Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1042 – The Insanity of Bloodlust

Chapter 1042 – The Insanity of Bloodlust

The Insanity of Bloodl.u.s.t

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The scene was frozen when the incomparably powerful Big Guardian, had fallen into the full control of Jiang Chen. He was immobile and could be torn in half at any second. The experts in the Desolate camp yelled. They could never believe that everything that happened today was real.

They were wondering if this Jiang Chen was still human. How could he be continuously creating miracles? It started from Second Guardian to Big Guardian. Every time, they saw Jiang Chen overcame his opponent, one step at a time until he succeeds in turning the tides around. How could anyone ever believe this without seeing it with their own eyes? Even those who were present thought that they were hallucinating, as if they were in their dreams.

Jiang Chen’s overbearing performance made the three palaces relieved. They were now fully impressed by Jiang Chen. In their point of view, Jiang Chen was omnipotent and a person who was good at creating miracles. Ever since they started the war with Desolate Palace, he had been creating unexpected results. It was just like what the ancestor of Gu Palace predicted – Jiang Chen was the person that could change the fate of the three palaces.

Yet, none of the higher ups from the three palaces looked delighted. Every one of them was worried sick for Jiang Chen. Anyone who has a sharp eyesight could discern Jiang Chen’s current condition. They were able to sense the bloodthirsty Qi was constantly eroding Jiang Chen’s mind, like a wave of ferocious monsters. Once his consciousness was completely devoured by bloodl.u.s.t, he would lose himself completely and turn into a killing monster; it would be a tragic end.

Putting aside the relations.h.i.+p they had with Jiang Chen, the fact that Jiang Chen stood up for them for so many times made him their lifesaver. Inside everyone’s heart, he had occupied a supreme position. They didn’t wish to see their lifesaver sink into an uncontrollable state that would eventually lead to the destruction of the world. Given Jiang Chen’s ability, they believed that it was better for him to run away from this battle and come back when his cultivation was strong enough. At that time, they believed that even the entire Desolate Palace would fall into his hands.

However, Jiang Chen didn’t choose to flee. Instead, he stood in front of the three palaces, confronting the enemy on their behalf and causing the greatest and irreparable losses to Desolate Palace. To put it bluntly, the hundred-year-old plan of Desolate Palace was completely destroyed by Jiang Chen.

On the battlefield, Big Guardian had already been fully enveloped by Jiang Chen’s Qi. He could clearly feel Jiang Chen’s razor-sharp claws going deep into his shoulder, breaking parts of his bones. It was a pain that almost tore his soul.

“No, I, Big Guardian will never lose to an Eighth Grade Great Saint! Argh……”

Big Guardian bellowed painfully. He was reluctant to yield. At this critical moment, he forced out all of the energy inside his body. Layers of energy waves wreaked havoc on the battlefield. The destructive force of such energy was enough to destroy everything in its path.

However, all of these didn’t affect Jiang Chen at all. First, it was because Jiang Chen was in a state of madness. Second, Jiang Chen’s combat strength had gone far beyond the level of Big Guardian. An aura of a devil king was radiated from Jiang Chen, as his fury mingled with his Qi. Under such pressure and control, any counterattack from Big Guardian was useless. He would never be able to break free from Jiang Chen’s grip.

“Listen carefully. In this world, there are some people who can’t be trifled with and there are some words that should not be spoken. Ever since you attack Big Yellow and claimed that he was a beast, you have already been doomed. That was the bottom line of my patience and you have crossed it ignorantly.”

Jiang Chen’s ruthless eyes glared at Big Guardian unblinkingly. His voice was emotionless, so cold that it sent chills down people’s spine. Also, his hoa.r.s.e voice sounded like he hadn’t spoken in ten thousand years. The bloodl.u.s.t had influenced his mind while the Edifying Light kept his human side awake.

*Chi La!*


Miserable cry reverberated over the sky as Jiang Chen’s scary dragon claw ripped Big Guardian’s shoulders off. The sound of breaking bones and flesh was heard clearly. It gave anyone who heard it the creeps.

That wasn’t done quickly. It process was done slowly. Jiang Chen was tearing down the flesh and bones of Big Guardian piece by piece, slowly. It was extremely horrifying and b.l.o.o.d.y scene. Blood spattered and splashed on Jiang Chen’s body and face, yet he felt indifferent to it.


Big Guardian let out a shrill wail, people could hear him enduring the intense pain. That kind of pain was a hundred folds greater than the suffering of Ling Chi Execution. This was probably the torture that Big Guardian wanted to do on Jiang Chen at the beginning, however, he was the one being tortured by his prey instead.


Everyone who watched the battle gasped for air, especially the experts in Desolate camp. Their faces turned pale, one after another. Some of them were so afraid that they trembled like a cicada.

