Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1029 – Returning To the Saint Cliff Once More

Chapter 1029 – Returning To the Saint Cliff Once More

Returning To the Saint Cliff Once More

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After learning the real secret of Desolate Palace, all their confident looks faded. They thought that by holding Desolate Emperor hostage Desolate Palace would stop from making the next move, which now seemed impossible. There were still mighty Human Immortal old ancestors behind Desolate Emperor. They had spent a hundred years of effort just to realize today’s plan. Therefore, it was impossible for them to give up all their plans because of one person – Desolate Emperor.

“But, there’s not need to worry. Although Desolate Palace has the mighty Human Immortal old ancestors backing them, they won’t get involved in the war personally. So they haven’t really reached a point where they could no longer fight back. The situation will reveal itself bit by bit. What I am worried about now is the Big Guardian which has been absent since the very beginning,” said Jiang Chen.

Saying these two words drew everyone’s attention instantly. This was the person whom they had all forgotten. The youth who fought them just now was merely the Second Guardian. It was imaginable that Big Guardian was a lot stronger than him. All the experts began to feel powerless and helpless just like before, the forces of Desolate Palace was just too strong, so strong that it was unreachable.

“Jiang Chen, what countermeasures do you have?” asked Gu Firmament.

Everyone started looking at Jiang Chen. At this time, it was true that all of them were out of wits. So, they could only rely on Jiang Chen, hoping that he would continue to bring them miracles.

“Any good strategies is useless because the gap in power is just too wide. The only thing that we can do now is to improve our strength,” said Jiang Chen.

“Ai! It is literally impossible to improve our strength without a few days’ time.”

Bin Changxiao heaved a sigh. Everyone’s face turned very unpleasant but they were very clear that although Jiang Chen sounded senseless, what he said was true. Any kinds of techniques or strategies was futile in the face of such an overpowering enemy. Therefore, the only way to confront such enemy was to improve their own strength.

“You all can’t, but I can. As long as my cultivation base breaks through to the Seventh Grade Great Saint, that Second Guardian will be no match for me. At that time, he is going to be killed by me. Additionally, since Big Guardian hasn’t appeared yet, we don’t have to worry much about him. We will move a step at a time. It won’t be easy for Desolate Palace to devour us. They are destined to become the stepping stones of my path.”

Jiang Chen’s Qi fluctuated. He stood up from his seat. Dense superior Qi emitted from his body, stirring up their admiration for him.

“There are only three days left. Advancing from Sixth Grade to the Seventh Grade won’t be an easy task, even for you.”

An old ancestor from the Bin Family said. They had no doubts about Jiang Chen’s strength. They also wouldn’t doubt that Jiang Chen could beat Second Guardian to death if Jiang Chen advanced to the Seventh Grade Great Saint, but the problem was the process of advancement. Improving the cultivation base from the Sixth Grade to the Seventh Grade Great Saint was almost an unachievable task.

“I have my own ways. I’m going to leave Saint Origin Palace and will return three days later. If no accident happens along the way, it won’t be a problem for me to advance to the Seventh Grade Great Saint. But before I departure, I need to do one more thing.”

After he finished speaking, he looked over to where Big Yellow and Tyrant were standing. “Big Yellow, Tyrant, you two are needed again. Do you still remember the time when we fought against Nan Bei chao in Nebula Sect?”

“You mean the Five Elemental Tisura Formation?”

Tyrant’s eyes sparkled.

“That’s right. Three of us will deploy the Five Elemental Tisura Formation around Gu Palace. All Ninth Grade Great Saints are required to a.s.sume control of the formation. I will contribute the five elements, Tyrant will use the Blood Red Monument and Big Yellow will use his knowledge from the Formation Holy Book. Adding all other experts' support to the formation, it will be able to last for a period of time if Desolate Palace launches a sudden attack.”

Said Jiang Chen.

“Okay. Time is of the essence, let’s do it now.”

Tyrant said. Given the tenseness of the situation, everyone would agree that any measures must be implemented without delay.

Very soon, two men and a dog completed the deployment of the Five Elemental Tisura Formation, using the Five Elements as the foundation. The Blood Red Monument was suspended in the void at the center of the grand formation, emitting a dazzling light. It was a very powerful stone monument. Until now, Tyrant still wasn’t able to discover the secrets of this stone monument, but he was certain about the usage of the stone monument.

The experts of the three palaces stared at the Five Elemental Tisura Formation. Everyone’s eyes went wide. Almost every one of them were renowned experts. They had powerful cultivation base, were proficient in plentiful of formations and were considered the peak existence in the pyramid of life. Even the greatest Formation Master among them couldn’t help but praise upon seeing the Five Elemental Tisura Formation.

“This formation is incredible. It’s a miracle that Jiang Chen possesses all five elements.”

“A monstrous existence like him is a miracle. Without this miracle, I’m afraid that we have no choice but to follow the example of Narang Palace. With this formation, it is indeed possible to effectively resist the attack of Desolate Palace. However, it still all depend on Jiang Chen whether he can advance to the Seventh Grade Great Saint in a short period of time.”

“I’m now very confident in Jiang Chen. This man has created countless of miracles. He has been making an amazingly rapid progress. Currently, the fate of our three major palaces are tied to him.”


Everyone marveled at Jiang Chen’s capabilities. Ever since they knew Jiang Chen, they realized that everything Jiang Chen did was big.

“Big Yellow, the Five Elemental Tisura Formation will be controlled by the half-step Human Immortals, which is enough to guarantee the safety of Gu Palace. I need you to come with me.”

Jiang Chen left bringing Big Yellow along. They went back to the Pure Land through the spatial pa.s.sageway in Gu Palace.

“Little Chen, where are we going now?”

Big Yellow asked curiously.

“To Saint Cliff.”

Answered Jiang Chen.

“The place where you had fallen? We have been there once but there was nothing to be found there. Besides, the interior of the Saint Cliff has been blocked by a heavenly barrier. We won’t be able to get in.”

Big Yellow doubted.

“That’s right. We couldn’t last time, but I’m afraid that we can, now. Perhaps the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da can help us do so.”

Said Jiang Chen with a smile. He hadn’t thought about it last time but he recalled the time when he sneaked in Ancestor Greenlotus cell. As such, he thought that the paG.o.da might be able to slip past the heavenly barrier as well.

“I have left an earth-shattering treasures in the Saint Cliff. I predict that many of those treasures may be of great use to you. Also, I have a hunch that the last fragment of the Heavenly Saint Sword is just behind the heavenly barrier. This palace is located right at the center of Saint Cliff. If we are able to get past the barrier, not only would my cultivation base advance to the Seventh Grade Great Saint, your cultivation base will also improve by a leaps and bounds, which may arouse the power of the Totem Divine Seal, pus.h.i.+ng your cultivation base even further to a terrifying extent.”

Said Jiang Chen. The Saint Cliff was a place of great significance to him and it was time for him to return there once more.

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