Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1020 – Forming Alliances

Chapter 1020 – Forming Alliances

Forming Alliances

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“First Ancestor!”

Many high ranked elders of Narang Palace screamed mournfully. Tens of thousands of them fell on their knees. The pain of losing First Ancestor was heart-wrenching. It was indescribable and couldn’t be understood by ordinary people. Second and Third Ancestor were staring at where First Ancestor disappeared with a helpless face. They were helpless against First Ancestor’s action.

We will only have hopes by staying alive!

This was the last words said by First Ancestor, which would leave an eternal mark on their hearts. It sounded helpless but it was the truth. While lingering on with his last breath, he still chose the descendants. If he was confronting the enemy alone, they believed that he would not straight away end his own life. In fact, this was what he intended to do, but he needed to fight for the survival of the whole family first before heading to the path of death.

An individual and a family were both entirely different things. The former was about one’s life whereas the latter was all about responsibility. First Ancestor couldn’t decide the death of his family members. This created the greatest disgrace for Nalang Palace throughout its history. It was a disgrace which they could never forget it. As long as the blood of Narang family remained, there was still hope for a turnaround despite being slaves of someone else.

“That Narang old man is a man with sentiments. He’s worthy of respect even after he died.”

A half-step Human Immortal elder couldn’t help but sigh. Even after First Ancestor died, he was still a respected figure among the rest of the people. As an expert of the older generation, he had been in touch with the three Narang elders during the old days. While they were still young geniuses, they had once travelled around the world unhindered and experienced numerous battles together. Although they were hostile towards each other now, there was still a mutual respect between the two of them.

“First Ancestor is admirable. Don’t worry, after becoming the followers of Desolate Palace, you will not be treated unkindly. Now, listen up. All experts who are eighth grade and above, follow my lead to s.h.i.+ Palace.”

Desolate Emperor gave the order promptly. First Ancestor’s death didn’t have any impact on their plans. Moreover, Narang Palace had already been subdued. So, all the experts of Narang Palace had been turned into Desolate Palace’s army, aiding to attack their next target—s.h.i.+ Palace.


Second and Third Ancestor nodded. All experts who were eighth grade and above stood out. Since the contract had already been signed, they were obliged to obey the orders of Desolate Palace unconditionally. This was a fact that couldn’t be changed for a period of time.

After subduing Narang Palace, Desolate Palace’s forces had grown stronger. It was already imaginable what kind of outcome s.h.i.+ Palace would face after the arrival of this army.

Furthermore, Desolate Palace only spent a dozen minutes to subdue Narang Palace. They were afraid that s.h.i.+ Palace hadn’t made sufficient preparations yet. In truth, any preparations was pointless if faced by their overpowering experts. The overall strength of Desolate Palace had already reached the extent where they could shake the world. Adding the experts of Narang Palace, s.h.i.+ Palace only had two choices, either to be annihilated or be forced to sign the contract, just like what Narang Palace did.

In a distance, outside s.h.i.+ Palace, a defensive grand formation was deployed. The half-step Human Immortals of s.h.i.+ Palace, as well as their palace master stayed in their position, waiting for the war to come. Clearly, s.h.i.+ Palace was the first to know about what happened in Narang Palace. Given the relatively small area of Saint Origin Palace, it was not hard to know what was going on in the other palaces.

At this critical moment, there may still be a chance if the six major palaces united to defend their existence, but the time given was just too little and their relations.h.i.+p weren’t very good. So, it was impossible to form an alliance within such a short period of time, Desolate Palace acted just too quickly.

The atmosphere in s.h.i.+ Palace had become unusually tense, it was as though they were waiting for doomsday to befall them. Three old ancestors were present on the scene, standing beside the palace master with grim faces. They were determined to defend the palace against Desolate Palace, even if it meant sacrificing their own lives.

However, the arrival of Desolate experts crushed their determination instantaneously, because they found out that they weren’t even qualified to fight them. Confronting such a powerful enemy formation, all they could do was to stay stunned, they were absolutely powerless to resist or defend.

Ultimately, s.h.i.+ Palace couldn’t escape their fate. The old ancestor with the highest cultivation signed the contract. The condition of the battle was very obvious. Any attempt to resist would be meaningless. The old ancestor couldn’t watch his palace being annihilated, and thousands of disciples dying. It would be a scene of absolute tragedy.

Like what First Ancestor said, the family would only have hopes by staying alive.

Desolate Palace subdued s.h.i.+ Palace after breaking their will, even without using any weapons and attacks. Two palaces had already submitted to Desolate Palace and this was only the beginning.

“All the experts of s.h.i.+ Palace who are eighth grade and above, join the army immediately. We’ll head to Huo Palace now.”

Desolate Emperor was resolute and incisive in his actions. He was going to subdue all the major palaces in a day and form a single unit, making him a legend and a supreme ruler of Saint Origin Palace which will be recorded in history.

