Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 100 – There’s Treasure

Chapter 100 – There’s Treasure

Chapter 100 – There’s Treasure

Yan Chen Yu looked at Jiang Chen. Only after she saw Jiang Chen nod his head did she take off the veil.

When Yan Chen Yu’s appearance was exposed, all of the men’s eyes immediately lit up. Even a monk would have to praise Yan Chen Yu’s beauty. She was an innate beauty, a beauty without any makeup, an out of this world beauty.

“She is so beautiful! Senior disciple Yan is surely the number one beauty in the Qi Province!”

“Senior disciple Jiang is so fortunate! Having a fiancée like senior disciple Yan, in this life one will have no regrets!”

“Why do you say that? Senior disciple Jiang has both integrity and talent, he is the perfect man, and only a beauty like senior disciple Yan can be his match!”

“That’s right, senior disciple Jiang and senior disciple Yan were meant for each other! A perfect match between a man and a woman!”

All the outer circle disciples of the Black Sect flattered, almost putting Jiang Chen and Yan Chen Yu on top of this world. None of them were idiots, especially after witnessing what Jiang Chen was capable of. Such a freaking monster, even if he was in the Black Sect, he would be amongst the top disciples, and the sect’s management would put a lot of focus on him. Besides, after today’s battle, Jiang Chen’s name would spread across the Qi Province, so he was a somewhat famous figure now. The one year deal between him and Nan Bei Chao pushed him to a higher level, this is why all the disciples were trying to hug this big tree as early as possible.

“Look, with your talent and your capabilities, when you arrive at the Black Sect, you’ll also be the representative. You will simply climb on top of me and press me down…”

Han Yan shook his head while pretending to have a bitter smile.

“I didn’t do all of this on purpose.”

Jiang Chen threw up his hands, gesturing that he was innocent.

“Good brother! Today you have saved my life, and you even gave me the Buddha’s Heart Sutra! This debt of grat.i.tude, I, Han Yan, will keep in my heart!”

Han Yan patted Jiang Chen’s should and said in a serious manner.

Han Yan knew that today, if it wasn’t for Jiang Chen, he would definitely have suffered from the backlash of the Ancient Devil’s energy. Even if he somehow survived, he would be completely controlled by the demonic character and become an insane killing machine, losing his self forever.

The Heart Sutra that Jiang Chen had given him was actually the source sutra of Buddhism, an incredibly precious script. Also, it was just the right thing to counter the demonic characteristic in his body. By cultivating the Buddha’s Heart Sutra, it would help him control the demonic characteristic in his body, allowing him to control the devil’s energy, and lastly, it would allow him to enter a state where he becomes a devil, while his mind stays the same. He would be able to make the devil’s energy become one of his attack methods without losing his mind.

“Since you call me brother, there’s no need to mention that anymore.”

Jiang Chen smiled. He had quite a good impression of Han Yan. This man had a bright personality, a free will, and he would do things according to his whims. Similar to Jiang Chen, he would never constrain himself to certain things. Although Jiang Chen was once the greatest Saint in the world and had gotten to a level that no one else could reach, he was a lonely man. There was a saying that went, “the higher you climb, the colder it gets”. Those who stood at the top were the loneliest, he had no brothers, no friends, no women, no relatives, and no one dared be his friend. What he had was his affection towards cultivation.

Therefore, although Jiang Chen had stood at the highest peak, his life wasn’t considered complete. In this life, he wanted to change that. He wanted relatives, he wanted a wife, and he wanted some good brothers. In this life, he didn’t want to be lonely.

“Alright, you two men need to stop being so intimate… Junior disciple Jiang Chen, the one year fight deal between you and Nan Bei Chao, that decision was too ras.h.!.+ One year is just too short! I know you’re talented, and that’s why you felt proud of yourself, but Nan Bei Chao is not an ordinary man, he is far more frightening than you can imagine!”

Guan Yi Yun said worriedly.

Everyone’s happy expression turned gloomy, even Han Yan furrowed his brows. It was only one year, and not to mention that trying to reach Nan Bei Chao’s currently level was an unrealistic goal, even if he did reach that level, who’s to say that Nan Bei Chao wouldn’t progress further?

Everyone also felt that Jiang Chen’s decision was too rash. After all, it was Nan Bei Chao. To any cultivator, one year’s time was just too short.

“Senior disciple Guan, don’t worry, I know what I’m doing.”

Jiang Chen said with a casual smile. Confidence filled his face, making people wonder where this confidence actually came from.

“Alright, it is good that you are confident. Since the one year fight deal has been set, it can’t be changed anyway. Junior disciple Jiang Chen, you have to fully utilize this one year’s time!”

Guan Yi Yun said. This one year fight deal had become something that couldn’t be changed, and there was no point in arguing too much about it. The only thing Jiang Chen could do now was cultivate as hard as he could during this one year and try to shorten the distance between himself and Nan Bei Chao.

“I will work hard.”

Jiang Chen said. His att.i.tude towards Guan Yi Yun was good. Today, Guan Yi Yun had done his best to protect him, and Jiang Chen had witnessed that.

“Alright, later when we go back to the Chamber of Commerce, everyone will get to ride the flying demon beasts. Let’s go back to the Black Sect Mountain as fast as possible! Junior disciple Jiang will be together with us.”

Guan Yi Yun said. After the Qi Province compet.i.tion was finished, all the disciples would need to rush back to their sects at once.

When Jiang Chen was just about to nod his head, Yan Chen Yu suddenly whispered to him through Divine Sense, “Big Bro Jiang Chen, Big Yellow told me there’s treasure in this Whirling Sun City, and he asked us to not leave.”

