Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1034 – A One-Sided Killing

Chapter 1034 – A One-Sided Killing

A One-Sided Killing

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Although no one had emerged yet, the experts of the three palaces had gotten very excited, they couldn’t get any more familiar than this sound. It was without a doubt Jiang Chen’s voice, the true creator of miracles, the one who would always emerge in times of crisis and turn the tides.

A white-clothed silhouette appeared like a ghostly figure in the sky above Gu Palace. Truly, he was the Jiang Chen that they knew. Instead of standing within the Five Elemental Tisura Formation, he stood outside of it, facing the army of enemies fearlessly.

“That’s the spirit of a true peerless genius. The Qi that he casually emitted can overwhelm anyone. Have you all noticed that his Qi has become so much stronger than the day before? He has already advanced to the peak of Seventh Grade Great Saint. This is truly a miracle. I’m afraid that only Jiang Chen could do this under the Heavens.”

“Incredible…Jiang Chen has advanced again. He was already powerful enough to kill a guardian before he advanced. I’m afraid that even Second Guardian is no match for him now. I am starting to see a glimmer of hope for our palaces.”

“One man to turn the tides around. This is a dominance that could pierce through the sky. No one could match such dominance.”


All the experts from the three palaces looked at Jiang Chen with respect. Though Jiang Chen looked like a skinny figure, he had become so powerful that none of them could reach his level. His existence symbolized an irreplaceable position even for the three palaces. Everyone’s hope was now in his hands. They regarded him like a G.o.dlike figure now.

Jiang Chen’s appearance halted the attack of the Desolate army, which gave the Five Elemental Tisura Formation a short time to recover.

When Second Guardian stared at Jiang Chen, a hint of surprise flashed past his eyes. Given his perceptive ability, he could clearly sense that Jiang Chen was way powerful than the day before. Such a heaven defying growth rate made even the proud Second Guardian admit that he wasn’t as good as Jiang Chen.

Of course, despite Jiang Chen advancing to the peak of Seventh Grade Great Saint, Second Guardian still didn’t have the slightest bit of fear for him. He was after all an exceedingly confident man. Jiang Chen’s growth wouldn’t arouse any fear inside of him, to him, Jiang Chen was just too weak to be compared with him.

“Jiang Chen, I will say this for one last time. Release Desolate Emperor and Eighth Guardian now, and perhaps it may give the three palaces a chance of survival. Or else, the thing that would welcome you all will be extinction.” Second Guardian’s eyes flashed brilliantly as he spoke to Jiang Chen.

Without saying a word, Jiang Chen yanked Desolate Emperor and Eighth Guardian out from the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da. In fact, Desolate Emperor wasn’t in the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da, Jiang Chen just seized him from the cell in Gu Palace.

“It’s good that you understand the situation, Jiang Chen.” Desolate Emperor said viciously.

“What are you so pleased about? I didn’t say I’d let you go.”

Jiang Chen glared at Desolate Emperor.

“Jiang Chen, let the two of them go. Don’t allow yourself to fall into an irrecoverable state,” said Second Guardian.

“Really? I’m afraid that the three palaces won’t fall into that state. It will be your Desolate Palace. I will never release Desolate Emperor and Eighth Guardian. They are standing here right now because I am going to kill them personally in front of you,” replied Jiang Chen coldly.

Desolate Emperor and Eighth Guardian were now useless. At the beginning, he captured Desolate Emperor to buy them some time. He initially estimated that they would have three days time. He didn’t expect that Desolate Emperor was only worth a day’s time.

Fortunately, he was able to find the last fragment of the Heavenly Saint Sword, and was able to get back in time.

“Outrageous! Don’t you dare do it!”

Second Guardian and the Supreme Elders were infuriated. Killing Desolate Emperor and Eighth Guardian in front of them would be a direct provocation and humiliation to them.

Instead of replying them verbally, Jiang Chen replied with an audacious action.

Ignoring the frightened expression of Desolate Emperor and Eighth Guardian, he stretched out two of his fingers and struck the middle of both of their eyebrows. A ‘Pu Chi’ sound was heard along with two miserable wails, blood shot out from their wound, and they instantly died. Without even showing mercy to the corpses, he sealed the dead bodies with a formation and hurled them back into the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da. As the paG.o.da was a voracious sucker, the corpses must be protected by a formation, or else they would be engulfed by the paG.o.da.

Naturally, he was keeping these corpses for other uses.


The scene of Jiang Chen killing Desolate Emperor and Eighth Guardian shocked the experts of Gu Palace. Such a move was undeniably heaven defying. It was not only an insult to Desolate Emperor. It was also a provocation that had infuriated the Desolate army to annihilate the three palaces by any means necessary.

In fact, every one of them knew that the relations.h.i.+p between the two armies had already reached such an extent even before Jiang Chen killed Desolate Emperor and Eighth Guardian. It was an unchangeable fact.

