Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1053 – The Last Three Days

Chapter 1053 – The Last Three Days

The Last Three Days

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*Hong Long Long…*

The horrifying thunder strikes spread out for miles. Every thunderbolt was earth-shattering and frightening. This was the great Immortal Tribulation that was extremely rare to most people. At the present moment, countless pairs of eyes were fixing on that sea of lightning. Despite the distance, they still felt suffocated by the pressure of the thunderbolts.

Under the sea of lightning stood a figure glowing with golden Buddha light, making him like an invincible Buddha. The aura he emitted aroused people’s reverence. It indicated that he was a peerless eminent monk and a true Buddha.

That wasn’t the silhouette of anyone other than Ancestor Greenlotus. This was his heavenly tribulation. He stood very calmly below the dark clouds; there wasn’t a sign of panic detected from his eyes. Instead, he felt very excited that he had the chance to experience similar tribulation like that of 100 years ago. In other words, he had finally arrived at the day that he would ascend to the high and mighty Immortal World.

Great Monk Ran Feng and Tyrant were both staring at him unblinkingly, particularly Great Monk Ran Feng who looked even more excited than Ancestor Greenlotus.

“There’s no need to be too nervous, Great Master. You will have this day in the future.”

Jiang Chen appeared at the side of Great Monk Ran Feng out of nowhere and then said with a smile while gazing at Ancestor Greenlotus.

“Brother Jiang, I think you will ascend to the Immortal World too very soon and will be the youngest to become an Immortal. .”

Great Monk Ran Feng looked over a Jiang Chen with earnest appreciation. From now it seemed that he had made the wisest decision by befriending Jiang Chen. If he only placed his hopes on Tyrant, he had no idea how long it would take for him to see his master again or perhaps he wouldn’t have such a chance at all. If it wasn’t for Jiang Chen, Ancestor Greenlotus wouldn’t be able to reunite with them and ascend to the Immortal World.

“You are right. I will be ascending soon. I’m afraid another month’s time will do,” said Jiang Chen, nodding.

His understanding of dragon transformation skill was getting better, allowing him to predict his own progress. As for the last 500 dragon marks, he could condense them depending fully on his enlightenment. He estimated that it would take him roughly a month’s time to rise to the Immortal World.

Regarding the Immoral World, he and Ancestor Greenlotus had similar thought. Both of them had waited for 100 years just to ascend to the new world. If he wasn’t killed after he slashed open the gates of the Immortal World, he would’ve become one of the Immortals in the legendary world.

“Another month’s time…” Tyrant muttered.

What Jiang Chen said made him feel a great amount of pressure. Though his cultivation base wasn’t weak, he thought that it was simply impossible to ascend to the Immortal World in just a month’s time. But with the help of Great Compa.s.sion Mantra that would push his cultivation base by leaps and bounds, he believed that he was not too far away after Jiang Chen had ascended to the Immortal World.

*Hong Long…*

Thunder rolled through the sky and lightning struck downwards like countless branches of electric sparks, encompa.s.sing Ancestor Greenlotus entirely in the sea of lightning. The scariness of the Immortal Tribulation was no doubt far worse than the Saint Tribulation. Aside from its destructive lightning, its horrifying and overbearing pressure would devour the innermost soul of the tribulation bearer.

“Immortal Tribulation surely isn’t comparable to Saint Tribulation. Judging from our current cultivation base, it is possible that we will face the same kind of tribulation in the future. It is very good that we are able to watch Ancestor Greenlotus experiencing the tribulation. This will help us prepare before confronting our own Immortal Tribulation,” aid a half-step Human Immortal of Gu Family.

“That’s right. To become a true Human Immortal, we will have to ascend to the Immortal World. This has been our objective in our road of cultivation.” Another half-step Human Immoral of Demon Race said.

To them, staying in Saint Origin World was no longer meaningful. There was endless of checkpoints in the cultivation road, but none of them would stop moving forward.

It took exactly twenty minutes to end the tribulation of Ancestor Greenlotus. There wasn’t any accident. Then, a ray of brilliant light descended from the sky, encompa.s.sing Ancestor Greenlotus before it turned into an illusory pa.s.sageway that would lead to nowhere.

“Brother Jiang Chen, I will wait for you in the Immortal World.”

Ancestor Greenlotus vanished in an instant after leaving his last words for Jiang Chen.

The dark clouds that blotted the sky were gone. Ancestor Greenlotus had ascended to the Immortal World, leaving only his legends behind. Though no one had ever been to Immortal World, they were certain that it must be a ma.s.sive and incomparable world.

The ascent of Ancestor Greenlotus had stirred up lots of people. It had given them a new objective that Great Saint realm was no longer the end point but the starting point.

