Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1044 – The Prelude of Destruction

Chapter 1044 – The Prelude of Destruction

The Prelude of Destruction

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The sudden emergence of the Human Immortals had silenced the entire Saint Origin Palace. The sky was filled with the stench of blood. This was the bloodiest and the most tragic war since the creation of the Saint Origin Palace. None of the eight palaces was spared from this war. Currently, all seven palaces had become desolate lands. Everyone who was still alive has been brought back to Desolate Palace to become slaves.

Looking at the situation from the surface, it seemed like Desolate Palace had become the supreme ruler of Saint Origin World.

But the price they paid was very great. It was a price that was beyond their imagination.

All of these happened because of one person – the monstrous person named Jiang Chen.

At this very moment, inside the spatial zone of Desolate Palace, a huge cell was occupied by all the people of the three palaces. Their cultivation base had been sealed away. So everyone, including the half-step Human Immortal experts, had no choice but to bear the brutal scolding and whipping of the experts from Desolate Palace. Some of the half-step Human Immortals wanted to commit suicide, they couldn’t bear such humiliation; unfortunately, under the supervision of the experts from Desolate Palace and their cultivation being sealed, they didn’t have the strength to kill themselves.

The emotions of melancholy, grievance and other strong emotions were lingering amongst the crowd of the three palaces. It was unfortunate that all of the palaces would become slaves for generations. It was a suffering worse than death.

“Ai! The Heaven wants us dead. Jiang Chen is going to die and no one is going to save us. This is the end of our three palaces and future.”

“I wonder how Jiang Chen is now. After falling into the hands of those Human Immortals, I’m afraid that he will suffer a fate, a hundred folds more horrendous than us.”

“No, Jiang Chen isn’t dead yet. He may still be able to produce miracles. He must be able to. He is the key in this crisis and there’s nothing that he can’t do.”


Every one of them looked gloomy, but there were some who still had confidence in Jiang Chen. They believed that as long as Jiang Chen lived, there would still be a chance. Although they themselves didn’t believe in miracles, they had some kind of inexplicable confidence in Jiang Chen.

“He won’t die. Even if everyone is dead.”

Han Yan said coldly. The confidence he had in Jiang Chen is greater than what he had in himself.

By now, the ones who still had an unshakable confidence in Jiang Chen were Han Yan and Tyrant.

Meanwhile, in the deep layer of the spatial zone, Jiang Chen was trapped in a cage made entirely of the Immortal Qi. He had now returned to his original form, but the insanity of bloodl.u.s.t was still invading his mind, his body was encompa.s.sed by a layer of blood-red coc.o.o.n, created from the Qi of brutality.

*Roar…* *Roar…* *Roar…*

*Hong Long……*

The sound of roars and violent attacks kept on echoing from the cell. The thought of killing continued to invade his mind from time to time, giving him no other desire than to break open this cell and continue his slaughtering.

However, this was a cell personally built by a Human Immortal. He wouldn’t be able to break it no matter how powerful he was, unless he advance to the Ninth Grade Great Saint because there was a huge difference between an Eighth Grade and a Ninth Grade Great Saint.

It was a pity that Jiang Chen had lost his consciousness, and his control over the dragon transformation skill. Therefore, it had become impossible for him to advance to the Ninth Grade Great Saint now.

Outside the cell, all of the five ancestors had unleashed their divine sense to break the line of defence of Jiang Chen’s mind to decipher his secrets. However, they eventually found nothing.

“This brat is so weird. We can’t even decipher his secrets even with our abilities.”

Fifth Ancestor said, feeling annoyed.

“I can go deeper into his soul using the Soul-a.s.similation Technique to retrieve his memory, we will then be able to decipher the secret that he has.”

Said Third Ancestor who casted the Soul-a.s.similation Technique on Jiang Chen. After that, he shook his head, implying that he too, couldn’t harvest a single benefit from Jiang Chen mind.

“How did it go?”

The other four asked.

“This brat has fallen into a state of insanity, not a single memory of his past is left inside of him now. Nothing could be found inside his mind, unless the brutal Qi is suppressed and his consciousness is restored.”

Said Third Ancestor.

“It’s not possible. I’ve tried it. I have no idea what cultivation method this little beast practiced. The brutal Qi inside his body is too strong and cannot be removed.”

Second Ancestor shook his head. It was the first time that all five of them felt helpless. The bizarre nature of Jiang Chen’s cultivation had troubled them all.

“If he is that useless to us, let’s just end him for good.”

Fourth Ancestor waved his hand, his face was filled with impatience, feeling that it was unnecessary to waste any more time on an insane man.

“No, this man must have lots of secret inside of him. We can’t kill him first. By the way, did you forget about another capable man who may be able to help us.”

Fifth Ancestor suddenly thought of a person.

“You mean Ancestor Greenlotus?”

The others’ eyes glittered.

“Exactly. Ancestor Greenlotus is an eminent monk of Buddha Sect. Rumour has it that the supreme scripture of Buddha Sect is under his possession. So, I’m positive that he will be able to suppress the turbulent Qi inside of this brat. Once this brat regained his consciousness, we will be able to reap all the secrets from him.”

Fifth Ancestor revealed a cold smile.

“But will Ancestor Greenlotus help us?”

First Ancestor frowned.

“Don’t worry. Ancestor Greenlotus is a man of compa.s.sion. In his heart, we are his enemy, but Jiang Chen isn’t. I won’t believe that he will only watch Jiang Chen endure such a great suffering. He will certainly help him out.”

Fifth Ancestor had a look of confidence on his face. He understood Ancestor Greenlotus quite well. Even if Ancestor Greenlotus refused to help him, he would at least help an innocent man like Jiang Chen.

Unfortunately, the wise Fifth Ancestor wouldn’t be able to figure out the strong bond between Jiang Chen and Ancestor Greenlotus. If they knew that Jiang Chen was the World’s Greatest Saint and had infiltrated the cell of Ancestor Greenlotus before, they would probably slap Fifth Ancestor’s mouth a few times for suggesting this foolish idea.

Getting the help of Ancestor Greenlotus was no different than digging the grave of Desolate Palace. However, in order to obtain the secrets in Jiang Chen mind, they had to give it a try. Besides, across the entire Saint Origin World, Ancestor Greenlotus was the only possible person that could remove the brutal Qi in Jiang Chen’s body.

However, they would never have thought of the consequences of making this decision. It would already be too late by the time they realise their mistake.

“Very well. In that case, we will bring this little beast to meet Ancestor Greenlotus. We will wait until he extracts all the brutal Qi from this brat’s body before we begin to uncover this brat’s secret.”

First Ancestor said, and immediately, he brought Jiang Chen towards the cell of Ancestor Greenlotus along with the other four ancestors.

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