Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1050 – The First Man in Saint Origin World

Chapter 1050 – The First Man in Saint Origin World

The First Man in Saint Origin World

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Jiang Chen moved too fast, so fast that he made First Ancestor look slow. He was just seconds away from Fourth Ancestor. The other three ancestors felt that they couldn’t react in time.

“Watch out Fourth Brother!”

First Ancestor screamed in alarm.


However, the warning didn’t help much. The Heavenly Saint Sword let out a sharp howl, and what approached Fourth Ancestor was a patch of sword net sealing him inside like a cage.


Fourth Ancestor bellowed. He was highly confident because he was an early-stage Human Immortal expert, after all. He channeled all the energy into his Combat Weapon before swiping it against Jiang Chen’s.


The collision between two horrific Super Weapons produced a large spark, crus.h.i.+ng the void around.


With a horrible wail, the Combat Weapon left his grip and his arm exploded into a mist of blood. He was in a complete daze. You could never understand the scariness of Jiang Chen until you fought him. So, Fourth Ancestor now understood the reason Fifth Ancestor died just now. An intense fear was stirred up from the bottom of his heart. That was the Qi of death which he had never felt before.

“Humph! Go to h.e.l.l.”

Jiang Chen let out a cold humph. He made another swipe with the Heavenly Saint Sword, not giving Fourth Ancestor the chance to react, slas.h.i.+ng him into two halves. Similarly, the Immortal Soul was plucked and kept by Jiang Chen.

Fourth Ancestor died in just a few blinks of the eye. The scene was so astounding. The onlookers couldn’t hide the terror in their eyes. All of them felt as if this would only happen in dreams, those G.o.dlike Human Immortals were being killed so easily, just like slaughtering chickens.

“His power has exceeded the peak in his previous life. the five ancestors of Desolate Palace will surely die today.”

Ancestor Greenlotus revealed a hint of a smile at corner of his mouth. He understood Jiang Chen very well, especially the previous Jiang Chen when he was still the World’s Greatest Saint. The ability to kill Human Immortal so easily brought him to a peak even higher than his past. He was the only one who could do this under the heavens.

The successive death of Fifth and Fourth Ancestor freaked the other three out, including First Ancestor who was the strongest Human Immortal among them.

“This man is beyond our capability. We must flee at once and ascend to the Immortal World, but first, we must leave Saint Origin Palace and range of the Immortal Mark.”

First Ancestor said to the other two ancestors decisively. He was certain that he could no longer defeat Jiang Chen unless he advanced to the middle-stage of the Human Immortal realm, which was kind of impossible in Saint Origin World as it only contained Heaven and Earth Yuan Qi.

As such, their only option was left to flee for their lives, and ascend to the Immortal World. Now that the entire Saint Origin Palace had been affected by the Immortal Mark, they had to leave this place so that the force of the Immortal World could sense their presence once more.

*Hua La……*

Before First Ancestor’s tone faded, Jiang Chen’s Five Elemental Power Spheres spread out across them, like an invisible net, shrouding the three of them within. It would be a joke if Jiang Chen allow them to escape at this critical moment.

“Listen up! I won’t grant you all a very good end now that you’ve fallen into my hands. Plus, I will leave none of your Desolate experts alive.”

Jiang Chen’s Qi soared skywards, domineeringly. His ruthless words stunned the three old ancestors.

Aside from whether they could escape from the Jiang Chen’s, he was radiating an imposing aura that wanted to eliminate every single living thing perished the thought of fleeing in their heads. As the old ancestors of Desolate Palace, it was frustrating enough for them to flee and leave their juniors behind, but if their escape annihilate their entire palace, they would certainly be traumatized by the loss.

“Jiang Chen, you are being really ruthless. We, Desolate Palace are willing to surrender to you. Let us go so we can ascend to the Immortal World. From then on, the whole Saint Origin World will be under your control. Don’t go any further than that.”

First Ancestor said. Given his status, only the Heavens know how difficult it was for him to say such words. Now, these ancestors had the feeling of spurting out blood, their hundred-year-old plan was ruined by a single man.

