Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 101 – Found a Secret Treasure

Chapter 101 – Found a Secret Treasure

Chapter 101 – Found a Secret Treasure

That same night, the moon was s.h.i.+ning brightly in the sky. Moonlight sprinkled down like silver grains. Within the courtyard, Yan Chen Yu was laying in Jiang Chen’s arms while appreciating the moonlight. Right at that moment, a phantom-like figure suddenly came from afar. In just a split second, it landed in front of Jiang Chen and Yan Chen Yu. This phantom-like figure was none other than Big Yellow.

“Puppy dog, where did you go?”

Upon seeing Big Yellow arrive, Yan Chen Yu immediately became happy.

“Pooh, d.a.m.n it, those idiots from the Heavenly Sword Sect tried to catch me, their father? They haven’t even looked into the mirror to see what they look like! An awesome being like me is not someone who can be caught easily!”

Big Yellow spat out and raised his head with pride. Then he looked at Jiang Chen with satisfaction, “Kid, not a bad performance today, I never expected you to have so much guts! You really made me, your father, have a new level of respect towards you!”

“f.u.c.k off.”

Jiang Chen gazed at Big Yellow. This fellow, besides his evil-mind, there was only was his narcissism.

“You asked Xiao Yu to tell me there’s some treasure in this Whirling Sun City, what treasure?”

Jiang Chen couldn’t wait any longer and asked. He didn’t follow Han Yan and the rest back to the Black Sect all because of the treasure that was mentioned by Big Yellow.

“I also do not know what it is, but I can feel the place where that treasure is hidden. It is right within a wasteland behind the Whirling Sun City, and my feeling is definitely not wrong. Besides, since that treasure can be sensed by me, it is definitely going to be an extraordinary one!”

Big Yellow’s eyes lit up.

Looking at how Big Yellow was behaving, Jiang Chen couldn’t help but laugh. A treasure that can make Big Yellow behave like this was surely something extraordinary.

“Then what are we waiting for? Let’s hurry up and find it.”

Jiang Chen urged. In his past life, he had seen all kinds of treasures, but now everything had changed. He was so poor that he had to start gathering all his treasures again.

“What’s the rush? Give me, your father a cup of tea, I’m tired.”

Big Yellow acted like a human and sat down on a stool standing next to the stone table. He was waiting for Jiang Chen to serve him tea.

Jiang Chen grabbed Big Yellow’s ear and pulled him up from the stool, “You d.a.m.n dog, I gave you some light and then you started glowing. I showed you some respect, then you started acting like a master. What kind of d.a.m.ned dog drinks tea?”

Jiang Chen knew this dog very well. He was one who absolutely couldn’t be spoiled. The evil-minded dog never knew the meaning of give him an inch, and he'll want a mile.

“Ruff, d.a.m.n you, let your father go!”

Big Yellow showed his teeth and was thrown a few feet away by Jiang Chen. In the end, he unwillingly led Jiang Chen out from the courtyard and started walking towards the north side of Whirling Sun City.

“Can’t even let me have a cup of tea, you’re inhuman!”

“Asking I, your father to help you find treasure, but you don’t even show any respect for I, your father, f.u.c.k!”

“Little b.a.s.t.a.r.d, when there’s a chance, I will definitely bite your b.u.t.t into dozens of pieces!”


Along the way, Big Yellow kept muttering. This was his method of trying to release his dissatisfaction. Jiang Chen and Yan Chen Yu weren’t bothered by him, they just followed behind.

The trio were walking a pretty remote path, that’s why they didn’t b.u.mp into anyone along their way. This was much better, as it would save them from unwanted trouble.

At the north side of the Whirling Sun City, there was a huge wasteland that was both desolate and uninhabited. This was a deserted area, and on a normal day, people would rarely come here. This deserted area was very big, it covered more than 20 miles of area in diameter. There were some buildings within the area, but they looked old and were in pretty bad shape.

This place made Jiang Chen think of the wasteland area within Fragrant Sky City. That place was where had been reborn. There, he had been captured by two guards of the Jiang family that were trying to take his blood. It could be said that Jiang Chen’s new life was birthed from a wasteland similar to this one.

“Puppy dog, are you sure this is the right place? A deserted area like this, how could a treasure exist here?”

Yan Chen Yu furrowed her brows.

“My senses are never wrong! The treasure must be residing within this area. Now that we have arrived here, my senses are much clearer!”

Big Yellow said in a firm manner.

“What Big Yellow said is right. I can sense some sort of a defense mechanism in this area. A deserted area like this shouldn’t have any defense mechanisms. But, if the defense mechanism is there to hide the treasure, then it would make sense.”

Jiang Chen said.

Big Yellow stared at Jiang Chen with a surprised expression, “What kind of a monster are you? You can sense the defense mechanism by just standing here? I, your father, found the place only because of the treasure’s smell, I have yet to sense any defense mechanisms!”

The way Big Yellow looked at Jiang Chen now, was different from before. Defense mechanisms were something very abstruse, it was not something that just anyone could set up. Even if it was the simplest defense mechanism, it required someone at the Heavenly Core realm in order to set it up. Jiang Chen was only a Mortal Core warrior, and his Divine Sense had supposedly just awakened, so why was it that he could sense such an advanced thing as the defense mechanism?

“Big Bro Jiang Chen can do anything! He just sensed the defense mechanism, no big deal!”

Yan Chen Yu looked at Jiang Chen with admiration.

“Love-struck fool.”

Big Yellow wasn’t bothered by Yan Chen Yu. When women fall in love, they lose reason.

