Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1028 – The Crisis Has Just Started

Chapter 1028 – The Crisis Has Just Started

The Crisis Has Just Started

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In truth, Second Guardian wasn’t surprised by Jiang Chen’s response. It would be unexpected if Jiang Chen agreed to let Eighth Guardian and Desolate Emperor go. He had fallen into Jiang Chen’s trap when he offered the terms of the battle. Now that the terms were mutually agreed and the battle was over, they were in a dilemma whether to retreat or advance.

“Second Brother, what now? Eighth Sister and Palace Master have already fallen into Jiang Chen’s custody which makes it hard for us to advance.” A guardian neared Second Guardian and spoke.

At this time, few of the half-step Human Immortal Supreme Elders approached Second Guardian.

“Second Guardian, I think we should retreat first. Then we will discuss about how we will deal with these three major palaces. They won’t be able to create any waves of chaos even if they have a few more days of time. The outcome will be the same. There’s no one that can stop our palace from ruling the entire Saint Origin Palace.” A Supreme Elder said.

“Alright. We’ll let them live two more days. Tear off the submissive contract. They won’t have the chance to sign this contract anymore. Soon, they will be greeted by extinction and complete destruction.” Second Guardian said maliciously.

He had not expected to encounter such a large obstacle in his first battle after the succeeding in his cultivation. It made him feel as if a thorn was jabbed into his heart. It was the greatest humiliation he had ever suffered.

“Jiang Chen, this will be your last chance. If you let Desolate Emperor and Eighth Guardian go now and submit yourselves to us, I guarantee Desolate Palace will never create trouble for you all anymore. If you decline my offer, you should be able to imagine the outcome of such action. Our forces is unstoppable. The three palaces will lose the only chance of signing the submissive contract. Then, whatever awaits you all in the end will be annihilation,” said Second Guardian sternly.

“I don’t think the annihilation of both armies will be a big deal. I am waiting for it,” replied Jiang Chen incisively.

This was the first direct confrontation he had against Desolate Palace. He would never show any quarters to them. To him, the submissive contract was totally ridiculous. He was the majestic world’s Greatest Saint and the greatest cultivator in his past life. In this life, he would return to the height he once reached by stepping on all his formidable and powerful enemies ruthlessly. Presently, Desolate Palace was the strongest enemy he had faced so far.

“Very well. You three palaces will pay a high price for what you decided today.”

Second Guardian tore off three submissive contracts immediately, showing them that they had lost their chance to live. Desolate Palace would deal with them with the cruelest means, ensuring that they wouldn’t have the chance to survive.


Second Guardian waved, and disappeared with the army.

Seeing what happened, all the experts of three major palaces cheered once more. Their despair disappeared in an instant. Previously, they had almost lost their hopes until Jiang Chen emerged, reversing the critical situation. This had raised their impression of him. Everyone including Bin Changxiao was staring at him with respect.

“Jiang Chen, from today onwards we will sc.r.a.pe off the grudge and revenge between you and our palace. Bin Palace owes you a great kindness for saving our lives.” Bin Changxiao neared Jiang Chen and spoke earnestly.

“It is very wise for Bin palace master to ally yourself with us. I, Jiang Chen, always liked to mix with people who are sensible.” Jiang Chen smiled and said.

As a matter of fact, Jiang Chen hadn’t gained anything from Bin Palace, but he had killed many of their people. Naturally, he wouldn’t decline them when they had decided to form an alliance with the two palaces during a moment of crisis. In addition, he believed that Bin Changxiao was sincere.

“Jiang Chen, with Desolate Emperor and Eighth Guardian in our grasp right now, I believe Desolate Palace won’t dare to act rashly.” Gu Firmament said with a smile.

His current mood was totally different from his previous gloomy mood.

“It’s too early to celebrate now. Our crisis hasn’t pa.s.sed yet. We were just able to obtain a few days’ time. Now, all of you follow me into the meeting hall for discussion.” Jiang Chen’s tone turned solemn suddenly.

Later, he led the experts back to the meeting hall.

Those who had heaved a long sigh of relief felt uneasy once more; they could never ignore Jiang Chen’s words.

In the meeting hall of Gu Palace, Jiang Chen sat on the seat of honor. Even the half-step Human Immortal old ancestors sat below his two sides willingly. Everyone in the hall was clear that this youth in white was the backbone of the three major palaces. Every one of them was obliged to follow Jiang Chen’s arrangements and orders. Only this could minimize the risk of getting annihilated.

“Jiang Chen, Desolate Emperor holds the highest position and power in Desolate Palace. Despite Desolate Palace has longed to rule the entire Saint Origin Palace, they can’t possibly ignore the life of Desolate Emperor,” said Gu Firmament.

