Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1032 – The Power of Han Yan

Chapter 1032 – The Power of Han Yan

The Power of Han Yan

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As the Heavenly Saint Sword returned to its peak state, Jiang Chen began to receive the benefits from it; the potential strength inside of him was stimulated. The number of new dragon marks in his Qi Sea was increasing rapidly. Very quickly, 500 dragon marks were formed, making a total of 92 000 dragon marks in his body. It was without a doubt the number of dragon marks required to advance to the Seventh Grade Great Saint.


An incomparably violent Qi blasted out from his body all of a sudden. The seventh grade of the Great Saint realm itself was a difficult hurdle. If the Great Saint realm was divided into three portions, the seventh grade would be the late stage of the realm. Despite this being just the beginning of the late stage of the realm, it was many folds stronger than that of the sixth grade no doubt.

But then again, advancing to the seventh grade wasn’t the end of the improvement. The completion of Heavenly Saint Sword had brought him more benefits than the mere 500 dragon marks. New dragon marks were forming inside his Qi Sea incessantly. It seemed like it wouldn’t be a problem for him to hit the peak of the seventh Grade Great Saint.

If he transformed into a half-dragon, he could kill the Twelve Guardians with ease. He could even fight Second Guardian. If he reached the peak of the seventh grade, Second Guardian would certainly be no match for him and would be killed instantly.

On the other side, Big Yellow was undergoing some earth-shaking transformation too. The surface of his body was wrapped by a large golden coc.o.o.n created by the energy from all of the spiritual herbs, demon and devil souls he consumed. Currently, his cultivation base was still soaring incessantly.

A day’s time pa.s.sed very quickly. Jiang Chen’s cultivation base had hit the peak of the Seventh Grade Great Saint, just like what he had expected. The total dragon marks in his body had reached 93 500, 500 more to break through to the next level.

Jiang Chen’s current cultivation was undeniably many times stronger compared to before.

*Hua La…*

Energy and Qi receded back into his body like the waves. He opened his eyes, gleaming with brilliance as the Heavenly Saint Sword fell automatically into his hands. A smile appeared at the corner of his mouth.

“With the strength and the completed Heavenly Saint Sword that I have now, I can kill that Second Guardian with ease. However, I’m afraid that it’s not yet enough to deal with that Big Guardian. At any rate, that isn’t my concern for the time being. I will take a step each at a time. There’ll surely be a way when the time comes.”

Jiang Chen had now placed the Second and the other Guardians out of his eyes, except for Big Guardian who hadn’t appeared yet. Apparently, Big Guardian was a lot stronger than Second Guardian. He estimated that he would need to at least advance to the eighth grade in order to fight Big Guardian.

He stood up, looking at the sleeping Big Yellow silently. He walked out of the spatial zone towards the Saint Cliff. Unexpectedly, he went through the heavenly barrier unhindered. Therefore, this showed that only the people outside the barrier wouldn’t be able to pa.s.s through it.

“I wonder what’s the condition of Saint Origin Palace right now. I will head back first, and leave Big Yellow here. He will join us once he succeeded.”

Jiang Chen dared not neglect the limited time he had. Though he said that Desolate Palace would take at most three days’ time before they attack, there was no way that he could be certain about it, things could turn out very differently from what he expected.

Meanwhile, the current situation in Saint Origin Palace was beyond Jiang Chen’s expectation. A day has pa.s.sed but an army of Desolate experts were already outside of Gu Palace. The Qi and pressure they emitted encompa.s.sed the entire palace, almost suffocating the people inside.

Second Guardian stood at the very front. His white clothes fluttered in the wind. The folding fan in his hand reflected a light that was as sharp as a sword. There was a killing intent all over his body, making him entirely different from his previous scholarly demeanour.

“All the people of Gu Palace, listen closely! I will give you all one last chance to hand over Desolate Emperor and Eighth Guardian now and yield to us.” Second Guardian yelled in a stern tone.

However, there was no response from Gu Palace’s side which wore out his patience and ignited his fury.

“Good, this is very good. Since you three palaces are seeking death, don’t blame us for not giving you a chance. Listen up, experts of Desolate army! Attack Gu Palace now and don’t leave a single living thing here alive.” Second Guardian commanded.

Immediately, a battle cry was heard, as the remaining ten guardians and the experts of Narang, s.h.i.+, Dan and Huo Palace lunged forward, bombarding Gu Palace.

With such an enormous army and frightening attacks, it wasn’t an exaggeration to describe it as unrivalled. It was conceivable that these ma.s.sive attacks would turn Gu Palace into powder instantaneously and disappear forever if Gu Palace wasn’t protected by any protective barrier.