It was too cruel. Never had there been such a ferocious figure in the world. In their hearts, Jiang Chen wasn’t human anymore, but a bloodthirsty wild beast that had no emotion.


Jiang Chen burst into laughter. The blood of Big Guardian sprayed on his face, turning him into a bloodstained maniac. He now looked like the embodiment of ma.s.sacre and cruelty, totally immersed in the joy of killing and slaughtering. It seemed like only blood and killing could make him feel better and happy.

“Jiang Chen, you crazy devil! You aren’t human!”

Big Guardian roared hoa.r.s.ely, but it was of no use. He was doomed to die in Jiang Chen’s hands, and he would die in the most tragic way possible.

*Hong Long……*

At this moment, a big movement was sensed from Desolate Palace. This movement was a lot stronger than before. A large hole appeared in the sky. Cold wind blew strongly. Five silhouettes emerged above the battlefield simultaneously. All of them were elders with fluttering clothes. The aura emitted from them could stir up the fright from the bottom of one’s heart and admiration that forced many of them to kneel down. They just stood there, giving people the feeling of nothingness, as if their existence were too high for them to comprehend. Without a doubt, that was a feeling that one would emit when one reached the Immortal realm.

That was right. All of them were Human immortals. Although they were only at the early stage of the Immortal realm, they were the highest beings in Saint Origin Palace. As a matter of fact, their eyes were powerful enough to kill a mortal.

“My G.o.d! They are all Human Immortals! d.a.m.n! Jiang Chen’s right! The Human Immortals of Desolate Palace haven’t ascended to the Immortal World. Besides, there are five of them. How are we going to fight against them?”

“It’s over. Jiang Chen is finished. With five Human Immortals together, Jiang Chen won’t stand a chance no matter how great he is.”

“Darn it! I hadn’t expected Desolate Palace to have hidden such a great plot. Those Human Immortals has been staying in Saint Origin World in the last one hundred years because of the Immortal Mark in Ancestor Greenlotus’ possession. Even if they attack now, they won’t arouse the force of the Immortal World, however, all of us will perish in just a flash.”


The people from the three palaces were panicking, the thing that they worried the most had finally appeared. Jiang Chen was right. The Human Immortals of Desolate Palace were still here. They were the existence that none of them could resist.

Upon their arrival, they saw the b.l.o.o.d.y of Jiang Chen tearing down the body parts of Big Guardian slowly. Then, their expression changed instantly. Not just that, as Human Immortals, they were able to discern what happened here by studying the Qi of the battlefield. They realized that every one of the higher ups of Desolate Palace were slaughtered by that frenzied dragonman. Now, even Big Guardian was going to die in his hands. The hundred-year-old plan of Desolate Palace was completely destroyed. All the efforts of these five old ancestors had been in vain. How could they possibly accept that all of the talents they personally nurtured were dead? Instantly, they were outraged.


A Human Immortal old ancestor couldn’t resist his anger any longer. “Little beast, I demand you to release him at once!”

“Bah! Who gave you the right to order me?”

Jiang Chen didn’t care about who interfered with his activity. All he wanted to do was kill Big Guardian. He wouldn’t let his prey escape even if the Heavens come and save his prey. A tremendous force immediately shred Big Guardian to pieces. At the same time, the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da sucked in all the remaining pieces of the body.


In the distance, Tyrant yelled. As a monk of Buddha sect, he knew all too well the condition that Jiang Chen was going through. His brother was going mad. Jiang Chen might be able to maintain his consciousness with the Edifying Light earlier, but after devouring Big Guardian, his last bit of willpower would be consumed by the bloodl.u.s.t, and will turn into a real beast.

However, Jiang Chen ignored Tyrant’s warning. It was just like what Tyrant had said, Jiang Chen’s frenzied state had reached its peak after devouring the corpse of Big Guardian. Even the Edifying Light couldn’t suppress such great amount of bloodl.u.s.t. The blood-red color of his eyes became even more intense.

At this moment, he had lost himself completely and turned into a real killing machine.

The absorption of Big Guardian had given him a wild boost of energy. But because of that, he had lost his consciousness completely. He also couldn’t circulate his dragon transformation skill as usual. Thus, his cultivation remained at the peak of the Eighth Grade Great Saint. If he could advance to the Ninth Grade Great Saint, perhaps he would be able to kill Human Immortals.

“Argh! That brutal monster! He has ruined our palace’s hundred-year-old plan! This loss is too great to bear. I hate myself for not killing this brat earlier.”

That Human Immortal old ancestor shouted mournfully. Not long ago, during the Great War in Western Domain, they had predicted that Jiang Chen would go to the Devil World and die. So, they didn’t put him in their eyes at all, which led to a great disaster today.

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