Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1051 – New Structure

Chapter 1051 – New Structure

New Structure

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The scene turned so silent that not even their breaths could be heard. Jiang Chen had returned to his human form wearing a snowy white clothes. The natural cold breeze in the air fluttered his dark hair as he stood in the void, making him look like an awe-inspiring War G.o.d.

That was an unreachable impression that made him the only G.o.dlike figure of the world.

He kept his Qi and came to Ancestor Greenlotus in a flash.

“Greenlotus, now that you’re free, I believe you will rise to the Immortal World soon,” said Jiang Chen with a smile.

“It will take not more than three days.” Ancestor Greenlotus said confidently.

His eyes paused and looked at Jiang Chen, and continued, “Brother, given your foundation and your cultivation base. I also believe that you will ascend to the Immortal World in no time.”

“I’m not in a hurry as there are still many things I haven’t settled in Saint Origin World. I would like to stay for a little longer.” Jiang Chen said smilingly.

He wasn’t anxious in becoming a Human Immortal. Though there’s only 500 dragon marks left, it would still take him a certain amount of time to advance. Besides, there were many things that he needed to deal with in Saint Origin World. Now that the whole Saint Origin World was under his control, he needed to spend some time with his family. He felt a trace of guilt thinking about how much he’s been missing his father, Jiang Zhenhai.

“What are you going to do with these Desolate experts?” asked Ancestor Greenlotus.

“They aren’t officially guilty and I’m not really a bloodthirsty monster. But, given the situation now, some compromises are needed…” replied Jiang Chen.

Regarding the remaining people of Desolate Palace, he didn’t intend to ma.s.sacre them. It’s against his conscience. After the huge war, the forces of the eight palaces had been scattered and some had even lost their leaders. Therefore, it was necessary for him to make adjustments to solve the present situation.

“Jiang Chen, what’s in your mind?” Gu Firmament neared Jiang Chen and asked.

By now, either it was Gu Palace, Demon Palace or Bin Palace, all of them had regarded Jiang Chen as their commander, because their lives were saved by him. Without his presence, many of them would die.

“I have it figured out. The creation of Saint Origin Palace is a mistake. Though it is connected to Saint Origin World, it is just a place of ruins. And it shouldn’t be the place that only connects to the pa.s.sageway of Immortal World. From today onwards, all eight palaces will return to Pure Land. I will personally destroy this whole place. As for the major powers in Pure Land, it will remain like before; the eight major families will still remain. But I’m going to build a Martial Saint Dynasty in Saint Origin World, and it will act as the absolute authority in this world. Every one of the major families is bound to obey the commands and a.s.signments given by Martial Saint Dynasty. In this way, all eight major families will be united and no family will ever attempt to rule the world,” said Jiang Chen.

He wasn’t a man of hegemony and imperialism, but if he failed to unite all the major powers in Pure Land now, chaotic battles similar to today’s would take place in the future. As he didn’t wish to see such an event happening after he had entered a higher realm in the Immortal World and in order to ensure the safety of his families and friends, he had to make sure Saint Origin World listened to only one authority.

“En, this is a good idea. Saint Origin Palace shouldn’t exist. With the presence of Martial Saint Dynasty, I believe the situation in Saint Origin World will remain peaceful and stable in times to come.” Ancestor Greenlotus praised and nodded.

“Brother Jiang has saved all of our lives. We of the Bin Palace will be the first to support your idea of making Martial Saint Dynasty the absolute authority, and all of our future generations will be loyal to it.”

Bin Changxiao was the first to voice out his approval. With Jiang Chen’s ability and power, it was too easy to build a dynasty of his own to unite all the major powers in Saint Origin World.

“That’s right. Establis.h.i.+ng a dynasty is going to be a historical moment. We agree to what Brother Jiang had said for he had saved all of us during the chaos. Besides, Martial Saint Dynasty will bring lots of benefits to the future development of Saint Origin World.” Heavenly Peng King said.

It was soul-stirring to have experienced the recent life-or-death events. But it had made them see through a lots of things. They would never defy Jiang Chen even in the slightest for he had saved them so many times.

“We, Gu Palace, will never disagree with Jiang Chen’s decision. What he suggested will save the whole world. Plus, he is now the strongest man in Saint Origin World. He has all the rights to do whatever he can. Gu Palace will support his idea of establis.h.i.+ng Martial Saint Dynasty without hesitation.”

