Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1036 – The Unilateral Massacre

Chapter 1036 – The Unilateral Massacre

The Unilateral Ma.s.sacre

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Releasing the Five Elemental Spheres was equivalent to the doomsday of all the experts. It was also a sign that a b.l.o.o.d.y ma.s.sacre was about to occur. Every expert in the scene was destined to become the prey of Jiang Chen.

The invisible domain spread out like a tidal wave up to a hundred miles wide, fusing perfectly with the battlefield. Now, the battlefield had become Jiang Chen’s domain and vice versa. Feeling the incredible binding force of the domain made their faces darkened.

Each and every one of the mighty half-step Human Immortals and Ninth Grade Great Saints had their own domain. They had also used their domain against their opponent in battles, so they knew very well the force of the domain which made them ignore Jiang Chen’s domain at the very beginning. In their point of view, if they unleashed all of their domain at the same time, Jiang Chen’s domain would be crushed instantly.

However, the fact wasn’t the same as what they expected. The power of the Five Elemental Power Spheres astonished them. None of them would’ve thought that Jiang Chen’s domain had reached such a horrifying extent.

“This is the power of domain. My G.o.d! It is a domain that has the five elements, reinforcing and restraining each other. How can this be possible?”

“No, this is totally impossible. There shouldn’t be such a powerful domain under the Heavens. How could a man possess a domain equipped with five different elements? I have only seen a man who possessed a domain equipped with two elements. Where did this monstrous genius came from? Could he be an Immortal who descended into our world?”

“That’s too scary. Five different domains combined into one. I can sense the unpleasant binding force and pressure.”


Everyone within the Five Elemental Domain couldn’t maintain their calmness. This group of more than a hundred experts panicked for the first time, they had never seen such a scary domain before in their life.

“Don’t panic, everyone! We will kill him together. We will break apart his domain. I don’t believe that his sole strength can deal with so many of us.”

Second Guardian raved. The stronger Jiang Chen became, the more uncomfortable he was. When a genius like him met a genius who was better than him, he wouldn’t be able to settle his emotions down due to overwhelming envy. Plus, he also hated Jiang Chen to the core.


A pair of brilliant Flaming Wings appeared at the back of Jiang Chen. With a casual flutter of the wings, he slowly floated in the air, like an illusion that could disappear at any second. Without waiting for the hundreds of experts to attack, Jiang Chen made his move.

“Eternal Immortal Wind!”

This powerful storm was skill with a wide range of attack. Anyone who fell into the range of his domain wouldn’t be able to avoid the attack, unless they had a stronger technique that could counter this attack, but this Immortal wind wasn’t a skill that could be countered easily.

There were experts of Desolate Palace, Narang Palace, s.h.i.+ Palace, Huo Palace and Dan Palace. Each and every one of them was Jiang Chen’s enemy. As such, he wouldn’t show any of them quarters.

*Hu…* *Hu…*

Strong winds howled. For a moment, the strong gale swept across the battlefield. A storm with the shape of a dragon was everywhere in the battlefield, carrying a wild and destructive force.

“Argh…” “Argh…” “Argh…”

Almost at the exact moment that the Eternal Immortal Wind gusted out, wails started to fill the air. Some of the Ninth Grade Great Saint elders rushed into the center of the storm, but they couldn’t bear the force of the wind at all. Instantly, they were blown into ashes and died within the domain.

There were one, two, three, five …

In the blink of an eye, a total of twenty to thirty Ninth Grade Great Saints had fallen. A scene like this was simply so astounding. Putting aside the experts who were currently in the battlefield, none of the onlookers outside could stay calm while watching the battle. One should know that those were mighty Ninth Grade Great Saints, but they were killed like ants in the storm. It was too scary.

“That’s a very terrifying storm that contained a hint of Immortal Qi. Everyone, be careful! This is a storm of destruction!”

“Everybody, we will defend against this storm together!”

“No! This storm is too strong for us. It will consume tremendous amount of our energy just to stop this storm. Besides, some Ninth Grade Great Saints had already died in the process. All Eighth Grade Great Saints and Ninth Grade Great Saints, retreat now!”


Everyone was in a panic. Some half-step Human Immortal experts were hustling the Eighth Grade and Ninth Grade experts to leave the battlefield immediately, around twenty Ninth Grade Great Saints had already died. It was too dangerous for them. If this situation continued, they were sure that all the Ninth Grade Great Saints would die, including those Eighth Grade Great Saint geniuses secretly trained by Desolate Palace, which would make them suffer a great loss. One should know that nurturing every one of these geniuses required a great deal of effort and resources. Therefore, losing any one of them was equivalent to losing a great amount of resources.

“Haha! It’s too late to retreat now. As I’ve said before, everyone who entered this battlefield would have to die. None of you should be kept alive.”

