Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1030 – The Seventh Fragment of the Heavenly Saint Sword

Chapter 1030 – The Seventh Fragment of the Heavenly Saint Sword

The Seventh Fragment of the Heavenly Saint Sword

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The word ‘treasure’ made Big Yellow’s eyes glitter. There was nothing in this world more fascinating than treasures.

“Wakaka! Not bad kid! Master Dog is really interested in those treasures left by the World’s Greatest Saint. I would also like to see what’s behind the heavenly barrier.” Big Yellow laughed and said.

He knew that Jiang Chen was the World’s Greatest Saint. He felt that it would be worthwhile to go hunt for the treasure left by the him.

Soon, both of them had arrived in Gu Family through the spatial pa.s.sageway. Instead of informing anyone in Gu Family, they headed straight to the Saint Cliff. Saint Origin World had returned to its usual peace after the Great War with the Devil Race.

Now that the Devil Race had already been fully controlled by Han Yan, there was no need to worry that there would be any invasion from the devil army. The people of Pure Land had still yet to know about the chaos that was happening in Saint Origin Palace despite the calm look of Saint Origin World. They were clueless that Narang Palace and the other three palaces had submitted themselves to Desolate Palace by signing the submissive contract. Because it just happened a while ago, the bondage of the contract hadn’t spread across to the four major families in Pure Land yet. However, it was believed that it wouldn’t be long before they felt the power of the bondage. This had become the tragedy for these four major families and palaces. They would never have freedom until one day when Desolate Palace was annihilated.

The Saint Cliff!

Sinister wind blew past them. The cliff that was once called the Saint Cliff had now become completely barren. It was basically a place of desolation, and there were hardly people appearing in this place. This was the second time Jiang Chen returned to this place after his reincarnation. Although he had lived here once, he wasn’t able to ease his emotion because this place meant so much to him. This was a place where he had left behind his glory, the endless legend and the greatest pain and unwillingness.

Jiang Chen and Big Yellow approached the heavenly barrier. Though they couldn’t see the barrier clearly, they could clearly sense the scariness of it. This was a barrier of nature that could block everything, even formidable half-step Human Immortals.

“Do you think your paG.o.da can penetrate into it?” asked Big Yellow with doubtfully.

“I once used the paG.o.da to penetrate through the deep layer of spatial zone in Desolate Palace. Then, I saw Ancestor Greenlotus imprisoned in a spatial cell built by Human Immortals, and I was able to slip into the spatial cell easily using it. So I think the paG.o.da can slip past this barrier as well. In any case, we have to try it first,” replied Jiang Chen.

He had very high confidence in the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da. Furthermore, this was his last chance. The last fragment of the Heavenly Saint Sword might just be inside the Saint Cliff. In fact, given Jiang Chen’s cultivation base, all the treasures left by his previous self weren’t useful to him anymore, except the last remnant of the Heavenly Saint Sword. If he failed to find the last piece, the sword would still be incomplete even after he had ascended to the Immortal World.

As the Heavenly Saint Sword was his natal weapon, he naturally wished that he could make it a perfect weapon. If this weapon couldn’t achieve its perfection before he left Saint Origin World, it might negatively affect him in the future—something which he didn’t wish to see.

“I will open the paG.o.da now. You will go in first.”

Jiang Chen ripped open an entrance for Big Yellow to enter, he then followed. Under his control, the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da went nearer to the shapeless heavenly barrier stealthily. Both of them got tensed up when the paG.o.da was inching the barrier. This would be their last chance. If they failed, they wouldn’t be able to defeat Desolate Palace.


When the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da collided with the heavenly barrier, it shook slightly, creating a light sound. Jiang Chen got more tensed up. He held his breath but to his surprise, the paG.o.da didn’t bounce back from the heavenly barrier.

“I think it worked.”

Big Yellow’s eyes sparkled.

“Not yet.”

Jiang Chen gritted his teeth, trying his best to control the movement of the paG.o.da while it penetrated itself into the interior of the heavenly barrier. Then, with a puff, the ancient dragon marks on the surface of the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da began to churn as though they had received some kind of stimulation, and a surprising scene appeared ahead of them.

The divine Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da penetrated into the interior of the Saint Cliff without being blocked by the heavenly barrier.


Jiang Chen and Big Yellow walked out of the paG.o.da, looking astonished. They had come into the interior of the Saint Cliff at last.

“Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da sure is extraordinary and has many wonderful uses. The higher the level the paG.o.da got, the more uses it has.”

Jiang Chen started to pay more attention to the paG.o.da. It was a supreme treasure of the Ancestral Dragon. It was a treasure full of divinity. It certainly had been very useful to him. It was conceivable that the paG.o.da would become more powerful and useful as his cultivation base grew.

