Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1039 – The Hot-Blooded Brotherhood

Chapter 1039 – The Hot-Blooded Brotherhood

The Hot-Blooded Brotherhood

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Jiang Chen would never let Second Guardian flee even if Big Guardian or the Human Immortal old ancestors had interfered in the battle. He would never allow anyone to save Second Guardian out from his hands.

Second Guardian was firmly captured by Jiang Chen’s large dragon claw before he had any time to escape. No matter how hard he struggled, he couldn’t break free from the dragon-claw-cell.

“Jiang Chen, let me go at this instant!” Second Guardian clamored.

“Do you think that there’s such a possibility I would even consider that?”

A cruel smile was revealed at the corner of Jiang Chen’s mouth. It had never been his style to release his enemy.

“You are Jiang Chen? You’ll die for sure today. Not just you, but also all the three palaces; none of them will survive. If you let Second Guardian go, I will grant you a quick and painless death. If you refuse, I suppose you can imagine it yourself,” said Big Guardian overbearingly. His face looked as composed as ever, the distinctive quality of a powerful cultivator.

“This is the tone that the people of Desolate Palace always use, always... But, fortunately, all the people who used such tone ended tragically. The same will happen to you, as anyone who opposes me will only end up in one outcome—death.”

Jiang Chen looked completely indifferent. As soon as his voice dropped, he killed Second Guardian in front of Big Guardian by crus.h.i.+ng the skull.


A torrent of anger suddenly surged out of Big Guardian’s body, he was completely infuriated this time. He could get over with Jiang Chen killing so many of his people because he was absent during that time, but killing Second Guardian in front of him was undoubtedly the biggest provocation from a Seventh Grade Great Saint, a puny seventh grade was n.o.body to him! To him, it was a total disgrace when a weaker n.o.body underestimated him.

In any case, he must eliminate Jiang Chen by any means necessary to restore his and Desolate Palace’s dignity, and also avenge the murder of those who were killed.

“Very well, Jiang Chen. You are the most frenzied person I have ever seen. Due to my advancement to half-step Human Immortal, I arrived a little too late, causing an inestimable huge loss for Desolate Palace. Today, I will make you and the three palaces pay for the losses we have suffered!”

“Haha! You people of Desolate Palace are always talking nonsense. Attack now if you dare! Enlighten me about your powerful techniques and how strong the legendary Big Guardian actually is.” Jiang Chen said.

His entire body was filled with combat intent. The True Dragon Fire and True Thunderfire raged out rapidly, forming a sea of fire. He had never known fear even if he was confronting the powerful Big Guardian.

“This Big Guardian is too powerful. I’m afraid Little Chen is no match for him.” Tyrant said worriedly.

“Have trust in him. I feel that Little Chen has ways to face him.” Although Han Yan said so, he couldn’t conceal the worries on his face.

“Good, I will now send you to heaven!”

Big Guardian attacked. His scary palm suddenly turned into a giant fan slamming downwards, crus.h.i.+ng the void in a hundred miles area. Many onlookers s.h.i.+vered when they sensed its horrifying pressure despite being outside of the battlefield.

Facing such an incredible attack, Jiang Chen’s face turned grim. There was no way he couldn’t take this seriously because the gap between him and Big Guardian was too great.

“I’d like to see how strong the half-step Human Immortal Big Guardian can actually be. Five Elemental Combat Dragon Seal!”

Jiang Chen burst out the mighty Five Elemental Combat Dragon Seal with all his might. A dozen of dragons with different attributes let out earth-shaking roar as they charged forth at Big Guardian.

*Hong Long…*

The collision shook the sky and land. Colorful radiance covered all over the sky as all the dragons struck out by Jiang Chen were destroyed by Big Guardian’s strike. There was no doubt that the half-step Human Immortal Big Guardian was more than an opponent Jiang Chen could handle.

After the combat dragons were pulverized, the powerful palm strike continued to slam down against Jiang Chen. Despite how helpless he felt, he immediately stepped out the Azure Dragon Five Steps, colliding with the oncoming palm strike heavily. This time, he was thrown a dozen miles away.

*Barf!* *Barf!* *Barf!*

He suffered a severe injury and spurted out three big mouthfuls of blood. Even the dragon scales on his body cracked and blood was gus.h.i.+ng out from his wounds. His blood and Qi began to circulate disorderly and his face looked very unpleasant.

