Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1043 – The End of the Three Palaces

Chapter 1043 – The End of the Three Palaces

The End of the Three Palaces

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The old ancestors of Desolate Palace cried out madly. However, the madness that they felt was entirely different from what Jiang Chen was currently experiencing. They had gone mad due to pain and anger of their failed one-hundred-year long plan. They had put so much effort in nurturing those geniuses just to execute today’s great plan, the plan that would make Desolate Palace the sole ruler of Saint Origin World. This was the reason they had stayed in the Mortal World in the last hundred years. They wanted to see the world conquered by their palace before they ascend to the Immortal World to further their cultivation.

Being a Human Immortal cultivator, wouldn’t they want to ascend to the Immortal World and explore a better environment for cultivation? They had hidden themselves in Desolate Palace for a hundred years, only to reap what they sowed.

When their great plan was about to be completed, a man named Jiang Chen had obstructed, destroying all their foundation—the supreme geniuses nurtured by the old ancestors were all dead, not even their remains were left behind. This was a loss too heavy for them to bear. Even if they killed Jiang Chen and wiped all the three palaces out, they wouldn’t be able to restore to their former glory without another 100 years of time.

What these old ancestors couldn’t accept more was that they ignored the existence of Jiang Chen. From the very beginning, they had already noticed that Jiang Chen was a terrifying genius that could grow rapidly. Desolate Emperor also mentioned that Jiang Chen was a monstrous genius that could create miracles. Even so, they failed to pay this unknown young man any attention due to their pride, thus giving Jiang Chen sufficient time to grow which resulted to today’s event.

If they decided to sneak into the Devil World and kill Jiang Chen, they wouldn’t have suffered today’s losses and Desolate Palace would have successfully become the supreme ruler of Saint Origin Palace.

Due to their overconfidence to their geniuses, they did not pay attention to the war, which they deeply regretted now. It was all too late when they felt that something was not right because Jiang Chen had already slaughtered all of their geniuses.

*Roar…* *Roar…* *Roar…*

Jiang Chen’s tyrannical roars reverberated through the sky. He now had lost his mind completely, making him no different than a peerless wild dragon. From top to bottom, his body was filled with brutal killing intent.

Kill! Kill! Kill!

This was the only word left in his mind. Only by killing could he express the bloodl.u.s.t boiling inside of him. The boundless Qi that kept surging out of his body turned the atmosphere chaotic.

“What do we do? Little Chen has lost himself completely.”

Having never seen Jiang Chen in such a frenzied state before, Han Yan said while clenching his fists tightly. It was strange and scary. Though he wanted to help Jiang Chen, there was nothing he could do.

“His mind has been eroded by bloodl.u.s.t. There’s nothing I can do to help since I don’t have the Great Compa.s.sion Mantra that could suppress the brutal Qi in his body. I’m afraid that the only one who possesses such a skill is Grandmaster, but he’s imprisoned in Desolate Palace. No one can help Little Chen now…” Tyrant’s tone was full of worries and solemnity as he truly had no ability to save Jiang Chen.

Knowing Jiang Chen’s predicament but not being able to lend a helping hand hurt them so much, as if a blade was slicing their heart.


Jiang Chen roared madly once more. Then, he s.h.i.+fted his attention to the Human Immorals and attacked, sending out the Five Elemental Combat Dragon Seal.

“What an arrogant and ignorant brat! In that case, I will kill you.”

One of the Human Immortals who was still angry was provoked when he saw Jiang Chen attacked.

The old ancestor clawed using his hand. Waves of energy started to rise around him. In order to avoid affecting the law of Saint Origin World and causing ma.s.s destruction, Human Immortals must create an independent battlefield that was firmer than the world barrier.

Even with the newly-created battlefield, Human Immortals couldn’t attack as they pleased. They needed to consider the impact of each attack they launched to prevent the world from being blasted into nothingness.

With a wave of his hand, all the combat dragons struck out by Jiang Chen were immediately destroyed. Then, he clawed out his hand that turned into an indestructible cage, trapping Jiang Chen inside.

*Roar…* *Roar…* *Roar…*

Jiang Chen roared furiously. He didn’t stop attacking but neither of his attack could shake the cage. It was literally impossible for him to break free from the imprisonment. Due to he had gone completely mad, he couldn’t stop attacking the cage. His mind only think of one thing—killing.

“Not good.”

“We are finished. The Human Immortal experts are too strong. They are incomparable and undefeatable.”

