Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1026 – Unaffected

Chapter 1026 – Unaffected


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A jade flute appeared in the hands of Eighth Guardian. The surface of the flute was engraved with patterns that made it look mystical. Jiang Chen was able to tell that this jade flute was no ordinary item with just a single glance. It was a powerful Great Saint Weapon, but because of this, a hint of smile flashed past his mouth.

He didn’t have much knowledge about rhythm. Every man who could cast rhythmic attacks were supreme geniuses. They were the true geniuses as mastering such a skill required profound foundation and extraordinary talent.

In addition to its powerful attack, the rhythmic attack could also disrupt the opponent using vibrations, causing the opponent’s mind to tremble or even damaging the opponent’s soul, causing them to fall into an irrecoverable state.

An attack like this was the scariest as it was impossible to guard against. Commonly, people would never be willing to confront a cultivator that was rhythmic savvy. Even if the opponent tried his best to defeat the cultivator who was well-versed in rhythms, he might make a slip and fell into the torture of the rhythm.

This, however, relieved Jiang Chen’s worries. If the opponent he was facing was a combative guardian, he might not have any certainty in defeating him. Facing Eighth Guardian gave him the confidence in defeating her, the scariness of his Great Soul Derivation Technique was beyond anyone’s imagination, it made his soul unpredictably strong. Anyone who tried to affect his mind would only end up in a self-inflicted torture and misery.

Last time, when someone tried to influence his mind using the Great Illusion Realm, the opponent got what he started—dying in his own illusion realm. The same thing happened to Sang Ba. The Great Devil Curse he used couldn’t even affect Jiang Chen in the slightest bit. Jiang Chen’s Great Soul Derivation Technique was like an indestructible door erected in his innermost soul, unbreakable.

Moreover, Jiang Chen had fought Wu Ningzhu before. He was very well versed how to resist a rhythmic attack. However, people who were proficient in rhythm normally had weak combat strength. So they would lose their advantage completely if their rhythmic skills couldn’t affect their opponent.

The advantage that Eighth Guardian had was destined to be turned into a disadvantage when she decided to fight Jiang Chen.

“You arrogant brat! You have humiliated our palace master. What you did today will bring you a tragic fate. You should feel blessed to die under my Red Rhomboid Flute.” Eighth Guardian sounded extremely cold.

She was a haughty woman that disdained everything in front of her.

“Really? Then you should do it now because I won’t show any tenderness towards women.” Jiang Chen replied in a flat tone, totally not putting Eight Guardian in his eyes.

“Be careful, Jiang Chen.” Gu Firmament reminded.

Grimness was shown on all of the three major palaces’ people’s faces. The guardians of Desolate Emperor were too strong, they could already tell when they saw Second Guardian. Although Eighth Guardian wasn’t on par with Second Guardian, her power shouldn’t be far away from Second Guardian’s. Therefore, it would be extremely difficult to fight her, Jiang Chen was only a Sixth Grade Great Saint after all.

What relieved their worries was that Desolate Emperor was captured and was incapable of fighting back, which made them think that Jiang Chen still had a chance while confronting Eighth Guardian.

*Whoos.h.!.+* *Whoos.h.!.+*

Meanwhile, Jiang Chen and Eighth Guardian flew up to the sky. Immediately, a new battlefield was created. When their Qi exploded, intense killing intent filled every corner of the battlefield, extending for a hundred miles. Sparks burst out even before they started to fight. It was astonis.h.i.+ng because it was only the collision of their Qi. If an Eighth Grade Great Saint accidentally fell into that zone, that person would immediately be crushed into powder by the intense Qi.

One should know there was a large gap between the sixth grade and peak Sixth Grade Great Saint. Jiang Chen was currently at the peak Sixth Grade Great Saint which gave him the confidence to fight Eighth Guardian.


Without any hesitation, Jiang Chen drew out the Heavenly Saint Sword. A blood-red dragon sword sparkled with endless radiance that turned the darkness into light. As the Heavenly Saint Sword was the natal weapon of Jiang Chen, it grew stronger whenever he advanced. The present power of the weapon had already reached a terrifying extent. If the last piece fragment was found and merged with the sword, the true divine power of the Heavenly Saint Sword would be unleashed.


The Heavenly Saint Sword produced a shrill howl. A brilliant sword light was slashed out by Jiang Chen, slas.h.i.+ng off the horizon in extreme speed and appeared before Eighth Guardian in a blink.

“He has some tricks.”

Eighth Guardian’s eyes sparkled. After seeing Jiang Chen’s attack, she immediately erased the underestimation in her mind and admitted that Jiang Chen was a worthy opponent.

*Hua La…*

Eighth Guardian moved. She raised the jade flute and swiped at the void, creating countless of rhythmic talisman that rushed towards Jiang Chen’s sword light.

