Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 102 – Broken Sword

Chapter 102 – Broken Sword

Chapter 102 – Broken Sword

Big Yellow was ready to make fun of Jiang Chen if he failed to break it, then he would break it himself. However, he had never expected Jiang Chen to break it so easily. This made him really baffled.

“You really are a monster!”

Big Yellow said in a grumpy manner.

“Big Bro Jiang Chen, look, there’s a pa.s.sage!”

Yan Chen Yu pointed at the place where the defense mechanism had previously been. The old door had disappeared, and a dark pa.s.sage had appeared.

“Let’s go and check it out.”

Big Yellow dashed forwards, he was the first one to enter the pa.s.sage.

Jiang Chen and Yan Chen Yu followed behind. The pa.s.sage wasn’t wide, and it only had enough s.p.a.ce for 2 people to pa.s.s at the same time.

“This pa.s.sage is going downwards. Looks like the secret treasure is hidden underneath the ground. No wonder it has yet to be discovered after so long, it’s hidden so well!”

Jiang Chen said.

“Haha, I can feel the smell of the treasure getting thicker and thicker!”

Both of Big Yellow’s eyes were glowing. He hurriedly walked down the pa.s.sage.

This wasn’t a long pa.s.sage. They only had to travel about ten meters before they arrived at the end of the pa.s.sage. It wasn’t a large area, it was about the size of three houses, and it was surrounded by cold, hard stone walls. On the stone walls, there were tens of fist-sized moonstones emitting a faint light in the dark s.p.a.ce.

The moonstone was a rare item, but it didn’t hold much value as its only use lay in decorative purposes. Therefore, Jiang Chen and Big Yellow didn’t pay too much attention to those.

“Ah, Big Bro Jiang Chen, there’s a skeleton!”

Yan Chen Yu shouted. Jiang Chen and Big Yellow followed her vision and looked at it, and right in the center of this secret chamber, they saw a skeleton sitting on the ground. The bones on this skeleton had decayed, tiny holes were everywhere on its body, and it seemed like a simple wind would be enough to turn it into ashes. This man had obviously been dead for a long time.

“This should be that Divine Core warrior.”

Jiang Chen said.

There was nothing else in the chamber, there was no treasure whatsoever. However, beside the skeleton, a light yellow storage bag was lying quietly. Big Yellow checked the storage bag, but he didn’t show any interest in it. His nose kept sniffing, as if he was trying to find something.

Jiang Chen didn’t care so much. He made a grabbing motion towards the storage bag from afar. Then, the storage bag, like it was being summoned by him, flew towards him and fell into his hand.

Sending his Yuan energy into the bag, he immediately saw what was within the storage bag.

Jiang Chen flipped his hand, and a thumb sized pill appeared in his palm. This pill was almost identical to a Mortal Restoration Pill, but the energy contained within was far superior to a Mortal Restoration Pill.

“Big Bro Jiang Chen, what pill is this? It looks just like a Mortal Restoration Pill, but I’m sure it isn’t a Mortal Restoration pill.”

Yan Chen Yu asked.

“This is an Earth Restoration Pill, an Earth Restoration Pill with 100% effectiveness. There’s ten pills like this in the storage bag! Haha, what a fortune!”

Jiang Chen was very surprised. The value of an Earth Restoration Pill could not be compared with Mortal Restoration Pills. Furthermore, it had 100% effectiveness. An Earth Restoration Pill was equal to ten thousand Mortal Restoration Pills. The difference between the pills was huge.

Normally, Qi Hai, Mortal Core, and Heavenly Core warriors would all use Mortal Restoration Pills. Only when reaching the Divine Core realm, especially the Late Divine Core realm, would the energy supplied by Mortal Restoration Pills become insufficient. Then they would need something a bit higher level, like Earth Restoration Pills.

