Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1010 – Desolate Wuleng Died As Well

Chapter 1010 – Desolate Wuleng Died As Well

Desolate Wuleng Died As Well

The 8th chapter!

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“d.a.m.n it!”

In a far distance where Desolate Wuleng was watching, he spurted out a mouthful of blood. This was the first battle of Desolate Changyun against Jiang Chen. Although he didn’t have a deep understanding of Jiang Chen, he knew pretty well how ruthless this person was. He was a genius of cruelty, and begging for mercy before him would only be useless. Desolate Changyun was basically doomed after falling into Jiang Chen’s hands. He was going to be one of Jiang Chen’s stepping stone.

*Pu Chi!*

The fact was just like what Desolate Wuleng predicted. Jiang Chen’s long sword sliced through Desolate Changyun’s brain without hesitation, killing him instantly. Watching Desolate Changyun die tragically in Jiang Chen’s hands stirred up Desolate Wuleng’s anger, but there was nothing much he could do about it. Last time, when Jiang Chen killed Desolate Changfeng, he was the first one to rush into the scene, attempting to kill Jiang Chen for revenge, but now, he have any courage to do so because he knew that if he lunged forward just like last time, it would be akin to sending himself to the gates of h.e.l.l. This time, Jiang Chen wouldn’t be merciful to him.

A lot of them saw Jiang Chen killing Desolate Changyun. Even the higher ups of the six major palaces couldn’t help but reveal a trace of fear. They had never seen such a horrifying figure.

“Even the Seventh Grade Great Saint genius of Desolate Palace was killed by him so easily. He is now the greatest genius amongst the young generation.”

“This Jiang Chen is truly frightening. Killing a Seventh Grade Great Saint genius with his Fifth Grade Great Saint strength was just a piece of cake to him. That is to say, even an Eighth Grade Great Saint will certainly die if they fought him. With that kind of combat power, he is virtually invincible to any opponents below the Ninth Grade Great Saint. if we can’t get rid of him as soon as possible, he will grow to an extent where the six major palaces will no longer be able to take care of him.”

“Rest a.s.sured. Given the overall strength of the six major palaces, it isn’t a problem at all to eliminate that man. Although Jiang Chen is powerful, he can be killed by Ninth Grade Great Saints. Furthermore, there are supreme experts who are half-step away from the Immortal realm hidden in the six major palaces. So, Jiang Chen has terribly misjudged his abilities if he is thinking to confront them all. However, we can’t let him continue growing, his growth is just too fast. Even without the five major palaces, Desolate Palace will still hunt him down and kill him.”


No one wasn’t in a state of shock. A hundred years ago, there was a twisted-devil-like being that existed in Saint Origin World – he was the Greatest Saint. Today, Jiang Chen’s strength was obviously many times stronger than the Greatest Saint, exceeding everyone’s scope of understanding and imagination.

Jiang Chen ignored those astonished eyes. Since his ident.i.ty had already been exposed, he no longer need to make any efforts to conceal himself. While he was still in his half-dragon form, he grabbed Desolate Changyun’s sword and hurled his corpse from above.

“There are Immortal marks engraved on this word. I’m afraid that only Desolate Palace has this kind of rare weapon. It must be good if this weapon is given to Xiao Yu.”

Slowly, he kept the sword. He would never let go of such a precious booty.


Subsequently, his eyes swept across the void, a chilling wave flowed out of his body. “Old b.a.s.t.a.r.d, now it’s your turn after enjoying the battle for so long.”

With a flutter of the Flaming Wings, he left the turbulent spatial zone, and closed in on Desolate Wuleng in just a few blinks. Presently, Desolate Wuleng was fighting against a powerful devil, an Eighth Grade Devil Saint. Jiang Chen was supposed to be in an intense battle. His abrupt emergence shocked the Devil Saint. Without saying a word, he spun and fled.

