Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1031 – The Completion of the Heavenly Saint Sword

Chapter 1031 – The Completion of the Heavenly Saint Sword

The Completion of the Heavenly Saint Sword

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With a flick, the last piece flew automatically to his hands and rippled pleasantly, as if it was summoned by its master.

“Big Yellow, there are innumerable spiritual herbs and demon souls here. There are also some Ninth Grade Great Saint demon souls and devil souls. So, consume and absorb as much of them as you can. With the strength of your Divine Beast Bloodline and blessings of Totem Divine Seal, you virtually have limitless absorption capacity. This is a golden opportunity which you cannot miss. As for me, I’m going to refine the last fragment of the Heavenly Saint Sword, and I’m afraid the process will probably take at least one day to complete,” said Jiang Chen to Big Yellow.

“Don’t worry. I won’t give a d.a.m.n to any of your precious treasures, especially those devil and demon souls. Once the Totem Divine Seal and my bloodline successfully absorb all of these things, my cultivation base will skyrocket to the eighth grade.”

Big Yellow had gotten very excited. He was afraid that he would only encounter such a great opportunity once in his lifetime. Only fools would never appreciate such opportunity, and Big Yellow was no fool.

A man and a dog started their refinement without any delay because they didn’t have much time to waste. A great crisis was going to explode in Saint Origin Palace at any moment. The only person who could alter the fate of the three major palaces was Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen sat cross-legged. He drew out the Heavenly Saint Sword and started fusing the last piece of the sword, and because it was the last piece, it would take a lot longer than before. It would need at least a day’s time.

As for their safety, this place was too safe to be at. There was no need for any defense at all. With the heavenly barrier outside, no one would be able to enter, even those Human Immortals of Desolate Palace, and no one was able to guess that he was now at the most central part of the Saint Cliff.

Meanwhile in Desolate Palace!

The old ancestor Human Immortal had gotten very furious. The twelve Guardians and the higher ups of Desolate Palace were silent, and trembling in fear.

“You all are a bunch of tras.h.!.+ How could you allow one brat to mess up our plan? Even our palace master is being held captive by them. This is disgraceful!”

That Human Immortal eyes swept across everyone present. Immediately, all of them felt a strong pressure that even made their souls tremble. That was a pressure emitted from a formidable Human Immortal. Even those half-step Human Immortals couldn’t bear it.

“Old Ancestor, what should we do now?” Second Guardian asked boldly.

“Humph! Jiang Chen thinks that he can stop our plan by himself? That’s ridiculous. How could we give up our hundred-year-old plan so easily?”

The old ancestor let out a cold humph.

“But Old Ancestor, Desolate Emperor is still in their hands. If we attack by force, I’m afraid Desolate Emperor’s life will be in danger. He represents an important position in Desolate Palace. If something were to happen to him, I’m afraid the impact would hit us hard.” A half-step Human Immortal Supreme Elder said worriedly.

“Go to Gu Palace and tell them that I will only give them a day’s time to release Desolate Emperor and Eighth Guardian. Once the time is over, they will lose the chance of signing the contract and Desolate Palace will launch a ma.s.sive attack, killing everyone and destroying everything there. We will let them feel the pain of extinction.” Old Ancestor said with a ruthless face. His tone carried no emotions.


The half-step Human Immortal Supreme Elder knitted his brows. They had spent longer time with Desolate Emperor than any other elders and disciples, which made their relations.h.i.+p closer. They didn’t wish to see any accident happen on him, but they also understood the character of Jiang Chen clearly. It was simply impossible for a ruthless man to let Desolate Emperor so easily.

“There’s no ‘buts’. We can’t allow any hindrance to our grand plan. Desolate Emperor is the leader of the army, but was the first to be captured by the enemy. It is a great shame to Desolate Palace. If he died, another palace master will take his place. Go now.”

Old ancestor waved his sleeve. No one present dared to disobey his command. His words had the absolute authority.

Jiang Chen’s guess was right. Those Human Immortals of Desolate Palace had stayed in Saint Origin Palace in the last hundred years just to realize their grand plan, the realization of conquering the whole Saint Origin World. No one would be able to stop their footsteps, not even the palace master of Desolate Palace—Desolate Emperor. In the eyes of those old ancestors, the life of Desolate Emperor couldn’t be compared to the fate of Desolate Palace.

“Yes, old ancestor.”

Second Guardian clasped his fists, turned and left.

He arrived outside Gu Palace and yelled, “Jiang Chen and every one of the three palaces, listen up! We, Desolate Palace, will only give you all a day’s time to hand over Desolate Emperor and Eighth Guardian. In which case, you all will be granted the chance to surrender and sign the contract. If they aren’t released, Desolate Palace will launch a large-scale attack on Gu Palace, annihilating all of your palaces.”

The world ‘annihilated’ reverberated over the void and into everyone’s ears. Their mood had fallen from hopeful to despair. A day’s time… it seemed like this was the last period they had left.

“What? A day’s time?”

“It seems like Jiang Chen made the right guess. Compared to Desolate Palace’s determination to conquer the world and Desolate Emperor, the palace master was obviously outweighed by their desire to rule the whole world. We initially thought that we would get three days’ time before the attack. No one imagined that Desolate Emperor and Eighth Guardian are only worth one day.”

“Ai! The thing that was destined to come will come eventually, but a day is just too tight. Even if Jiang Chen is super talented, I’m afraid that he won’t be able to advance to the Seventh Grade Great Saint in a single day. The true crisis has struck us this time.”

“Let’s hope that Jiang Chen will be able to bring another miracle to us. Otherwise, our palaces will be doomed and go extinct.”


The higher ups of the three palaces sighed once more. Given their current situation, they naturally couldn’t let Desolate Emperor go. If they really released Desolate Emperor, he who had been disgraced badly, would never agree to let them sign the contract even if Second Guardian had already stated the condition beforehand. When a chance was given to him, he wouldn’t hesitate to annihilate the three major palaces for revenge.

There was no turning back for the three palaces now. They could only face the crisis head on, at the same time, placing all of their hopes on Jiang Chen, praying that he had enough time to reach a higher level. If he succeeded, they earnestly believed that he would turn the tides of war. However, they also knew that it wasn’t an easy task.

In the Saint Cliff, Jiang Chen had completed the fusing of the last fragment with the fastest speed. It only took him half a day’s time.


The Heavenly Saint Sword uttered a pleasant howl as it hovered above Jiang Chen’s head, emitting unusual colors of radiance. The surface of the sword sparkled with the images of dragons, while the hilt turned into a blood-red dragon head that looked very lifelike. After all, the fragments had already been fused into the sword, it now seemed as if it contained a soul. Anyone who saw the Qi of this sword could undoubtedly tell that it was an impeccably treasured sword.

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