Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1017 – The Heaven Defying Fortune

Chapter 1017 – The Heaven Defying Fortune

The Heaven Defying Fortune

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“That’s the Ancient Divine Devil Bloodline from the supreme lineage of Devil Race! Why haven’t I seen this man before? And he has already reached the sixth grade of the Great Saint realm at such a young age. A genius like him shouldn’t be unknown to everyone.”

“No, he doesn’t belong to our race. He’s a human that has intruded into our land. However, how could a human possess the complete Ancient Divine Devil Bloodline? This is unbelievable!”

“He’s a human! How can a human obtain our Supreme Devil Wand? Kill him!”


The Devil Race was equipped with a unique eyesight that could straightaway identify Han Yan’s complete Ancient Divine Devil Bloodline, however they could also see through his origin, and that he wasn’t a devil. This had made them hostile. Some experts even released killing intent, but none of them dared to make a move because of the Supreme Devil Wand.

“Stay where you are.” Then, a half-step Devil Immortal said.

His gaze fell upon Han Yan and the Supreme Devil Wand before sweeping around the area. He said, “No one in our race is allowed to desecrate the dignity of the Supreme Devil Wand. Although he’s a human, he possesses the Ancient Divine Devil Bloodline and that makes him one of us. The Supreme Devil Wand must have its own reason for choosing him. We should observe the situation calmly. If he was fully recognized by the Supreme Devil Wand, he will become the supreme ruler of the our race. By that time, everyone, regardless of what rank or position they had, has to obey his commands, because the Supreme Devil Wand is the faith of the our race. However, if he failed to take full control of the Supreme Devil Wand, we will kill him immediately.”

Neither of the devils dared to say another word after his speech. Actually, what the half-step Devil Immortal said was undeniably correct. The present situation wasn’t just about humans or devils. With the Ancient Divine Devil Bloodline, Han Yan would be regarded as one of the members in the Devil Race. More importantly, the decision was up to the Supreme Devil Wand.

The Supreme Devil Wand was the highest belief of the Devil Race. It symbolized the power of the supreme ruler. Anyone in the Devil Race was forbidden to disrespect it. If Han Yan really could wield the Supreme Devil Wand, every devil in the entire Devil Race was obliged to follow his command despite his origin.

Han Yan was submerged by the black light. Currently, he was having another feeling. He had already been recognized by the Supreme Devil Wand and was communicating with it.

“Ha!” All of a sudden, Han Yan shouted.

He extended his palm towards the direction of the Supreme Devil Wand above. Then, the wand immediately flew to his grip as if it had been summoned. It was bouncing incessantly in his palm. The wand felt joyful for finding its rightful master. No one would be able to imagine the joy that it was feeling.

“He succeeded.”

Inside the domain of Han Yan, Jiang Chen’s eyes sparkled. Delight was revealed on the faces of the two men and dog, and at the same time, they heaved a sigh of relief. One should know that they were now at an incomparably dangerous situation. They were completely surrounded by the Devil Race. Just taking the half-step Devil Immortal into consideration, anyone would admit their scary combat power. If Han Yan failed to wield the Supreme Devil Wand, they were afraid that the devils would immediately attack them. Even if Jiang Chen had three extra heads and six extra arms, all of them would have to die.

Han Yan burst into laughter, and immediately, he whispered to Jiang Chen and the others via divine sense. “It turns out that my Ancient Divine Devil Bloodline isn’t the only reason I can wield this Supreme Devil Wand. It made me the perfect candidate after I fused the Great Devil Curse into my bloodline. In fact, the Great Devil Curse originated from the Supreme Devil Wand. When Sang Ba acquired the Great Devil Curse, it must be one of the inheritances of the Supreme Devil Wand. The wand will only reveal itself when the Great Devil Curse is successfully cultivated. Therefore, this wand should be Sang Ba’s, too bad that he’s already dead while I have also cultivated the Great Devil Curse. In the end, it became mine. Isn’t this my good fortune?”

After hearing Han Yan’s words, Jiang Chen and Tyrant couldn’t help sighing. Indeed, this was a great fortune that couldn’t be described as coincidental. Back when Sang Ba acquired the Great Devil Curse, it provided a sign for the birth of the Supreme Devil Wand. The master that the wand was looking for was a devil with supreme bloodline and had cultivated the Great Devil Curse. That made Sang Ba the perfect candidate to be the bearer of the wand, but he was dead.

It just so happened that Han Yan had cultivated the Great Devil Curse recently, and his Ancient Divine Devil Bloodline was n.o.bler than Sang Ba’s. Thus, he became the true bearer of the Supreme Devil Wand. A fortune like this could only be described as heaven defying. If Sang Ba knew about this, his spirit would certainly cough out blood due to anger, and would die again.