Whether it was in the eyes of the humans or the devils, Jiang Chen was brutally overpowering. After witnessing Jiang Chen’s horrific combat skills, the Devil Saint sc.r.a.ped away all the thoughts of fighting him.

Seeing the Eighth Grade Devil Saint fleeing away, Jiang Chen immediately casted the True Dragon Palm. A huge dragon claw that was blazing with True Dragon Fire and True Thunderfire, instantly enshroud the Eighth Grade Devil Saint.


The Eighth Grade Devil Saint let out an agonizing wail while its body was instantly turned into ashes. Jiang Chen’s human form was enough to get rid of an Eighth Grade Devil Saint with ease, let alone when he was in his half-dragon form. Therefore, killing an Eighth Grade Devil Saint right now was as simple as slaughtering a chicken, absolutely effortless.

After killing that Devil Saint, he turned to Desolate Weleng. Now that his ident.i.ty had been exposed, the first person that he really wanted to kill was this old man. In fact, he wanted to eliminate this old guy badly for plotting behind his back constantly.

“Jiang Chen, what are you trying to do?”

Desolate Wuleng’s face turned bloodless. He could feel the cold killing intent from Jiang Chen’s body, stirring up the fear inside of him.

“What am I going to do? Can’t you figure it out given how smart you are? Old b.a.s.t.a.r.d, you have plotted against me for so many times, trying hard to find out who I really am so that you can sentence me to death. Now, you have gotten what you wanted. I am Gu Chen and Jiang Chen at the same time. I will give you the chance to kill me now.”

Jiang Chen’s blood-red eyes glinted with a cold light.

“Jiang Chen, we are now facing a great enemy ahead of us. Instead of killing the devils, you came here just to kill me? Aren’t you afraid of being punished by Saint Origin Palace because of this?”

Said Desolate Wuleng.

“Ha-ha! F**k Saint Origin Palace. Let me tell you this, I, Jiang Chen only has me in my eyes. Nothing and no one will be able to suppress and control me. While it is true that the Devil Race is my enemy, but Desolate Palace is also my enemy. You, Desolate Wuleng is the first person that I wanted to kill. I suppose your nonsense is done. Since you don’t want to kill me, I will just kill you then.”

Jiang Chen’s heroic aura surged skywards. He was crazily domineering. The scary True Dragon Palm was casted again, encompa.s.sing Desolate Wuleng entirely, like a hill-like cell wrapping him tightly.

Desolate Wuleng’s face turned very ugly. Speedily, he casted all the skills

that he had and exerted all of his energy to break Jiang Chen’s cell. However, he found out that the dragon claw was indestructible and unshakable.

“Jiang Chen, you frenzied maniac! Desolate Palace will never let you go even after you kill me. You will be doomed to suffer a miserable and tragic death in the end.”

Knowing that he didn’t have the chance to live anymore, he roared like a madman.

“Desolate Palace is nothing to me. Sooner or later, I will kill everyone in that palace and leave no one alive. I don’t mind telling you this, I already know all the secrets of Desolate Palace. Desolate Emperor is destined to die, including all those monstrous geniuses that Desolate Palace has been concealing. The Immortals of your palace that didn’t ascend to the Immortal World will eventually become dead souls in my hands. Too bad, you won’t have a chance to see such a scene.”

Jiang Chen’s dragon aura was magnificent, looking like a peerless G.o.d. Every word was like a sharp sword, jabbing at Desolate Wuleng’s body.

“You…h-how did you know about this?”

Desolate Wuleng’s eyes went wide. This time, he was truly horrified, it was impossible for anyone outside to know about the secret of Desolate Palace. However, Jiang Chen knew everything about it. So how could this not be a shocking news to him?

“Go to h.e.l.l.”

Jiang Chen didn’t bother to continue talking with Desolate Wuleng. With a sudden clench of his True Dragon Palm, Desolate Wuleng’s body exploded from the force and turned into a mist of blood, sprinkling over the void before it disappeared.

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