Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1052 – The Ascent of Ancestor Greenlotus

Chapter 1052 – The Ascent of Ancestor Greenlotus

The Ascent of Ancestor Greenlotus

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Gu Family!

After destroying Saint Origin Palace, Jiang Chen and the others returned to Gu Family. Meanwhile, the process of building Martial Saint Dynasty had already began, which was too quick and sudden for the Gu Family. Gu Xuantian was in fear, seeing so many experts coming back from Saint Origin Palace.

The extermination of Desolate Palace and the other events that took place in Saint Origin Palace sounded like a dream to everyone in the Pure Land. From this, it showed that Pure Land and Saint Origin Palace had been disjointed for a long time. However, from this point onwards, such disconnection wouldn’t exist anymore. The palaces in Saint Origin Palace had returned to the Pure Land, back to their respective families.

Without a doubt, Jiang Chen, the one who created a lot of glorious events in the Pure Land, was mentioned in all conversations and discussions, but none of those who knew Jiang Chen imagined that he could grow so rapidly. It was only not long ago when Gu Xuantian sent him to Gu Palace. They couldn’t figure how he advanced to such horrifying level given such a short period of time. Plus, the news of him killing Human Immortals with his peak Ninth Grade Great Saint cultivation boiled their blood even though they didn’t witness it with their own eyes.

The reason Jiang Chen stayed in Gu Palace was simple. It was because the people of Martial Saint Dynasty was there, including all his families and friends, like Jiang Zhenhai, Yan Chenyu, Wu Ningzhu, Yu Zihan, Wu Jiu and other old friends in Eastern Continent.

The undeniable fact about these people was that all of them had great improvements during their stay in the Pure Land. After receiving so many high quality cultivation resources from Gu Family, it was impossible for them not to make any progress in cultivation.

They would gain access to even greater cultivation resources after the new Martial Saint Dynasty was established. Every one of them was a core member of the dynasty. Although their cultivation base was very far from the level of the eight major families, it wasn’t impossible for them to catch up to the level of these major powers, for example, with all the great resources Yu Zihan didn’t have previously, he was still able to reach such a cultivation and would soon break through into the Great Saint realm.

The atmosphere in Gu Palace was lively and bustling, while Han Yan had brought the army of devils back to the Devil World. After obtaining the Supreme Devil Wand, every single devil was now under his control. Thus, the devil army would never wage war on Saint Origin World again.

Jiang Chen had created a secluded spatial zone. He entered seclusion along with Big Yellow. To him, saving Big Yellow was the most important thing right now. Though Big Yellow wouldn’t die because of the support of the Divine Beast Bloodline in his body, he still suffered a very severe injury after burning his own bloodline.

However, that wasn’t a tough problem for Jiang Chen. He was now holding the Immortal Souls of those five Human Immortals. These souls contained tremendous amount of energy. As a human, he wouldn’t be able to refine these souls like how he refined demon souls, but it was a different case for Big Yellow.

Five Immortal Souls…. If Big Yellow could refine all of them, it would be enough for him to recover. Not only that, his cultivation might even advance to another level. In the near future, he would ascend to the Immortal World and join Jiang Chen.

“Big Yellow, I have known you the longest. You have saved my life twice even if the cost was high. In my heart, I have always regarded you as my closest brother even if you aren’t a human. However, I won’t believe that a stupid dog like you will die so easily. Here are five Immortal Souls. I hope that you can recover soon.”

Jiang Chen said with a faint smile, staring at Big Yellow that was lying in front of him. Even though Big Yellow was badly injured, what he did was worthwhile, Jiang Chen had become the strongest man in Saint Origin World. No one would ever come to disturb or threaten them and their friends. Their safety was now ensured.

*Hua La……*

With a wave of his hand, five dazzling Immortal Souls flew out, hovering above Big Yellow’s head. A gust of energy erupted out of his hands onto the five Immortal Souls, causing them to burst into brilliance and wrapped around the entire body of Big Yellow.

Jiang Chen was so skillful that he was constantly striking out seals to lock all the Qi of the Immortal Souls, and prevent any of it from escaping. Then, it started to race into Big Yellow’s body.

At the same time, Jiang Chen struck out a large amount of wood essence. It could not only heal himself but also other person. Moreover, its healing effect was greater than any divine pill under the Heavens.

However, due to the severity of Big Yellow’s injury, it wasn’t easy to heal him within a short period of time even with the help of wood essence and Immortal Souls. It would need at least a month’s time for him to regain consciousness.

In Gu Family, Ancestor Greenlotus and Tyrant had not left yet. When Great Monk Ran Feng received the news about Ancestor Greenlotus, he immediately flew over to the Pure Land.

In a cultivation venue specially prepared by Gu Family for Ancestor Greenlotus, the three of them reunited for the first time.