Gu Firmament nodded. Not just him but also the others were changing their views on things after their near-death situation, which changed the culture of the entire major clans.

Jiang Chen’s body shook and he came above the experts of Desolate Palace. “Desolate, Narang, Huo, s.h.i.+ and Dan Palace, the Heaven will spare the life of the good. I, Jiang Chen, am not a bloodthirsty devil. Though you have lost the battle, I won’t kill any of you or force you all to sign any kind of submissive contract. I won’t regard any of you as slaves either. From now on, Saint Origin Palace will cease to exist. All of you must return to Pure Land, to your respective families. I will build a whole new dynasty named Martial Saint Dynasty that will truly rule all the major powers of Saint Origin World. Also, every expert of the eight major families will become citizens of the dynasty.”

Jiang Chen’s words reverberated like thunder. His tone was indisputable, there was no room for discussion. Or perhaps he wasn’t intending to give the five major palaces the chance to voice their opinions because they didn’t have such qualification.

The people of the five major palaces remained silent. All four major palaces expect for Desolate Palace didn’t have grudge against this as their fates had fallen into another clan’s hands the moment they had surrender themselves. So, there wasn’t much difference between having Desolate Palace as their ruler or Martial Saint Dynasty.

No, the difference was still great. At that time, Desolate Palace regarded them as slaves whereas Jiang Chen gave them the rights to live like normal individuals and they could return to their family in Pure Land, though they had to become citizens of Martial Saint Dynasty. Judging from this aspect, Jiang Chen was their savior and they should be grateful for him. So how could they possibly have the courage to express dissatisfaction to him?

As for Desolate Palace, it was impossible to say that they had forgotten all the grudges and vengeance when he had slaughtered all of their higher ups. However, that was no longer important given the present situation, because they didn’t even have the right to hate him now.

It was an act of compa.s.sion and kindness by allowing them to return to their family in Pure Land and lead a normal life. They should not complain or protest unless they wanted to force Jiang Chen annihilate the entire clan.

From his previous ruthless killings, he could eliminate all of them at his will.

After establis.h.i.+ng Martial Saint Dynasty, he wouldn’t fear that Desolate Palace would take revenge on them. With his own techniques and knowledge, the ma.s.sive amount of pills, Combat Weapons, Combat Techniques he had and the help of Gu, Demon and Bin Palace, it was feasible that the forces of Martial Saint Dynasty would become impeccable.

“Little Chen, where have you decided to build Martial Saint Dynasty?” asked Han Yan.

“I will pick Nebula Sect. It isn’t necessarily to build it in Pure Land. Besides, I was a disciple of Nebula Sect once,” said Jiang Chen.

“Little Chen, I suppose a king is needed in the dynasty. I wonder if you have a candidate in mind,” inquired Tyrant.

Jiang Chen lowered his head in contemplation. Han Yan and Tyrant certainly wouldn’t be a king long enough to bring changes to the world as their talent would allow them to rise to the Immortal World faster than any other living being. As for his dad, it wasn’t suitable either given his weak cultivation base. Moreover, none of the former members of Martial Saint Dynasty were qualified to become a king. The position consisted of the highest responsibility. Although the king would receive aid and guidance from the eight major families, the king himself must be competent and capable.

After a long moment of thought, he found the most suitable candidate.

“I think it will be Ah Nan. He’s going to have a good time.”

Jiang Chen beamed. Nangong Wentian had never appeared ever since he went into seclusion back in Nebula Sect. Though he was talented, he didn’t have the heaven defying abilities like Han Yan and Tyrant.

There was a saying that said: ‘Don’t let one’s own fertile water to flow into other people’s field’. Naturally none of them opposed the idea.

“Haha! This guy will become a good emperor!” Han Yan chuckled.

On the same day, Jiang Chen, Ancestor Greenlotus and all the half-step Human Immortals of the three palaces destroyed the Saint Origin Palace with their joint strength. All the experts of the eight palaces had returned to Pure Land. Finally, the hundred-year-old hegemonic Saint Origin Palace had vanished from the world and what was left was only its history.

The Saint Origin Palace was built because of Jiang Chen. It was destroyed also because of him. This might be what they called ‘karma’. Jiang Chen had left a hundred-year-old of history in Saint Origin World ever since he had fallen.

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