This blond man was without a doubt a scary being. If Jiang Chen were to meet this man in person, he would certainly be shocked, because this blonde man looked exactly like Nan Bei chao.

On the other side, after concealing the Soul Imprint with the Immortal Mark, Jiang Chen continued his ascent. Currently, he had lost all of his strength, completely exhausted. What he needed most right now was to sleep, so he closed his eyes.

It’s Nan Beichao. No one in the Immortal World will attack me besides him.

The instant he fell asleep, a name appeared in his mind. It was impossible for him to have made any enemy in a place which he hadn’t been to before, unless it was Nan Bei chao – the man who had sent his incarnations to the Mortal World. He also thought that the true Nan Bei chao must be a very powerful Immortal in the Immortal World, or else, he wouldn’t be able to sense Jiang Chen’s existence and tried to kill him the moment he ascended from the Mortal World.


He was rebounded off into a new world by some kind of spatial force from the pa.s.sageway. All he could sense was the abundant amount of Immortal Qi, flowing through his body before he fell and blacked out.



As he slowly regained his consciousness, he felt an acute pain that caused him to gasp for air, but he didn’t open his eyes, he was too tired to do so. He guessed that the ground must be a land of rubble and stones. And judging from the damp atmosphere around, he imagined that this was some kind of a deserted place.

I should have arrived in the Immortal World. I wonder how long I have been unconscious. Let’s find out what place is this.

In his heart, he was feeling somewhat grateful that he was still alive, that he didn’t suffer any serious injury when he was still unconscious.

Due to his physique being too badly injured, he couldn’t move. Then, his expression changed drastically when he unleashed his divine sense to explore the area.

What’s going on? I’m a late-stage Human Immortal. Adding the Great Soul Derivation Technique, my divine sense must be exceedingly extraordinary, so how can my divine sense only cover a hundred radius of the area?

There was no way that he wouldn’t be surprised about it. Given his current cultivation base, his divine sense was strong enough to wrap around the entire Saint Origin World, he could even detect every single movement of every living creature. So, it was rather strange that his current divine sense could only cover a hundred mile radius.

However, he soon realised the different spatial structure of this world. It was nothing like Saint Origin World. The law of this world was incomparably firm and the spatial barrier was indestructible. Even if he had the power of a late stage Human Immortal, it wasn’t enough for him to fly freely in the void, let alone penetrate the spatial zones.

“d.a.m.n! The Immortal World is too firm. No wonder Big Yellow said that Human Immortal realm is the lowest level in this world. According to the laws of this world, both Human Immortal and Earth Immortal experts won’t be able to travel through the air unless one reached the Heaven Immortal realm. In that case, I still have the advantage.”

Jiang Chen concluded after sensing the laws of this world and guessed that only Heaven Immortal expert could fly through the air.

However, he wasn’t an ordinary Human Immortal. He was equipped with the Flaming Wings which was enough to support his flight. Although heouldn’t go very fast, it was more than enough to match general Human and Earth Immortals.

Moreover, his combat strength of late Human Immortal realm was powerful enough to kill any half-step or early Earth Immortal. He could even handle a middle stage Earth Immortal. If he used his dragon form, he could even kill a late stage Earth Immortal.

However, those were just his estimation. The current Jiang Chen surely wouldn’t be able to do so after suffering such severe injuries. Now, even a Human Immortal could slaughter him easily.

“This is a land of ruins. This explained why I wasn’t discovered by anyone during my coma. I have to recover as soon as possible, otherwise, I won’t be able to go anywhere in this world. And, if I encounter any demon beast, I will surely be dead. All my glory will be washed away if I become p.o.o.p of a demon beast right after I arrive in the Immortal World.” Jiang Chen smiled bitterly.

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