“Son of a b*tch! How dare you do that?!”

“Dammit! He has killed our palace master. I must kill him, shred his body to million pieces, and also annihilate all three palaces. Everyone in the three palaces must be destroyed including their remains.”

“We have to eliminate all of them once and for all. They are too detestable! Killing our palace master before us only showed that they aren’t putting us in their eyes. This is no different than slapping the face of Desolate Palace. Darn it! We have suffered too much losses.”


All the experts ranging from Supreme Elders to Eighth Grade Great Saint experts in Desolate camp had gotten completely furious. Their eyes turned red, they were determined to root out the three palaces now and capture Jiang Chen to torture him horrendously before ending his life.

“Jiang Chen, I didn’t expect you to act so ruthlessly. You have just eliminated the three palaces chance of survival. Today will be the largest ma.s.sacre in the history of Saint Origin World, and this will be a one-sided ma.s.sacre.”

Second Guardian’s face turned ferocious.


Jiang Chen was absolutely indifferent to their anger. He fluctuated his Qi and turned into his half-dragon form. Powerful dragon Qi surged outwards, filling every corner with a murderous stench.

“Second Guardian, you are right. Today is going to be the greatest ma.s.sacre ever in the history of Saint Origin World and it will be a unilateral ma.s.sacre. But it won’t be you conducting the ma.s.sacre on the three palaces. It will be us ma.s.sacring you all,” said Jiang Chen loudly.

Arrogance! The aura of arrogance pervaded the entire void. No one was as arrogant as Jiang Chen in the history of Saint Origin World. In many people’s view, Jiang Chen’s arrogance was unparalleled.

“I will kill him to avenge Eighth Sister’s death.”

A man was the first to stand out. He was holding a golden sabre in his hand. Without saying anything more, he lunged towards Jiang Chen. He wasn’t an ordinary expert, he was Fifth Guardian. His rank was enough to show his power, which was on par with ordinary half-step Human Immortals. Presently, his head was overwhelmed by tremendous anger. For so many years that the thirteen of them had been cultivating together, they had developed feelings and bonds for each other. Naturally, he would be inexorably furious when Eighth Guardian was killed before them.

“Be careful, Fifth Brother.” Second Guardian warned, but it was too late.

“Humph! All of you guardians regarded yourself too highly.”

Jiang Chen let out a cold humph. The complete Heavenly Saint Sword in his hand rippled. The degree of strength that this sword had was no longer comparable to any common Combat Weapons.


Jiang Chen slashed like lightning. Razor-sharp sword light radiated out, like a wild storm with such a speed that not even Fifth Guardian had the chance to react.

*Pu Chi!*


Fifth Guardian was powerless. Along with a wail, Fifth Guardian was slashed into half. Blood gushed out of the openings. Jiang Chen grabbed the corpse, sealed it with a formation and hurled it into the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da.

One slash to kill Fifth Guardian!

“Who else?”

Jiang Chen stood facing the group of guardians with his sword. His overbearing Qi started to fill the atmosphere.

“Haha! This is good! Jiang Chen has grown stronger. Not even a guardian of Desolate Palace is his opponent now.”

“He’s amazing! Fifth Guardian is severed into half just like that. Out of Thirteen Guardians, two guardians have already fallen, and I don’t think Second Guardian is a match for Jiang Chen.”


The slash had stirred up the emotion of the three palaces. Even though they knew that today was going to be the largest ma.s.sacre in the history of Saint Origin World, they were still clueless which side would be the one to conduct the one-sided ma.s.sacre.

“Fifth Brother!”

“b.a.s.t.a.r.d, I will kill him!”


The remaining guardians got really furious. As Sixth Guardian was lunging towards Jiang Chen, he was stopped by Second Guardian.

“Let me do this. You aren’t his opponent.”

Second Guardian’s tone was grim, including his expression. He had not thought that such a day would come. A day when Jiang Chen had grown to such an unimaginable extent. Amongst the entire army of Desolate Palace, it seemed like only he could fight him.

“You are no match for me, let your Big Guardian come and face me.”

Jiang Chen pointed his sword at Second Guardian. His tone and eyes were full of contempt.

“I alone am capable enough to get rid of you.”

Second Guardian unfolded his folding fan and struck at Jiang Chen violently. Stormy energy rustled in the air, forming a large golden barrier that could destroy everything. It reached Jiang Chen in a few blinks.

Confronting such a powerful attack, Jiang Chen’s expression didn’t even change a bit. With his current strength, he too wouldn’t put Second Guardian in his eyes.


The Heavenly Saint Sword was swiped once more. With a ‘Chi La’, the golden barrier casted by Second Guardian was ripped into half. The formidable sword Qi continued launching forward, striking at the direction of Second Guardian.


Second Guardian’s facial expression changed dramatically and yelled. A sense of fear bloomed from the bottom of his heart.

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