Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1035 – The Wholesale Slaughter

Chapter 1035 – The Wholesale Slaughter

The Wholesale Slaughter

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Second Guardian was absolutely shocked. Though he had expected that Jiang Chen would be stronger than the day before, Jiang Chen’s growth had exceeded his imagination. Jiang Chen just used one single blow to pulverize his mighty attack. What was scarier was that the attack was so powerful he felt an incomparable pressure from it.

“I’d like to see how strong you really are.”

His expression turned ruthless as he raised his energy to his maximum capacity. Without a doubt, he was pus.h.i.+ng his capabilities to the limit. Infinite energy was spewing out like turbulent storm into the large folding fan. Then, he swiped at the direction of Jiang Chen’s sword light.

“Your attack is very strong but too bad, you aren’t my opponent.”

Jiang Chen didn’t even give Second Guardian a chance. He slashed again before his first slash collided with Second Guardian’s attack. With the Heavenly Saint Sword returning to its peak, a casual slash was irresistible.

*Hua La…*

Countless of sword light wove into a sword web, enshrouding the area around. Fortunately, these two experts created a new battlefield. Otherwise, the collision of their strikes would harm many people.

*Hong Long…*

The sword web collided with the large folding fan once more. The boundless void was instantly broken, creating a large hole in the sky. Second Guardian couldn’t bear Jiang Chen’s attack and was sent flying away by the impact; his face became deathly pale.


Jiang Chen’s sword rippled extremely as it caught up to Second Guardian with a blink. Feeling helpless, Second Guardian could only raise his large folding fan to block the attack.

*Chi La!*

Then, after Jiang Chen had instilled all his energy into the sword, the true form of the sword materialized as he slashed it. With a sound of ‘Chi La’, the large folding fan was torn apart into half by the sword. Second Guardian received a great backlash, causing him to spurt mouthfuls of blood.

“No way, not possible!”

Second Guardian looked at the halved folding fan in horror; he was extremely shocked. He could hardly imagine that this happened. How could he totally be defeated by a mere Seventh Grade Great Saint? More importantly, his folding fan was made of the finest material. It was his indestructible and invincible Natal Weapon! It made his heart bleed when it was damaged by Jiang Chen.


The experts in Gu Palace’s side cheered. Witnessing that not even the mighty Second Guardian was Jiang Chen’s opponent, they became so excited they jumped up and down. This had allowed them to see hope. All along, Desolate Palace had always been very strong because no one could match them. Today, however, Jiang Chen had turned the tide around all by himself. It was something which they didn’t even dare dream of.

“How could this happen? What kind of monster is this Jiang Chen? Why is he so talented? He is just a Seventh Grade Great Saint but not even Second Guardian could defeat him. Doesn’t that mean that no one else on our side could suppress him?”

“He is too horrifying. I now regret not getting rid of this lion when I had the chance to. His existence has really dealt a huge blow to us.”

“d.a.m.n! If Second Guardian is defeated, how are we supposed to continue fighting? Will Jiang Chen defeat all of our army? That will be very shameful.”


The atmosphere in Desolate camp was turning tense. With so many formidable experts, they were supposed to be the super powerful major power that could eliminate any other major power that blocked their way. But now, all of these experts were looking dispirited.

Initially, they planned to get rid of the three palaces today as a way of returning the favor to Jiang Chen. Alas! Jiang Chen had prepared for this day in advance by deploying the Five Elemental Tisura Formation that blocked their attacks. Now, while facing Jiang Chen, none of them had the faith that they could win this war despite their number.

“Second Guardian, try telling me which side is to be slaughtered today,” said Jiang Chen indifferently.

“Jiang Chen, I admit that you are a lot stronger than I am, but don’t get all over of yourself. The forces of Desolate Palace is beyond your imagination. With all your allies hiding behind a grand formation, don’t think that you can fight against so many half-step Human Immortals of our camp all by yourself,” said Second Guardian sternly.

He had never suffered such a severe blow from his opponents before. He felt extremely humiliated right now. Therefore, he had to kill Jiang Chen by hook or crook today to dispel the humiliating defeat inflicted upon him.

That wasn’t the only reason to eliminate Jiang Chen. He could deeply feel a sense of tremendous threat from him. A threat that could hurt the entire Desolate Palace. This man’s growth was too fast. If he were to be allowed to continue growing, Second Guardian was afraid that not even Big Guardian could suppress him.