When hearing the word ‘treasure’, Jiang Chen’s eyes immediately lit up. If someone else had said it, he wouldn’t pay any attention to it, but this was told by Big Yellow, which makes it completely different. This dog possesses a very special and freaking insane ability, a treasure hunting skill. Besides, treasures that can get Big Yellow’s attention are surely some extraordinary treasures.

“Senior disciple Guan, Han Yan, fellow disciples, I still have something I need to attend to. Two days later, once I finish my matters here, I’ll go to the Black Sect myself. You guys just go on ahead, I won’t be able to return with you.”

Jiang Chen looked around and said.

“Since junior disciple Jiang still has something to attend to, then you should just take your time! But junior disciple Jiang, do be careful! Your name can be heard anywhere, and you have offended both the Heavenly Sword Sect and the Burning Sky Pavilion at the same time, don’t be careless!”

Guan Yi Yun reminded Jiang Chen out of good intention.

“Senior disciple Guan, don’t worry. I know what to do.”

Jiang Chen smiled. Jiang Chen had traveled the world by himself without fear of anything. Initially, he didn’t have any intentions of joining any sect, and he joining the Black Sect was just by chance. Because of his current situation, joining the Black Sect was a pretty good choice, and what’s more important is that the Black Sect had given him a good impression.

“Junior disciple Jiang is able to fly, so I won’t prepared a flying demon beast for you. Later, I’ll ask Han Yan to arrange a place for you to stay.”

Guan Yi Yun said.

The Black Sect’s Chamber of Commerce is the Black Sect’s main power in the Whirling Sun City. The sect’s flying demon beasts are all kept here. When they arrived at the Chamber of Commerce, Han Yan arranged a nice courtyard for Jiang Chen.

“Xiao Chen Zi, are you satisfied with this place?”

Han Yan asked with a smile. Both of them were chatting happily along the way, and they had now become completely familiar with each other. As brothers, the way they were addressing each other had changed as well, Han Yan would now just call Jiang Chen Xiao Chen Zi. According to him, this name was friendly.

“It’s good! I don’t require much for places I stay.”

Jiang Chen said with a smile.

“Good! Then you’ll just stay here and finish your things. Your brother I wants to stay here and have a few drinks with you, but too bad, the Ancient Devil’s bloodline is awakening. I need to rush back and start cultivating, then try to use the Ancient Devil’s energy and break through to the Heavenly Core realm in one go.”

Han Yan said.

“Han Yan, there’s a devil seal within your body, and you possess the complete Ancient Devil bloodline. Once it has awakened, there will be limitless advantages for you. You can definitely break through to the Heavenly Core realm with ease, you just need to make good use of the Buddha’s Heart Sutra. A complete Ancient Devil’s bloodline is extremely powerful, but with the help of the Heart Sutra, there won’t be any problems.”

Jiang Chen reminded.

“Xiao Chen Zi, what is your background? How come I have a feeling that you know everything? Besides, the Buddha’s Heart Sutra that you gave me, it’s the most advanced secret Buddhism scroll, even those of the Buddhism Sect in the Western Continent don’t have anything similar. Besides, you can absorb and merge with the wings of a demon beast, and when you fought with Li Wu Shuang, the skill you used was an Earth level combat skill… I don’t think a rogue cultivator has access to all of this?”

Han Yan was puzzled, there was no way for him to stop doubting. Jiang Chen’s performance was just not something someone ordinary could have accomplished. And he can also easily take out an advanced Buddhism scroll like the Buddha’s Heart Sutra, this was just too amazing.

“I obtained all of this by chance.”

Jiang Chen shrugged. The fact that he was reincarnated from another life would just frighten anyone who listened.

“Alright then.”

Han Yan shrugged too. Everyone had their own secrets, and if Jiang Chen isn’t willing to tell him his secrets, then he won’t ask again.

After that, Guan Yi Yun led all of the 200 outer circle disciples on flying demon beasts and started traveling towards the Black Sect. The Black Sect was located near the northern parts of the Qi Province, and the distance between the Whirling Sun Square and the Black Sect was more than 100,000 miles. Even when flying on demon beasts with full speed, it would still take more than 2-3 days.

Within the courtyard, Jiang Chen and Yan Chen Yu sat beside a stone table leisurely.

“Big Bro Jiang Chen, where did Big Yellow go? We can’t just sit here all day and wait.”

Yan Chen Yu asked.

“Don’t worry, that dog will definitely come and find us here. We’ll just sit here and wait, and if nothing goes wrong, by the end of tonight, Big Yellow will be here.”

Jiang Chen said. He had very high confidence in Big Yellow, this dog’s abilities were really extraordinary.

“Big Bro Jiang Chen, look at this.”

Yan Chen Yu flipped her palm and took out a light yellow colored storage bag and put it in front of Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen grabbed the bag with a puzzled expression. He scanned the bag with his Divine Sense, and his eyes immediately widened, “So many Mortal Restoration Pills, it seems like there’s at least 30 thousand in it! Xiao Yu, where did you get so many Mortal Restoration pills?”

“Haha, from the men who Big Yellow cheated!”

Yan Chen Yu giggled, then she explained how Big Yellow had used Jiang Chen to make bets with others. Jiang Chen was startled upon hearing the entire story.


Jiang Chen couldn’t stop laughing, “This evil-minded dog is really talented, what a beautiful job he did! Those guys were badly cheated by a dog, I’m sure they’re so upset they’re probably going to vomit blood!”

Even Jiang Chen had to admit that Big Yellow was a rare genius in the world of geniuses. No matter where he went, he wouldn’t forget to cheat others with his evil mind. This time he really did something beautiful, what Jiang Chen needs the most right now is Mortal Restoration Pills. The more he has the better, because every time he levels up, he would need to consume a huge amount of them.