Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1009 – Killing Genius Once More

Chapter 1009 – Killing Genius Once More

Killing Genius Once More

The 7th chapter!

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The battlefields across the entire Western Domain were originally in utter disorder. It worsened when Jiang Chen and Desolate Changyun started an intense battle. This was supposed to be a battle between the Human and Devil Race. So, it was in the devil army’s favour when two human geniuses started an internal conflict.

And yet, no one amongst the humans did anything to stop the two combatants. Jiang Chen’s ident.i.ty had pushed lots of their b.u.t.tons; the genius of Desolate Palace was engaged in an intense fight with him. Just like what Gu Firmament said, they wouldn’t take part in battles amongst the young generation.

Learning that Gu Chen was indeed Jiang Chen, the people of the six major palaces suffered a huge blow psychologically. A lot of them were grinding their teeth right now, regretting that they lost their best chance of eliminating him. If they had known about his true ident.i.ty earlier, they would have never let him walk out of Saint Origin Palace alive.

In addition to how shocking Jiang Chen’s true ident.i.ty was, Desolate Changyun’s appearance also startled a lot of them, it even made the other seven major palaces feel very uncomfortable. According to the current status of Saint Origin Palace, the most powerful cultivation base amongst the young generation was a peak Sixth Grade Great Saint. None of them had reached the seventh grade yet. Clearly, Desolate Changyun was a figure, hidden by the Desolate Palace deliberately. He wasn’t present during the fight of Sang Ba. In the past hundred years, the overall strength of Desolate Palace had been slowly increasing. Now that an unknown genius had popped out all of a sudden, they couldn’t help but suspect Desolate Palace’s hidden agenda. They also thought that Desolate Palace might have geniuses even stronger than Desolate Changyun.

On the battlefield, Jiang Chen and Desolate Changyun fought intensely for dozens of rounds. Under the bombardments of Jiang Chen, Desolate Changyun was repeatedly sent backwards and was almost shoved over the edge of the battlefield. The half-dragon form Jiang Chen had become more than a match for Desolate Changyun.

“d.a.m.n! How could this b.a.s.t.a.r.d become so horrifyingly heaven defying? How was he so powerful?” Desolate Changyun grumbled angrily.

With his present grade, he should be an invincible opponent of any cultivator below the ninth grade. Even Desolate Wuleng, who was a peak Eighth Grade Great Saint would die for certain. That was why he didn’t put Jiang Chen in his eyes from the very beginning. How frustrating was it when he was being suppressed by a Fifth Grade Great Saint? This was a scene that he had never dreamt of. Over the years, he had lost count of how many high-grade cultivation resources he had obtained. As such, it was an absolute disgrace when he couldn’t even defeat a Fifth Grade Great Saint in his first a.s.signment.

“I don’t believe that I can’t even defeat a Fifth Grade Great Saint. Thunder Immortal Slas.h.!.+”

Desolate Changyun was completely infuriated. He summoned a long and huge sword filled with Immortal marks. Apparently, the weapon had been enchanted by an Immortal to make it stronger and incomparable to any general Great Saint Weapon.

*Hong Long…*

The terrifyingly huge sword ripped the battlefield in half as it slashed towards Jiang Chen like a lightning. This slash contained all of the combat power that Desolate Changyun had. It was an all-out attack. The Qi that was unleashed from it made people keep a hundred mile distance from the battlefield, regardless of whether they were humans or devils. As the war against the devils were still going on intensely, they were still preoccupied with their battles but without stepping into that critical zone. As for the experts of the six major palaces, they continued their duels against the devil army and darted a few glances on the battlefield, taking a chance to look at the development of the battle.

“Your slash isn’t bad. Too bad, it is still not enough to finish me. I’m done playing with you.”

Jiang Chen’s Qi fluctuated madly. The Flaming Wings appeared on his back with a swoosh, merging itself with the dragon wings. With a gentle flutter, he vanished. Then, the more than 80, 000 dragon marks roared inside his body, inexhaustible energy was being exerted into the Heavenly Saint Sword.

At the same moment, he fused with the sword and became one. Subsequently, the Heavenly Saint Sword turned into a 300 meter blood-red dragon, while Jiang Chen turned into its tail. It rippled out curvy waves like a river that was high up in the Heavens as it rammed against Desolate Changyun’s large sword.

*Hong Long…*

The two astounding swords collided, and produced a very powerful impact. This strike contained their most powerful attack. So, the impact that was created from such an attack would undoubtedly be mind-blowing.

Hundreds of miles of battlefield were instantly affected. These places were completely blurred by the thick and dense smoke. Many heads turned towards their direction. Their expressions instantly turned ugly when they felt the terrifying Qi and waves coming out from the battlefield.

Desolate Wuleng had been paying attention to the battle, but when he saw the both of them creating such an impact, his expression hardened. He could clearly tell that if he were to enter the battlefield of the two, he would most likely be killed. In other words, it was an extremely easy task for Jiang Chen to kill him back when they were still outside of the Great Lightning Tune Temple.

Jiang Chen’s drastic growth left a bad taste in his mouth, it was as though he had eaten a fly. He once had a chance to eliminate Jiang Chen, but he let it pa.s.s. Now, killing Jiang Chen was already impossible, which was kind of sad to him.

“The threat of this man is becoming greater.”

Desolate Wuleng couldn’t help sighing. An abnormal being like Jiang Chen would certainly become a great problem sooner or later, the entire Desolate Palace might even fall into his hands if he wasn’t gotten rid of as soon as possible. That was a scene that he didn’t dare imagine.


In the chaotic battlefield, Desolate Changyun spewed several mouthfuls of blood. His blue combat armour had shattered. Blood was flowing out of his wound continuously. He now looked completely in miserable, which was completely different from his condition before the fight started. He received a huge blow from the collision just now which injured him severely. Although his condition hadn’t reached the brink of collapse yet, it was impossible for him to continue fighting Jiang Chen anymore.

Without any hesitation, he turned and ran away. Today’s battle was the greatest humiliation he suffered in his life, but being humiliated was still better than being killed. If he could live through today, he could still erase this insult in the future.

Unfortunately, Jiang Chen would not give him the chance to escape. After all this time, none of his enemies that was severely injured managed to escape his grasp.

“Running away now? It’s too late for that.”

Jiang Chen’s voice was transmitted into Desolate Changyun’s ears, like a ghost. Changyun’s expression instantly changed when he felt the surrounding void was completely sealed by something. The battlefield had turned into a cell. When he raised his head, he saw Jiang Chen, he had no idea when did his opponent appeared in front of him. With such a speed, he didn’t even have the time to react. The cold sword was aimed at the centre of his brows. Although the metal wasn’t pushed into his skull yet, he could already clearly feel the cold killing intent exuded from the sword. That was the Qi of death.

“D-don’t kill me.”

Desolate Changyun was afraid. This was the first time that he felt frightened in the face of death. No one wanted to die, particularly people who had a bright future like him. To him, death was too ghastly.

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