Besides that, they also regretted deeply not killing Jiang Chen when they still had the chance. Today’s disaster wouldn’t have happened if they hadn’t let him grow so much.

Even if they kept Jiang Chen alive until the end, they shouldn’t have let Ancestor Greenlotus meet Jiang Chen before he was executed. They would then be able to continue their rule of Saint Origin World, it was relatively nothing to a Human Immortal to rebuild their forces even if they would have to spend another hundred years.

Too bad, everything was too late. There were many kinds of medicines and pills in this world, even pills that could revive the dead, but there is no pill that can cure regret. No one would be able to get such a pill no matter how much fortune and heavenly materials they have.

“Cut the c.r.a.p and die.”

Jiang Chen didn’t want to bother with First Ancestor’s nonsense. He held his sword and lunged towards Third Ancestor.

The combination of the Flaming Wings and Spatial s.h.i.+ft created a perfect movement with terrifying speed. With addition of Jiang Chen’s cultivation base, none of the ancestors was a match for him.


The panicking Third Ancestor was definitely no match for him. With a jab on the skull, Third Ancestor died without having the time to react, and his Immortal Soul and Combat Weapon were taken away by Jiang Chen.


Instead of stopping, Jiang Chen appeared before Second Ancestor like a ghost, slas.h.i.+ng out countless streams of sword light that encompa.s.sed Second Ancestor, his fate had already fallen into Jiang Chen’s hands.

*Pu Chi!*

The Heavenly Saint Sword was indestructible and razor-sharp, cutting the body in half with a slash. Likewise, the Immortal Soul and Combat Weapon were kept by Jiang Chen.

After taking down Third and Second Ancestor, only First Ancestor was left inside the Five Elemental Power Spheres. Of course, this almighty First Ancestor had already turned into a weakling before Jiang Chen.

Seeing Jiang Chen coming close to him, his face turned ashen. It gave him the feeling that he was confronting the G.o.d of death. When he saw his four brothers die, the inside of heart was surging. If Fifth Ancestor was still alive, he would’ve cursed outrageously.

Desolate Palace was managed by Fifth Ancestor previously, but he didn’t put the monstrous genius, Jiang Chen in his eyes, which gave Jiang Chen plenty of time to grow. Not only that, he was also the one who suggested to uncover the secrets inside Jiang Chen’s body and asked Ancestor Greenlotus’ help. If it wasn’t for his mistakes, Jiang Chen would’ve died long ago.

Unfortunately, the regret that he was feeling right now was useless, Jiang Chen had already grown to a level where they could no longer compete, they could only look him in awe.

“Haha……Jiang Chen, I had never thought that someone as monstrous as you will emerge in Saint Origin World and ruin The hundred-year-old plan of Desolate Palace. Sad.”

First Ancestor laughed melancholically.

“There are still many things you didn’t think of. Your Desolate Palace would’ve been peaceful and fine if you didn’t mess with me.”

Said Jiang Chen flatly.

“Jiang Chen, I know that you will send me to h.e.l.l no matter what. However, I beg you to do one thing for me.”

First Ancestor said. He was smart enough to know that any resistance against Jiang Chen would only be pointless.

“I am not going to promise you anything, but I will give you the chance to speak up.”

Said Jiang Chen.

“Jiang Chen, I know that you aren’t a bloodthirsty devil despite your ruthlessness. I hope that you can give my people a chance to survive after I’m gone.”

First Ancestor said in a pleading tone. His fate had already been decided, but as the old ancestor of Desolate Palace, he needed to make sure the survival of his descendants. Otherwise, he wouldn’t die in peace.

“I know what I should do with Desolate Palace. It’s not up to anybody to decide my actions.”

Said Jiang Chen. All of a sudden, his murderous intent soared to the peak and a slash landed on First Ancestor’s neck.

“Old ancestor!.”

The five ancestors of Desolate Palace had fallen under Jiang Chen’s sword. A mood of melancholy descended upon everyone in Desolate Palace.

It was over. Desolate Palace was finished after years of dominance. Even if Jiang Chen let them live, he would not allow Desolate Palace to restore its power once again. From now on, he would be the first man in Saint Origin World.

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