Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1008 – Exposing the Identity

Chapter 1008 – Exposing the Identity

Exposing the Ident.i.ty

The 6th chapter!

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“The great enemy is just ahead of us. So why did a supreme genius of Desolate Palace come to deal with me instead of eliminating the devils? Desolate Palace’s conduct has really rendered me speechless.” Jiang Chen’s words were filled with sarcasm.

“I, Desolate Changyun, will kill whoever I want to kill. Anything that’s happening to the world right now is unrelated to me. Gu Chen, you have created an irreconcilable conflict between me and you after you killed my brother. Today, I will personally kill you with my own hands. You should feel proud to be able to die in my hands,” said Desolate Changyun with raging arrogance.

Although Jiang Chen startled him very much, he still didn’t place Jiang Chen in his eyes, given the huge gap of their cultivation. In his eyes, Jiang Chen was already a dead man. The moment he revealed himself to the public, he must ensure that the target was eliminated just as ordered so that Desolate Palace could gain credit for having such a talented genius.

“There were a lot of people who said the same thing as you, but they all died. Thus, you will eventually end up like them. Your brother’s death is an obvious lesson for you.” Jiang Chen said casually.

The collision just now didn’t have any effect on him. After learning some things about his opponent, he understood that this battle was unavoidable. Desolate Changyun was the elder brother of Desolate Changfeng, and there was nothing that they could talk about this conflict.

In that case, he might as well fight his opponent. Anyway, he had been longing to meet the ‘secret weapons’ of Desolate Palace.


Desolate Changyun raised his arm and stroked the void, creating a hundred miles wide independent battlefield, even the devil Qi that drifted in the air couldn’t penetrate through it.

It was a sealed battlefield. Desolate Changyun had full control over the independent void, fully locking on Jiang Chen’s Qi, giving him no chance of escaping.

“Gu Chen, the attack just now was just a test. You are no match for me. If you surrender now, perhaps I will show you some quarters by giving you a quick death!” Desolate Changyun’s body was surrounded by a steaming Qi as he yelled at Jiang Chen.

“Don’t worry. I will grant you a quick and short death.”

Similarly, Jiang Chen unleashed his powerful Qi and turned into his usual dragon form. By this time, it was no longer necessary for him to hide his ident.i.ty, he could still achieve what he wanted even by exposing his ident.i.ty.

More importantly, he already had a rough estimate of Desolate Changyun’s strength, if he didn’t transform, he wouldn’t be his opponent. So, he decided to use the transformation technique to eliminate Changyun.

“How can there be such a transformation technique under the Heavens?”

Desolate Changyun’s face changed dramatically. He could clearly see the increase of Jiang Chen’s combat power, which was now ten times stronger than before. It immediately eliminated the gap between them.

*Hong Long…*

Jiang Chen launched the powerful True Dragon Palm immediately after transforming. He had already decided to go all-out in this battle as he was no longer restricted by his ident.i.ty. The hundred meters blood-red claw charged towards Changyun, attempting to grab hold of him.

“He’s strong.”

Desolate Changyun was shocked. In any battle, a single move was enough to see the true ability of the opponent. Just like now, the True Dragon Palm struck by Jiang Chen made Changyun feel a trace of pressure. This was hard to imagine because Changyun never felt pressured from any Fifth Grade Great Saint.

“Heaven Splitting Divine Claw!”

Desolate Changyun bellowed and struck out the signature move of Desolate Palace. Anyone in Desolate Family knew this skill, but its power and destructiveness varied from person to person. It wasn’t the first or second time that Jiang Chen faced such a skill, but he had to admit that Changyun’s Heaven Splitting Divine Claw was undoubtedly the strongest that he had ever seen.

*Hong Long…*

The True Dragon Palm collided with the Heaven Splitting Divine Claw. Immediately, it set off fierce waves. The hundred-mile-wide battlefield was filled with destructive waves of energy. A large portion of the void had thoroughly sunk due to the collision.

Even though the battlefield was sealed, the powerful waves that was emitted still managed to spread outside, drawing a lot of people’s attention.

“That’s a very powerful vibration of waves. I can feel that it is the combat waves sent out by an Eighth Grade Great Saint at least. But why do I feel like there are two Great Saint humans engaging in an intense fight?”

“Exactly. Why are our people fighting against each other while we are facing the Great War against the Devil Race?”


The fight had aroused the attention of many people. Besides, the devil Qi in this area was extremely little. Apparently, it was an intense fight between two humans. Many people were confused, such action should be forbidden in times of war.

On another battlefield, Desolate Wuleng who was fighting against some devil experts, felt the strong waves, then a glimmer of joy appeared all over his face. “The fight has started. I’ll go and see what’ll happen.”

He ditched the devil expert and headed towards the source of the combat waves.

By the time he arrived, he saw the both of them fighting intensely with one another. Immediately, his emotion was stirred up when he saw Jiang Chen’s half-dragon form.

“It was just as I suspected. Gu Chen is Jiang Chen. They are the same person! I should have killed that little beast earlier to prevent him from growing this strong.”

Desolate Wuleng’s eyes turned red. He had suspected Jiang Chen’s ident.i.ty from the very beginning but had no proof to convict Jiang Chen. In order to gather evidence, he had sacrificed Desolate Changfeng. Now that Jiang Chen’s ident.i.ty was finally revealed, it gave him the urge to shred Jiang Chen to pieces right away.

At this particular moment, numerous experts from Saint Origin Palace had arrived to check the scene out. Most of them couldn’t help but exclaim when they saw the half-dragon form Jiang Chen.

“That’s Jiang Chen. He has finally showed up. I wonder who the person he’s fighting against is.”

“He looks like a genius of Desolate Palace. I have no idea that Desolate Palace has kept such a heaven defying genius in secret and why are the two of them fighting?”

“That’s Gu Chen. So, it turns out that Gu Chen is Jiang Chen. Both of them are the same person all along. My G.o.d, this has got to be a big secret! He has killed so many experts of the six major palaces. I can’t believe that he lied his way out of the situation using his fake ident.i.ty.”


Jiang Chen’s ident.i.ty was exposed. Some people began to realize that Gu Chen was in fact Jiang Chen. This would soon be spread to everyone. The moment the experts of the six major palaces knew about this, they would certainly have the impulse to take revenge on Jiang Chen. However, due to the war they were facing right now against the devil army, they couldn’t lay their hands on him. Besides, it was inappropriate to start an internal war within themselves.

As for the matter of Jiang Chen, they could only wait until the war against the devil army was over. Moreover, Jiang Chen just grew too fast. They wouldn’t be his opponent even if they wanted to take revenge right now. Anyway, the intense battle between Jiang Chen and Desolate Changyun had become the spotlight of this war. Naturally, the people from the six major palaces hoped that Jiang Chen would be killed; their hatred for Jiang Chen had gone irrecoverably too deep.

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