Put it this way, only Divine Core warriors and Combat Soul warriors would possess rare Earth Restoration Pills, and here were ten Earth Restoration pills with value equal to a hundred thousand Mortal Restoration Pills. Furthermore, if someone wanted to use a hundred thousand Mortal Restoration Pills to exchange for ten Earth Restoration Pills, no one would be willing to make that exchange.

Jiang Chen was cultivating the Dragon Transformation skill, and it required a huge amount of resources. No matter how much energy a single pill contained, it wouldn’t be enough for him. Now, he had ten Earth Restoration Pills, plus those thirty thousand Mortal Restoration Pills that Big Yellow had cheated from the others, and his own stockpile of nearly ten thousand Mortal Restoration Pills. Jiang Chen’s wealth was worth more than 140,000 Mortal Restoration Pills. Such a huge amount of pills was enough to support him until he reached the Late Heavenly Core realm.

In other words, in this short period of time, Jiang Chen wouldn’t need to worry about getting pills. This had saved him a lot of trouble.

Jiang Chen took out all ten Earth Restoration Pills and stored them within his storage ring, then he took out an axe from the light yellow storage bag. This was a 3 meter long axe that glowed in a faint golden light. The axe was very sharp, and weighed more than a thousand pounds. Jiang Chen casually swung the axe, making it produce a buzzing sound as well as cause the thin air in front of him vibrate.

“What a powerful axe.”

Yan Chen Yu was astonished.

“This is a high-ranked combat weapon! The power a high-ranked combat weapon can bring out is unimaginable. If I were to use this axe, I can absolutely fight against a Heavenly Core warrior.”

Jiang Chen’s eyes were glowing. His entire body portrayed an unparalleled confidence.

“There are some words carved on the axe.”

Yan Chen Yu pointed at the carved words. Jiang Chen turned over the axe handle and saw the words ‘Axe of Thunder’ deeply carved onto it.

Just from the name alone, one could tell how extraordinary this axe was. Jiang Chen was really satisfied with it, with the Axe of Thunder, he now had one more powerful tool in his hands.

The Divine Core warrior didn’t leave too many treasures with him. Aside from the Axe of Thunder and the ten Earth Restoration Pills, there were only two more secret skill books in the storage bag. One was named the Skill of Storm, an Earth level skill, but Jiang Chen didn’t take a second look at it as he just simply threw it into his storage ring. After cultivating the Dragon Transformation skill, there were no more cultivation skills in this world that were worth his time.

Jiang Chen casually grabbed the other skill book. Just when he was about to throw it into his storage ring, he saw the name written on the book, and his eyes lit up.

‘Clap of Thunder combat skill’

This combat skill, if it was just an ordinary combat skill, then Jiang Chen wouldn’t even take a second look at it. Ordinary combat skills just couldn’t compare with his Six Solar Fingers, and on top of the Six Solar Fingers, there was the Nine Solar Energies. However, the Clap of Thunder skill was different. This skill was an axe skill that could be used together with the Axe of Thunder.

The Axe of Thunder was a high-ranked combat weapon, if it could be used with a matching axe skill, the power would definitely be doubled.

“I can use the Clap of Thunder combat skill to increase the power of the Axe of Thunder.”

Jiang Chen kept the Clap of Thunder skill. This trip to the Whirling Sun City had so far been rewarding. Not only had he joined the Black Sect, he had also found some good treasures.


Right at this moment, Big Yellow suddenly started laughing out excitedly. Jiang Chen and Yan Chen Yu turned around and looked at him, then they saw that he had dug out a rusty piece metal from a corner in the chamber. His paws were placed around the rusty metal piece, and his saliva was dripping all over.

“Don’t tell me puppy dog went nuts? How can a rusty piece of metal make him so excited?”

Yan Chen Yu asked with a puzzled expression.

“That dog will never go nuts. Looks like that rusty metal is the treasure he was looking for.”

