Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1016 – The Supreme Devil Wand

Chapter 1016 – The Supreme Devil Wand

The Supreme Devil Wand

The 14th chapter!

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Undeniably, the overall strength of Desolate Palace was too powerful even if the few Human Immortals were excluded. Neither of the seven major palaces could hold a candle to their combat strength. The question was who, in this world, would be as powerful as the Thirteen Guardians? With such forces, it would take them less than a day to annihilate one palace.

It couldn’t be helped when Desolate Emperor and the others had completely pushed Jiang Chen out of their minds after seeing the Thirteen Guardians. There was no one under the Heavens and Earth that could be compared with any one of them, let alone these 13. The Fifth Grade Great Saint Jiang Chen was just like an insect in front of the Thirteen Guardians. Any one of the guardian could pinch him to death.

However, Desolate Palace’s decision to give up on Jiang Chen would prove to be a terrible mistake eventually. When the time came that Jiang Chen would annihilate Desolate Palace, those immortal ancestors regretted it enormously. Of course, that would be a later story.

“Thirteen Guardians, you all have to follow the orders of Desolate Emperor from now on. We will strike three days later. I hope that you all can show the majestic spirit of Desolate Palace by conquering the entire Saint Origin Palace in the shortest time possible.” The Ancestor said to the Thirteen Guardians.

“Yes, Ancestor.”

The Thirteen Guardians bowed simultaneously and responsively to avoid showing any signs of disrespect to the high and mighty Human Immortal.

Though everything was going calmly in Saint Origin Palace, the atmosphere made people feel as if a storm was coming, especially for the higher ups. Currently, the seven major palaces were working against the clock to prepare for the upcoming chaos.

Meanwhile, in the Devil World.

The shaking of the mountain was becoming stronger. Countless of devils had focused all their concentration on it. The whole scene was extremely quiet, not a single one spoke or moved.

A day later!

*Hong Long…*

The Devil World shook violently all of a sudden while the black light above the summit turned denser. If one looked closely, one could see that something was being condensed in the thick cloud of illumination. It was the embryonic shape of a wand. Even though it was only an embryonic form, everyone could feel its grandeur.

“Look, what is that?”

“It looks like a scepter. Could this be the supreme treasure?”

“Oh Lord! That’s the Supreme Devil Wand! That’s the embryonic form of the legendary Supreme Devil Wand! Our entire race will be overjoyed to see this falling into our possession.”

“Exactly. It is the legendary Supreme Devil Wand. It symbolizes the power of the highest ruler. Only the n.o.blest bloodline in the Devil Race could wield that wand. As far as I know, the power of the wand is boundless. If our race could use this wand, our overall strength will grow to an unimaginable extent in the next 100 years. By then, we will reign over the entire Saint Origin World and no one will be able to stop us!”

“Quiet! Making noise in front of the Supreme Devil King is a blasphemy. Listen up, fellow devils, be on your knees now!”


Astonishment filled everyone’s mind when they discerned the shape of the supreme treasure. A Ninth Grade Devil Saint immediately urged the other devils to kneel down as a form of respect for the Supreme Devil Wand.

Han Yan fell on his knees too. Now that they had reached the most critical moment of the event, he couldn’t afford to expose their ident.i.ties at this time. It was already imaginable what the consequences would be if they did reveal their true ident.i.ties; they might be instantly ripped apart by the devil experts.

“Little Chen, do you have any idea about that Supreme Devil Wand? Is it very powerful?” Big Yellow asked, puzzled.

“I don’t know how powerful the Supreme Devil Wand is, but that item is a symbol of something to the Devil Race. To put it in another way, that Supreme Devil Wand is akin to the Totem Divine Seal of the Demon Race. Try to recall how the people of Demon Race reacted back when the Totem Divine Seal descended upon you,” replied Jiang Chen.

In fact, he didn’t imagine that such a legendary wand would emerge in the Devil Race. Even those formidable devils wouldn’t show the slightest bit of disrespect to the Supreme Devil Wand because that was their belief. They believed that the Supreme Devil Wand symbolized authority and supremacy.

“A precious item like this consisted of souls. Only the n.o.blest bloodline in the Devil Race can be recognized by the Supreme Devil Wand. Then, the individual will wield the Supreme Devil Wand and become the ruler of the Devil Race. Ah Yan, your golden opportunity has come. If you can wield the Supreme Devil Wand, everyone in the Devil Race will need to follow your commands.” Tyrant said, his eyes were about to glitter like spotlight.