“Little Chen, I’m going to integrate the Supreme Devil Wand completely, which will also tremendously improve my cultivation base. The moment I have taken full control of the wand, I will become the belief of the Devil Race and all of the devils will be under my control. But this may take some time. So you guys would have to continue hiding inside my domain while holding your Qi. When I have fully integrated the Supreme Devil Wand, all of us will be safe. By that time, the entire Devil Race will belong to us.” Han Yan said.

Then, his body slowly rose to the sky while the Supreme Devil Wand flew up once more and suspended above his head, constantly radiating black light into his body. It was obvious that Han Yan’s power was increasing unceasingly as the black light was entering his body.

“Dang! He has really succeeded. We are going to rule the whole Devil Race. How ambitious! Have you all seen them? Not just the Super Devil Saints, but the few half-step Devil Immortals. If we truly ruled the Devil Race, we don’t have to worry about Saint Origin Palace when we go there, let alone the six major palaces.”

Big Yellow had gotten carried away.

“Indeed. If we can gain full control of the Devil Race, we don’t have to fear the six major palaces anymore.”

Tyrant smiled and nodded. Imagining about the outcome exhilarated him.

The corner of Jiang Chen’s mouth curled to a smile. He didn’t speak because he didn’t put the five major palaces in his eyes, except for Desolate Palace which had Human Immortals. Even if they have half-step Devil Immortals, it wasn’t worth mentioning before Desolate Palace.

Nevertheless, it would bring them enormous benefits if they could rule the whole Devil Race. Their overall strength would grow astronomically with this much devil army. No one had any idea how much chaos this devil army could create in Saint Origin World if they were all sent to the battlefield.

The integration process between Han Yan and the Supreme Devil Wand was destined to be a slow process. All the devil experts were watching Han Yan. They were all witnessing the miracle that had never appeared in the last thousand years.

A day later, Han Yan’s cultivation base rushed to the Seventh Grade Great Saint. It showed how tremendous the benefits he obtained from the Supreme Devil Wand, but he obviously hadn’t reached the end of the advancement. His cultivation base was still increasing while integrating the Supreme Devil Wand.

“Darn it! He has broken through the Seventh Grade Great Saint. At this rate, he is going to break through into the Eighth Grade Great Saint.” said Big Yellow, clearly annoyed.

“This is the great fortune of Ah Yan. When the integration is complete, he won’t have a problem advancing to the Eighth Grade Great Saint.” Said Jiang Chen with a smile.

Seeing Han Yan’s achievements, he naturally felt very happy. After all, they were sworn brothers. They had established their friends.h.i.+p when they were still in Eastern Continent.

Before going through so many things along the way, he didn’t expect that they would achieve what they had today. Nangong Wentian, on the other hand, had gone into seclusion in the deepest layer of a spatial zone at the time in Nebula Sect, and wasn’t even out yet. Clearly, the gap between the them and him had been pulled wider.

Another day pa.s.sed like the blink of an eye. Han Yan’s current cultivation base had hit the peak of Seventh Grade Great Saint, only a step more to reach the next grade. Additionally, the integration between him and the wand was reaching the final stage.

Meanwhile in Saint Origin Palace!

The Ancestor of Desolate Palace had given three days’ time before executing the plan. Today was the day that their big plan would be carried out. All the selected experts stood in formation, ready for the next command. The army was headed by Desolate Emperor. There were four half-step Human Immortal, a dozen powerful Ninth Grade Great Saints and a group of Seventh and Eighth Grade Great Saint geniuses.

What was more frightening about this army was the twelve experts of the Thirteen Guardians. Each and every one of them had the combat strength of a half-step Human Immoral, the strongest was the Second Guardian who was powerful enough to kill a half-step Human Immortal. With these powerful forces, the other seven major palaces wouldn’t be able to stop them even if they had done the necessary preparation.

“Desolate Emperor, our great plan is finally executed. The moment Desolate Palace dominates the entire Saint Origin World will arrive soon and this will create a new chapter for Saint Origin World. Where shall we begin, commander?” A half-step Human Immortal elder said.

His ident.i.ty and status were both above Desolate Emperor, but due to the Ancestor having appointed Desolate Emperor to lead the army, all the half-step Human Immortals were required to ask for Desolate Emperor’s advice.

“We are closest to Narang Palace, so we shall start from there first. We will use our ma.s.sive combat power to suppress them. If they are smart enough, they will surrender to us. But if they refuse to do so, we shall not be lenient to them.”

Desolate Emperor’s Qi fluctuated majestically. He had been waiting for this day to arrive for far too long.

“Well, let’s start from Narang Palace then.” The supreme elder nodded.

To them, it didn’t matter which palace they start with because all of the seven major palaces were within their scope of attack. Their objective was to rule the entire Saint Origin Palace. None of them would be spared. As Narang Palace was the closest to them, they would begin there first before devouring the next major palace.

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