“That’s it. While the sky is still dark, let’s hurry and search around, I want to see what kind of treasure exists within this wasteland.”

After saying that, Jiang Chen moved his legs and started walking towards the inner area of the wasteland.

With Jiang Chen’s ability to sense the defense mechanism and Big Yellow’s ability to sense treasure, the trio walked to the front of an old, damaged building in the center of the wasteland.

The building in front of them looked like a ruined temple. There were countless holes in the walls, some of wooden pillars had turned black and had been rotting for an unknown amount of time. A pungent smell came from within the building, making the trio furrow their brows.

“What a bad smell.”

Yan Chen Yu had the most difficulty enduring this smell.

“All the buildings here have decayed badly. Looks like it’s been a long amount of time since anyone came here. There’s a defense mechanism within this building, let’s go check it out.”

Jiang Chen said.

“That’s right, the treasure is in this ruined temple, I can’t be wrong!”

Big Yellow said in a firm manner before they started walking into the ruined temple.

The scenery inside the ruined temple was similar to the scenery outside. Damage and decay could be seen everywhere. The dust on the floor reached their ankles, and there was even dust falling down from the wall. Aside from this, there was nothing else within the ruined temple.

Jiang Chen and Big Yellow’s vision landed on the same spot, a broken door. Obviously, this was the place that Jiang Chen and Big Yellow had been searching for.

Big Yellow then said, “The treasure is inside there! There really is a defense mechanism outside the door.”

Jiang Chen’s eyes started glowing. A bright beam shout out from his eyes and fell onto the broken door. Ripples immediately appeared on the door.

“A defense mechanism set by a Divine Core warrior.”

Jiang Chen said. If this was his past life, destroying this kind of defense mechanism would just require him to raise his hand. But now, it was going to take some effort.

“Don’t tell me this is a treasure left behind by a Divine Core warrior?”

Yan Chen Yu was surprised. Who would have ever thought that this wasteland would be hiding a Divine Core warrior’s secret treasure?

“Impossible, it can’t be that simple. If it was a treasure left behind by a Divine Core warrior, it wouldn’t emit this kind of feeling.”

Big Yellow said. A Divine Core warrior is indeed powerful, but it’s not at the point of knowing all underneath the heavens. And, the treasure that Big Yellow sensed was definitely not as simple as a Divine Core warrior’s treasure.

“Looks like there’s something fishy here. Let’s break open this defense mechanism first. Even if it’s just a Divine Core warrior’s treasure, it can still be considered a good treasure.”

Jiang Chen said. For his current situation, he could only look up to Divine Core warriors. If he could enter a Divine Core warrior’s secret treasure hiding spot, the benefits he would get would be unimaginable.

“Kid, since you can sense the defense mechanism, do you have any ways to break it open?”

Big Yellow said in a provocative manner as he stared at Jiang Chen.

“It’s just a Divine Core warrior’s defense mechanism, it can’t stop me. Both of you, stand back.”

Jiang Chen smiled lightly. If compared to a Divine Core warrior, then his strength was indeed weaker. However, defense mechanisms were something different. It was something that was set up by a cultivator who used some tricks to communicate with the qi that exists in the universe. As long as he could find the weak spot, it would be easy to break it open.

Both Yan Chen Yu and Big Yellow took two steps back. Big Yellow kept staring at Jiang Chen. He wanted to see what tricks Jiang Chen, who was only a Mortal Core warrior, would use to break the defense mechanism that had been setup by a Divine Core warrior.

Jiang Chen stood in front of the defense mechanism. Both his eyes were glowing brightly, the invisible defense mechanism outside the door was visible to him. The complicated tangled patterns could make anyone who stared at it feel horrified.

However, Jiang Chen was no ordinary man. Although in his past life he didn’t venture too deeply into the knowledge behind defensive mechanisms, understanding a defensive mechanism that was setup by a Divine Core warrior was just a piece of cake for him.

With just one look, Jiang Chen had found the defense mechanism’s weak spot. In the next second, a powerful force of soul energy was unleashed from his body. The soul energy was rolling within both of his palms. Jiang Chen kept forming some complicated patterns with his hands, and some mysterious patterns formed on his finger tips.

“d.a.m.n, this guy really knows defense mechanisms.”

Big Yellow was really surprised because only Heavenly Core warriors were able to form these kinds of defense mechanisms, and Jiang Chen, who was only an Early Mortal Core warrior, could use it in such a perfect way. This was too abnormal.

Jiang Chen’s expression became more serious. Forming a counter defense mechanism was an exhausting process, even more exhausting than concocting pills. If it wasn’t for him cultivating the Great Soul Derivation skill and the Dragon Transformation skill, it would be impossible for him to perform this task at his current level.

Soon, a ripple formed on Jiang Chen’s finger tip. Right in the middle of the ripple, an invisible airflow swung around. This was an invisible counter defence mechanism that looked like a snake.


Jiang Chen shouted with a deep voice. He wave his finger, and the snake like counter defense mechanism pierced itself towards the door.

Pop! Bang!

When the air flow struck the defense mechanism, first came a popping sound, then the sound of a subtle explosion. The defense mechanism that had been set up by a Divine Core warrior an unknown amount of time ago was shattered into pieces. The explosive force pushed Jiang Chen back, and only after taking three steps backwards was he able to regain his stability.


Jiang Chen took a deep breath. With his current situation, breaking the defense mechanism set by a Divine Core warrior by force was still too difficult for him. Big Yellow who stood aside had been startled, and his mouth was wide open. He had broken the defense mechanism in the Demon Prison Tower, so he obviously knew just how difficult it was to do so.