In the following days, Martial Saint Dynasty was in the making. In order to become the first dynasty of Saint Origin World, it was necessary to rebuild the entire Martial Saint Dynasty in Nebula Sect, making Nebula Sect a very important place in the world. This had made Nebula Kidd very happy and grateful for making the right choice at the very beginning.

Instead of visiting numerous places, Jiang Chen stayed in the Lan Ning World as though this place had become one of his garden while he was treating Big Yellow’s injuries and comprehending the dragon transformation skill with his calm mind, causing his cultivation base to improve gradually.

In addition, he had also spent most of his time with his family. During this period of time, Lan Ling World was filled with laughter and noises. Jiang Zhenhai was smiling all day as his two filial daughters-in-law, Yan Chenyu and Wu Ningzhu, was: one had been serving tea and the other had been ma.s.saging his back daily.

To put it bluntly, Jiang Zhenhai was currently the supreme overlord in the whole Saint Origin World because he was Jiang Chen’s father. No one would dare to trifle with him even if Jiang Chen had ascended to the Immortal World. Even the half-step Human Immortals would show their respect and smiling faces to him.

But then, such a good time wouldn’t last for long. About a month’s time pa.s.sed very quickly. Today, some very powerful energy waves erupted from a spatial zone in Lan Ling World.

“It’s Big Yellow.”

Jiang Chen looked rejoiced. The huge energy came from the spatial zone where Big Yellow was recuperating. After a month’s time, Big Yellow finally had absorbed all the Immortal Souls and come to life.


An earth-shaking roar sounded, and then Big Yellow flew out of the spatial zone and hovered in the void. Colorful lights were radiated from his huge and majestic body. He looked divine with pieces of golden scales covering his body. Three horns had appeared on top of his forehead, making him look like the embryonic form of Dragon-Horse. But this form disappeared very quickly and he returned to his usual dog look. This made the others doubt if he was pretending to be the legendary divine Dragon-Horse.

“That’s amazing! I’m afraid Big Yellow has reached the peak of Ninth Grade Great Saint?” said Yan Chenyu in surprise.

“Not just the peak of Ninth Grade Great Saint, he has absorbed five Immortal souls which allows him to comprehend the law of the Immortal World. If I’m not wrong, he can initiate the Immortal Tribulation at any time and ascend to the Immortal World.”

Jiang Chen’s eyes glittered and he sounded incomparably excited, though it was a situation he antic.i.p.ated a month ago. One should know that the ma.s.sive energy of the five Immortal souls would bring Big Yellow unimaginable benefits. Therefore, it wasn’t uncommon that those energy would push Big Yellow’s cultivation base to the peak of Ninth Grade Great Saint and even triggering the Immortal Tribulation.

“He is truly abnormal.”

Han Yan shook his head, feeling speechless. He and Tyrant had went into seclusion during this period of time in order to catch up with Jiang Chen’s footsteps. It was beyond their imagination that Big Yellow had gotten ahead of them so quickly.

Everyone a.s.sembled and looked up, studying the changes in Big Yellow. They felt relieved and happy that Big Yellow had fully recovered from his injuries and had made vast improvement in cultivation.

“In three days’ time, Big Yellow and I will ascend to the Immortal World together,” said Jiang Chen abruptly.

As long as this word was heard, everyone was dumbfounded. Their faces darkened, especially the faces of Jiang Zhenhai, Yan Chenyu and Wu Ningzhu. Even though they had antic.i.p.ated this day to come, they never expected it would come so fast.

It was a good thing that Jiang Chen was ascending to the Immortal World and they were supposed to feel happy for him, but there was a strong reluctance in their heart, making it hard to accept this great departure. They knew that this wasn’t a departure similar to any of the previous events. This was a goodbye that would last a long, long time.

“So soon?” Sighed Jiang Zhenhai.

“Dad, Xiao Yu, Sister Ning, Ah Yan, Tyrant, don’t feel sad about my departure. Ascending to the Immortal World is just another step forward in my path. Given your cultivation base, it is only a matter of time before you join me in the Immortal World. As such, this is going to a brief departure. Big Yellow and I will wait for you all in the Immortal World. In fact, we are just doing you all a favor by being the first to set foot in the Immortal World,” said Jiang Chen with a smile.

He fully understood their current mood but he couldn’t delay his ascent to the Immortal World. He had already set the date that in three days’ time, the number of dragon marks in his body would reach 100,000, which was the day when both he and Big Yellow would ascend to the Immortal World. In this way, he wouldn’t feel lonely with Big Yellow as his company.

“Little Chen is right. This is only a brief separation. It won’t take long before we join them and fight side by side with one another in a battle and leave our mark in the new world, like how we produce our glorious events in Saint Origin World.”

Han Yan’s Qi fluctuated.

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