He frowned thinking that this was probably the most serious injury he had ever suffered. It had directly affected even his combat strength. Fortunately, he had the regenerative power of the wood essence and dragon transformation skill that allowed him to heal his injuries.

“Not good. Jiang Chen is no match for him at all. He is injured.”

“It’s over. We don’t seem to be able to help at all.”

“d.a.m.n! How could this Big Guardian be so powerful? I just hope that Jiang Chen can reverse the situation again.”


Each and every one of the three palaces looked glum seeing the injured Jiang Chen, and the presence of Big Guardian suffocated them as though an invisible hammer was pressing against their hearts.

In the battlefield, Big Guardian’s sharp eyes stared at Jiang Chen with surprise.

“I really never thought that a Seventh Grade Great Saint that was as puny and weak as an ant could actually be so powerful that he could remain alive after receiving my blow. I have to admit that you really are a miracle, Jiang Chen. If you grow any further, I fear that even I can’t defeat you in the future. It’s such a pity that you don’t have the chance anymore. Today will be the day of your death. After finis.h.i.+ng you, I will wipe out the three palaces clean,” said Big Guardian domineeringly, like a War G.o.d and the absolute, high and mighty ruler of everything.

“It seems I have to use that.”

Jiang Chen gritted his teeth while his eyes revealed a hint of ruthlessness. He summoned the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da to look at the sealed half-step Human Immortal corpses inside. Then, he raised his hand and wiped the blood stain off the corner of his mouth.

Frenzy! Men sometimes needed to go on a frenzy.


At this moment, Big Guardian struck again. His attack this time was more powerful than the previous one. The whole void was now filled with the Qi of destruction causing many of the onlookers to exclaim. Should this attack hit Jiang Chen, they were certain that Jiang Chen’s body would be ripped into pieces.

A terrifying red palm that carried infinite killing intent materialized above Jiang Chen’s head. At this time, Jiang Chen seemed as if he had become another person. He felt totally indifferent to the palm overhead.


Suddenly, a roar rang from the interior of Gu Palace. Subsequently, a robust-looking big yellow dog rushed out to the scene. A pair of golden wings had sprouted out of his back as he moved with extreme speed and finesse. At the center of his brows was a golden dragon horn s.h.i.+mmering with lightning.

“Master Dog has come to fight you.”

Big Yellow could never see Jiang Chen die in the hands of Big Guardian just like that.

Above the head of Big Yellow appeared the splendid Totem Divine Seal that wrapped around his body. Then, his body began to enlarge to the height of 300 meters. Scales started to appear on the surface of his body. His skull turned into a dragon head that looked very divine. At the present moment, he was no longer a dog, he looked exactly like the ancient Dragon Horse.

“Big Yellow, get out of here!”

Jiang Chen roared hastily as he saw Big Yellow appearing above him. Why would this idiot take matters into his own hands, when he already had the means to deal with Big Guardian?

But it was already too late as Big Yellow had already rushed skywards to meet the oncoming palm strike of Big Guardian.


Big Yellow let out an earth-shattering dragon roar. A column of incomparably brilliant light shot out from his dragon horn, hitting against the large palm.

*Hong Long…*

The whole scene shook. Big Yellow had burnt his bloodline and circulated the Totem Divine Seal at the critical juncture to activate his ultimate ability to defend against the powerful blow of Big Guardian. Even though he was merely a peak Eighth Grade Great Saint, his attack could be described as earth-shattering. His attack had completely pulverized the blow of Big Guardian.

Though he successfully stopped the blow of Big Guardian, he did not have a good ending. As soon as he casted this attack, his eyes closed abruptly and his huge body returned to its original size and fell from the sky.

“Big Yellow!”

Jiang Chen snarled, and hurriedly catched Big Yellow’s body. He could sense Big Yellow’s Qi weakening.

“d.a.m.n you idiot! Who asked you to handle that blow? Who asked this stupid dog to handle that blow?! I can handle it myself! How would I continue with my life if something bad were to happen to you?!” Jiang Chen swore.

Tears welled up in his eyes. He could feel the weakness inside Big Yellow and knew what cost had Big Yellow paid in order to block that strike. Jiang Chen felt very regretful right now. He deeply regretted for not telling Big Yellow his plan earlier.

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