Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1037 – Successive Deaths of the Guardians

Chapter 1037 – Successive Deaths of the Guardians

Successive Deaths of the Guardians

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That was scary, that was too scary!

The whole scene had turned b.l.o.o.d.y. Of the thousands experts in Saint Origin Palace, each and every one of them had fright painted all over their faces. That kind of killings and deaths could be described as earth-shattering. It wasn’t about the quant.i.ty of the dead bodies. It was about the importance of the ones who were killed.

Those dead ones were half-step Human Immortals. They were the peak experts in the pyramid of cultivation, the G.o.dlike figure in countless of hearts. Now, all of them were dying so quickly one after another. n.o.body would dream of or even dare to imagine such a scene.

“Argh…” “Argh…” “Argh…”

Miserable wails were still sounding continuously. The experts in the Desolate army were getting lesser and lesser. The overall combat strength they had was weakening. This was a vicious effect that would also weaken their confidence. By now, even the proud and mighty Second Guardian was afraid of Jiang Chen, and had virtually lost all his battle spirit. Everyone could see the situation clearly that if the fight continued, they would only end in one result—death. All of them would die and none of them would survive.

“How could this happen? HOW COULD THIS HAPPEN?!”

Second Guardian’s eyes turned red. Lines of red veins appeared in his eyes. The present situation was completely different from what he had imagined. He couldn’t imagine why so many of supreme experts couldn’t even handle Jiang Chen. Besides Jiang Chen’s Flaming Wings that made him very powerful, his domain also restricted their movements. Even their combined attacks couldn’t make an impact on Jiang Chen. It was because he moved like a ghostly illusion in the battlefield, making all kinds of abrupt attacks that caused their experts to die tragically and continuously.

As for the Ninth Grade Great Saints, the Eternal Immortal Wind was enough to rip them apart, making them a group of useless army in the battlefield.

“Second Brother! We can’t hold it any longer. This man is too strong! Quickly inform Old Ancestor, or else all of us will die!” A guardian shouted at Second Guardian alarmingly, knowing that those Human Immortal old ancestors were all in the deep layer of spatial zone, totally ignoring any matters outside.

This was because all of them were too confident. In their point of view, if such a large army couldn’t even get rid of Gu Palace, they would be worse than the minorities. So to them, such circ.u.mstance was impossible to occur. In fact, they had already concluded the outcome of the war. That was why they weren’t even concerned of the battle for the slightest bit.

But the truth wasn’t going according to their wishes. It was the direct opposite of their concluded outcome. If they were seeing the scene now, they would be enraged and would kill Jiang Chen at all costs. For so long Desolate Palace had been established, they had never suffered such a heavy blow and loss.

“Alright. I will send out the Signaling Talisman to tell Old Ancestor or Big Brother to come aid us,” said Second Guardian.

He was a man with absolute pride. His level of confidence had never diminished by half, but today, all his confidence had been shattered by Jiang Chen. Now, he had no choice but to bring in Old Ancestor. Although this was a great insult to him and this insult would be with him for a lifetime, making him not able to raise his head for the rest of his life, his honor was nothing compared to the future of Desolate Palace. He could never watch all the experts who were produced by Desolate Palace using so much of resources dying here, because that would be an incalculable loss.

Second Guardian turned over his palm and a dazzling golden talisman appeared. But before he could use it to send a message, a hand had seized it away from his palm. It wasn’t someone else’s hand, it was Jiang Chen’s hand.

“b.a.s.t.a.r.d! Give the talisman back to me!” Second Guardian roared and spurted out a mouthful of blood.

Jiang Chen was just like a fish in a pool of water. He could appear anywhere at any time. Before Second Guardian decided to take out the talisman, he was sure that Jiang Chen was still dealing with a half-step Human Immoral. He never thought that the talisman would be taken away by Jiang Chen mercilessly right after he took it out.

“Humph! Second Guardian, you will die for sure today. Even if your Old Ancestors come, don’t think about him saving your lives. In this domain, I am the absolute master and you all are destined to be the target of my domination.”

Jiang Chen sounded rough and harsh, totally not putting Second Guardian in his eyes. Like he said, he was the unrivalled master in his own domain. It was without a doubt a wishful thinking to send a distress message using the Signaling Talisman. Jiang Chen would never allow the news here to be spread to Desolate Palace.

Jiang Chen was clever enough to observe that the Old Ancestors of Desolate Palace hadn’t interfered in their war yet despite the bad situation the Desolate experts were in right now. This told that the Old Ancestors were very confident in Second Guardian and the other experts, so confident that they didn’t even pay attention to the battle status. In that case, Jiang Chen would make sure Desolate Palace pay the heaviest price for what they did.

If it was a common Signaling Talisman, Jiang Chen might not care about it at all because within his domain, no messages could be transmitted out. The Signaling Talisman that Second Guardian was holding, however, was crafted by Immortals. So, Jiang Chen wasn’t sure if the message could not travel out of his domain.