Jiang Chen squinted his eyes, and his vision landed on the rusty metal piece in Big Yellow’s arm. This piece of rusty metal was almost two meters long, and its width was the size of a palm. Its metal was rusted. This thing, no one would pick it up even if it was thrown onto a busy street.

What’s more important was that, Jiang Chen with the vision of the once greatest Saint in the world, couldn’t tell the difference between this thing and an ordinary sc.r.a.p of metal. However, he could tell that this rusty metal piece was part of a broken sword. Jiang Chen didn’t sense any energy fluctuations or sword laws from it. There was nothing special about this piece of a broken sword at all.

With Jiang Chen’s judgment, even if there was just a tiny piece of an ultimate Saint level weapon in front of him, he would be able to recognize it. But now, he couldn’t recognize this rusty metal. This only had two explanations. The first explanation was that this rusty metal was just an ordinary piece of a broken sword, and the second was that this rusty metal piece came from something above the level of Saint, something from a level where even Jiang Chen himself was unable to tell what it was.

Jiang Chen believed in Big Yellow’s ability, this dog would never fall in love with a piece of sc.r.a.p metal.

“Big Yellow, what is it?”

Jiang Chen asked.

“Are you blind? This is just a piece of sc.r.a.p metal, a broken sword! All the other things here belong to you, and this broken sword belongs to me! I warn you, don’t try to steal from this boss!”

Big Yellow hugged the broken sword tightly, fearing that Jiang Chen would take it from him.

The more Big Yellow behaved like this, the more Jiang Chen felt that this broken sword was something unusual.

“Hehe, Big Yellow, just let me have a look, I promise I won’t take it away from you.”

Jiang Chen showed a smile that he thought was very friendly.

“Get lost! Stop trying to play tricks on I, your father! I found this myself!”

Big Yellow then directly opened his large mouth and swallowed the broken sword.

“d.a.m.n you!”

Jiang Chen rolled his eyes. It looked like taking that treasure out from Big Yellow’s mouth was going to be harder than climbing the heavens. Looks like he could only give up for now, and think of a way in the future.

“f.u.c.k you! You brat, you’ve gotten a lot of benefits here, you should be crying and thanking I, your father right now!”

Big Yellow gazed at Jiang Chen. He was very unsatisfied with Jiang Chen’s reaction.

After that, the trio left the secret chamber and started walking towards the Black Sect’s Chamber of Commerce.

“Big Yellow, what kind of treasure is that broken sword?”

Along the way, Jiang Chen still didn’t want to give up. Something that even he couldn’t see through, of course he would be incomparably interested.

“I don’t know, I just know it’s a treasure.”

Big Yellow wagged his tail.

“Let me have a look, I promise I will return it.”

“No way!”

“f.u.c.k you!”



When they arrived back at the courtyard, Jiang Chen still hadn’t been able to have his wish to obtain the broken sword from Big Yellow granted. In the end, he could only give it up. This dog was not only smart, he also had an evil mind. It was very difficult.

“Big Bro Jiang Chen, when are we going to head towards the Black Sect?”

Yan Chen Yu asked.

“I’m going to absorb the Earth Fruit now. We’ll wait until I reach the Mid Mortal Core realm before we begin our journey towards the Black Sect. If everything goes smoothly, we should be able to leave by noon tomorrow.”

Jiang Chen said. He understood the rules, in this world, no matter where one goes, the most important was one’s abilities. Only strength can be considered one’s true wealth, and only then will one be respected. By reaching the Mid Mortal Core realm, Jiang Chen’s worth would be higher.

After that, Jiang Chen entered a room and started closed door cultivation in order to absorb the Earth Fruit. Yan Chen Yu and Big Yellow were both standing guard in the courtyard, protecting Jiang Chen from any disturbance.

Jiang Chen sat with his legs crossed and took the Earth Fruit out from his storage ring. The fist sized Earth Fruit was emitting some yellow light, and intense energy was overflowing from it.