Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1019 – The Slavery Contract

Chapter 1019 – The Slavery Contract

The Slavery Contract

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First Ancestor regained his balance and coughed out several mouthfuls of blood. His expression turned very ugly. Comparing his physical condition with his psychological status, the shock he felt was greater than his physical injuries. He lifted his head to gaze at the composed scholar, Second Guardian. Raging waves surged inside of him.

He was a half-step Human Immortal. Half of his foot had already stepped into the Immortal Realm. That was how strong he really was. He would never put any ordinary Ninth Grade Great Saint in his eyes because he could pinch any of them to death with a casual move. However, he hadn’t imagined that Desolate Palace would produce a genius so powerful that he was not even his opponent.

“First Ancestor!” Many people exclaimed.

They could hardly believe what was happening before them. Their pale faces were filled with dread and despair. First Ancestor was the strongest expert in Narang Palace. Today, not even him could fight the Ninth Grade Great Saint genius, which made the entire Narang Palace look pitiful.

“It’s over. Our palace is finished. The experts of Desolate Palace is too strong. How can we compete with them if even the First Ancestor can’t fight them?”

“I have never expected that our dignified Narang Palace will end up so miserably today. Where’s fairness?! All this time, Desolate Palace has been hiding their geniuses but none of us was able to discover it.”

“First Ancestor is defeated. Today’s our end...”


Despair and desperation rippled through the crowd inside Narang Palace. That was a feeling which they had never felt before. They felt as if they had fallen from high above the sky and into the bottom of the valley.

On the other side, except for the eleven guardians, all of the higher ups of Desolate Palace, including Desolate Emperor, were shocked. A sense of fear was revealed in their eyes when they looked at Second Guardian. Although they had already antic.i.p.ated his powerful strength, they had still not expected him to be this powerful, so powerful that even a half-step Human Immortal wasn’t a match for him. One could imagine how terrifying his power was.


On the other hand, the defeated First Ancestor didn’t retreat. A razor-sharp combat weapon materialized in his hand with a swoosh. It looked unique and radiated glints of sharpness.

“Eliminate him!”

First Ancestor struck once more. The sharp blade shot out of his hand, slas.h.i.+ng out a bright and earth-shattering blade light that cut the void into half. Innumerable cold waves gusted out from the interior of the void.

The blade light was like a heavenly river suspended in the sky, carrying endless destructive energy. It was created by the combination of a Super Saint Weapon and a powerful skill to eliminate the opponent, which made it tremendously stronger than the previous Mixed-Elemental Thunderbolt Palm. It reached Second Guardian in a blink.

Unfortunately, such a domineering skill was useless in front of Second Guardian. Second Guardian looked calm, totally not putting the strike in his eyes, as if this so-called devastating blow was just a normal and insignificant attack.

*Hua La…*

Second Guardian unfolded his fan and turned it into a giant fan of three hundred meters. Countless rays of golden lights were emitted out from the large fan, forming a peerless barrier that pressed against the incoming blade light. Suddenly, the blade light broke apart with a sound of ‘Ka Cha’ due to the pressure of the barrier. The strength of the barrier was stronger than the attack.

*Hong Long…*

The giant-sized fan continued crus.h.i.+ng downwards, heavily pressing against First Ancestor.


First Ancestor uttered an agonizing wail while bearing the unknown amount of pressure. Despite being a half-step Human Immortal, he couldn’t defend against such a terrifying attack. One of his arms was crushed on the spot. This single attack made First Ancestor smell the stench of death.

*Hua La…*

Second Guardian turned over his palm and kept his giant fan. His face brimmed with cold pride as he gazed downwards at the First Ancestor. Currently, First Ancestor’s body was full of blood. He was nothing more than a spent force. Second Guardian could send him to h.e.l.l right away by just lifting his hand again casually.

However, First Ancestor was a half-step Human Immortal after all. He was still standing, alive, even after receiving such a serious injury.

Second Guardian struck again. His killing intent was overwhelming, seeming to kill First Ancestor with this attack, however, he was immediately stopped by Desolate Emperor.

Second Guardian frowned in dissatisfaction after being blocked by Desolate Emperor. He had already put Desolate Emperor out of his eyes given how powerful he was, but back in Desolate Palace, Ancestor had explicitly told them that Desolate Emperor would be in command. Therefore, he stopped despite his reluctance.

