Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1027 – Capture Without Killing

Chapter 1027 – Capture Without Killing

Capture Without Killing

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*Hong Long Long…*

The atmosphere on the battlefield rolled violently. The billowy sound waves was as if the surging waves of beast rus.h.i.+ng forth incessantly. All the onlookers outside the battlefield looked pale. It was hard to imagine how Jiang Chen could cope with these horrifying sound waves.

In the battlefield, Eighth Guardian had launched her most powerful sonic attack. Layers of sound waves turned into rapid stream that carried melancholic emotion. Sometimes, people called it the stream of fatality, the fatality of the opponent, it could easily cause the opponent to be trapped in an illusion. That’s right. The area covered by the sonic attack had become an illusion that made anyone who fell into the zone extremely vulnerable.

“Eight Sister has casted the Tidal Casualty. That brat sure couldn’t stand this. No one in this world would stay unaffected after receiving this attack.”

“That’s correct. This is the scariest ultimate skill of Eighth Sister. Even if that Jiang Chen is a rare talent, he will still end up dead in her hands.”

“We’ll see. This wild and overconfident brat is surely going to die tragically. He has provoked Eighth Sister. Anyone in this world who provokes her will die miserably in the end.”


When the Twelve Guardians saw Eighth Guardian casting the Tidal Casualty, they got high-spirited, as if they had already pictured the tragic death of Jiang Chen caused by the sonic wave.

However, the next thing that happened would remain unforgettable in their lives.

On the battlefield, the Tidal Casualty had been fully formed. It surged to every corner of the battlefield, giving Jiang Chen no chance to dodge and escape.

In truth, Jiang Chen didn’t have the intention of dodging.

“True Dragon Palm, rip it apart!” Jiang Chen bellowed, striking out the powerful True Dragon Palm.

A giant blood-red dragon claw tore the sonic waves ahead into two halves. As for the those waves that could affect one’s soul and nerves, Jiang Chen wasn’t affected by it due to his Great Soul Derivation Technique being too strong, stronger than what Eighth Guardian could imagine.


The overwhelming attack was broken by Jiang Chen so easily and fiercely. The sound waves that tried to impinge his mind like a needle failed as well. The backlash of these two attacks caused Eighth Guardian to cough out a mouthful of blood immediately. Her face turned deathly pale.

“How is that possible? How could he stay unaffected after my attack? It is literally impossible.”

Eighth Guardian couldn’t believe what was happening. Ever since she cultivated the rhythmic skill, she had never suffered such a severe blow, it was too much for her to handle.

As a result of the backlash, her combat strength began to decline drastically. Adding the fact that her ultimate skill couldn’t affect the enemy even by a slightest bit, she was dazed and had lost her direction.

“The time is up.”

Jiang Chen’s eyes sparkled with a cold light on the opposite side. It was too easy for him to deal with an opponent like Eighth Guardian because geniuses like her had never suffered any major setbacks in their life. When the situation differed from their expectation, they would find it very difficult to accept. Just like now, Eighth Guardian was fazed as she couldn’t accept the fact in front of her. The powerful rhythm was originally used to distort one’s mind. However, she was the one affected instead.


Jiang Chen’s speed increased to the maximum. He travelled like the world’s fastest jet stream, using the Spatial s.h.i.+ft along with Flaming Wings. In a few breaths’ of time, he reached Eighth Guardian. Then, he spread out the Five Elemental Spheres, encompa.s.sing her completely.

Eighth Guardian felt a sense of danger that she had never felt before from the formidable domain. Before she had the time to recover from her daze, Jiang Chen swiped his sword.

*Pu Chi!*

The slash chopped off an arm of Eighth Guardian. A second later, Jiang Chen struck out the True Dragon Palm once more, grabbing her and sent her into his Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da.

Jiang Chen didn’t kill Eighth Guardian. Given the current situation, it was better to hold more people of Desolate Palace in custody. Besides, these were experts that played an important role in Desolate Palace. So capturing one more was equivalent to gaining one more bargaining chip.

Moreover, given Jiang Chen’s unusual cultivation method, these hostages might provide him the greatest help in critical situations. Thus, he decided to imprison them in his Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da.

*Hua La…*

The battlefield crumbled and Jiang Chen returned to Gu Palace’s camp with a flash. The entire battle happened too fast, especially the moment when Jiang Chen captured Eighth Guardian. Most of them only started to regain their senses now.

An uproar exploded from Desolate camp. The Twelve Guardians became agitated, fury started to surface on their faces.

“Beast, let Eighth Sister go!”

“d.a.m.n! Why is this little beast so strong? Not even Eighth Sister is a match for him?”

“It is our biggest mistake for allowing Eighth Sister to fight. I have no idea what this brat has cultivated. Eighth Sister’s sonic attack couldn’t even make an impact on him. She was defeated.”


The Twelve Guardians couldn’t maintain their calmness anymore because the outcome was too sudden and unexpected. They initially thought that using Eighth Guardian to eliminate Jiang Chen was too easy. Who would’ve thought that Eighth Guardian would fall into Jiang Chen’s hands instead?

The facial expression of Second Guardian and the Supreme Elder turned grim. Not only had they lost Eighth Guardian, Desolate Palace was now placed in a dilemma.

On the contrary, the crowd in Gu Palace burst into cheers. In many people’s eyes, Jiang Chen was a G.o.dlike existence, like an all-powerful War G.o.d.

“That’s amazing! He is merely a Sixth Grade Great Saint, but he was able to get rid of Eighth Guardian so quickly. That’s totally unbelievable.”

“He’s really a monstrous genius… He’s truly a monstrous genius… It is no wonder that old ancestor of Gu Palace predicted that he was the biggest variable of this major crisis. Sure enough, the fates of our major palaces are now in his hands. Befriending him is truly the most sensible choice we have ever made.”

“Jiang Chen is both audacious and crafty. Now, he has even captured Eighth Guardian without killing her, adding another bargaining chip to us.”


All the experts of the three major palaces were impressed by Jiang Chen to the very core. Before meeting him, they absolutely wouldn’t believe that someone so terrifying would exist in this world. Any s.h.i.+ning genius would grow dim and eventually fade in front of Jiang Chen.

“Second Guardian, we have to honor our previous agreement. Your army have to retreat now.”

Jiang Chen returned to his human form and spoke in a plain tone. He knew very well that he had the highest bargaining power at this moment. Since they had already agreed with the terms before the fight, it would damage a great deal of Desolate Palace’s reputation if they chose to break the agreement.

“Jiang Chen, let Eighth Guardian go and we will retreat,” said Second Guardian.

“No. This is a life-or-death battle. I’m already kind enough to spare her. I will never let Desolate Emperor and Eighth Guardian go. They are my bargaining chips. Besides, neither of us agreed of letting them go.”

Jiang Chen rejected his request. How could a heaven defying being like him be restricted by his opponent?

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