Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1018 – The Overpowering Second Guardian

Chapter 1018 – The Overpowering Second Guardian

The Overpowering Second Guardian

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Narang Palace.

When the three Narang elders walked out of the deep layer of the spatial zone, their facial expression hardened. They had an ominous feeling in their hearts, which was rare. Moreover, the three of them felt the same, indicating that something bad is going to happen.

“First Ancestor, it’s been many years but I haven’t felt this uneasy. It seems like something big is going to happen.” Second Ancestor said.

“I have the same feeling. It seems like Narang Palace is in danger. Is it because Desolate Palace is going to strike us?” Third Ancestor said, looking over at the direction of Desolate Palace.

Suddenly, winds and clouds changed its course. Innumerable silhouettes emerged from sight. They were moving at extreme speed, arriving at Narang Palace in just a few blinks. There weren’t a lot of them, only a few dozens, but the aura emitted from this group was countless folds stronger than tens of thousands of experts together.

The three elders’ facial expression changed dramatically, they could feel a strong killing intent from these people. Even if they thought that Desolate Palace was strong, they had still underestimated them. The strength of Desolate Palace had gone beyond their imagination which suffocated them, like a huge mountain had crushed down from above.

“Quick! Hold up the defensive grand formation!” First Ancestor yelled.

Such a great movement from Desolate Palace struck them like a storm. It not only shocked the three Narang elders but also the disciples and elders in Narang Palace. Everyone was looking up at the uninvited guests. Some weaker disciples began to s.h.i.+ver.

“What’s going on? They are the people of Desolate Palace. How can they have this many experts?”

“Why did these Desolate Palace experts came here? They don’t seem kind and polite. Are they going to wage war against us?”

“That’s a very strong camp of experts. I wonder how did they have so many experts.”


Everyone was startled and their faces turned ugly. Many of them felt that something wasn’t right. The aura emitted by the uninvited guests was too strong and irresistible. Also, a defensive grand formation was deployed over the sky above Narang Palace. This was the first time that this grand formation was deployed since the establishment of Narang Palace.

Such a grand formation would only be deployed when Narang Palace was facing a very critical situation. In other words, the present situation had reached the most dangerous point. Clearly, the intention of Desolate Palace for coming here was to deal with Narang Palace.

*Swoosh…* *Swoosh…* *Swoosh…*

Every Great Saint expert of Narang Palace flew to the sky to meet the three Narang elders. Their gazes fell upon the opposite group of experts, and fear bloomed in their hearts.

“They have a very strong formation. So, this is the true strength of Desolate Palace.” Narang Yunhe sighed, he couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

“Desolate Emperor, what do your Desolate Palace intend to do?” Narang Yunhe took a step forth and said loudly.

As the palace master of Narang Palace and the true patriarch of Narang Family, he was obliged to stand up to these uninvited guests.

“Haha! Narang Yunhe, can’t you see what we are trying to do? Our palace has hidden our true forces for a very long time just for this day. Our plan is to rule Saint Origin Palace and dominate the entire Saint Origin World, and we will start from your palace. After annihilating your palace, we will continue to eliminate Huo, s.h.i.+, Dan, Bin, Gu and Demon Palace. Now, listen up every cultivator of Narang Palace. I hope that you all will surrender to us without making any meaningless resistance. From then on, you all will submit yourself to Desolate Palace and will be exempted from being exterminated.”

The loud voice of Desolate Emperor burst out like a thunder beside the ears of all the listeners. His att.i.tude and intentions were incomparably clear, no extra explanation was needed.


An uproar rippled through the crowd below. They were one of the dignified palaces in Saint Origin World. They had never thought of the day they would face annihilation. Even the three Narang elders hadn’t thought that this day would come. Before this, they viewed Desolate Palace equal to the other six major palaces. They thought that Desolate Palace might be strong if confronting them alone, but with the seven palaces combined, Desolate Palace wouldn’t stand a chance.

Today’s situation had gone completely out of their expectation. Desolate Palace’s strength had exceeded their imagination entirely.

“d.a.m.n! Desolate Palace sure is ambitious. They want to rule the entire Saint Origin Palace? That’s a savage ambition.”