“You all have underestimated the forces of Desolate Palace and overrated the role of Desolate Emperor. Let me tell you all their secret now. Did you ever doubt how those peerless geniuses were produced? Despite the strength of Desolate Palace now, they were relatively similar to any of you. But why could they nurture so many terrifying geniuses?” asked Jiang Chen grimly.

“This is a question which we have been thinking about, but we found no answer to that. Jiang Chen, what’s their secret of nurturing all these peerless geniuses?” An old ancestor of Gu Palace asked.

He was a half-step Human Immortal expert. Even if he expended a lifetime’s worth of effort to produce a peerless genius, he wouldn’t be able to nurture a genius as powerful as any of those twelve guardians.

“That’s because in the last hundred years, those Human Immortal ancestors who were supposed to ascend to the Immortal World had secretly hidden in Desolate Palace.”

Jiang Chen’s words sent shocking waves to their mind, causing a clamor. Everyone’s facial expression changed instantly.

“What? All the Human Immortals didn’t ascend to the Immortal World? That’s absolutely impossibly. Take us for example, if we were to break through to the Human Immortal realm, we will break away from the Mortal realm and become a true Immortal, and would no longer be able to stay in Saint Origin World. Even if we insist to stay, the traction force of the Immortal World will pull us up. So how could the Human Immortals of Desolate Palace remain in the Mortal World?” The old ancestor of Gu Palace shook his head.

“That’s right. This is the law of nature. No one can break it.”

The old ancestors of Demon Palace and Bin Palace agreed with what the old ancestor of Gu Palace said. It was impossible to remain in Saint Origin World after breaking through to the Immortal realm.

“You all are right about that. But I have to mention one man—Ancestor Greenlotus,” said Jiang Chen.

“Ancestor Greenlotus died tragically under the heavenly tribulation while he was ascending to the Immortal World. What does this have to do with him?” Someone asked.

“What a joke! Given Ancestor Greenlotus’ ability, how could he die tragically under the heavenly tribulation while ascending to the Immortal World? Tell me, which of the old ancestor of the eight major palaces is on par with Ancestor Greenlotus’ strength? He wasn’t dead at all. There was once when he discovered a treasure in the Immortal Possessive Mountain that could deceive the law of Heaven. After Desolate Palace learned about his great encounter, they plotted against him and captured him during the time of his heavenly tribulation. All these years, Ancestor Greenlotus had been kept in the cell inside Desolate Palace. That was how those Human Immortal experts could stay in Saint Origin Palace over the past 100 years,” said Jiang Chen.

At this point in time, it was no longer necessary for him to hide the secret from them.

“What? I can’t believe there was such a thing.”

“Yeah. Ancestor Greenlotus was a fine and consummate monk of Buddha Sect. There was no reason he would fail when even our old ancestors could succeed the heavenly tribulation. So it turns out that Desolate Palace has hidden such a big secret from us.”

“Dang it! Desolate Palace does have a huge scheme. It seems the purpose of training those guardians secretly is for the rise of Desolate Palace.”

“Human Immortal experts can never attack because their power was too strong. This world won’t be able to stand it and that might trigger the traction force of the Immortal World. Basically, they were forbidden to attack. That was why they secretly trained those geniuses. They wanted Desolate Palace to become strong enough to conquer the entire Saint Origin Palace.”


Neither of them in the hall was a fool. They were able to draw a conclusion after listening to Jiang Chen. They were astonished to their core. No one would be able or would dare to figure out that Desolate Palace had hidden their Human Immortals.

To them, this was literally an impossible thing, but they had reason to believe it when it was coming from Jiang Chen’s mouth.

No one asked Jiang Chen how he knew about the secret because they had viewed Jiang Chen as an omnipotent being. Therefore, it wasn’t very surprising for him to know a big secret like this.

“That’s correct. Desolate Palace’s intention is clear. So if you all think that relying solely on Desolate Emperor and Eighth Guardian can stop Desolate Palace, you all are simply too naïve. Those Human Immortal old ancestors have been planning for this day for a hundred years, how can they possibly give up just because of Desolate Emperor? Besides, Desolate Emperor’s role isn’t as important as you thought. As such, I estimate that Desolate Palace will strike back after at most three days’ time. By that time, Desolate Emperor will be a useless hostage.”

As soon as Jiang Chen’s voice dropped, tense atmosphere rippled through the whole meeting hall. All their facial expression turned ugly again because they knew Jiang Chen was right. If Desolate Palace’s secret was real, Desolate Emperor wouldn’t weigh so much to them and holding him hostage could never stop their footsteps.

Three days’ time was going to be the countdown to their extinction. No, they were afraid that these three days’ of time was just a tentative prediction.

So, what are they going to do now?

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