The atmosphere of the surrounding was filled with gloomy Qi. Sinister wind that chilled people’s spine was blowing in incessantly. Rubbles and half-crumbled hills could be found everywhere. It looked a desolate area that didn’t look even the least bit like where a treasure would be found. But there was full confidence radiating from Jiang Chen’s face instead of nervousness.

“Are you right about this? Where did you keep those treasures? I don’t see even a hair here.”

Big Yellow looked at Jiang Chen, speechless.

“Did you think I will simply place my treasures in noticeable places, given the means I have? Watch closely,” replied Jiang Chen.

He took several steps towards south west. After confirming the coordinates, he ripped apart the void. For a moment, countless of golden rays streamed out falling upon Jiang Chen and Big Yellow’s body. Jiang Chen looked calm whereas Big Yellow had gone excited.

“This is the Qi of Saint Rank Restoration Pills, of other precious spiritual herbs, of all kinds of powerful demon souls, devil souls and many other combat weapons and treasures. It turns out that you have created a new spatial zone just to keep these treasures. That’s awesome!”

Big Yellow had a keen sense of smell. He could detect the types of the treasures by just smelling them.

These treasures left by Jiang Chen 100 years ago were definitely the greatest treasures of Saint Origin World. Anyone who could discover this vault of treasure would bring prosperity to their sect. Big Yellow was no doubt impressed by Jiang Chen’s means of keeping these treasures, admitting in his heart that Jiang Chen was worthy of being called the World’s Greatest Saint. Despite it was a new spatial zone, it was fully connected to the world’s barrier which made it extremely hard for even mighty Ninth Grade Great Saints to find.

One hundred years ago, the World’s Greatest Saint was the peak existence with excellent and flawless means. Other people would not be able to find these treasures. He, on the other hand, could sense and ident.i.ty its location casually as the spatial zone was built by him.

“Let’s go.” Jiang Chen said, leading the way.

Big Yellow followed him. As this was a spatial zone personally created by Jiang Chen, he wouldn’t need to raise his alertness against it. He was certain that Jiang Chen wouldn’t harm him.

Nevertheless, he gaped the moment he entered the zone. It was a small spatial zone with roughly a mile wide, which was still smaller than an average palace. But within this small and congested spatial zone was full of all sorts of formations—Trapping Formation, Killing Formation, Deluding Formation and so forth—that were densely intertwined with one another. In general, people who entered this place would faint due to dizziness.

“Darn you f*cking genius! You are worthy to be called the World’s Greatest Saint!” Big Yellow yelped.

He was now totally impressed by Jiang Chen. He was afraid that only Jiang Chen had the ability to keep these much of treasures.

“Too bad, that was my past.”

Jiang Chen smiled bitterly. He waved and those formations disappeared without a trace as though they had received some kind of command. Then, the treasures in the vault revealed itself completely. There were various kinds of spatial rings, other kinds of treasures that could store things, precious spiritual herbs and etc. Floating around in the void was at least a few hundred combat weapons. Big Yellow saw some Fifth Grade Demon Soul being thrown on the floor like trash. There were also pills that looked strange and rare. Every one of these treasures was a priceless. But they were placed everywhere in this place casually, like they didn’t worth even a penny.

“Wakaka! Little Chen! Master Dog didn’t expect you to have kept so much treasures. Master dog is getting rich this time! Master Dog is going to have a h.e.l.l lot of precious meal.”

Big Yellow bounced up vigorously. Immediately, he took in a deep breath like how the whale sucked in water, and sucked in enormous amount of spiritual herbs and pills. It made him seem like a being that could digest almost everything.

Seeing what happened, Jiang Chen couldn’t help laughing. The reason he brought Big Yellow along was to allow him to devour these treasures. He was clear how many treasures he had left but none of them was significant enough to draw his attention. All he wanted right now was the last fragment of the Heavenly Saint Sword.

However, his sword wasn’t broken during the time he created this treasure vault. Anyhow, he had been searching for traces that could lead him to the last fragment and found none in Saint Origin World or Saint Origin Palace. So, his final guess was that the fragment might be left in this spatial zone. Although this was just a guess, it wasn’t a groundless guess. After all, this was the place where he had fallen a hundred years ago.


Sure enough, as he was inspecting the hundreds of combat weapons floating in the void, a buzzing sound was heard somewhere around. Immediately, he identified a broken sword out of the countless of combat weapons. This broken sword was where the buzzing sound came from.

“Haha! Here it is!”

Jiang Chen laughed in delight. That was no doubt the last piece of Heavenly Saint Sword fragment. It seemed he had made the right guess this time that the last fragment was in this treasure vault. The Heavenly Saint Sword would return to its peak after integrating with this sword fragment. The effect of this integration would be a lot greater than all the previous integrations. As such, it would not be a problem at all for him to directly advance to the peak of the seventh grade.

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