The most powerful level Jiang Chen had achieved in his previous life was at the peak of Ninth Grade Great Saint. Due to the restriction of the law of the world, there wasn’t a single half-step Human Immortal across the Saint Origin World in the past. Therefore, he didn’t understand any of the things related to Immortal realm, which made him not dare to take a chance on it.

“Son of a b*tch! I’m going to fight you to death!” Third Guardian roared, but there was a hint of despair in it.

Now that they had lost the chance to signal the Old Ancestors, they could only wait for Jiang Chen to slaughter them at any time. Although Third Guardian had higher cultivation base, he was the grumpiest among the thirteen guardians. Immediately, he lunged at Jiang Chen frenziedly with his combat weapon.

“Humph! Who do you think you are to fight me? Die now!”

Jiang Chen let out a humph and swiped his Heavenly Saint Sword. The aura of the dragon sword gushed out and roared like waves as it collided with Third Guardian’s combat weapon. Subsequently, Third Guardian’s combat weapon was sent away by the impact from the terrifying force of the Heavenly Saint Sword.


Jiang Chen moved too fast. His sword was swiped once more frenziedly, cutting off the head of Third Guardian. The mighty Third Guardian died instantly, he was absolutely powerless under the attack of Jiang Chen.

“Argh! Third Brother!” Eleventh Guardian cried painfully.

All the thirteen guardians were close to each other. So, naturally, they got angrier every time when their brother or sister was killed.

“Don’t call for him anymore. You can die with him together.”

Jiang Chen’s eyes had also turned red. From the moment he unleashed his Five Elemental Power Spheres, he had never thought of letting any of them go, particularly the twelve guardians. All of them had to die.


With a flutter of his Flaming Wings, he reached Eleventh Guardian in a blink with his sword. Suddenly, a scary sword light was slashed out, turning into a sword web and enshrouding Eleventh Guardian entirely.


Eleventh Guardian gasped as he could sense an extremely dangerous Qi from the bottom of his heart. Only people who had fought Jiang Chen could understand his horror. Though Eleventh Guardian wanted to counterattack, it was too late for the strike was irresistible.

“Stop it, Jiang Chen!” Second Guardian bawled.

The other guardians followed Eleventh Guardian’s example. Too bad, those blaring sounds were unable to save Eleventh Guardian’s life.

Without caring for the fury of the other guardians, he finished Eleventh Guardian with a strike and hurled the corpse into the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da after putting a seal on it.

“Stop, Jiang Chen! Do you know what you are doing? You are playing with fire!” Second Guardian shouted.

“Playing with fire? No, it’s you Desolate Palace who has been playing with fire and the fire has gotten out of control, causing it to burn your people.”

Jiang Chen’s cold eyes stared at Second Guardian. The killing intent of his body didn’t subside by the least bit.

“Jiang Chen, let me tell you this. The forces of our palace is beyond your imagination. What you are doing now is ending the path of your future. You certainly will regret it. So I urge you to stop what you are doing at once and I promise that you will stay alive,” said Second Guardian.

“I know all about your forces. Today, I will finish every one of you. In the coming days, I will finish all of your Human Immortals, ending the existence of Desolate Palace entirely.”

After finis.h.i.+ng his sentence, he swiped out the Heavenly Saint Sword once more at the direction of the other guardians. As for Second Guardian, he would leave him as the last prey. He wanted Second Guardian to see with his own eyes how he destroyed all of them one after another. He wanted him to know how ridiculous the plan of Desolate Palace was in front of him.

“What? You knew about the Human Immortals in our palace?”

Second Guardian felt truly shocked this time. No one would know about the existence of Human Immortals in their palace as they had never disclosed any of such information to the public. So, Jiang Chen shouldn’t have known about this big secret.

“Argh…” “Argh…” “Argh…”

Jiang Chen did not care about the doubts that was spinning in Second Guardian’s mind now. He continued with his frenzied killings again. The remaining guardians were falling one after another under his sword. In just a few minutes’ time, every remaining guardian died bitterly except Second Guardian. The current scene was driving Second Guardian mad.

Desolate Palace had spent so much of efforts and resources just to nurture the thirteen of them. The hundred-year-old plan was now destroyed by Jiang Chen. Besides, almost all the thirteen guardians had fallen not long after they had been sent to war. This was a loss too great for Desolate Palace to bear.

“Argh…” “Argh…”

The Ninth Grade Great Saints were dying continuously and turned into mists of blood as they couldn’t bear the attack of the Eternal Immortal Wind. Up until now, only 20 to 30 were left in the team. More than half of the half-step Human Immortals had died, leaving only a few of them who were in the state of total despair. In their eyes, Jiang Chen was a scary and frenzied devil.

“It’s over. It’s totally over. We are finished this time. No one will be able to save us from this terrifying monster.”

“I didn’t imagine I will die like this. I didn’t think I would die in the hands of a Seventh Grade Great Saint. This is so depressing…”


The situation had almost reached its conclusion. The Desolate army was doomed to fall.

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