Jiang Chen burst into a wicked laughter. The gale of Eternal Immortal Wind rushed out of his body and blew madly into the battlefield. This was an attack that could move in all directions. None of his enemies would be spared from this deadly attack.

“My G.o.d! What am I seeing? Is there something blurry in front of my eyes? Or am I dreaming right now?”

“What kind of skill is that? It’s too heaven defying. Those formidable Ninth Grade Great Saints died just like that. Not even their remains was left on the scene.”

“That’s awesomely ferocious! Our Bin Palace has made the wisest decision.”


On the side of Gu Palace, a lot of them were gaping at the scene. Even those half-step Human Immortals were shocked, they had never seen such a horrifying technique that could kill Ninth Grade Great Saints like slaughtering chickens. They couldn’t help but think when did Ninth Grade Great Saints become so vulnerable and weak?

Bin Palace was indeed the luckiest palace of all. If it wasn’t for Bin Changxiao making a quick decision to erase the grudge that they had against Jiang Chen and unite with Gu and Demon Palace, they would’ve probably surrendered to Desolate Palace like the other four major palaces. Even with their Eighth, Ninth Grade and half-step Human Immortal experts joining the battlefield, it wouldn’t make any difference at all. They would still face one inescapable outcome – death.

On the battlefield, the storm was still raging wildly. Wails and screams were incessant as Ninth Grade experts kept falling continuously. After hearing the warning of the half-step Human Immortals, many of the Ninth Grade experts started to flee from the battlefield hastily, but they were horrified to find that the Five Elemental Power Spheres had already turned into a cell, preventing them from getting out.

“Not good, the domain is too strong. We are all imprisoned by this domain.”

Someone yelled.

“A few of you half-step Human Immortals stay here to rip open the domain. The rest of you follow me to eliminate Jiang Chen.”

After gaining a better understanding of the situation, Second Guardian immediately executed the best solution for this battle. In an instant, four half-step Human Immortals came together to break open Jiang Chen’s domain, whereas the other half-step Human Immortals held their Combat Weapons, launching their attacks on Jiang Chen.


With a flutter of his Flaming Wings and Spatial s.h.i.+ft, Jiang Chen vanished all of a sudden. He slipped out from the raging attacks, like a fish in the water. With so many half-step Human Immortals attacking at the same time, he naturally wouldn’t face them head-on like an idiot. He wouldn’t be able to withstand it despite his strength.

The combination of the Flaming Wings and Spatial s.h.i.+ft allowed him to escape from the range of the attack. Plus, those half-step Human Immortal had to pay a portion of their attention to defend against the Eternal Immortal Wind, which made their attacks not as powerful as before.

After slipping out from the attack, he appeared before the four half-step Human Immortals who were about to rip open his domain.

The Heavenly Saint Sword materialized in his hands and was slashed at one of the experts.


The half-step Human Immortal had almost no room to resist. He was killed and hurled into Jiang Chen’s Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da. The other three regained their senses, but how could their reaction match with Jiang Chen’s?

With successive slashes, three half-step Human Immortals had fallen. This was simply a unilateral ma.s.sacre. With the strength of a peak Seventh Grade Great Saint, plus the tenfold increase of his combat strength, theses half-step Human Immortals were no match for him.

The corpses of the three experts were also kept in the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da. Then, he locked onto the nearest half-step Human Immortal. His sword rippled out, killing his opponent instantly. As for those Ninth Grade and Eighth Grade geniuses, he didn’t even put them in his eyes. They were left with only one fate, death. They would die under the Eternal Immortal Wind even without Jiang Chen’s interference.

What Jiang Chen needed to do now was to destroy those half-step Human Immortals one after another, to prevent them from ripping off his domain.

The Five Elemental Power Spheres was constantly circulated by him, which made it very hard for one to break his domain. Also, with the use of his Great Soul Derivation Technique, he could detect any unusual activity inside his domain clearly.

“Argh…” “Argh…” “Argh…”

As soon as one wail fell, another wail was heard. The army of over a hundred experts was decreasing at a sharp rate. Experts were falling one after another. Putting aside the Ninth Grade Great Saints, those half-step Human Immortal were dying incessantly in the hands of Jiang Chen. There was nothing that they could do, even if they joined together as a team. The outcome of the war seemed to be approaching its conclusion. Like what Second Guardian said, today was destined to be the bloodiest one-sided ma.s.sacre in the history of Saint Origin World, but he failed to predict that Jiang Chen would be the one to ma.s.sacre them instead.

“This isn’t possible. How could this happen?”

The experts of the five palaces had deathly-grey look on their faces, especially the experts of Desolate Palace, they were supposed to rule the entire Saint Origin World, but now, many of their powerful experts had died under the hands of Jiang Chen. This kind of loss was unthinkable. They were afraid that even those Human Immortal old ancestors in Desolate Palace would cough up blood due to extreme anger.

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