In order to save Second Guardian’s face, Desolate Emperor quickly added with a smile, “Second Guardian, if we can make Narang Palace sign the slave contract smoothly, it will be the best thing to do. There’s no need to rush the killings. You know, we still have six more palaces to handle after this. If we are too mean to Narang Palace, it will make the others fight back relentlessly, which is something we don’t wish to see. Our objective is to become the highest ruler of Saint Origin Palace and all the people of seven major palaces will become our slaves.” Hearing what Desolate Emperor said, Second Guardian nodded and retreated back to the camp without saying a word.

“First Ancestor, you are a wise person. I think you don’t wish to see Narang Palace fall into an irrevocable state. Although you are the strongest expert in Narang Palace, you aren’t comparable to our experts. Let me warn you this, the Thirteen Guardians doesn’t have very good temper. With their strength, I won’t be able to stop them if they start slaughtering you all. So, I urge you to sign the slave contract and obey all of our orders from now on. Otherwise, everyone in Narang Palace will end tragically and would go extinct. Try to ponder hard about it. We won’t give you too much time to reconsider as we have a very limited time.”

Desolate Emperor struck out a ray of light, sending the slave contract directly to First Ancestor. He would leave the choice to the elder. If his opponent refused to submit themselves to Desolate Palace, no further discussion was needed besides annihilation. At this moment, there was nothing or no one in the world that could stop Desolate Palace from reaching their final objective.

The scene was in dead silence as everyone’s gazes fell upon First Ancestor. This was the critical juncture where Narang Palace would either live or be exterminated.

First Ancestor took the contract in his hand. Both of his hands began to tremble as though the contract weighed a billion tons. On the contract, it stated ‘Submissive Contract’, but in actual fact, it was a slave contract. Once they signed this contract, it would become the biggest disgrace recorded in the history of Narang Palace, which would make them lose the courage to raise their heads.

Nevertheless, refusing to sign the contract would bring extinction to Narang Palace. To put it bluntly, Narang Palace would disappear completely from the world and would become the past of Saint Origin World. More importantly, how could First Ancestor watch tens of thousands of his descendants die before him? It was a price that he cannot afford to pay.

“Ai! The Heaven wants our family to be annihilated…”

First Ancestor let out a mournful sigh while facing the sky, tears trickled down on his face.

“First Ancestor, we’ll fight with them. We won’t become slaves of Desolate Palace, even it means making the ultimate sacrifice!” Narang Yunhe said, his eyes had already turned red.

“That’s right. We have our own dignity. We will defend our dignity with our lives!”

“First Ancestor, give the orders now, we are willing to sacrifice our lives!”


The people of Narang Palace was stirred up. None of them wanted to die, but neither of them wished to be someone else’s slaves either.

Amongst the Desolate camp, cold pairs of eyes were staring at Narang Palace. The eyes of the twelve guardians were emotionless. They were killing machines trained by Desolate Palace. The reason of their existence was to aid Desolate Palace in achieving its final objective.

The fate and the survival of the family had reached its final moment. As long as Narang Palace rejected the contract, destruction would be upon them and would be erased from this world once and for all.


First Ancestor glared at them, and then spurted out a mouthful of blood. It was his blood essence and the blood of Narang Palace. He was the strongest expert in Narang Palace, his blood ranked the highest among all the members of Narang Palace. Therefore, as long as his blood essence landed on the contract, every one of Narang Palace would be affected by the contract. Henceforth, they would have to obey the commands of Desolate Palace.

“First Ancestor!”

Seeing what happened, plenty of them shed tears.

“We only have hope by staying alive.”

First Ancestor uttered his last words before splas.h.i.+ng his blood on the contract.


All of a sudden, the contract shook violently. A red halo appeared above everyone’s head. It was like the power of a curse that would follow them for the rest of their lives.

All kinds of negative emotions—reluctance, anger, frustration, humiliation, etc.—emerged in the sky above Narang Palace, but neither of them could do anything to change the situation.

Desolate Emperor stuck out his arms to grab the contract. His face was overflowed with delight. Conquering a palace without using weapons and attacks was the best way for Desolate Palace.

“First Ancestor of Narang Palace, you are a shrewd person. Don’t worry, Narang Palace will have a bright future just by following Desolate Palace. I, Desolate Emperor, will never treat any of you badly.” said Desolate Emperor aloud.

“Haha! I’m the sinner of Narang Palace. I’m the sinner of Narang Palace…”

First Ancestor shed a trickle of tears, he then yelled at the sky before his body burst into a mist of blood, and died...

The First Ancestor had ended his own life after saving Narang Palace in the most humiliating way. As the old ancestor of Narang Palace, he couldn’t bear to see his own descendants end up being annihilated, so he had to sign the contract. But after signing the contract, he had become the sinner, death was the only way out…

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