The people from the three palaces changed their facial expression dramatically. This was undoubtedly a ma.s.sive war. No one was certain if they could stay alive in such a war. It was impractical to fight their enemies head on even with the help of the Devil Race, the gap between the two armies was too great. Now, the only thing that they could rely on was the Five Elemental Tisura Formation despite their lack of confidence and despair.

“Everybody hold the grand formation with all your might now!” Gu Firmament shouted hastily.

The Five Elemental Tisura Formation was their last line of defence. Once it was torn apart, they would certainly be doomed. For now, with the help of the Devil Race and half-step Human Immortals, the three palaces were strong enough to support the Five Elemental Tisura Formation.

*Hong Long…*

The grand formation was bombarded with tremendous energy, shaking the whole formation violently, making even the light of the formation dim. However, the people of the three palaces were exhilarated when the formation withstood such a ma.s.sive attack.

“What an amazing Five Elemental Tisura Formation! I can’t believe that it has such a powerful defensive strength.”

“It’s too early to feel happy about it. Our enemy has just launched their first attack. They won’t stop attacking and every attack will be stronger than the last, which will cost a ma.s.sive consumption of our energy. I’m clueless about how long can we hold this grand formation before burning out.”

“Don’t be distracted! Continue to hold the grand formation until Jiang Chen returns. According to my calculation, today isn’t the day of our destruction and Jiang Chen is still the largest variable in this crisis.”


The old ancestor of Gu Palace’s word has excited them all again, as if he injected a shot of adrenaline into them. They were now filled with hope again.

“What’s that grand formation? How could it stop our ma.s.sive attack?”

“I have never seen such a formation before. It seems like the three palaces have made the necessary preparations for our attack.”

“Knock it off! The stronger the formation, the greater the energy it consumes. I would like to know how long they can last. Continue attacking! We will rip this grand formation apart!”


The appearance of the Five Elemental Tisura Formation had surprised the enemy. Nevertheless, in spite of their surprise, they were still the most powerful force compared to the three palaces. They were sure that they could rip this grand formation regardless of how exceptional it was.

Second Guardian made a ruthless move. The folding fan in his hand grew to 300 meters. Every wave of the fan created an extreme force that could topple mountains and overturn seas. In the meantime, all the guardians and half-step Human Immortals were focusing their attacks on the five formation eyes. Soon, cracks began to appear on the surface of the grand formation. The people of the three palaces got tensed once more.

“A situation like this is too frustrating!”

Han Yan was holding the Supreme Devil Wand. His white hair fluttered along the breeze, making him look like a frenzied devil. All of a sudden, he rushed out of the grand formation at maximum speed, and appeared before a Ninth Grade Great Saint of Desolate army. Without saying a word, he swiped the Supreme Devil Wand, spreading out thousands of devil waves, smas.h.i.+ng against the opponent.

“What?!” exclaimed the Ninth Grade Great Saint.

A sense of extreme danger rose from the bottom of his heart. He hadn’t thought that his enemy would dare to rush out of the grand formation. In their point of view, the experts of the three palaces would only stay within the proximity of the grand formation, unless they wanted an early death.

Too bad, no one in Desolate Palace thought that someone would rush out of the grand formation and wanted to die so badly, like what was happening now. The Ninth Grade Great Saint was currently at the brink of death when Han Yan sneak-attacked him.

*Hong Long…*

The Supreme Devil Wand moved too quickly. It smashed right at the head of the Ninth Grade Great Saint. A shrill wail was heard before his entire body was smashed into dust. Adding Han Yan’s cultivation base and the Supreme Devil Wand, killing an ordinary Ninth Grade Great Saint would be a piece of cake. He could even fight the guardians into a draw. To put it bluntly, Han Yan now possessed the combat strength on par with a half-step Human Immortal.

Also, he possessed the complete Ancient Divine Devil Bloodline and the Great Devil Curse, which made him very dangerous even to those guardians if they weren’t careful enough. Once his Great Devil Curse invaded their minds, they were doomed. It would be a scene very similar to the time when Sang Ba killed the geniuses of Saint Origin Palace easily.

“A mad devil has rushed out from the enemy camp. Kill him!”

Someone regained his senses and roared.

*Hua La…*

For a moment, nearly a dozen Ninth Grade Great Saints surrounded Han Yan. Including the palace master of Dan and Huo Palace who had stronger combat power than the general Ninth Grade Great Saints, but that didn’t concern Han Yan at all. To him, killing any one of them was just a piece of cake.

“A wild devil dares to come here and show your arrogance?! You are the friend of Jiang Chen, go and die now!” The palace master of Huo Palace said, gritting his teeth.

After yielding to Desolate Palace, he felt extremely annoyed. Adding the grudge that he had against Jiang Chen, he would naturally express all his anger on Jiang Chen or someone related to Jiang Chen. Therefore, he would definitely kill Jiang Chen’s friend as a way to express his frustration.

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