“Is that so? I can kill you right this instant if I want to. But, I’ll give you all a chance to combine your strength to fight me. I would like to see whether you all will be a worthy opponent by teaming up.”

Jiang Chen crossed his arms in front his chest, with a face full of confidence. He was eager to see all of them teaming up against him, because only in this way could he kill all of them together without letting anyone slipping away.

In the history of Jiang Chen’s battles, it was proven that quant.i.ty would not take him down. This was why he gave them a chance to team up. And of course, to leave none of them alive. If he were to attack them one after the other, many of them would flee before he went after them.

“Presumptuous! We will make you regret your arrogance! All guardians, half-step Human Immortals and Ninth Grade Great Saints, surround Jiang Chen and seal this entire void.” Second Guardian commanded while keeping away his tattered folding fan.

*Hua La…*

As soon as Second Guardian’s voice faded, the experts in Desolate army began to bustle around. There was a total of 16 half-step Human Immortal experts, four of which came from Desolate Palace. Adding the 10 remaining guardians, there was a total of 26 half-step Human Immortals in the team.

In addition, with all five palaces combined, there were a few dozens of Ninth Grade Great Saints. There was also a large group of Eighth Grade Great Saint geniuses nurtured by Desolate Palace that was equivalent to Ninth Grade Great Saints in term of combat strength. So in total, there were more than a hundred of them after including the half-step Human Immortals.

This was the first time the onlookers had seen such a large and overwhelming army in Saint Origin World. It was also the first time in the history that so many powerful experts were facing only one enemy. Jiang Chen’s name would be recorded in the history regardless of whether he would win the battle or not.

A ma.s.sive battlefield was created when over a hundred of them came together. Jiang Chen was tightly besieged by them at the center.


The three palaces couldn’t help gasping for air. They were astonished by the scene they saw for the first time.

Furthermore, everyone started worrying for Jiang Chen. With over a hundred of experts combined to deal with a Seventh Grade Great Saint, how could Jiang Chen possibly stay alive after these experts attack? No matter how heaven defying he was, one should know that two fists were always weaker than four feet. Even if Jiang Chen could survive through their attacks, he would be worn out and die of extreme exhaustion.

“Jiang Chen is being so careless. How can he allow them to combine their forces? This is going to be a very tough battle.”

“That’s right. With such enormous group, I’m afraid Jiang Chen won’t stand a chance against them no matter how powerful he may be.”


All the experts of the three palaces had gotten very worried. Many half-step Human Immortals readied themselves in case Jiang Chen needed a.s.sistance. Although they weren’t so numerous, they had to try helping Jiang Chen as much as they could instead of letting him handle all of the enemies alone.

“Don’t panic, everyone. Little Chen is strong enough to deal with them alone. He had encountered a situation like this, and the enemy died tragically in the end. If you all go into the battlefield now, I’m afraid not only that won’t help Little Chen, it will also become a burden and distraction to him.” Tyrant warned them hastily.

He knew too well about Jiang Chen’s capability. The current scene was exactly the same scene when they fought Nan Bei Chao in Nebula Sect. He knew Jiang Chen had a wide-range skill named Eternal Immortal Wind that could cause a disaster to the enemy. If these experts interfered, he wouldn’t be able to use this storm that came all the way from Immortal World to avoid killing them, which would make the whole situation worse.

After listening to Tyrant’s words, those unsettled half-step Human Immortals stopped in their tracks. Although they didn’t know what means Jiang Chen would use to deal with those formidable experts, they wouldn’t doubt Tyrant’s words. They believed that the brother of Jiang Chen would never harm him.

In the battlefield, intense pressure was all over the sky, crus.h.i.+ng some parts of the void even before the battle began. No doubt, the present scene was very similar to the scene in Nebula Sect, but the difference of power between the two scenes was incomparable.

“Well, well, well. It seems like you all are ready to die. In that case, I will fulfil your wishes. No one is allowed to leave alive, all of you have to die.”

Jiang Chen’s cold eyes swept across the enemy around him. His eyes showed that all of them were worthless in front of him, like the G.o.d of Death disdaining all the beings of the world.

“Jiang Chen, quit showing us your arrogance! I will see how you are going to resist against so many of us. Don’t waste time anymore. Everyone, attack!” Second Guardian yelled.

“Five Elemental Power Spheres.”

Jiang Chen moved, casting the Five Elemental Power Spheres. Before the ma.s.sacre, he needed to integrate the battlefield with his domain so that none of them would be able to leave alive.

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