“But how can they have this many experts? Did you realize that all of these experts emerge out of nowhere? Every one of them is a supreme genius. The weakest among them is a Seventh Grade Great Saint. It seems like Desolate Changyun was just one of the weakest geniuses. Look at the twelve experts around Desolate Emperor, they are simply too powerful. Each of them is a Ninth Grade Great Saint and I can feel tremendous pressure coming from each one of them. That is to say, every one of these twelve experts has the combat power to match a half-step Human Immortal. In addition, there are still a few more half-step Human Immortals, including Desolate Emperor. How are we going to fight this war?”

“How did Desolate Palace nurture this many supreme experts? What kind of astonis.h.i.+ng secret did they hide from us?”


All the higher ups of Narang Palace were shocked. Even the three Narang elders were at a loss for words. They had never imagined that Desolate Palace would become so powerful that they had no room to resist at all.

If the seven major palaces would unite to deal with Desolate Palace, there may still be a chance. Unfortunately, such chance no longer existed at the moment. Even if it existed, given the grudges and disagreements among them, it wouldn’t be easy to get the seven of them to cooperate. Plus, Desolate Palace acted too quickly. They didn’t even have the time to respond. It was too late to seek cooperation from the other palaces.

“Narang Yunhe, after seeing how strong we are, I believe you all know the repercussion of going against us. This is the submissive contract. As long as Narang Palace signs this contract, you all will become our subordinates, continuing your usual lives under the protection of Desolate Palace.”

Desolate Emperor waved his hand. A piece of golden contract appeared and floated in the air.

*Hong…* *Hong…*

Innumerable anger surged out from every one of Narang Palace. Third Ancestor was the first to express his outrage. A submissive contract? That was no different than being a slave. After signing the contract, all of them would become slaves of Desolate Palace that followed their every single command and order obediently.

Narang Palace was a n.o.ble and prestigious family across Saint Origin World. How could they accept to be someone else’s slaves? It was outrageous.

“Haha! Desolate Emperor, Desolate Palace is truly ridiculous. We will never sign that contract even if it will cost our entire palace. If you want to annihilate Narang Palace so badly, I suggest you to do it now. I would like to see whether your palace will suffer great losses after the war.”

First Ancestor burst into laughter. As an old ancestor of Narang Palace, he would never allow anyone to trample upon the dignity of their palace.


At this moment, a cold humph was heard from Desolate Palace’s camp. Subsequently, a scholar with a jade-white face walked forth. He looked over thirty years old but his real age was probably a lot older. He had a casual and elegant bearing, and was dressed in white robe. His hand was holding a folding fan which emphasized the gentle and polite demeanor of a scholar.

When one really treated him as a scholar, one would suffer unthinkable consequences. This man was the Second Guardian amongst the thirteen. He was a peak Ninth Grade Great Saint expert. For the time being, he was the strongest amongst their camp.

His eyes fell upon the First Ancestor and said in a cold tone, “What qualification does an old man like you have to talk terms with us? You and I will have a battle. If you win, we will withdraw immediately and from then on, we will never offend Narang Palace again. If you lose, I will kill everyone of Narang Palace and leave no survivors behind.”

The Second Guardian’s tone carried no emotions. He was like a demon that specialized in killing. His casual gesture was already enough to petrify a person.

“Okay. I’ll fight you.”

First Ancestor made a step forward and came outside the defensive grand formation.


Narang Yunhe and the other higher ups exclaimed.

“Don’t worry.”

First Ancestor raised his hand, signaling them not to panic. Given the present situation, he knew it very clearly that it was impossible for Narang Palace to escape this attack. If their experts launched an attack together, Narang Palace’s grand formation wouldn’t be able to stand for long. So, he might as well accept the challenge with the Second Guardian. Perhaps that would give Narang Palace a chance to live.

Even if there was no chance, they would have to fight for their palace’s dignity.

“Mixed-Elemental Thunderbolt Palm!” First Ancestor bellowed, striking out his powerful palm strike.

Ma.s.sive light energy was instantly condensed, turning into a dazzling giant palm that covered the sky, slamming against Second Guardian.

*Hong Long…*

Second Guardian struck with the Heaven Splitting Divine Claw but the power of this strike was many times stronger than any previous experts of Desolate Palace. His ma.s.sive palm collided with First Ancestor’s Mixed-Elemental Thunderbolt Palm, creating a huge hole in the void. Under such ferocious attack, First Ancestor’s attack was pulverized before he was sent flying away.

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