Great Monk Ran Feng fell to his knees with a puff before Ancestor Greenlotus. His eyes grew misty. The relations.h.i.+p between him and his master was similar to the relations.h.i.+p between him and Tyrant; he had always regarded Ancestor Greenlotus as his father. He had waited bitterly for his master for more than a hundred years despite everyone claiming that his master was long dead. He didn’t believe that his master would die just like that. At last, his hundred years of wait paid off, the feeling he have right now was too much and profound for anyone to express.

“Ran Feng, you have grown old.”

Ancestor Greenlotus bent over and held him up. His eyes were filled with kindness. Even Though he was a monk, he regarded his apprentice like his son and he only accepted one apprentice in his lifetime. This showed that the bond between the two of them was beyond any kind of comparison.

It had been more than a hundred years. The moment Ancestor Greenlotus was imprisoned, he had lost his hope that he would ever see light again. As such, seeing his own apprentice again made him overjoyed.

“I didn’t expect that I’m able to see master again. I will have no more regrets even if I die now.”

Great Monk Ran Feng wiped the tears off his eyes. He couldn’t remain calm due to the overwhelming emotions.

“Tyrant, come over and kowtow before your grandmaster.”

Said Great Monk Ran Feng.

Without hesitation, Tyrant strode forward, fell to his knees and kowtowed three times. In front of Ancestor Greenlotus, he wouldn’t dare to show any sign of disrespect, in his heart, Ancestor Greenlotus was his master’s master and his real idol.

All these years, he had lost count of how many times he had kowtowed in front of the statue of Ancestor Greenlotus. So, having the chance to kowtow before the real Ancestor Greenlotus exhilarated him very much.

Furthermore, he didn’t forget that this was the eminent monk who crushed his own Immortal Soul and fused it with the Sarira. If it wasn’t for him, he wouldn’t have achieved this much and played a vital role in fighting against Desolate Palace.

To put it bluntly, today’s situation wouldn’t be as favorable as it seemed if it wasn’t for Ancestor Greenlotus. Jiang Chen might still be in the state of madness and would’ve been killed by the five ancestors eventually.

“En, get to your feet.”

Ancestor Greenlotus nodded, feeling quite satisfied with this disciple of Great Monk Ran Feng. Tyrant already had reached a very high cultivation base despite his young age. He was sure that Tyrant was one of the most outstanding geniuses like Jiang Chen; a miracle under the Heavens.

“Ran Feng, little monk, I will ascend to the Immoral World in two days’ time. Before I ascend, I will impart the supreme scripture of Buddha Sect – the Great Compa.s.sion Mantra to the both of you. I believe that it will bring you tremendous benefits, especially to little monk, you have a very high comprehension. Your cultivation base will improve by leaps and bounds, pus.h.i.+ng you to another great height. So, I think it won’t be too long before you ascend to the Immortal World too.”

Spoke Ancestor Greenlotus, highly regarding Tyrant’s talent. With his eyesight, he was able to discern Tyrant’s extraordinary comprehension skill. He even had to admit that Tyrant’s talent was a notch higher than his. He was certain that this young monk was bound to have limitless achievements and might surpa.s.s his level.

After listening to Ancestor Greenlotus, both Great Monk Ran Feng and Tyrant felt incomparably excited. Being monks of Buddha Sect, it was impossible for them not to feel interested in the Great Compa.s.sion Mantra. However, Great Monk Ran Feng’s emotion was different from Tyrant’s. Instead of pure excitement and delight, he also felt a sense of sadness knowing that his master was going to part once again.

However, after a moment of contemplation, he understood the reason behind it. His master had already surpa.s.sed the Mortal realm and should’ve ascended to the Immortal World a hundred years ago. So, it would be a great loss if his master continued to stay stagnant in Saint Origin World.

“Ran Feng, there’s no need to feel sad. It’s a good thing that I’m ascending to another world. You should feel glad for me.” Said Ancestor Greenlotus with a smile.

“Yes, master.” Replied Great Monk Ran Feng with a bow.

“Well, I will teach you all the Great Compa.s.sion Mantra now. I will only tell you the how to use it. The success rate will depend on your comprehension ability and your luck.”

Later, Ancestor Greenlotus imparted the content of the supreme scripture to both Tyrant and Great Monk Ran Feng. This would be the greatest gift that he could ever give them before he left.

Two days later, the void outside of Gu Family was filled with lightning and dark clouds. The thunder even shook the Pure Land. Many cultivators felt suffocated under such pressure.

Jiang Chen, who was treating Big Yellow, stopped immediately when he sensed the pressure.

“Greenlotus is ascending. I need to take a look at it. This is the Immortal Tribulation that I’m going to confront soon.”

Jiang Chen’s eyes sparkled and he vanished in a flash.

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