Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1038 – The Formidable Big Guardian

Chapter 1038 – The Formidable Big Guardian

The Formidable Big Guardian

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Everyone was fascinated by the chaotic battlefield above the sky that looked like an illusory landscape, but no one dared to believe this. Even the three excited palaces couldn’t believe what was happening in front them. It was as if they were dreaming.

The outcome was reversed by Jiang Chen just like that. One man, reversing the situation was undeniably shocking. Many powerful experts had fallen; and each and every one of those experts was strong enough to ma.s.sacre the army in Gu Palace. However, these peak existences were killed by Jiang Chen so easily, like slaughtering dogs.

“He is a gifted genius indeed. Befriending him was really a wise choice for our us. Or else, it would be very likely for us to be fighting against him now in the battlefield.

“There are always things that are incomprehensible in this world. Some people can’t be judged and measured using common sense. Jiang Chen’s existence is truly a miracle to the world.”

“After suffering such huge losses, Narang and the other palaces will exist in name only. As for Desolate Palace, their army has suffered serious casualties. However, it’s too early for us to celebrate now. Jiang Chen is merely a Seventh Grade Great Saint, afterall. There are still very powerful Human Immortal experts behind Desolate Palace. That kind of level is way beyond our imagination, and once they decided to strike, it is difficult to imagine how devastating the outcome will be.”


The people of the three palaces were exclaiming in surprise, especially the people of Bin Palace. Their grateful pair of eyes fell upon Bin Changxiao. If it hadn’t been for their palace master’s decision to join Gu Palace, they would be the same as Narang Palace right now. Once they stood against Jiang Chen, they would’ve face an unimaginable repercussion.

At this time, a golden silhouette rushed out from the interior of Gu Palace. That silhouette was Big Yellow’s. When Jiang Chen left Saint Cliff, he was still refining the energy he consumed. He rushed over to Gu Palace as soon as he finished. When he saw the situation of the battlefield, he became extremely excited.

“Haha! This dude is truly abnormal. It seems like Desolate Palace is going to fall soon. Those guardians should’ve been eliminated by Little Chen by now.” Big Yellow laughed loudly and said.

Numerous gazes fell on him. After noticing Big Yellow’s cultivation, they couldn’t help rolling their eyes, admitting that there were too many abnormal beings in this world. Putting Jiang Chen aside, Big Yellow had the biggest progress. In just a day’s time, he managed to push his cultivation base to the peak of Eighth Grade Great Saint.

“Dang! What kind of boosting pill did this d.a.m.n dog ate? How can you advance so rapidly?” Tyrant said dejectedly.

“You are right. Master Dog has really eaten some kind of boosting pills, lots of them too. Do you envy me right now? So, do you want some of my p.o.o.p? I haven’t digested all of them anyway.” Big Yellow said brazenly to Tyrant.

“F*ck you!”

Without saying another word, Tyrant sent a slap at the dog’s head. Big Yellow’s words could even provoke a very patient man. Plus, Tyrant wasn’t a patient man.

“Argh…” “Argh…”

After a short pause, Jiang Chen launched a frenzied carnage again. Shrill wails sounded from the battlefield as the brutality started once more. His main focus was on those half-step Human Immortals, causing the remaining few of them to start falling successively. None of them were able to break open Jiang Chen’s domain, which left them no other choice but to face Jiang Chen head-on, ending up dead ultimately.

Soon, all the half-step Human Immortals died in his hands tragically. Now, the whole battlefield was left with some ninth and eighth grade geniuses, struggling to defend against the Eternal Immortal Wind; and Second Guardian, who looked deathly pale, stood across Jiang Chen.

It was over. Everything was over and everyone was dead. All of the half-step Human Immortals from the five major palaces had fallen, including the eleven guardians. None of them were alive. They died in the hands of Jiang Chen. It was like the peak existences on the pyramid of the cultivation world had been sliced off and replaced by Jiang Chen, giving him eternal fame in the history of Saint Origin World.

This was ruthless! Truly ruthless! All the higher ups of the five palaces were killed mercilessly, which dealt an unimaginable blow to the five major palaces.

“Second Guardian, do you have anything else to say now?” Jiang Chen looked at Second Guardian and asked.

“Jiang Chen, you will die miserably for sure. No one from the three remaining palaces will live, the true disaster is coming to you all soon! No quarters shall be given to you for the things you have done,” said Second Guardian through gritted teeth.

He knew that his death was already certain if there were no accidents. He felt as if his heart had sunk to the bottom of the valley. It was his first time to see a man who was so ruthless and ferocious.