*Hong Long…*

It was the first time that the two of them fought. The mighty Qi waves unleashed by these two super combat weapons intertwined, ripping apart the void and almost causing the battlefield to overturn.

Eventually, the collision exploded into beautiful colors, just like a fireworks display, however, the destructive power was beyond people’s imagination.

The violent impact shook Eighth Guardian’s body, prompting her to let out an annoyed humph. Jiang Chen on the other hand remained standing as steady as before. There was no disruption in his Qi, it was like he wasn’t affected by the impact at all.

On the surface, Jiang Chen had, without a doubt, gained the upper hand in this exchange of blows, whereas Eighth Guardian was on the losing side. Anyone with sensible eyesight could see it clearly.

“Good, Jiang Chen sure is powerful. He is more powerful than we had imagined.”

“Haha! What a genius! I’m really surprised. I believe that he must have some other more powerful hidden moves. It explained why he dared to challenge the twelve guardians. He is already so scary even though he’s only a Sixth Grade Great Saint. If he’s to continue to grow, who else in this world can suppress him?”

“Let’s not feel too happy about it first. That was just their first round. Eighth Guardian has yet to use her most powerful attack. Rhythmic attacks were the most deadly attacks, it can penetrate into the depths of human soul and is very difficult to defend against.”


The people from the three major palaces were exhilarated. Although Eight Guardian hadn’t shown her strongest attack yet, Jiang Chen had gained the upper hand in the first round which had boosted the morale of the three palaces very much and alleviated their worries for Jiang Chen.

“What a good Jiang Chen punk, having such a terrifying technique! I really didn’t think of that. Eighth Sister, don’t show him any quarters. Use your ultimate technique to eliminate him.”

Second Guardian’s facial expression changed after knowing that he had underestimated Jiang Chen. He knew pretty well how powerful Eighth Guardian was, but she didn’t have any advantage over Jiang Chen. Although he was surprised by the incident, he wasn’t worried about it. He knew the strength of Eighth Guardian was rhythmic attack, so her combat power would be relatively weaker compared to Jiang Chen’s. Under the disturbance of the Red Rhomboid Flute, Jiang Chen’s combat power and mind would inevitably be affected, causing him to die in the hands of Eighth Guardian tragically.

Red lines appeared on Eighth Guardian’s eyes due to anger. She wouldn’t have thought that her body would be affected by a Sixth Grade Great Saint’s attack.

“Jiang Chen, I truly have underestimated you. But don’t feel complacent because of that. I have yet to cast my trump card. You still have some time to surrender,” said Eighth Guardian.

“Women just love to talk nonsense.”

Jiang Chen didn’t bother to continue conversing with her. The Heavenly Saint Sword in his hand swung, slas.h.i.+ng out another strike. This slash rippled out hundreds of beams of sword light, woven into a brilliant sword net, locking on Eighth Guardian’s Qi and enshrouding her entirely.


Eighth Guardian let out a cold humph. Then, a wavy sound fluttered out from the jade flute. Although it was a flute, the terrifying sound came not from the mouth but from the flute itself. Only expert who had reached great heights could do this.

*Hong Long…*

Innumerable musical notes wove itself into a picture of the jade flute. Red Rhomboid Flute wasn’t just the name of the flute, it was also the name of the scary rhythmic skill that couldn’t be defended against.

The battlefield was filled with horrific energy waves, crumbling all the sword nets created by Jiang Chen.

*Bo* *Bo* *Bo* *Bo* *Bo* *Bo…*

The sound waves produced by the flute were getting faster and fiercer. Every note was like a sharp blade, cutting everything, including the void, to pieces. What was even more terrifying was the force of the sound waves. It would attack the opponent’s nervous system continuously. So if her opponent let off his guard by a little, his nerves would be filled with the sound vibration and his fate would be doomed.

The sword in Jiang Chen’s hand swiped, slas.h.i.+ng out layers of sword waves. A smile was on his face, seeming relaxed and casual. Under the blessing of the Great Soul Derivation Technique, the sound waves of Eighth Guardian didn’t have any effect on him. Those nerve-destructing rhythms were just a common rhythm of music when it entered Jiang Chen’s ears. Instead of being harmed by it, he was actually enjoying it.

“How is that possible?”

Seeing this incident, Eighth Guardian’s facial expression changed completely. Her pretty face now looked fiery red. Casting the rhythmic technique fiercely would consume large amount of energy. Furthermore, it had dealt a huge blow to her mentally when her deadly technique, which she had been practicing for many years, couldn’t even affect her opponent.

“Haha! Woman, your sound waves are useless against me. Do you still have any better techniques? So, this is how strong the guardians of Desolate Palace are. All of you all have overrated yourself!”

Jiang Chen laughed aloud to provoke Eighth Guardian.

“I don’t believe that you won’t be affected by it at all. Tidal Casualty!”

Eighth Guardian was completely infuriated, and casted her ultimate technique. Layers of sound waves rolled out like tidal waves.

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