“What the h*ll? Rule the entire Devil Race? Isn’t that too much? The Ancient Divine Devil Bloodline and the Great Devil Curse in Ah Yan’s physique will make it possible for him to wield that Supreme Devil Wand. If he can really conquer the entire Devil Race, the outcome would surely be unimaginable.”

Big Yellow seemed tremendously excited, as if Han Yan had already acquired the Supreme Devil Wand.

Han Yan didn’t speak but his eyes were fixed on the embryonic form of the wand with a sense of longing. As the possessor of the Ancient Divine Devil Bloodline, he knew very clearly how great the wand was to him. It would be his great luck if he could acquire this item.

Nevertheless, such an item couldn’t be obtained by force. The Supreme Devil Wand had its own soul and would find its own master. As such, getting this item would only depend on his luck.

*Hong Long…*

The Devil Mountain shook even more intensely, looking as if it was going to collapse at any moment, while the image of the wand above the summit got clearer. Traces of majestic devil aura that could shook one’s soul and heart was released. Gusts of devil winds rippled in the air, bending the void and producing crackling sounds. Thousands of devils were kneeling on the ground in perfect silence, waiting to witness the birth of the Supreme Devil Wand, waiting to see the arrival of a miracle.

Another hour of waiting pa.s.sed. At last, an opening was blown on the Devil Mountain accompanied by a loud roar. Then, a wand drifted out from the opening. Countless beams of black light radiated from the wand to every corner of the Devil World. The black light was sacred to the devils.

At this particular moment, everyone raised their heads and gazed at the drifting black wand overhead. Without a doubt, the wand was the legendary Supreme Devil Wand.

The wand was as dark as ink and with the length of three meters. The surface was engraved with lines of unfathomable devil marks. It looked ancient and n.o.ble that no one dared to stare directly at it.

The legendary Supreme Devil Wand symbolized power, status and belief. Now that it has emerged in the world, it will symbolize the fate and future of the Devil Race. No one in the scene didn’t feel excited about it.

*Buzz…* *Buzz…*

The wand trembled and produced buzzing sounds before it turned and moved downwards, to the devils below. Beams of black light radiated once more from the wand, falling upon every devil.

At this moment, even the half-step Devil Immortals were on the scene. There were four of them, kneeling like the others and receiving the black beams of light. The atmosphere was awfully quiet. Not a single sound was heard. This was because they knew that this moment was the most sacred moment of all—the Supreme Devil Wand was looking for or selecting its master.

Neither of the devils dared disrespect the wand. Even the half-step Devil Immortals didn’t dare to s.n.a.t.c.h the wand directly because now was the time for the wand to choose its master instead of the master s.n.a.t.c.hing it.

The hearts of thousands of devils pounded excitedly, including those devils who had inferior bloodline. Each of them were filled with longing. If they were chosen by the Supreme Devil Wand, their position and status would instantly skyrocket. Additionally, the devil’s cultivation would surely advance by leaps and bounds after obtaining the inheritance of the wand. This was a great opportunity that wouldn’t appear even in 10, 000 years.

The black light swept through the crowd of devils, including those formidable half-step Devil Immortals and Super Devil Saints, but unfortunately, the wand didn’t stop. This disappointed them very much. Anyway, they were already mentally prepared for such a result. After all, things like this depended mostly on one’s luck instead of power.

“Ah Yan, stealthily circulate your bloodline and Great Devil Curse now.” Jiang Chen reminded.

“Alright.” Han Yan replied.

Quickly, he circulated his Ancient Divine Devil Bloodline to the maximum along with the Great Devil Curse. Suddenly, a black beam of light shot out from the Supreme Devil Wand towards Han Yan, encompa.s.sing him.

At the same time, the Supreme Devil Wand made another response. High above the Devil Mountain, a black pillar of light drifted below until it reached Han Yan’s head; his entire body was now enshrouded by the black light.


Countless eyes looked over to Han Yan. Each one of them were smart enough to know that this situation meant that some lucky devil had been recognized by the Supreme Devil Wand.

“Haha! It worked!” Big Yellow screamed excitedly.

“This is really special.” Jiang Chen was full of smile.

He was not surprised that Han Yan was able to obtain the Supreme Devil Wand because the wand had no reason not to choose someone with such a n.o.ble bloodline and talent.

“Who’s he? I have never seen this Devil Saint before. But he has a strong bloodline, I think it’s the legendary Ancient Divine Devil Bloodline. No wonder the Supreme Devil Wand recognized him,” someone exclaimed.

This time, Han Yan had become the focus of all attention.