Bin Palace!

Three old ancestors walked out and joined the elders. Each and every one of their faces looked incomparably grim. At this point, it would be impossible not to sense the crisis that was about to befall them. This would be the biggest crisis that Bin Palace ever faced in its history. It was a crisis that would lead to extinction.

“Old ancestor, what should we do now? Narang and s.h.i.+ Palace have already fallen into Desolate Palace’s hands. I heard they have signed the contract and are now considered as part of Desolate Palace’s army. Do you think we can defend against them?”

“Exactly, Desolate Palace’s next target is Huo Palace. Once they surrendered, Dan Palace will be next. Given the strength of Dan Palace’s forces, it is very likely that they’ll surrender immediately. Then, it will be our turn.”


The palace master of Bin Palace and a group of higher ups got very tensed. It all happened too sudden. No one had ever thought that Desolate Palace would act so aggressively, and had also become so strong.

“It seems like we only have two options.”

The palace master of Bin Palace named Bin Changxiao said solemnly.

“Changxiao, what do you have in mind?” asked the old ancestor.

“The situation is already obvious. As long as Huo Palace and Dan Palace perished, we will be next. Considering all of our cultivation bases, we will have no choice but to submit ourselves without resisting. However, I’m not willing to see Bin Palace be erased from this world after so many years. What we can do now is to form an alliance with the other major palaces to fight against Desolate Palace. Although our chances are small, it is still better than waiting for the end to befall us,” said Bin Changxiao with a smile.

“Palace master’s right. Forming an alliance with the other major palaces may not be able to change the outcome, but it’s better than confronting the enemy alone.”

Someone nodded.

“Then, let’s go to the other major palaces. I believe they are well aware of the crisis, forming an alliance is our only chance of survival.”

An old ancestor of Bin Palace nodded. At this point, there was no other way to respond to the incoming attack.

“It’s too late to join forces with Huo Palace and Dan Palace now. Ancestor, we will head over to Gu Palace at once. I believe that Gu and Demon Palace already have an alliance. Once these two major palaces agreed to our alliance, we will immediately open a pa.s.sageway between Gu and Bin Palace, letting all of our forces join the army in Gu Palace,” said Bin Changxiao.

“But palace master, because of that Jiang Chen, I’m afraid that we can’t get along with Gu Palace.” An elder said worriedly.

“We have reached a point where Jiang Chen’s issue is no longer a problem. What we need to do now is protect our existence. We have to ignore whatever misunderstanding or grudges we have towards Jiang Chen. Ancestor, we will go now, or else, it’ll be too late,” replied Bin Changxiao.

The ancestors had to admit that Bin Changxiao was a shrewd man who knows what to do in critical situations. Today, Desolate Palace had risen, intending to rule the other seven major palaces, which made Jiang Chen the least of his worries. If Jiang Chen appeared and saved Bin Palace at this moment, not only would he dispel all of their grudges, he would even kneel before Jiang Chen as a sign of respect without hesitation.


The three ancestors of Bin Palace nodded and left without any delay towards Gu Palace. They must take advantage of the time when Desolate Palace was still attacking Huo and Dan Palace to join forces with Gu Palace and Demon Palace. As for Huo Palace and Dan Palace, their fate had already been decided.

Gu Palace!

The atmosphere here was as tense as the atmosphere in Bin Palace. Like what Bin Changxiao said, Gu and Demon Palace already had an alliance. All the experts of Demon Palace were now in Gu Palace. Together, their armies had already deployed a defensive grand formation. Despite these two forces joining together, it still didn’t give them any sense of security.

The experts of Gu and Demon Palace had gathered in the hall, discussing about the countermeasures.

At this moment, Bin Changxiao and the three ancestors entered the hall.

“Brother Gu, the situation is already pretty obvious. We, Bin Palace, is seeking to join forces with your palaces.” Bin Changxiao said straightforwardly.

Their time was running out, he couldn’t afford to beat around the bush.

“If you sincerely want to join forces with us, we will certainly welcome you. However, I would like to ask whether you could dispel the grudges and conflicts between you and Jiang Chen,” said Gu Firmament.

He was surprised that Bin Palace came here to seek alliance with them. Everyone on the scene was no fool. All of them understood how much was at stake here. At this time, only by forming alliances could they help one another. If the seven major palaces united before Desolate Palace struck, Desolate Palace might not have acted so arrogantly and wouldn’t have subdued several major palaces so quickly.

“As far as the fate of Bin Palace is concerned, our grudges against Jiang Chen has become the least of our worries. As long as we can survive through this crisis, we will forget the grudges between us and Jiang Chen. Brother Gu, we have no time to delay. I will create a pa.s.sageway so that my people could come over now.” Bin Changxiao said.

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