“If Jiang Chen dies, we will all die. Even if we die, we owe him too much. He has sacrificed himself for our sake.”


Seeing Jiang Chen become completely powerless, his allies exclaimed in worry.

“Old man will kill you right now. No, you can’t die easily. I will draw out your Yin and Yang soul and let you feel the torture that the world could offer, and die from the greatest torment in the Heaven and Earth.”

The old ancestor’s eyes were red. The amount of hatred he had for Jiang Chen was like the ocean.

*Ka…* *Ka…*

By exerting force from his palm, Jiang Chen’s body began to crack. Pieces of dragon scales flew from his body and blood spattered from his wounds. In an instant, Jiang Chen had become a man covered with blood, causing many people to avert their eyes from the b.l.o.o.d.y scene.

*Roar…* *Roar…*

However, it seemed as if Jiang Chen had also lost his senses. Without caring the injuries he had, he continued to attack the cage blindly like a killing machine.

“Wait a minute.” At this time, another Human Immortal spoke.

He was ranked as the First Ancestor and was the oldest ancestor of Desolate Palace. The one who was punis.h.i.+ng Jiang Chen right now was the Fifth Ancestor.

He neared Fifth Ancestor, looked at the brutal Jiang Chen and said, “Fifth Ancestor, this man killed Big Guardian while being only an Eighth Grade Great Saint. If you take a look at his terrifying transformation technique, he must have lots of secrets in his body. Let’s not kill him first. We have to dig his secret. A monstrous genius like him rarely appears even in ten thousand years’ time. If discovered the secrets he has, it will bring our palace enormous benefits.”

“I agree. Today, almost all of our geniuses have fallen; and we will need at least another hundred years to restore our losses. This is simply unacceptable! But this brat has plenty of secrets. I have never seen an Eighth Grade Great Saint kill a half-step Human Immortal. If we find out about his cultivation method, our palace will benefit enormously. This little beast is going to die anyway; we’ll just have to suck dry the value he has.” Second Ancestor agreed.

Only then did Fifth Ancestor regain senses from his anger. Though he badly wanted to torture and kill Jiang Chen, he couldn’t deny the facts stated by First Ancestor and Second Ancestor. Jiang Chen’s existence was a miracle in the entire Saint Origin World. No genius as scary as him had ever appeared. Therefore, it was impossible that this little beast had no secrets inside of him.

If it was before, perhaps they wouldn’t feel interested in Jiang Chen’s secret but after suffering such a huge loss, they felt the need to discover his cultivation method to help them restore their glory. It would be a great blessing if Desolate Palace could produce monstrous geniuses like Jiang Chen.

“Alright. We’ll imprison this little beast and study him closely,” said Fifth Ancestor. After holding Jiang Chen captive, he turned to face the three palaces.

All of them looked deathly pale. After learning that Jiang Chen was doomed, they wouldn’t be too optimistic about their own fate. Since the beginning of the war, they had been creating miracles in every turn. They never thought they would face such a tragic outcome.

“What do we do with the them?” asked Fourth Ancestor.

“It will be too easy to grant them death now. Bring all of them back and turn them into our slaves.”

Fifth Ancestor had always acted incisively. He raised his hand, and a light streamed out towards the Five Elemental Tisura Formation. As it touched the grand formation, the supposedly indestructible grand formation crumbled instantly. All the experts who were supporting the grand formation suffered a great backlash and spurted out blood.

*Hua La…*

Fifth Ancestor raised his hand once more, creating a storm that wrapped the entire Gu Palace like a net. Any living thing in Gu Palace was sucked into the storm.

With another wave of his hand, all of the people in Gu Palace vanished. They were all taken away by Fifth Ancestor.

This was the scariness of the Human Immortals. Their level had transcended the realm of the mortals. Any of their casual strike could destroy the world completely. All mortals were nothing but insects before a Human Immortal. Not even the mighty half-step Human Immortal had the ability to resist their power.

Jiang Chen’s allies began to despair their own fate. They could imagine that their fate would be a hundred times more tortuous than death. Though they were still alive and just became slaves of Desolate Palace, the hatred Desolate Palace had for them was limitless.

The world-shaking war ended. The three palaces failed to turn over the tide and had fallen into the hegemonic grip of Desolate Palace instead.

Everything was over. Could Jiang Chen, the only known variable, continue to produce miracles? It could be said that no one would believe it anymore.

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