“My fate isn’t decided by you, but your fate has already fallen into my hands. If I want you dead, you would be dead by now.” Jiang Chen said in an extremely cold tone.

*Hong Long…*

Just after Jiang Chen’s voice faded, a powerful Qi had suddenly exploded from the direction of Desolate Palace, like a thunderbolt, ripping apart the void, creating a large hole in the sky. Later, a youth in black robe carrying boundless of Qi waves materialized above the battlefield in a blink.

He was a majestic-looking man that seemed to be around 30 years old. Although he didn’t look very handsome, it was still better than average. His physique was as robust as Heavenly Peng King, but his cultivation base was incomparable to Heavenly Peng King. He had the eyes that glinted unusual colors. From top to bottom, his body was filled with a powerful Qi. He might look very young but his cultivation has already reached a terrifying level—half-step Human Immortal. No ordinary expert of the same level could be compared to him. He was the real genius and expert.

This black-clothed man had attracted everyone’s attention the moment he appeared. Then, two words popped out in their head—Big Guardian!

“Save me, Big Brother!”

When Second Guardian saw the black-clothed man, he shouted with effort, especially when he sensed Big Guardian’s half-step Human Immortal cultivation base, as though he had found the savior of the day.

There was no doubt about it, this black-clothed man was Big Guardian—the scariest figure in Desolate Palace. Jiang Chen’s eyes turned solemn the moment he saw Big Guardian.

“This man is incomparably strong. Unless I advance to Eighth Grade Great Saint, I definitely won’t be a match for him. His combat power is far stronger than ordinary half-step Human Immortals, and is almost equivalent to a Human Immortal. Although he isn’t as powerful as a true Human Immortal, I’m still not strong enough to fight him,” said Jiang Chen in his heart, admitting that Big Guardian was very strong, so strong that he was nearly on par with a Human Immortal.

Anyhow, there was still a gap between him and a true Immortal, Human Immortals were beings that had exceeded the scope of the Mortal realm, afterall.

Therefore, Big Guardian wasn’t an opponent whom Jiang Chen could fight. Without advancing to Eighth Grade Great Saint…actually, even if he reached the peak of Eighth Grade Great Saint, he would probably be not strong enough to be Big Guardian’s opponent.

When Big Guardian saw the battlefield, he smelled the b.l.o.o.d.y stench in the air and sensed the Qi of those who had fallen, rage surged inside of him.

“What HAPPENED?!” Big Guardian bellowed.

“Big Brother, all of them died, except for me and a few higher ups of Desolate Palace. They were all killed by Jiang Chen.”

Second Guardian cried, still shuddering at the thought of the previous killings.


As soon as this remark faded, a strong wave of Qi rushed out of Big Guardian’s body. His eyes locked onto Jiang Chen, like a poisonous serpent. Besides anger, he also felt astonished, Jiang Chen was merely a Seventh Grade Great Saint. It was difficult for him to imagine that a Seventh Grade Great Saint could do all of these by himself. He had never seen Jiang Chen before and had never heard of such a monstrous genius in Saint Origin World. Jiang Chen was so monstrous that he feel slightly inferior.

“What now? This man is so powerful. I’m afraid Jiang Chen isn’t his opponent.”

“Ai! Desolate Palace is too strong. It is absolutely impossible to bring them down. Too bad, we can’t provide any aid to Jiang Chen confronting a supreme being like Big Guardian. Jiang Chen would just have to rely on himself in this battle.”

“I wonder if Jiang Chen can continue to work wonders.”


The experts of the three palaces began to worry about their fates, the expert of Desolate Palace was getting stronger every time. At any rate, all they could now was to rely on Jiang Chen. Despite the overwhelming strength of their enemy, they had inexplicable confidence in Jiang Chen, strongly believing that Jiang Chen could create another miracle and deal with this new opponent.

“You f*cking beast! You dare kill so many of my people?! I will surely catch you and make you suffer an endless torture before death,” said Big Guardian, raging. Without saying another word, he struck out his palm at Jiang Chen’s direction.

All of a sudden, Jiang Chen started to have difficulty breathing, the pressure that was as heavy as a mountain was heading towards him. Lines of cracks appeared on the surface of his Five Elemental Spheres. Without delay, he immediately kept his domain, because if his domain was broken, he would receive a great backlash.

*Wah…* *Wah…*

The remaining ninth and eighth grade geniuses were freed once the domain vanished; however, all of them suffered serious injuries and spurted out blood. Second Guardian, on the other hand, wasn’t as lucky.

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